Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 37

Chapter 28


"Renee Swan." What the fuck is going on my mother? My fucking mother is called to the stand why? The fucking state couldn't find her when I was in need and now she chooses to show her fucking face. What the hell is wrong with this picture? She knows nothing about anything. She has no right to be here under any circumstances.

My mother is sworn in and the questioning begins.

"Mrs. Swan you are the mother of the key witness in the prosecution?"

"Yes I am Isabella Swan's mother."

"Would you say that you know your daughter well?"

"You could say that but she did change at that boarding school."

"In what ways?"

"She got pregnant with that Cullen Child I mean really why would she ever do that she knows how things look."

Fucking looks is all that she gives a shit about I mean really what the hell is wrong with her? She knew why I had to leave and I didn't change really I just ended up being happier than I have ever been before and is that really such a bad thing? I don't think so. I think it is a good thing to see your child as happy as can be.

"Was Bella involved with my client Mr. Black?"

"Yes but something happened and that is when she requested to leave. Her father and I granted that wish."

"Do you regret that now?"

"Yes I wish that she had never left and that she was still with Jacob he was good for her."

"Did they have a good relationship?"

"Yes that is why it was such a surprise when Bella wanted to leave."

"They had a very happy relationship then?"

"To the best of my knowledge they were extremely happy. And they really were attached at the hip in every way."

"Did she love him?"

"I think that she was coming to realize that they had something very special much more special than that Cullen kid."

"Do you think that your daughter regrets leaving you?"

"I think she wishes that she had never left Jacob and that she had never left our family I mean look at where it got her she is trying to blame a mistake that she made all on Jacob I am sure that he would never have raped her and that she was a very willing partner."

Where the fuck does my mother come up with this bull shit she thinks that I would have been a willing partner? In what fucking universe would I be a willing partner with Jacob and since when does she like him? She fucking hates him. We all know this. It makes no sense at all why she is doing this to me.

"You do not believe in her accusations?"

"No never it makes no sense."

"That is all your Honor."

The D.A. stands up and I am thankful that he knows everything so he know just what to attack.

"Mrs. Swan, you loved that your daughter was dating Jacob?"


"Yet you are quoted in saying that he is an unwanted ass hole in your home?"


"You have also said that he was the worst thing that ever happened to your daughter?"

"I well yes he was."

"So have you then lied to the court?"

"I, yes I have."

"Jacob Black would have ruined our family reputation."

"You have also stated that you know your daughter?"

"Yes I do."

"Yet you were never there for her during the loss of her un-born child?"

"I know."

"You also kicked her out."

"She deserved it getting pregnant at her age do you know how it looked?"

"You kicked your child out of her home, you were away from her in a time of need yet you still think that you know anything about her?"

"I know more than you think."

"Really then do you know that she had a rape kit done and also there was traces of Jacob's sweat and saliva on her body?"

"I didn't know."

"You have also been neglecting the summons by the state."

"We know that."

"So how can we right fully take in anything you said into account?"

"I guess you can't."

"Your Honor we ask that Renee Swan's testimony be taken from the record."

"Sustained, jury disregard all of Renee Swan's testimony. You are dismissed Mrs. Swan and to be taken into custody due to lying in the court."

Some police officers come up to the front and they put her in handcuffs and take her away. So if my mother was here then where the hell is my father? I look around the court room and I see him sitting in the back with his head in his hands.

One of the other cops goes over to him and also places him in handcuffs I guess they are going to finally get what is coming to him.

The defense calls many other witnesses to the stand they call Jacobs friends and his father as well as his two sisters until finally it is his turn.

"We would like to call Jacob Black to the stand."

Jacob walks over and is sworn in and his questioning begins.

"What are your feelings for Bella Swan?"

"I love her I mean we have been dating for so long and to find that she is doing this to me it hurts it truly hurts."

"So then did you force yourself upon her?"

"No she was a very willing partner to participate with. She loved it all."

"She was a willing partner?"

"Objection leading question."

"Sustained. I have told you to watch it Mr. Hunter."

"So then what happened after?"

"Bella ran out of bed and fell down the stairs she was never pushed by me because I would never do that."

"What happened next?"

"I didn't want to call the police because I was scared of being caught with her there was so much that could go wrong so I ran away."

"What happened when you ran?"

"There was a car pulling into the drive way and 2 big men jumped out they pinned me down and kept me from running."

"Did they do much harm?"

"Yes they did some damage."

"After that?"

"The cops were called and they took me into custody for trespassing and everything else."

"That is all your Honor."

"So then Mr. Black what is with all of the marks that covers Miss. Swan's body that have been matched to your size and shape of hand?"

"I may have been a little rough."

"Again with the torn vaginal tissue?"


"Miss Swan was not a willing partner?"

"No she wasn't. No I mean she was she was a very willing partner."

"Alright then what about the force of impact from her fall she had to of been pushed there is also the security tape footage how can you explain that?"

"I can't."

"It was all you wasn't it?"


"Are you sure?"


"You raped Miss. Swan?"

"Yes, but she deserved it I had been waiting and she knows this douche for months and she gives it up to him."

"That is all your Honor."

"We will now have the closing statement from the Prosecution."

The D.A. goes on to state that with Jacob's testimony and that he stated that he did the crime the jury must convict him.

Hunter knowing that this is a lost cause tries to save his case by going off of the first half of Jacob's testimony.

The Judge gives some instructions to the jury and then the fate of the case is officially in their hands.

"Court is in a recess until the Jury comes back."

The judge then gets up and leaves the court room officially giving us the permission to leave.

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