Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 18

Chapter 17

"How could you do this to us?" My mother questioned, tears building in her eyes. I felt a pang of guilt.

"I didn't mean to, mom! We used protection, and we...I don't know, tried to be safe."

"Obviously not safe enough, Isabella. What will everyone think when they find out about you? What will they say about us? We taught you that the only way to be safe is to not have any type of sexual relations Isabella."

"You! All that you can think about is yourself! What about your daughter who is freaking out because of one stupid decision!" I practically yelled at her.

"Yes, I am thinking about me because you did not stop to think about the impact it would have on all of us." My mother said trying to defend herself.

"Isabella, you are not to talk to us like this. Especially after what you have done." My father added.

I looked at the both of them trying to find the words to tell them what I was feeling. But in my heart I knew that they would not listen. They truly only care about themselves I mean yes sometimes they act like they care but that is all that it is an act.

"Mom, you are not the one who is going through this as a teenager. I am. All I have is you two and The Cullen's. I have no idea how or what to do all that I know is that I need my family. I need you both so help me." I said to them."No, you are right we don't know. But we do know that no one should get pregnant outside of marriage. That is the way that we raised you."

"You never really raised me. Sure, you did little things for me but there was always a Nanny waiting in the wings until I was old enough to take care of myself. You two only cared about the company and the way that everything looks on the outside. You never once tried to see how it was effecting me on the inside." I cried, releasing the emotion that had built up within me for so long.

"Well aren't you just a selfish little brat! We took care of you we paid for everything for you we gave you everything that you could ever have wanted and you repay us by doing this. With our business partners son, none the less." My mother threw in my face.

I looked at them both and ran up to my room attempting to try and get away from everything.

Once I was in my room I herd my parents yelling at each other but I blocked out the words. I buried my head under the pillow and cried.

After about an hour, I heard a knocking on my window. Not sure about what it could be, I ignored it. After a minute it started again, so I huffed and padded across the room.

I pulled open the curtains and jumped back in surprise to see Edward standing there with a small smile on his face waiting for me to let him in. I rolled my eyes but smiled at him, then opened the door for him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I couldn't just leave you to the wolves and not come and see if you are okay. Which you obviously aren't." He said to me.

"I love you so much." I said to him snuggling into his chest.

"I love you too my girl." He said. He kissed my hair and just held me until I was ready to talk.

"I don't know what I would do without you." I said to him. I snuggled into his chest and took a small sniff of what makes up Edward.

"What happened?" He asked.


We told them. We actually told them I never thought that we would be able to go through with it. I mean I knew that we needed to, but I just never thought that it would be so blunt. I knew that my parents wouldn't be too bad but I had no idea about Bella's.

When I had to leave her it broke my heart because the look on her face when I had to leave was one of the worst that I have ever seen. She looked so broken but I knew that I needed to go home to see what my parents had to say.

"Edward Anthony!" Were the first words out of my mother's mouth when we walked back into our house. "I can not believe that you got Bella PREGNANT!" She screamed at me.

"I know." I whispered.

"Do you know what is going to happen to that poor girl when people find out? She is going to be in a living hell and you are going through every minute of it with her." Mom continued.

"I plan to." I answered.

"You what?"

"I said that I plan to be there for her every minute though out this difficult time this is both of our problem's."

"Well, at least you understand what we want from you." My dad said to me.

"I am moving back here along with everyone else." I told them. They both nodded in understanding.

"We will get on it in the morning. But as of right now we are going to bed and we will not notice if say our son was to go next door to check on his pregnant girlfriend that is most likely going through hell at this very moment." Dad said to me with a wink.

I just smiled at them and went outside and across the two back lawns and over to Bella's porch. I hopped on to a tree branch and hoisted myself over the rail. I then started tapping on the glass trying to get Bella's attention.

She finally came over to the window and opened it for me so I could get inside.

I held her until she was ready to talk and she let it all come out.

"They yelled at me and kept talking about the impact that all of this will have on them they didn't once ask me if I was okay. They never thought about the impact that this will have on me on us. All they care about is themselves. I want them to think about us about me for once in my life." She said to me in a rush.

"They didn't ask if you are okay?" I asked her.

She shook her head no with tears streaming down her face.

"It doesn't matter Bella." I tried to reassure her. "We have each other, and my parents they will be there for us." I said to her trying to comfort her.

I backed us up so that we could sit on the bed Bella curled herself into me and stayed there as she cried.

After awhile I herd her start to snore softly. I pulled back the covers and placed her on the bed. Once I kissed her goodnight I wrote a note and jumped out the window and ran back home so I could get some sleep.


Edward held me until I fell asleep. I, of course, knew he would have to leave but I was still disappointed when I woke up with no one there. I rolled over and felt a piece of paper by my head.


I know that you must be disappointed that I had to leave, but I could not stay the night. Not with you and your parents fighting like this. Who knows what they would have done if they found us or even heard us.

I love you always,


I smiled at the thought of Edward writing this note for me. He was always so...I couldn't even think of a word powerful enough for what he meant to me. He always knew what I needed.

He was always there for me and I loved him for it.

Although, he can not protect me from my own mother. That bitch always knew a way to get under my skin. Whether it be her trying to decide on the right food to have at the gala next month or something real. Something that mattered. She always annoyed me one way or another.

I try and think about the good times that we have had as a family but I come up short. There was always a nanny there ready to take me incase I got to be too much to handle and in their minds I was always too much to handle.


Mommy, Daddy, and I were going over to the beach today to have some fun. I never got to have any fun with Mommy or Daddy any more. They were always to busy. So I have to stay with Mrs. Webber my best friend Angela's mom. We have so much fun together. Today though today is for us with out Mrs. Webber.When I got downstairs in my beach outfit I found both of my parents in the kitchen dressed for work. I looked up at both of them with tears in my eyes they forgot their promise to me.

"Bella sweetheart get dressed so we can take you to Mrs. Webber." Mommy said to me. I turned around and went up stairs to change, upset that they forgot about me and the promise of the beach.

-End Flashback-

That was all I can think of. The closest to being happy in this house and in the end it was filled with disappointment of a broken promise. Even back then, they didn't know how to take care of me or anyone.

They thought that my going to the Webber's was the best thing for me. They still didn't understand that all I needed was a relationship with them. I wanted to have the best parent's in the world. I wanted parents that cared. All I ended up with was a shit load of nanny's and parents that only give a fuck if it ruins their image. That was all that matters. And I hated them for it.


Bella looked horrible. I knew that they would not be happy about our baby but only caring about an image that was beyond brutal. We knew that people would be giving us odd stares for the next few years be looking at us funny for the next few years but in the end we will be together as a family with or without her parents. I know Bella has always said that she had a good childhood. and I don't doubt that but sometimes people need more and I want to give that to her.

"Edward, you need to go and see the Swans." My mother said to me.

I looked up from my place on my bed not even noticing that she had come in.

"They asked me to invite you over there Edward." Mom said trying to reason with me.

I huffed and rolled off of my bed and walked over to the door. I brushed past her and went downstairs I crossed the lawn to the Swan's and knocked on the door wanting to just get this done and over with whatever the hell this is.

Mr. Swan opened the door to let me in. "Living room." Was all that he said to me. I walked past him and into the living room to see that Mrs. Swan was already waiting there for me.

"Sit." She pointed to the chair directly across from the couch that she was sitting on. I sat down without a word.

Mr. Swan joined us after getting something to drink for himself and his wife.

"We asked you here today to ask you about your plans." Mr. Swan said.

"What plans?" I asked them.

"With the baby of course. We do not plan for you to stick around, you see. We are also hoping that our daughter decides to give up the baby. Since, that will not happen most likely we have decided to come to you and ask you to leave us alone." He finished in a rush.

"We will, of course, cut ties with your family socially and business wise. We would also ask you to move away and never look back." Mrs. Swan added. "Bella and the baby will be fine without you."

I looked between them both and I could not believe what I was hearing they want me to leave my Bella. "I can't do that. This is my child. My Bella. I can not just leave them I love them way too much. They both mean the world to me."

"You can and you will." They both said.

"People have to do hard things in life that is just the way that it works." Mr. Swan said.I looked at them they are trying to take me away from the person that I love most and our baby. They want me to leave my child without

"I am sorry but you can cut ties with my family but you can not make us leave and you can not keep me away from my Bella and our baby." I said to them both anger rising within me.

"Isn't this a conversation my parents and Bella should be hearing as well?" I asked them.

They looked at each other and nodded. "Yes, we will be having a conversation with them as well not to worry and we can make your life a living hell if you don't leave. We know everyone in this town and we can have them turn just like that." Mr. Swan said with a rather smug look on his face.

"Mom, Dad. What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Bella screamed from the doorway.

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