Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 26


The door opened to reveal my dad standing there with an odd expression on his face of almost relief, but also sadness. I couldn't understand why he felt sad, but I could understand the expression of relief.

"Bella I thought that you would never come back." My father said. "Come in and we can all talk."

He wants to talk. He really wants to talk. My face was surely in an expression of shock. I had never anticipated my father to make the first move in the right direction.

"I know what we said was horrible, but we mean well and we don't think Edward is the right person for you to be with, let alone raise a baby with. We thought of you during that entire conversation."

My anger flared. "If you really cared about us, then you would have thought about the fact that I may love him. Or that Edward wants to be apart of the baby's life. I know that must seem odd to you but it is true. We love each other and I need him. I will always need him."

"Isabella, now that is just stupid being in love at your age. Honestly you haven't even been out in the real world, let alone able to know what true love is. Silly little girl." My mother said as she walked in the room.

"I am in love with him." I argued with fierce conviction. "And what about you?" I spat. "You said that you knew that you loved dad from the moment you saw him which is when you were what 14 or 15?" I shot back at her.

"That was different." She defended.

"Of course it was. The times are different now...people don't know what true love is now...blah blah blah. I've heard that speech way too many times."

"Do not speak to us that way." My father said, his eyes cold.

"Why do you care now?" I asked them, raising an eyebrow.

"We have always cared." Mom said.

"About the way that everything looks from someone else's points of view. What I meant was why do you care so much about Edward not being in my life in the baby's life. He wants to help me."

"He just ruined our lives and our reputations. He does not want to help he has done enough." My father said.

"I do not give two shits about reputation." I scoffed.

"You should. You have to." My mother said harshly.

"I have just one last question. If I stay here does Edward have to go?"

"Yes." They both answered. I had heard what I needed to hear. I turned on my heel, went up to my room and I got all of my things out of it. It took me awhile but I finally cleared out every memory that I wanted to take with me I brought all the bags downstairs and out the door.


I paced anxiously in the foyer of my house, glancing out the window every few seconds to watch for Bella. Though I was hopeful she would work things out with her parents, I knew the possibility was unlikely.

I looked out the window again to see Bella come out of her parents house with bags. Shit. She was crying by the looks of it.

Before I could think I was out the door, pulling her into my arms as she cried.

"Bella, we need to get you inside." I murmured.

She nodded, but didn't move. Without a word, I picked her up and carried her to the house where everyone was waiting.

I took her up to my room and I just heldher.

After about an hour, I heard a knock on the door. Bella finally got to sleep about 15 minutes ago after crying herself out. Her parents really did a number on her.

"Edward dinner." Esme whispered through the door. Obviously trying to not wake Bella.

About half way through dinner, I heard a scream alerting me that Bella is awake.

"Bella, Bella." I called as I ran into my room.

"I'm so sorry. I woke up all alone and it scared me. I'm sorry." She said as she started shaking.

"Hey, its okay. Don't worry about it. You're okay. That's all that matters." I whispered, wrapping my arms around her and stroking her hair.

She finally stopped shaking, and pulled herself away from me.

"I need to know. Can I stay here?" She asked.

"Yes, of course." I reassured her taking her hand in mine. "You know that Esme wants you here-"

She cut me off. "No, I mean...can I stay here with you?" She whispered tentatively as she looked down.

I lifted her chin with my finger, kissing her lips softly. "Of course, love. Anything that you need. I love you." I told her.

She smiled at me. "I love you too, Edward." She moved to the edge of the bed before getting up and moving towards the door.

"Are you coming? I smell food." She says to me with a smile.

I smiled in return and grabbed her hand, lacing her fingers in mine. We walked downstairs together and into the dining room. Everyone looked up at us smiling when they saw the smiles on our faces.

"Bella, honey, are you alright?" Alice asked her. Bella nods and smiles, which seems to appease Alice and she goes back to her meal, as does everyone else at the table.

"Bella, Edward." Carlisle began looking at us. "Esme and I would like to talk to you both after dinner. Don't worry its nothing bad." He smiled in reassurance.

"Okay." Bella said in a small voice.

We continued eating in silence before we left the others to clean up the kitchen while Carlisle, Esme, Bella and I made our way in to the living room.

"As Carlisle said before, it's nothing bad we just need to know what happened Bella?" Esme asks.

"Well I went over there to talk to them to see if they changed their minds, but they didn't. So, I decided that I couldn't give up any of you, packed my things and left." She said simply.

"Alright, so I am assuming that you are going to live here from now on?" Carlisle asked.

"If thats okay." She asked them hesitantly.

"Yes of course it is. We would love to have you around here." Esme said with a huge smile.

I breath out a sigh of relief, thankful that Esme was so understanding.

"Now about the guest house. Bella, I think that in two months we will move you two in there so you can get ready for the baby and be prepared for everything." Esme says with a smile.

"I-wow-thank you so much for everything that you're doing." I said to them with sincerity. They both had given me so much, and now they were taking care of the woman that I loved so dearly.

"Edward, you are our son. We need to take care of you. It's our job, sweetie." She said to me, patting my cheek with her hand. I smiled at her in gratitude. .

"That was just so touching." Bella laughs, with tears in her eyes. "I think it's the pregnancy hormones." She added, causing us all to laugh.

"I think I need to get you to bed, love." I said to her grabbing her hand, kissing her forehead. We both thanked Carlisle and Esme profusely before heading upstairs.

After she finished her routine, she crawled in bed and snuggled up with me. I stoked her hair and held her tightly until she fell asleep.

I went down stairs, flopped down on the couch. "Hey bro." Emmett said as he came into the room.

"Hey man."

"How is she?" He asked.

"I don't know. Her emotions are everywhere. One minute she's laughing, the next she's crying or she's pissed. It's all so confusing. And her parents. Fuck, those people made her make the impossible choice. I don't know how she's handling this at all." I said to him.

"It'll get better once the baby is born." He replied after a moment.

"Yeah, in what? Six more months?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"Dude, I didn't tell you to knock her up. That was all you." Emmett said with a laugh.

I flipped him off. "You could be a little more considerate about it, Emmett. I didn't mean to get Bella pregnant."

"Man, you can't hate on me for telling the truth." He replied.

I bit my tongue, but shot Emmett a lethal look. He understood.

"Let's just watch the game." He grumbles.

That was how my insane day ended. Me watching hockey with Emmett.

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