Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 2

A/N This is the second chapter I hope you like it. Adrienne

Chapter 2

After unpacking all my things, Alice decided that I needed all new clothes and that she was going to dress me and do my hair and make-up every morning, lucky me. When I told Rose she simply gave me a knowing look and said it was nice knowing me.

"Bella wake up" Alice sang, shaking me roughly.

"Alice!" I grumbled, pushing her arms away and burrowing myself further into my warm comfortable bed .

"Nope, it's time for hair and make-up" Alice said still cheerful.

After she some how managed to drag me out of bed I became Bella Barbie. She curled my hair and did my makeup so it looked like I was hardly wearing any. Then she dressed me in a denim skirt black leggings and a black V-neck sweater. I have to say that I did look really good Alice is amazing at picking out outfits for people but I'm still not sure if I want her picking out everything for me, I need some control over my life.

"Bella you can go get some food from the kitchen and I will call over the guys" Alice said shooing me out of my room.

"Why would we need the guys?" I asked curiously.

"Well silly, we do need someone to carry our bags, don't we?" Alice asked with a giggle.

I smiled and nodded as I made my way into the kitchen. Once I walked into the kitchen I saw Rose standing there with a cup of coffee. I followed her example and went over to grab a cup for myself.

"Good morning" I said to Rose with a smile.

"Morning" She murmured, then looked up "Where's Alice?" she inquired.

"Oh she said that she was going to call over the guys because they are going to carry our bags or something like that" I answered taking a sip of the hot coffee in my mug.

"Good we will never be able to carry all of those bags by ourselves." Rose said with a laugh.

"I don't think that we would ever survive without them there to carry our bags for us" I exclaimed dramtically, heavy sarcasm very visable in my voice. Then we were both laughing uncontrollably when Alice came in.

"What are you two laughing about" she asked with narrowed eyes.

"Nothing" we said at the same time, earning another suspicious look from Alice, but she dropped the subject

"Fine I guess, but let's eat something before the guys get here" Alice suggested.

We were just finishing up when they all barged in. Emmett making himself known

"Never fear. Emmett Cullen is here!" he said throwing his arms in the air dramatically. Rose rolled her eyes as we all laughed at his antics. While the couples kissed Edward and I stood off to the side with about a foot of space between us.

"Ugh enough of the love bird crap" Edward grumbled "Can we go now please?"

"Well I never knew that you would be so excited to go shopping, Edward" Alice replied grinning.

"No, I'm not, I just have a date tonight" Edward said. And for some reason, my heart dropped. But I don't know why it's not like I have a crush on him or anything. I can't right now because I'm not quite ready for that yet. Since he is a player or at least he has become a player since he got hurt.

"Bella take Edward again will you?" Alice asked me.

"Yeah I guess" I said glancing at Edward for a split second before beginning to walk towards my car.

"I think that there is a pattern forming don't you?" Edward whispered in my ear as we neared the car. I never got to answer because Alice interrupted before I could

"Let's go we need every moment because Bella needs well, Bella needs new everything really" Alice said with a laugh.

"Joy" I murmured under my breath.

"Trust me you have no idea how much fun this will be" Emmett said excitedly.

After that they all left and Edward and I jumped into my car again I waited for him to tell me where to go.

"Turn left out of the parking lot and follow the road straight down you can't miss it" He told me with a smile.

"Okay" i said smiling back before focusing on the road, the rest of the ride seemed filled with a comfortable silence.

Once we got to the mall I found everyone there and waiting impatiently. Without a word we all followed Alice into the mall, she lead all of us into the first clothing store she found. Once she found the first store she quickly went in and started finding things for me to try on. I began looking through the racks until Rose stopped me by placing her hand on my shoulder .

"Bella, if Alice didn't already see it trust me when I say you will not be trying it on." Rose said to me in all seriousness.

Once Alice finished going through all of the racks she took Rose and I and put us in change rooms, Where we put on a little talent show for Alice and the guys. We continued to do this through every single clothing store that there was. At noon Alice was kind enough to let us get some lunch.

When I sat down it felt like my feet were going to fall off. Everybody had left to go get lunch, taking mine and Edwards order so we could get decent tables.

"I think this is the best table we will be able to get" Edward said after searching all around the cafeteria.

The tables' we had found would only seat 4 and another one that would seat 2. They were pretty far apart but the mall was busy.

When they came back Edward came to sit at the two seater table across from me, I guess the couples didn't want to be split up.

Just as Edward sat down we heard a squeal

"Eddie oh my gosh it has been so long" I followed the obnoxious high pitched voice to find a tall strawberry blond girl walking toward us.

"Tanya" Edward acknowledged with a grimace.

"Eddie we have to do something tonight" Tanya said to him in what I think was supposed to be a seductive voice. She then noticed me. "Uh! And who the hell are you whore?" she asked me, her 'seductive' smiled turning into a sneer.

"Bella Swan" I said to her with a very fake smile. What I really wanted to do was punch the bitch out!

She then turned away from me and turned her attention back to Edward "So Eddie what do you say about doing something tonight." She asked

"I can't Tanya" he said.

She then put on her puppy dog eyes, where her eyes go all big and innocent her mouth curving into a pleading frown. Which I thought was supposed to be cute but on her it looked like she was about to be sick.

"I said no, so will you leave?" He said with a note of finality in his voice. To be honest I don't think he made any eye-contact through that whole conversation. And then finally she stomped away clearly angry at Edward and myself.

"I'm sorry about that we dated for like a week, about two years ago. I see her from time to time and when I do she gets all clingy with me it is so annoying." He said.

"Yeah well it happens" I replied, still silently watching Tanya's retreating form.

"Oh trust me I know" A pause "Bella can I ask you something"

"Um sure I guess so" I agreed.

"When you were talking about your ex it seemed like there was something more to it than an ass of an ex. I mean the way you mumbled it and everything it just seemed like there was more to it." He said.

"There is more to it" I murmured, dropping my head so I was looking at the French fries that I ordered "But I can't tell you about it right now"

"That's fine but you will tell me right?" He asked.

"Yes I will tell you but not right now because we are in a crowded mall." I said making eye contact with him again.

We finished our lunch in silence until Alice came over and pulled the both of us over to where they were sitting, she had the guys get all of our bags and we set off again. Alice had said the clothing part was done now and the only things we needed now was shoes and since I only wear converse she said I have to get all new shoes. I think she was having way too much fun with this.

When it was finally over I had at least 20 or 30 bags cause the guys kept running out to put stuff in the cars. It was a good thing that they had a Volvo and a Mercedes SUV because my car hardly has any trunk space.

When we got in the car Edward got a phone call, he answered it

"Hello?---Oh hey Brittany, how are you?" there was a pause "Oh I'm so sorry you have to cancel but don't worry we could try and work something else out" He said before hanging up the phone.

"So Bella about before I am serious when I say I didn't want to upset you." He said turning his head to look at me.

"I said it was fine, it is all in the past sure it only happened about a month ago but hey I am more alive in the now type person." I said to him. Although I left out that I didn't leave my house for a week but I needed time to cope and that is how I did it and now I am very happy here.

"Yeah, I guess it is all in the past, but with me I know that sometimes I just can't believe that someone so close to your heart could do something like that. When it happened to me it just split me in two. I can still hear her voice saying we didn't mean to hurt you. I don't think that I was ever the same." he said. I pulled into the parking lot.

"Edward I don't know what to say"I said to him as he left the car and started walking to his dorm room. I guess he is done talking to me.

Alice told Jasper and Emmett to start unloading all of the bags from the cars and putting them in our rooms, we really did buy a lot, but I guess it is the price you pay when you go shopping with Alice.

"Bella come on dinner!" Emmett yelled. I rushed out of my room and went to join the others as we all made our way to the café downstairs.

I noticed that Edward was missing from our group. I guess he has something better to do.

Soon after everyone was settled down and just about to begin to eat I was interrupted by my worst nightmare

"Bella there you are." I heard an all too familiar voice call out. He placed his big hot hand on my arm. I yanked it out of his grasp

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked "Wait you know what I don't even care, just get the hell out of here and leave me alone." I growled putting as much acid into my voice as possible.

"Oooh touchy" He said his voice taunting.

"No, just pissed off." I said angrily as I finally looked at him and glared at him fiercely.

Realization dawned on Emmett's face as he remembered who this was, he stood up

"If you don't let go of Bella you will be very sorry" he said glaring menacingly at Jake. I looked down and hadn't even noticed Jacob had grabbed my arm again. I yanked it a second time, but he had a stronger hold now.

"I need to talk to her" Jake said seemingly unfazed by Emmett's intimidating stance.

"Do you really think that we give a shit." Jasper said getting out of his seat, his hands clenched into fists at his side. Jake ignored them and looked at me again as he spoke.

"Bella you don't get it I tried to go after you and I called all of the time, then when I finally worked up the courage to go to your house to talk to you, you were gone and I couldn't stand it. I love you and I always will. You are my everything."Jake finished.

I should say something, anything, he says he loves me but he did cheat on me. It's what everyone always says, once a cheat always a cheat. "I was your everything. Was being the operative word." I shot back.

"No Bella you still are my everything, and you always will be, forever right." He paused "that's what that ring meant to us right?"

"I think that I threw that at you" I said "so go now and never come back"

"Bella why would you do that to me you need me and I am taking you home what about your family you know that they miss you" he said.

" I know that they miss me but guess what I needed out of there, out of that town and away. I needed to be away from you and Angela because you hurt me and I don't know what I should do." I said, I soon realized that everyone was staring at me and him.

"Right like you can stop me from taking you home" he said

"Just leave." I said then I sat down and started picking at my food. Waiting for him to leave and I was happy when he finally did left.

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