Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The past few weeks had been amazing. Edward and I always shared the same bed at school. Even if we didn't have sex, he would always wrap his arms around me and hold me to him. I didn't know how I lived without the feeling of his arms around me, his lips on mine, and the feeling of him just being there for me whenever I needed it. I knew I was becoming dependent on him. Too dependent. I felt like I was falling way too fast for him. All I could think about was this foreign feeling within me. Whether I was ready to admit it or not, I was in love with him. Now, all I had to do is find a way to say those three words to him without either of us getting freaked out. I had a feeling that Edward felt the same way about me. I knew I would do anything for him, and that he would reciprocate for me. But knowing that in my heart and telling him that were two very different things.

We were going home for Christmas. I had missed Mom and Dad dearly in the time that we had been away. I loved Christmas at home, with the coat of snow on the ground and everything looking beautiful. Seeing the ice coated trees and the Christmas decorations that adorn every house. It all seems magical and I love it. We are driving home and I observe all of the houses passing by in a blur. I witness all of the little kids playing out in the snow. Some of the older ones having snow ball fights, it made me smile to see them all look so happy.

I hope that Edward won't mind me throwing a snow ball in his face. Or Emmett I will make sure that he gets some snow down the back of his shirt. I can't wait to see their faces when I get them before they get me.

I wonder what it will be like staying at home without having Edward to hold me. He wont be there to comfort me while I sleep or to wake me up from the stupid nightmares that I have been having this past week. They are always weird like seeing a little bronze haired boy being pulled away from me or watching as the little boy is engulfed in flames. Watching helplessly as the boy screams in agony before I bolt awake, shaking and crying with fear. I have no idea what it means but it is really starting to scare me and it is freaking Edward out when I won't tell him anything.

He wanted to try and find a way to stay with me but I kept insisting that I amfine. I will be able to get through it without him for a few nights. He is very persistent but finally he gave in to what I wanted after I told him about all of the guns that my Dad has. Dad has a thing for hunting, and not just animals if you know what I mean

When we got home I ran right upstairs, only to collapse on my childhood bed in exhaustion. I hate flying it takes so much out of me. I felt myself slowly losing consciousness, my conscience taking me to a place I didn't want to go.


I am running through the woods with something chasing me. I don't know what or who all I know is that I need to get away. I know that I needed to save something, or someone, but I don't know who I needed to save. All I know is that I will risk my life to make sure they are safe.

I burst into a clearing and look around, only to see the same little boy with copper coloured hair sitting on a rock in the middle, the only imperfection in the entire clearing. his hair shone bright as the sun hit it.. The clearing seemed to be a perfect circle. No trees are out of place and all around are wild flowers and tall grass. The flowers are in full bloom. The clearing was dotted with whites, pinks, purples and even some blues from the flowers. Everything about this place flows together. It is all perfect. Even the rock brings something to the clearing. It was absolutely beautiful.My musings are interrupted by a feeling that the little boy and I are not the only two people there, that there is someone else. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end when I realized that the person that I was running had caught up.

I look up at the boy, his eyes were wide and I know that something is going to happen to him, what however, I do not know. All of a sudden someone steps into view on the other side I look and see the deep russet skin and long black hair. Jacob. Jacob is going to hurt my little boy. I scream for the boy to run away. To not let Jacob hurt him. But it's too late.

He steps behind him and holds up a lighter. Just as I see it he sets the boy up in flames and I am screaming for someone anyone to help. Nothing. No one is coming to help me. The little boys screams seem like sirens in my ears and I drop to my knees and hold my head in my hands. There was nothing I could do now the little boy is gone. He will never see his future he will forever be that little boy. He is gone forever from my life. And for that I hate Jacob Black now more than ever before.


I wake up with a start and I look around. Oh God not again. Damn dream. No matter what happens it always seems to scare me out of my wits even though I don't know the little boy or what the hell it all means. I groan again, I so did not get enough sleep.

I look over at the clock and see that it is 8 am. I guess I can get up now. I get ready and walk downstairs to see Alice, Rose, Emmett, Edward, and Jasper. Waiting for me. This cannot be good.

"WE ARE GOING SHOPPING!" Alice yelled.

Shit, I was hoping to avoid this. Shopping is the one thing that I hate most in the world. Other than Tanya and her group of skanks.

I groaned and looked to the guys for help but they are probably just as trapped as I am. We all love Ali but some days you just want to scream at her for being too bubbly. For being herself, that sounded bad but it was true. She is so pushy and almost always gets what she wants.

"Do we have to?" I whined.

"Yes, now go and get in your dad's car and drive us to that town that is like an hour away." She said shooing me away with a flick of her wrist

"You mean Port Angeles right?" I asked her.

"Yes, yes" she answered flippantly. "Now move." She yelled.

"Hold on a minute and let me get some food." I ran into the kitchen telling my parents where we are going and grab a pop tart on the way out the door.


I pull up to the department store and Alice jumps out and runs in. She doesn't bother to wait for us, I shouldn't be surprised, she never does. We all head in an attempt to follow the general direction Alice went. I have no clue why she has this need to shop when we did all of our Christmas shopping at the school.

"Why are we doing this?" I asked Edward as we followed Jasper to find Ali.

"She's my sister and would kill us if we didn't."

"Right," I huffed.

One day was all I wanted at home one day of peace before all of the Christmas parties and Boxing Day sales. Oh and how could I forget the New Year's party that we are having at our house this year. My life is going to be hell for the next week and a half.

We found Alice going through the racks of dresses. I have no clue why we all have plenty.

"Ali what are you doing?" I asked.

"Mom and Dad are having a Christmas party so you need another dress." She muttered.

I winced I hate parties. Especially ones in my home town, where everyone hates me.

"I have to go don't I?" I whispered to Edward.

"Sorry love." Was his only answer. Wait did he just say love. He called me love.

Alice found a strapless black dress that went to just above my knees.

"Go try it on and I will get everything else I know your sizes." She shoved men into the change room so I could try it on.

The dress fit and looked amazing on me. It clung to all of my curves and made me look like I actually have them. Alice like always has amazing taste.

"Bella is it okay." Alice called through the dressing room.

"Ali it's perfect." I called back.

"Good now lets go get some food."

We finished up at the store in record time everyone was shocked that we left with only 5 bags and for Alice that is unbelievable.

Emmett wanted pizza and kept complaining until I pulled up at a small pizza parlour. It was some small family run place that has the best pizza in theworld I could live off of it. I always have the meat lovers. It would make Emmett proud.

We ordered and they all turned to look at me. "What?"

"Meat lovers, seriously Bella?" Alice and Rose asked together both with shocked expressions.

"It's not like I am shoving it down your throats. Plus it is like the best pizza in the world."

"Yeah." Emmett agreed.

Rose and Alice just shudder and looked away from me, as if they were disgusted. I simply rolled m eyes.

Finally our food is brought to us and I dig right in, a small moan escaping my lips.

"Do you know what that does to me?" Edward whispers in my ear. I shuddered at the feeling of his warm breath on my neck.

"Sorry." I whisper back.

I turn back to my food and keep on eating. We all finish up quickly. All of us have to be home so we can help our families with Christmas. I think we are going to be meeting at the Cullen house with the exception of Rose and Jaspers parents they have gone off for the holidays.

I dropped them all off and arrive home shortly after. Once I get inside I run upstairs and begin to wrap all of the presents that I bought back in L.A. Let the holiday frenzy begin.

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