Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 36

Chapter 27

"Next we would like to call Emmett Cullen to the stand." Emmett comes into the court room and he is sworn in and he begins to tell his story.

It is exactly the same as Jasper's he adds in a few more details from his perspective and he defends his use of force and he also states that he does not like having to use force when it is not needed. The D.A. sits down after stating that they are done with their witness and now it is Hunter's turn.

"You are rather large Mr. Cullen is it possible that you could have used excessive force on my client?"

"I do not believe I did any harm to him I just kept him from running away from what he had done to Bella he needed to face the harm that he had caused. He needed to be punished and not by me but by the Justice system."

"Did you ever engage in inappropriate actions with the defendants Girlfriend?"

"Objection beyond his knowledge he does not know Mr. Blacks Girlfriend."

"I believe he does Miss. Swan is who I meant. Miss. Swan was his girlfriend."

"Bella is with Edward and I have Rose so no never she is like a little sister to me. Bella is a very good friend and that is all."

"You never tried to force yourself on her."

"No, Jacob did though not long after Bella started hanging around with us he came to our school and slammed her against a wall in an attempt to get her back."

Emmett turned a smug smile at Hunter and he turned away from him. I saw that Hunter looked shocked I guess he wasn't expecting that.

Jacob must have left it out when he began talking to his lawyer. It must have pissed him off.

The D.A. next calls in Rose she tells the story of finding me in the hall with the blood surrounding me. She thought that I was dead but she was so thankful that I was not. She told them about Edward breaking down beside me and that she also went outside to see how Emmett and Jasper were doing with restraining Jacob.

She talked about everything that she saw and everything that happened at the hospital. Hunter didn't choose to cross examine her.


I've been waiting for my chance to tell my story for days now yesterday they ended with my parents. Now I am standing here alone waiting for them to call me in. Waiting and waiting.

Finally someone sticks their head out to tell me that they are finally ready. I walk up to the witness stand and I am sworn in.

"Mr. Cullen tell me about your day. Before you found Isabella."

"I went out with my family to have a good time. We needed some time together and Bella didn't want to come so we all went alone. We had our fun and we decided to go home because we all felt that our family was not complete so we had to leave so we could go back to her."

"What next?"

"We came home to find Jacob Black coming from inside of the house with out a shirt before I can go over to him both Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale go over to keep him from running. This left me free to go and check on Bella Swan to see if she was okay. I walked in to see my girlfriend surrounded by a puddle of blood and all I can remember was just sitting there and crying for her to wake up for her to come back to me. She never did on the floor she finally opened her eyes in the hospital."

"That is all your honor."

"Mr. Hunter?"

"Yes we would like to question this witness."

"Mr. Cullen how long have you been involved with Miss. Swan?"

"Since before Christmas."

"A long time then were you aware that she had a boyfriend?"

"No I was aware that she had an ex-boyfriend but she had no boyfriend that she had left behind."

"So to your knowledge there was no chance of them reuniting."


"Do you know the cause of their break-up?"

"Yes he cheated on her with her best friend Angela."

"What else do you know about the relationship of Miss Swan and Mr Black?"

"Bella's parents were not happy about it and they were very happy when they broke up. We didn't like to talk about the past a lot."

"So on the night in question you saw Mr. Black leaving the house?"


"Was he running away?"

"To the best of my knowledge."

"You found Miss. Swan in a puddle of blood?"


"What was your reaction?"

"I broke down."

"Did she wake up?"

"At the hospital."

"That is all your honor."

I am excused from the stand and I go over to sit beside Bella. I drape my arm around her but before I can get fully settled she is called to the stand.

Bella is sworn in and the questioning begins.

"Miss. Swan what happened on the night in question?"

"Well I was home alone because Edward and his family had left to spend some time together and I just needed time to think. So I was alone for not long before I heard a knock on the door. I open it to reveal Jacob. I try to close the door on him but he won't let me. Jacob forces his way in and he slams me against the wall to take what is right fully his as he claims. He - he raped me. I tried to get him off of me but he just wouldn't stop and I wasn't strong enough to get him off so he took the chance and he raped me. Once he had finished we were now upstairs I tried to sneak away but before I could get down stairs to the phone he pushed me down the stairs."

"Miss Swan what did he take from you?"

Bella was crying by this point and she could barely get out the words, "he took my unborn baby from me."

"That is all your honor."

"Miss Swan do you need a moment?" the judge asks.

"No no its alright I would like to continue."

"Mr. Hunter."

"Yes, your honor we would like to question this witness."

"Miss Swan you say that you had broken up with Mr. Black?"

"Yes he cheated on me."

"You never cheated on him?"


"You have never slept with either Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, or Edward Cullen?"

"I have with Edward and Edward is my boyfriend."

"You had broken all ties to Mr. Black?"


"And on the night in question you did not willingly let him into the house?"


"You never allowed him to have sexual relations with you?"

"No he forced himself on to me."

"You did not fall down the stairs?"

"No he pushed me."

"That will be all at this time."

"You may step down Miss. Swan."

Bella is excused and she comes back over to me I sling my arm around her back as we wait for the next witness to be called.

The next witness is an expert witness to testify about Bella's fall down the stairs but once the D.A. gets going on him their really is no point to having his testimony.

"Court is in recess until 9 am tomorrow morning." The judge then gathers up his papers and leaves the court room effectively giving us all a chance to breath a sigh of relief and now we are able to go back to our temporary home.

We make it back and we are all relatively quiet from our day in court. In my head I am debating if we should be going back to see what happens I mean I do not know if Bella will be able to handle it. She is in such a fragile state that she could break at any moment and I know that she does not want to go to see anyone about what is going on.


"Yeah Edward?"

"What do you think about going tomorrow?"

"I need to be there."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes if I'm not there I will never forgive myself and I will never know about half of the lies that will be told about me."


"No we are going and that is it."

That night we go to bed in relative silence just waiting for the next day to throw the next curve ball at us and does it ever throw a curve ball.

"Court is in session. Will the defense call their first witness?"

"Renee Swan."

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