Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 35

Chapter 26


It has been a few weeks since that fateful day at the little cottage in the woods and well lets just say that my life has been turned upside down. In a good way. The paper work is almost through for the Cullens to be my guardians since the state can not find my parents.

Rose and Jasper's parents are in Chicago now looking for homes and office space so both Rose and Jasper are staying with us.

We are currently attending Forks High and we will until the end of the year which is when Rose, Jasper, and Emmett will graduate. I know odd that we are only in high school yet we have gone through all of this bullshit. On the upside Rose, Emmett and Jasper are planning on going to Northwestern instead of the University that was affiliated with our boarding school so we won't be as separated next year.

Edward and I are strong as ever I guess you could say but today will be a real test. Since we are in such a small town area the trial for Jacob was moved up because the D.A. wants it out of the way. I in no way protest I want this part of my life over with so I am happily giving my testimony.

That day of testimony is today.

Fuck I am scarred.

I know that it needs to be done but I really don't want to recall the events again in front of everyone.

In front of people that I don't know. Then being ripped apart by Jacobs lawyer. I know that it is needed for Jacob to be behind bars but I still don't want to have to go through this.

I will do this. I can do this.

I'm strong enough to get through this. I am going to be able to tell them about the baby and I will let them know about the pain that he put me through and I will let them know about all of the tears I have shed because of this.

I am allowed to sit in the court room while the lawyers present their cases. Only because I the accusing party. Which means I have to hear the opening statements and everything that is brought into evidence.

On our side the statements of Emmett, Edward, and Jasper are pulled into evidence and so are the security cameras from the hallways at the Cullen house. I didn't even know that they had any kind of security with in the house.

Apparently due to Jacobs reaction he was unaware of the cameras but his lawyer looks unaffected. I guess he knew?

The D.A. then puts in their witness list and they are finally done. I look over to Jacob's lawyer and he is preparing to introduce his evidence.

He brings in some old emails from Jacob and I and he brings in his witness list which includes his father and some of his friends.

My lawyer objects to the emails stating that they are old and that they have no purpose in the court room other than to state that the defendant and I had a relationship previously which we already know.

The Judge agrees and Jacobs face falls into a grimace.

Our first witness is called it is one of the people from the ambulance. They go over how they found me with all of the blood and he go through seeing Edward at my bedside and everything that he was able to see. The defence doesn't bother to question him. Next comes one of the first police officers on the scene Deputy Costner. He tells the story of finding Jacob restrained by the police. He retells that Emmett and Jasper were doing no harm and hat they were preforming their civic duty.

He is also asked about the position that Jacob was found in. He replies that he was found without a shirt on and no shoes or socks just a pair of pants on.

That did not bode well for Jacob, again his lawyer declines the cross examination. I don't really know if this is good or bad but I think that they would want to try and disprove some of the stories here. Wouldn't they?

Finally it is time for lunch and I am able to see Edward again since the witnesses who haven't testified yet are not allowed to be within the court room. Jacob is led of to a side room and we are dismissed.

I walk out of the room and I see Edward sitting on a bench with his hands in his hair tugging on it. I guess he has been worried about me. I smile at the thought of him worrying. He cares so much about me and I love him for it.

"Edward," I call out to him.

"Bella, are you okay do you need to talk?"

"I haven't testified yet I don't even know if I'm going today."

"Yes but you heard what the others have said."

"It's nothing that I haven't already heard before. I'm fine really Edward everything is okay you don't need to worry I'm stronger than you think." Well I think I am at least. Edward doesn't really believe me but he lets it go and we walk over to where his family is standing so we all may go out for lunch.

We go to a little cafe around the corner from the court house to quickly grab something small before we have to be back at the court house. No one bothers to ask me about what has happened in court today because they all know that I am not allowed to tell them and since they are all witnesses.

We talk about stupid things like what they will show me when we are in Chicago starting this summer. I guess that Mr and Mrs Hale have found some nice homes for us in Chicago and all of the Cullens are happy to be going to their true home of Chicago where they are all from. I guess that their grand parents live their on this beautiful estate that I just have to see.

They throw the best pool parties or so I am told by Alice and Rose. Edward just sits across from me quietly taking in the conversation but not adding anything to it.

"Why so quiet?"

"I love watching you so care free like this. Its a nice change."

"I'm glad." I say to him with a small smile.

We make our way back and I head into the court room alone. I see that the D.A. is already sitting in his seat waiting.

"How is it going?"

"Good I think, I always have no idea what James is doing until well he does it but this time I don't think even he has a chance I mean we have security tapes."

"So he won't be able to bother me then?"

"I don't think so."

I smile at him and I take my seat behind him. Jacob is brought back into the room and for the first time today I look at him and he looks at me. He turns his face up in a sneer and takes his seat.

The Judge comes back into the room and we all take our seats, now that all of the expert witnesses have been called I believe it is time for my family to start being called in.

First is Jasper, he tells the story of them coming home to find Jacob creeping out of the house in just his pants. They all find this extremely odd and before Edward can get to him both Emmett and Jasper have him restrained. I have heard this story many times over and I eventually zone out.

When the Judge asks James, Jacob's lawyer he answers, "yes your Honor we would like to cross examine this witness."

James gets up and walks over to stand in front of Jasper. "You are friends with Bella correct?"

"Yes we are friends."

"And you said in your statement that you think of her as a sister?"

"I do we have all become very close in the time that we all have been friends with Bella."

"Have you ever slept with Bella?"

"No Bella is with Edward and well I don't mean any harm when I say that Bella is not and never will be my type."

"Okay then so you have never slept with Bella but to your knowledge has anyone else ever slept with her?"

"Objection, Your Honor beyond the witnesses means."

"Sustained." The Judge says, "watch your questions Mr. Hunter."

"Yes, Your Honor, and that is all."

Jasper gets off of the stand and comes over to sit with me.

"I did the best I could darlin'." He says to me before giving my hand a quick squeeze and sitting down beside me.

"Next we would like to call Emmett Cullen to the stand."

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