Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 14

Chapter 14


Finally Bella and I were going to get away for a while. One weekend all to ourselves to just be with each other. One fucking week since we had last made love. We had come close on Christmas, but of course we were in her parent's house, and neither one of us had felt it was right. Much to our chagrin, and completely frustrations, we put it off until a later day. I desperately hoped that day would be today.

Somehow, I knew she wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. I had recognized the look of longing in her eyes, because I was sure that my eyes reflected hers. I knew she missed waking up in my arms and being comforted by me, because I did too. I loved the feeling of having her small body next to me, hearing her talk in her sleep. Hearing her say my name. I had been without all of this for a week. God, had it only been a week? We had never been apart for a week before. We care about each other too much. I loved her. I knew it deep within me, however, it had been so long since I had felt any kind of love. How could I be sure?

I felt something that was so much stronger than it was with Charlotte. I felt a pull to her that I couldn't describe. When she was near me, my entire body reacted to her. I felt like I was on fire when she was near. And when we made love, I have never felt more complete than when I was inside of her.

" Edward! You need to leave now!" Alice screamed through my door.

"I'm coming, Ali! Just give me a minute!" I yelled back at her. I pulled on my shirt and opened the door to see Alice standing there tapping her foot.

"Yes sister dearest?" I asked exasperatedly.

"You need to go and get Bella, and you need to leave now so you can get there in time."

Alice grabbed my shirt and dragged me downstairs before I could protest.

"Ali was that really necessary?" I questioned, rolling my eyes.

"Yes, Edward Anthony, it was. Now go or I will do you bodily harm." She shoved me out the door and tossed my keys out after me. What a loving sister I had.

I drove over to Bella's house to find her waiting for me on the front porch. She smiled as I drove up then hopped into the car before I could even open the door for her. I leaned over for quick kiss, but she put her palm up, effectively blocking me from her.

"So are you going to tell me where the hell we are going? Or is it a surprise?" She asked, her eyes playful.

"What, no hello?" I mumbled against her hand, kissing her palm lightly.

She smiled and removed her hand from my mouth and leaned in to kiss me chastely before pulling away far too soon. "Hello, Edward. Now will you please tell me where the hell we are going? You know I hate surprises."

"Where's the fun in that?" I asked her, smiling at her. I pulled out of the driveway, heading towards Seattle. She pouted adorably, and all I could do was smile at her, wondering when she would figure out where we were going.

BPOVWe arrived at the hotel in Seattle by around noon. By the look of the place, it looked like one of those older but charming hotels where they cater to your every need. Edward had definitely outdone himself. To say I was excited for the weekend to start was an understatement. I was dying to see what he had in store for me. Although he had already told me that it was all a secret, and simply would not budge about telling me. Alice only knew because she bugged the hell out of him until she got what she wanted then of course she packed my bag for me. Without letting me see what the hell went in it, of course.

Edward ran over to my door and opened it for me before I had the chance. Always a gentlemen. Well, I smiled inwardly, almost always.

"What has that beautiful blush gracing your face?" He whispered in my ear.

"You will have to wait and see." I said to him as I walked away with a suggestive smile.

I walked away from him and I saw him rush over to the front desk so we could get our key. He came back in record time and rushed us over to the elevators. We hopped in and were on our way straight to the top floor. He got us the penthouse. The fucking penthouse. Was he crazy? He must be.

"Are you crazy?" I asked him.

"Only for you babe." He smiled crookedly at me as we got off the elevator and walk over to the only set of doors that I could see.

He slid the card in, and makes a grand gesture at opening the door. Giggling at his antics, I stepped inside and immediately stopped. Everything was amazing. The whole place was done in golds, creams and blacks. My eyes began to wander, and they found rest on a large grand piano on a raised platform. Three couches were in what I would assume was the living room, and there was also a huge kitchen I would never have a chance to work in, knowing how whatever grandiose plan Edward had up his sleeve would prevent me from doing so.

I walked over to the set of double doors and open them and I looked around the bedroom. Everything was a shade of white except for the bed frame which was a deep mahogany. My eyes took in the enormous bed, and I could only imagine what would be taking place later that night. I walked through the room and over to the en suite bathroom. It had a huge jacuzzi tub and an amazing steam shower.

"What do you think." Edward whispered in my ear.

"It is amazing I can't believe you got us this place." I said to him.

"Believe it, my beautiful Bella. And it is all ours until we have to leave on the 31st." He said to me with a kiss.

The entire trip we only left the hotel room for a few hours to go and get Alice a few things that she wanted us to get from and I quote "the big city."

We both decided that it was better to do what she wanted rather than fight heron it.

Now we were driving back home listing to random things on my iPod. I first put on Ice Ice baby (the Glee version because who really likes Vanilla Ice?).

"You honestly have this on your iPod? And I thought that you liked good music!" Edward said teasingly when I changed it to B.o.B.

"I love Airplanes! And it is the only song of his that I have on here, thank you very much." I stuck my tongue out at him.

He smiled over at me and held my hand the rest of the way home where torture was waiting for me and its name is Alice.

"Do you have to pull that hard Ali?" I questioned.

"Do you want to look perfect or not? Because I can send you out there in your hair curlers." She threatened. Needless to say, she can pull all that she wants.

She finished with me an hour later and I stepped into my dress. While Alice and Rose got ready. Once they had put on their dresses we went downstairs to wait for my parents. They are walking over to the Cullen's with us where they will have the huge New Year's party.

"Aren't you excited? I am so excited! Mom says that she invited the whole town and that they will all be there!" Alice was now jumping up and down from her obvious excitement.

"Ali can you calm down it is just a party in a small small town. Seriously." Rose growled.

"And in two days we get to leave this town." I added happily.

After a few more minutes, they finally came down and we walked over to the Cullen's amazing house. Mom went straight to the kitchen where Mrs. Cullen would surely be and Dad went over to talk with Mr. Cullen and Billy Black. Shit. If Billy Black was here that can only mean that Jacob is not far behind.

"You look beautiful." A velvety voice whispered in my ear.

I smiled, forgetting my worries for the moment, and turned and wrapped my arms around his waist and he pressed his lips to my hair.

"Aw, well isn't that sweet?" I heard from behind me. I leaned further into Edward not wanting to face him ever again.

"What Bella no hug for me? I mean I know that you are fucking him, but we do have a lot of history together. You know the back of my car. At the beach hell even in the woods behind the school." He finished.

I didn't acknowledge him I just held on to Edward hoping that he wouldn't lunge and possibly get hurt.

"Wait. Maybe the woods was Angela now that I think about it." He paused a moment. "Yes, it was, because you would never let me touch you like that, and we went out for a year and a half. But no I would never insinuate that you are a prude. That's just wrong."

I turned and looked at the fucker, and he had a huge smirk on his face. "If I'm a prude, what does that make you?" I questioned.

He opened his mouth once twice but couldn't come up with anything in that little pin brain of his. "Fuck you."

"Do not talk that way to my girlfriend." Edward said from behind me.

"Girlfriend you know what will happen between you two in a few years. Edward, you will get tired of her and then you will have to go somewhere else when she stops putting out for you. She will find you cheating or you will tell her and you will come to an end. Isn't that what always happens with her."

"Things are different with us and remember that I am not you." He snarled.

"You may not be me but we do have very similar taste in women. Bella meet Charlotte Peterson."


"Meet Charlotte Peterson."

And my world came crashing down when she showed her face.

"Edward are you okay? Talk to me." My angel's voice said to me.

"We just need to go. I need to tell you about Charlotte." I whispered in her ear.

I pulled her upstairs and told her about my relationship with Charlotte and how she left me after I told her that I loved her. Bella held me through the entire thing. Not bothering with the fact that our families will wonder where we are she stayed with me until I was ready to go down the stairs and face the one person that broke me.

"We will do this." Bella said to me.

I grasped her hand and went down those stairs to see Charlotte kissing Jacob.

"Breath Edward you need to keep breathing." I looked over at my angel the love of my life and I discovered that I never loved Charlotte. I was made for Bella. Sure, I loved Charlotte but I am in love with Bella. Some people say that there is not a difference between loving someone and being in love with them. Those people are so very wrong. Loving someone is sorta like a brotherly thing where as being in love with someone is having that feeling deep within you that you will never let them go that you will want them for the rest of their lives. That was what I have with Bella. That was what I will always have with her.

I turned to her and saw the look of concern on her face and I uttered the three words that I have only said to three women in my life before. "Bella, I love you. You are my life. " I whispered in her ear.

"Edward I..."

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