Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

It is the day of the dance and I have to go with Edward. I don't even know what this means. Do I like him? Do I not? I'm not even sure yet! He is one of the nicest guys that I know but Alice says "he's a player even if you haven't seen that yourself. Rose on the other hand, says that I should go for it. But what if it is weird? What if we try something and there is no spark? I don't even know anymore! So I ask myself this simple question: do I like him or not? Most people find this is a straightforward question, but this is one that I cannot comprehend.

"Bella come on we don't have all day. Besides, Rose and I need to do your hair!" Alice called.

I huffed then I went to meet Alice and Rose in the main room of our dorm. They curled my hair then brushed through it so they would be loose. After they finished that, they moved on to my make-up they decided that I could pass with a smoky eye. I handed them my black eyeliner and mascara. Alice asked for my silver and white eyeshadow. I don't know how they did it, but it really looked good in the end. But I wasn't even close to what they looked like. They are both knockouts! Alice had her amazing black dress on it was just perfect for her body while Rose has a red dress on that has an open back and slits up the sides showing off her perfect legs.

I am in my midnight blue dress with silver jewelry and shoes. I think that I look good but nothing like them. I have always known that I am not that pretty. But standing next to Alice and Rose makes me feel even worse.

We all herd a knock at the door which meant that the guys are finally here. Alice and Rose go as fast as they can to the door in heels and they jump into there boyfriends arms while I hang back waiting for there greetings to be over.

"Lets go" Emmett said to us. He then grabbed Rose's upper arm and dragged her out of the room.

We all followed after them because we didn't want to be late for the dance. As we were walking, Edward held my hand which didn't go unnoticed by Alice. She raised her eyebrow at us but that is all she didn't try to point anything out. Thankfully Emmett didn't notice because only god knows what could have happened then. It is Emmett and he is anything but silent. If he saw us he would have announced to the world that Edward and I are dating.

When we got to the building Edward paid for my ticket even though I wanted to, I guess he thought that he was being considerate. For any normal girl it would be but I like being independent and taking care of myself.

The theme was Disney. I know it is kinda of stupid but I personally love everything about it from the funny mouse to pluto. I guess that I am like a little kid but I really don't give a shit. Mickey Mouse is the best.

"What do you want to do" Edward asked.

"Um I guess get a drink or something" I said.

"Okay the bar is over here." He said.

Once we got our drinks we stood at a table talking about random things.

"Bella you want to dance" Edward asked me. Completely out of the blue.

"Umm well I'm not that good. I mean… I fall all the time." I mumbled.

"Do you really think that I would ever let you fall Bella?" He asked me.

"Well I don't know…" I said truthfully.

"Bella trust me for once. You will not fall when you are in my arms." Edward said to me with an intensity that I could not say no too. But what if I did want to fall? What if I was falling?

He grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the dance floor right when a slow song started. He started twirling us around and never letting me fall or leave his arms. I feel safe with him. He makes me feel comfortable and he is really the only person to ever do that. Even Jake couldn't make me feel this comfy around him. Edward's the guy that I have only known for a week and has already started to make me trust him and I thought that I would never ever trust a guy again.

"Bella did I tell you how you look right now?" Edward whispered into my ear.

"No" I murmured back to him.

"Well you are the most stunning girl here tonight in my eyes." He said to me.

"Thank your sister for that" I giggled smiling over at Alice

"I will do that later" He said to me.

He then twirled me once more and then the song was over and I needed a drink.

"Bella where are you going" Edward asked me as I turned away from him.

"Oh I just want a drink." I said to him.

"If you wait a minute we can sit down for our dinner." Edward smirked.

"Okay… I guess I can wait." I said to him with a pout.

"What do you want most right now" He asked me. Catching me off guard.

"Well I want your sister to stop shooting us looks all of the time for starters." I said to him.

"Alice has been looking at us? Now I wonder-"

"Edward, why haven't you come over to see me?" Tanya asked him.

"I have been busy." He said to her with out even taking his eyes off of me.

"Well why don't you come over with me and we can have our own fun" Tanya said in what was supposed to be a sexy voice. To me it just came off as raspy.

"Not interested." Was all that he said.

"You are always interested." She contradicted.

"Well there is a first for everything." He said then turned to me "Lets go and get Emmett before Rose kills him"

"Yeah…" I agreed leaving a fuming Tanya behind.

"So what are we doing for the rest of the night? I mean if you are going to keep getting offers like that please go for it I mean you can have some fun" I said imitating Tanya's sexy voice only to make Edward laugh his musical laugh.

"Well when I get the right offer trust me I will take it." He said with a devil grin.

"So you are going to ditch me? Well that is just great!" I said to him with my puppy look again.

"Hmm… we will see" He said with a smile.

"Hey! You are here with me you know." I huffed.

"Oh I know." He chuckled chimes of velvet.

"Then what the hell do you mean? You are confusing me" I told him.

"Well what I mean is that I will not get my offer tonight." He said to me.

"How do you know that anything can happen?" I said to him.

"Well I have this theory that if you wish for something enough it will happen." He said with a smile.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please go to the banquet hall and find your tables because dinner is ready." The announcer said.

"Finally" I said, gripping my empty stomach.

Edward just smiled at me and led the way. We were at a table with Rose, Alice, Emmett and, Jasper.

"Hey." I said to them all with a smile.

"So are we ready to order?" Asked a female waitress who was really only speaking to Edward. God that annoys me! I mean hello I am his date and there is like 5 other people sitting here! Is she blind or something? Well I guess he is gorgeous but hey her job is to take care of all of us.

"Not yet." I said for us all.

"Well I will get you all some water to start" She said with one more smile at Edward then walked off.

"Well Bella I think you just ruined that poor girls chance with Edward Cullen" Emmett said to me.

"Hey! It sounded like a question and I thought that I should answer it." I shrugged.

"I am not complaining." Edward whispered to me.

"Well I thought that she was the person who was serving us so let her serve! I mean she does get paid…" I whispered.

"Its not like its the gay guy like last time right Eddie." Rose mocked.

"Do not remind me that was the worst 2 hours of my life" Edward laughed it off..

"Hey if you swing that way all of the power to you!" I said granting an out burst of laughing.

"I will never ever swing that way. I'm not saying that's not okay or anything I'm just saying that's not for me. I like my girls." Edward said just making me laugh and blush even more because the look on his face is so priceless.

"Well then… umm moving on" Alice said.

"Hey why so nervous Ali! You like girlies." Emmett winked to her between fits of laughing.

Alice then turned to Emmett "No I like my man! Right Jazz"

"Whatever you say" Jasper said, kissing her cheek.

"Smart man" I said to him then the waitress came back.

"Ready to order now?" she asked, setting down our water.

She turned to Edward clearly waiting for him to start "Bella, you first."

She then took her eyes off of him and looked, no glared at me "I will have the mushroom ravioli please" I said. I wished I hadn't said please.

"Okay and you?" She said to Edward.

"Yes I will have the same." He said to her.

She then took the orders of everyone else and left us.

"Oh here we go." Rose muttered.

"What?" I asked then turned and saw Tanya and her bitches coming over to us.

"Well I didn't think that I would see you all here." Tanya said bitterly.

"What do you want" Rose snarled at them.

"Oh we are just reminding you to vote for homecoming Queen and King. Its tradition." Tanya said then stocked off.

"You people have homecoming Queen's and King's? I thought that they were just in the movies" I said to them.

"It has been around since this school started. All of the University and High School students get together and have this dance in this hall every year forcing us to vote for some self-centered girl and guy to be homecoming Queen and King." Rose finished in a huff.

"Where do we go to vote? Might as well get it all out of the way." I suggested to them and then as a group we went to where the doors of where the dance hall and the dining hall meet to get our ballads.

The names were: Tanya Denali, Jessica Stanley, and Isabella Swan for Queen and Edward Cullen, Mike Newton and , Sam Uley.

I voted for Jessica Stanley because she was nice to me unlike Tanya and well voting for myself seemed desperate. I also voted for Edward because I really don't know who the other two are.

I went back to the table to see only Edward there. "So who did you vote for?" I asked him.

"Well I had to be a loyal friend and vote for you." He said.

"At least I know that I have one vote." I said.

"You will have more than just one vote! You will have at least 5." He said to me.

"Thank you. That is comforting." I said sarcastically. " How do they decide who gets chosen and who doesn't?"

"Well 3 people have to nominate you and then your name is put on the ballad." He explained to me.

"Then why was there only 3 people on there?" I questioned.

"Tanya. She scared away all of the competition and made them all pull her name."

"But why? Is it really that important to her."

"Yes it is." He said as everyone else showed up.

"So Bella, what do you think about being homecoming Queen?" Alice asked.

"Uh well I won't win" I said.

"Yes you will just wait and see." Rose said.

After a minute the food finally came and then I dug in along with Emmett.

"You really have an appetite." Alice said to me.

"Yeah what can I say." I grinned.

We ate in silence for a few minutes then that stupid waitress came over to see if we, well really if Edward needed anything. Honestly she went all goo-goo eyes on him I did not want to see that while I am eating.

"She is so stupid." Edward exclaimed then we all looked at him he was holding a napkin.

"What now." I asked then he showed me that on the napkin was: 519 888 3131 Call me - Kate.

I laughed. "That is so funny! So are you going to call her?" I asked him.

"Nope. Not my type. She is blond you know." He said and I blushed.

"Since when has that stopped you, you did date Tanya." Rose said with a very disgusted look on her face.

Then we all started laughing. I don't know why but we did and that's how we ended our night - we laughed, poured punch on Tanya and danced. We could not stop dancing until that dreaded moment came when they announced the homecoming King and Queen.

"Alright everybody it is time for the Homecoming King and Queen to be crowned." The person said who I think was a teacher but I didn't have them.

"The winner for Queen is Isabella Swan and King is Edward Cullen!" he said my name I am Queen with Edward. This is so weird! I have only been here for a week and I am Queen. What the hell is wrong with that picture?

"Bella we have to go get crowned" Edward whispered to me. He took my arm and led me up to the stage where I would be crowned the Queen and he would be my king.

When we got on stage we were being stared at then all of a sudden they all started clapping. I felt the crown being placed on my head and I was handed some flowers.

"Please welcome the homecoming King and Queen and now may you have your dance" the teacher said.

We were shoved on to the dance floor and Perfect By Hedley started playing. One of my favourite songs.

"So what do you think of tonight's dance" Edward asked me.

"Well it was pretty perfect if you ask me" I said.

"Good then that is what it should be like for every girl. Perfect." He said. The song ended and so did the dance we didn't really run into any drama but I think that Tanya wanted to hit me because I stole the crown from her Even though I didn't want it. I mean really who dreams of stupid stuff like this? Not me.

"Bella say goodnight to Edward and come with us! We are staying in Roses room and we are having a slumber party then a girls day tomorrow so hurry up" Alice said to me then left me with Edward.

"Well I guess that this is goodnight I will see you around Edward" I said.

"Wait Bella" Someone called out from behind me.

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