Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 3

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I would like to thank my beta Twilightlver94 she is the best. So Enjoy this chapter it is all thanks to her. xoxo Adrienne

Chapter 3

The day rest of the day went by fairly fast after that little incident with Jake. Edward showed up right after Jacob left explaining that he had cancelled his date. Alice raised her eyebrows then muttered to me later that he has never cancelled a date before. I guess there is a first for everything. But I didn't say that to her. And little did she know I already knew that.

The next day I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being followed. It made me feel weird and exposed also since Alice had decided to take me on a tour of the campus I don't think it was hard for that person to follow us. Rose, Emmett, Edward and Jasper decided to come with us. All of the couples had paired off so I was stuck with Edward, yet again, not that I was upset over that matter. While we were walking around Edward had decided to take my hand while Alice pointed things out to me. She said that after tomorrow I should be able to find my way around and that if I needed it, she would help me out. I groaned I forgot that I had to start school tomorrow.

"Oh by the way Bella you need to pick up your slip from the main office all transfers need one" Alice called over to me.

"Can you show me where to go" I asked her shyly

"Edward take Bella there and then stay in our dorm tonight with her please" Alice said to him then she turned and walked off with jasper alongside her with Emmett and Rose closely following.

"Why!?" I called as she walked away. She didn't answer

"Well umm I guess we should move" I said awkwardly

"Yeah come on, it's this way." He said, tugging on my hand, I rather liked him holding my hand, it felt right.

"So will that happen often" I asked.


"Will they have their little sleepovers a lot?"

"Yeah and when we get back to your dorm there will be a bag of my stuff on your bed" He said to me.

"Oh um okay then I think that this is going to be fun" I said a bit sarcastically. ßMaybe?

We walked into the office and I got my slip. The secretary explained that I needed to get all my teachers to sign it tomorrow. Ugh tomorrow I really am not looking forward to that. But I will get through it with my amazing new friends, and Edward. Wait no Edward is my friend not something else he is a very good friend that I will be spending the night with.

Oh fuck I have to spend the night with Edward. What am I going to do about that I mean after all of the time that Jake and I spent together he never slept over. My mom and dad would have killed him and I am not exaggerating.

"Bella earth to Bella" Edward said waving his hand in front of my face.

"Huh what did you say?" I asked him.

"I said do you think Alice will mind if I sleep in her bed." He asked with an amused smirk on his face.

"Umm well she might, even if you are her brother" I said to him.

"Eddie come here we need to talk" Someone called then we both turned around and saw, none other than fucking Tanya standing there, now my day is officially complete.

"I can't sorry" He said flippantly hoping she would get the point. Of course she didn't though.

"Oh yes you can, it's not like you are with anyone" She said to him. Bitch.

"Hello am I invisible today?" I asked as I waved my hand in front of her face.

"Well like I said you aren't with anyone so come here and talk to me" she said, with that excuse of a look on her face that was supposed to pass as puppy dog eyes. Man she is a bitch, and she's demanding. I then looked over at Edward and he had this look of disgust on his face like he didn't believe what he was hearing, I don't think that I did either.

"Tanya I am busy and I don't want to talk to you" he said to her then he pulled on my hand and marched off with me. Almost as an afterthought he stopped, turned around to look at her again.

"Oh and I think you need glasses or something. Because I have a very beautiful girl standing beside me and if you cant see her then, there is something wrong with you" With that he tugged on my hand again and walked the rest of the way to the dorm.

"Well that was different" I said to him, pretending the fact that he had called me beautiful didn't faze me. But I thought it was really sweet.

"Not really just wait until tomorrow where she will corner you and then she will tell you to stay away from me" He said "It is the same routine just a different year."

"Well I guess I will not be alone tomorrow" I said.

"No you won't" he answered with a crooked smile. After we arrived at my dorm I opened the door and walked in to find Edwards bag of stuff on my bed along with a note:


You sleep in my bed and you will never make it home for thanks giving

I laughed but stopped when I found another note addressed to me, it read


I left you clothing in your closet on the shelf. If you don't wear this you will not make it home either.

Love Alice J

She had the nerve to draw a smiley face, as if it made her threat to me better somehow.

"Well I guess you have to sleep in my bed" I said, blushing slightly. This was going to be a long night.

"Why" He asked. I wordlessly passed him the note he quickly read it then laughed. "Yeah I guess I am sleeping with you"

"Yeah, so what do you want to do" I asked him.

"Hmm why don't we go and do something like get dinner" He said.

"Yeah okay" I answered. I grabbed my purse. I heard my ring tone and quickly looked to see who was calling me and it was an unknown number and I answered.


"Bella can we go do something" I realized who was on the line and I quickly hung up

"You okay" Edward asked me his forehead crinkling in worry.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said trying to reassure him.

"You know that you are a terrible liar" Edward pointed out.

"I know" I murmured, hoping he would drop it.

"Well then tell me what's wrong" he said, taking an unconscious step toward me. I thought about it before deciding to just tell him the truth

"It was Jacob he is here" I said.

"The ex?" Edward inquired

"Yeah but don't worry about it he will have to leave tonight, because school starts tomorrow" I told him.

"Are you sure?" He asked, his face worried again

"Yes now can we go?" I led us to the door and opened it to see a very angry Jacob standing there he clearly didn't get it when I hung up on him. I took a step back and ran into Edward, who was standing closer then I thought.

"Bella I just want to tell you that you have your wish I am leaving" He told me, his tone angry.

"Good." Edward said from behind me, I was so close to him I could feel the rumble of his chest when he spoke. He wrapped his arm around my waist, almost protectively.

"Bella you shouldn't have a guy in your room especially one that you don't know." Jake said. Oh the nerve he has!

"Whatever Jacob, just run along home to Billy and Angela" I spat at him.

"Fine. But remember, I will always be your first" He said to me, before briskly walking away.

"Not for everything" I yelled to his retreating figure "Come on Edward" I grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door and started walking in the opposite direction of Jacob.

"Bella what did you mean by not for everything" Edward asked me. I hesitated and automatically blushed.

"I... well I'm...ah...I'm still a virgin" I said, I'm sure my face resembled a tomato by now.

"Hmm so he didn't take everything from you then did he?" He smiled

"Nope" I said popping the "p", relieved he didn't think I was so sort of freak for still being a virgin. I turned and smiled at him.

Edward led me to the cafe and I got a burger and fries. I love burgers.

"I took you for a salad kind of girl" Edward said smirking once we sat down at a table.

"Well I don't really care about my weight" I answered

"I like that about you Bella, I really do" He murmured leaning forward.

"Eddie why did you cancel on me" This blond girl asked sounding annoyed as she started walking over to us. Making me automatically lean back and blush.

"I decided that I didn't really want to go out with you I found someone else I would rather hang out with and she is way more fun than you are." He said to her rather harshly, her face fell and she turned and left without another word, looking like a kicked puppy.

"Well aren't you popular tonight. By the way, not that I care but...don't you think that was sort of harsh?" I asked, glancing at the blonde girl as she walked through the cafeteria doors.

"Yeah I guess I am but you know what this whole image I have here is really annoying I mean girls just throw themselves at me wishing that they will be able to change me but they know that they can't. Then they end up getting their hearts broken and it just makes me feel terrible in the end. I don't want to break up with them or not call them back but honestly they never give me a reason to." He said to me. "this was sort of confusing, try re-wording it"

"I would say that I know what you mean but I really don't because the only person that I have ever been with is Jacob and you see how that ended. I have tried to forget about everything but I just can't forget. He did the worst thing that he could have done to me." I said.

"Well you know, that I know, what it feels like." He said.

"Yeah I know Alice told me you had your heart broken" I said sadly.

"Well what she didn't tell you was that I was in a lot of pain and the only way that they even got me to do anything was for them to send me away to boarding school. You see at home I was like a shell of my former self, my mother Esme was so worried about me that she made me go see a shrink and when that did nothing she decided that I needed to leave my home and the only way I could do that at the time was to go to boarding school and then Alice and Emmett had to go so then rose and Jasper had to come too. But anyways the day when she turned her back on me was the day that I shattered into a million pieces but I have been putting myself back together and I think I am close" He finished by taking a deep breath.

"I didn't know" I said lowering my head slightly.

"Yeah but I'm glad you know now" He said with a weak smile.

"You know what you need?" I asked him.

"No, what?"

"Some thing to laugh at" I said. "Like the hangover"

"The hangover really" He said to me

"Yes that movie always makes me happy" I giggled.

"Hmm fine but can we go now Tanya is coming" he murmured as I saw him glance over my shoulder. I looked and sure enough Tanya was b-lining it toward us.

"Yeah let's move" I said hurriedly with a big smile.

We left money for our meal and started to leave. I saw out of the corner of my eye Tanya start to speed up. Then we were running full out to get away from her because neither of us wanted to deal with that.

Once we got back to my dorm room we both collapsed laughing. Once we would stop, all it took was for us to look at each other and we would fall into hysterics again. I think that this was the most fun that I have had since I got here.

"Edward can I put in the movie now" I asked him, once we caught our breath.

He said yes and we curled up on the couch to start laughing all over again. We were having so much fun until there was a knock on the door but we both guessed who it was and decided that we wouldn't answer. After the Hangover we had a scary movie marathon we watched 1-4. Part way through the fourth one I fell asleep in Edwards arms with a smile on my face.

The next day I woke up with my head on Edwards shoulder and our legs entangled. Needless to say I was very comfy not that I like Edward or anything but well I feel comfortable with him and he understands me.

I looked over at him to see that he was waking up. "Morning" I said to him with a smile.

"Morning" He said back with my favourite crooked smile.

He jumped up once he saw what we were doing and I did the same thing. We then looked at each other awkwardly and I mumbled "I will go get ready"

I made my speedy retreat to the bathroom and showered and then dried my hair brushed my teeth and washed my face before stepping out of the bathroom to get dressed in my room. Once I finished getting ready I walked out to see Edward ready and waiting for me. "Ready" He asked

"Yeah I am really hungry" I said. I grabbed my books and Edward did the same. We walked to the cafe and we got a table for six and waited for everyone else.

"What class do you have first?" Edward asked after a minute

"I have Calculus" I answered

"Really with Mr. Varner" He asked.


"Me too" he paused "Let me see your time table" He said reaching his hand out to receive it.

I passed it to him and he smiled. "We have everything together" He said.

"Really" I asked with shock.

"Yeah isn't that funny" He asked laughing.

"Yeah I guess" I said a little too enthusiastically

"Bella you look perfect" Alice called over to me.

"Um, thank you" I smiled.

"So what are we talking about" Emmett asked suddenly.

"Our classes" I stated.

"Oh right they start today don't they." Emmett smirked.

"Yeah, Bella and I have all of the same classes" Edward told everyone.

"Good now Bella won't get lost on this huge campus" Rose said from her seat.

"Lets go get something to eat." Emmett said.

We all went to get something quick to eat on campus. We were all carrying on a normal conversation waiting for the moment when the torture starts.

"Well we should go" Alice said while she pulled me up from my seat.

"Alice I will walk Bella to class" Edward said standing up as well.

"Yeah I don't want you to be late or anything" I told her as I started walking back to Edward.

"Okay Bella whatever you want" She said, then turned and walked away leaving me with Edward

"So you ready" I asked

"Yeah this way Bella" He said with a sweep of his arm to the right.

Once we got to class we found two seats together and we sat down then we both grimaced when Tanya walked over to us.

"Eddie you ran away from me last night" She said to him.

"I know" He answered flippantly.

"Well we really need to talk about the dance coming up because we are going together right" She asked

"No I will never date you again let alone go to a dance with you we are over and besides I already promised Bella" He said. I must have had a very shocked look on my face because Edward gave me a look saying if you don't agree you will pay for it.

"Yeah we are going together" I said to her with a smile on my face, I grabbed Edward's arm and hugged myself closer to him for affect.

"Hmm I always thought that you liked blonde's not ugly brunettes" she said. Then walked away.

"I must say that I have always liked brunettes more than blondes." He said to me with a smirk and I think that I blushed ten shades of red but thankfully the teacher then called the class to order. The day was just boring the teachers all went over the same stuff that they do every year. what is expected blah, blah, blah. I think that I fell asleep during Gym, you may think that that's of my friends.

When I got back to my dorm I saw Alice bouncing up and down. "Oh my god why didn't you tell me this morning I thought that we were friends Bella I mean you and Edward are great and all but-"

"Alice he only asked me to the dance to get away from Tanya" I told her.

"Oh is that all" She asked me with a frown on her face.

"Yep we are just friends and I think that is all we will ever be" I said and I think that I was a little hurt when I said that. But I didn't know why we are just supposed to be friends good friends but just friends none the less.

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