Two Broken Hearts


Part 2

I have Rose and Alice run to the drug store while I try very hard not to bite my nails off because of how nervous I am. I know that we had been trying but well we thought it would be after the wedding until anything would happen. We don't even know if I would have been able to get pregnant.

After everything the doctors said that there was a good chance but you never know until the person gets pregnant to see how the body would react.

Oh do I ever hope that everything will go okay if and when I do get pregnant.

"Here it is."

I look down at the box in my hands I see that it has two tests in it and I decide I should take them both to be sure. So I walk into the bathroom follow the instructions and put the cap back on. When I get back it is time for Alice to get her hair styled although there isn't much you can do with it because it is a pixie cut.

"Now we wait." I look down at my watch at least three times a minute just waiting for the time to be up so I can see if I am pregnant.

Once the time is up I run into the bathroom to see what is on that little stick.

Plus signs. Oh fuck.

"Well I guess I have to tell him soon."

"Are you?" They both ask.

I just nod my head. Then twin squeals break out around me.

"We are so happy for you."


I'm in the dress and I can hardly breath. Our time is coming why I decided for us to get married at sunset is beyond me I just want to be married. I want to be able to be called Mrs. Cullen. Mrs. Edward Cullen. This is what I have been waiting for this is my time.

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