Two Broken Hearts


Part 1


Today is the day. The day that I have been waiting for. I've been waiting for five years since that fateful day on the path with Edward when he gave me his grandmothers ring. I'm not going to say that every thing was perfect or that we never ever had any fights. Hell we have had a lot of fights some we could kiss and make up after. Others well lets just say someone was sleeping in the guest room of our house.

Yes we live together and we have since we started University in New York although now we are back home in Chicago with a house in the suburbs a big change from the upper east side apartment we had in school.

School was fun I got my English Degree and Edward went for a degree in Music and now he is a fairly well known music producer. One hit CD with a little known band and he is suddenly getting all of these offers and now he has a fairly good reputation.

And I am putting my English degree to good use and I am an assistant to a Editor at Random house. I'm the tea and coffee girl right now but I am hoping to make my way up to being able to look over manuscripts.

Today though is the day that we have been working towards today is our wedding day. I am so happy that he chose me. That he gave me this huge ring. Every day I wonder what I did to deserve this man and every day he reminds me that its because I love him.

"Bella we need to get moving we have hair and make-up in an hour." Alice calls through the door of my hotel room.

Thankfully I am already part way ready. So I just have to brush my teeth and grab my garment bag. Before heading out the door.

"There you are come on we need to move to the salon especially since you have to get a cut as well as style."


"Come on let's move we don't have time."

I just follow her not bothering to argue or really even utter another word.

We arrive at the salon and I am taken back right away as the owner sets to work on my hair for the wedding while I try and close my eyes to get a little more sleep or something. Well anything really.

They take care of my hair doing whatever needs to be done then I am moved to a table where I can get both a pedicure and a manicure at the same time. I've decided to go for the lavender of my bridesmaids dresses a little un-traditional but hey its my day and I can do whatever I want.

My bridesmaids are Alice and Rose, neither one are my maid of honor because I just couldn't pick between the two of them. Edward decided to do the same because of how close he, Emmett, and Jasper have gotten.

"I feel funny."

"Bells it might just be nerves?" Rose asks.

"No its not that kind of weird its the I feel sick to my stomach sick."

"Bells haven't you and Edward decided to start trying?"

"Yeah but only a few months ago." I said a little freaked out.

"Bells it can happen."

"Awe hell really on my wedding day?"

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