Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 30

Chapter 23


I've been waiting for hours now to hear from the doctor about my Bella. I want to hear that she is okay but I truly have no idea what is going on. The doctors said some stuff about internal bleeding and emergency surgery but I haven't heard anything since.

The waiting room keeps getting smaller and smaller and I just keep replaying the last few hours over and over in my mind Jacob outside of our house.

Bella laying on the floor with all of that blood.

Alice crying over Bellas unresponsive body.

The ambulance taking Bella away.

The police throwing a shirtless Jacob in the back of the cop car.

Dad driving me to the hospital.

Us seeing Bella in the hall on the bed.

Doctors yelling.

Me being shoved away from Bella's body.

The Doctor's hooking Bella up to tubes and putting in I.V.'s

Mom and Dad taking me to this waiting room.

And finally the waiting all of this waiting to hear about my Bella.

Mom and Dad making the call to Bella's parents.

Renee and Charlie not showing up.

This all flashes before me at once I see it all and I keep seeing the little things that I could have done better that possibly could have allowed us to keep our child.

We were told to call her parents but we haven't heard from them they must be ignoring the calls. They don't care about us. We already knew that though because they just picked up and left us like we are nothing. I guess in their eyes we are nothing. Just a bunch of stupid kids who don't know their place.

I look up to see a doctor walking over in his medical scrubs. I can't see the look on his face because it is hidden by the mask that he is wearing.

He has finally made his way over and I stand up and go in front of him. "Well?" I question.

"Isabella will be fine but I am sorry to say that your unborn child was not so lucky."

"The baby is dead." My child is dead. We didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl yet.

"The impact and the trauma that she went through before that is what caused it. She is in recovery and she will be able to take visitors in a few hours. One of the nurses will come get you when it is time." The doctor finished.

"Thank you for saving her." I hear my father say in the back ground. All I can think of right now is how am I supposed to tell Bella about the Baby being gone. She was looking forward to being a Mom. Hell I was even looking forward somewhat to being a father. Even though we are teenagers and it would have changed our lives I think I would have liked being a dad. Having my own little Bella. Brown hair that is in little ringlets deep chocolate eyes and creamy skin. I would have hoped to see all of that in my little girl.

Now I have lost that all due to Jacob Black. He has changed my life forever. He has hurt Bella in to many ways.

"Excuse me Mr. Cullen?" I turn to see a police officer standing in the middle of the room possibly looking for me or my father.

"Edward Cullen?" They ask again.

"Yeah that's me."

"We would like to take your statement."

"I guess I should get it over with where are we going?"

"A doctor has given us use of their office to take all of the interviews here."

I follow them down the hall and to a set of big brown doors reading that this is the office for the chief of staff.

I waited for the cops to set up their equipment they had a tape recorder and note pads once they finished they turned to me as if I was supposed to start talking.

Finally the one cop asked me a question. " What did you first see when you arrived home with you sister and friends?"

"I saw Jacob Black creeping to his car after coming out of my home. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Both Emmett and Jasper jumped out of the car and detained Jacob until the police arrived. Alice and I went inside and we found Bella on the floor at the bottom of the stairs with a pool of blood surrounding her." I finish for them.

"Did Miss. Swan say anything at all to you when you found her?"

"No she was un responsive."

"Did you in anyway harm Mr. Black?"

"I didn't touch him." I said through my teeth.

"Do you wish differently?"

"Is this relevant?"

"Yes it is." They both said together.

"I wish that he never touched Bella. I wish that a lot of things never happened. And yes I did want to hurt him but I also didn't want to ruin my life which if I hurt him it would ruin me. So your answer I guess is both yes and no."

"We will come back if we have any other questions but for now send in your sister."

I return to the waiting room and I send Alice to the cops and sit down to think some more.

Alice arrives back from the cops and sends in Emmett. I guess that they are going through us all to make sure that the story is the same. I guess it just would have been nice for some warning or for them to let Bella wake before they went after us.

I can't go after them though they are just doing their jobs and at least they are being kind about it they are taking into account everything that we have been through.

Emmett comes back and he sends back Jasper and finally Rose goes in to the room. Now we have all been through the same thing and still we can not talk to each other.

Alice is first to break the silence. "What did they ask you?"

"They just asked me what I saw and stuff." I answer vaguely.

"Same." Emmett agrees.

"Me too." Jasper answers.

"Ugh they asked me if I wanted to in anyway harm Jacob and I said to them what would you do." Rose tacks on.

We all look at her with slight smiles on our faces that sounds just like something Rose would say.


"Nothing babe just that sounds just like you." Emmett smiles and we all laugh.

We stop almost as suddenly as we had started their was a nurse standing in front of us clearly waiting.

"Miss. Swan is ready for visitors no more than one at a time."

I get up and follow the nurse through two sets of doors and down a hall until we come to room 342. Bella is on the other side of this wall. My Bella is okay and waiting for me.

"Don't take to long she will need her rest she did go through an ordeal."

"I won't I just need to see that she is okay." I say to her as I open the door to the room.

I see Bella curled up on the bed her eyes open and looking at the door as if she had been waiting for me.

"Hi babe."

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