Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I turn to see Edward running towards me. He looks amazing running the way that his muscles move. Wait the way that his muscles move what the hell is wrong with me.

"Bella your bag." He said handing it over. I just looked at it "Oh and I wanted to tell you that I had a very good time with you tonight." He actually had a good time with me I can't believe it. Typically people say that I am a downer because I am responsible but here he was saying that he had fun. He then turned and left me standing there like an idiot.

When I got to the dorm Alice and Rose were already there waiting for me. Even though I thought that I was fast getting away from the dance and Edward they still beat me. I saw them setting up something and I didn't really want to know what it was but I'd find out because it is Alice and Rose and they will not hide anything from me for any longer than possible.

"Hey, what are we doing?" I asked because I knew that they wanted me too. Even if I was fine with not knowing.

"We are having a movie night and we are going to gossip about the dance. Duh." Alice said.

"Why?" I asked, bewildered.

"Well we always gossip about the dance." Rose said like it was the most obvious thing.

"Okay then." I said reluctantly.

"Well first off you and Edward were the talk of the dance." Alice squealed.

"What? Why? We were just there as friends." I said.

"Yeah, we know that, but everyone else thinks that you are his girl of the hour." Rose said.

"Okay so why is that such big gossip?" I asked.

"Well you are the new hot girl on campus and the Homecoming Queen so some people would think that you would go for someone like Mike Newton." Alice said.

"And they also thought that you would at least wait before jumping on the Edward train." Rose said.

"But I didn't jump on the Edward train! We are just friend! Why won't people get that? I've had guy friends at home and we got along fine. We never had these problems." I said.

"Yeah but Bella, you are not at home anymore. You are in L.A. There is a huge difference because you grew up there and here you are the new person. Which means that you are a new piece of ass to these guys." Alice said.

"Can we just move onto the next topic?" I asked.

"Fine." Rose huffed." Did you see Tanya's face after Bella poured the punch on her?" She laughed. "I thought that she was going to kill you!"

"I know! It was extremely funny but then again, it was her fault for calling me a whore." I said.

"She did deserve it." Alice said.

"Oh what about me being Homecoming Queen what did people say about that?" I asked.

"They did think that you winning was way better than any of the other options." Rose said.

"Oh! And they thought that you and Edward dancing was so sweet." Alice said.

"Hmm...I guess they could say that I just found it was comfortable. Natural." I said.

"What do you mean by that." Rose asked me.

"Well I guess that I just felt safe. Safe and happy. I haven't felt that way in a really long time. I mean physically I have almost always been safe but emotionally I haven't been safe emotionally since the day that I saw them. " I said.

"Don't worry Bells, we will always keep you safe. It will be our goal this year." Alice said with Rose agreeing.

"Thank you." I said.

"We will always love you Bella." They both said together. Then the door banged open in the midst of our crying and hugging.

"Hey we got here just in time! Group hug!" A booming voice called.

Then we had huge circle of hugging outside of our hugs.

"Emmett get off!" I said.

"Bell, you know that you love me." Emmett said.

"Yeah, I love you when you are not breaking my ribs." I said.

"I know what you mean." Rose said, thankfully making Emmett let go.

"So what's on the list now." Edward asked.

"What list." I questioned.

"At the end of each school year we come up with lists the night of homecoming." Alice said. "Its a stupid but fun tradition. Typically, we put stupid things on a list so don't get too scared of us."

"So do I have no choice in the matter?" I asked.

"Yep." Rose said.

"I hate this." I said.

"Boo hoo. Go cry about it." Edward said jokingly

" about I give you something to cry about?" I said.

"How about we do the next thing on the list?" Jasper said.

"Okay. Next is prank Tanya." Edward said.

We all thought about it for a few minutes then I came up with the perfect idea. "I think I know what to do." I said.

"What?" They all asked.

"Edward, you will have to fake get back with her for this to work." I said.

"Done!" Emmett said for him.

"Edward will have to go and tell her that he is sorry for everything that has happened and that me and him are just friends. Then she will accept and Edward you will drag her out for ice cream where we will break in to her room and rearrange some things. We will take her bed and all clothing except for her underwear and bras. And once you get back with her, tell her that after spending the last little while with her, that you don't understand why you said that you was sorry because everything that you said about her was true." I told them all.

"That may work, but Edward you have to be believable." Alice said.

"I think I can do that." Edward replied.

"Well then lets go." Emmett said clearly excited.

"Emmett, we need to send Edward to her first." Rose said to him.

"So are we all clear on the plan?" Jasper asked.

"Well I am fine with my part so I will just go." Edward said, then he went out the door.

"I think that we need some luggage." I said.

"Okay but why?" Alice asked.

"We don't really want people to see us walking around with garbage bags of Tanya's stuff so we can say that the rest of my stuff arrived as our cover." I said.

"Good thinking." Rose said.

"Alice do you have 5 or 6 bags we can use?" I asked.

"You are asking Alice, you do know that right?" Jasper asked.

"I know but I thought that I should ask." I said

"We can use my bags. Lets go her dorm is beside ours." Alice said.

We got all of the bags then made our way over to where Tanya's dorm is. We then watched Edward to see where he was. He told me that he was at the ice-cream place and they are waiting in line.

"We have to be quick." I said. We all slipped silently into the building and found Tanya's room. We went inside and saw that everything was pink and I mean everything. It was insane.

We went to the closet and the dresser and we pulled out everything leaving her underwear and bras even though the clothes that we pulled out wouldn't cover up much more. We left just in time and when we were going into our building we saw Edward round the corner with Tanya.

"This is so much fun." Emmett said.

"Sure Emmett." We all said as I collapsed on my bed.

"How long will it take for her to come over here?" I asked.

"Well she may not because this is so immature. "Alice giggled.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked.

"I am saying that you are very immature." Alice told me. I then hit her with a pillow.

"I just said that you are immature! Its not even that bad." Alice said throwing one back at me but hitting Rose instead.

"What was that for Ali?" Rose asked as she threw the pillow back hitting Edward as he walked back in.

"Why are there pillows flying." Edward asked sitting beside me.

"Its a long story." I said

"And we want to hear about what happened with Tanya." Emmett said.

"Well first I said that I think that she was right we are meant to be together. I asked her to go get some ice-cream with me and she said yes like we all knew she would. She kept asking me about Bella and I kept telling her that we are just friends and that's all we will ever be. She told me not to see you anymore and I said that it was kinda hard to do because we have all of our classes together and well we do have some partner projects together too. She understood that. I walked her home and she asked me why the sudden change of heart and I told her that well after spending all of this time talking I have no clue what the hell I am doing. I told her that I think she is self-centered and a bitch. She then slapped me and I walked away." Edward finished.

"So did you here her scream when she didn't have any clothing?" Jasper asked.

"Nope." Edward said. Then there was pounding on the door.

"Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Bella Swan out here now." Someone called through the door though I'm guessing that it was Tanya.

"We will be right there." I called then we all walked over to the door to see what was waiting for us.

Rose opened the door and there was Tanya standing there waiting for something.

"What do you want?" Alice asked

"Well I guess to start I want all of my clothes back." Tanya said.

"Well what if we told you that we didn't have any of your clothes?" I asked.

"I would call you a liar and I would barge in to your room and find all of my stuff." Tanya said.

"Hmm...well I don't have anything trampy do you Alice?" I asked her.

"No I would never! What about you Rose?" Alice asked.

"Why would I take her clothes they are probably all knockoffs." Rose rolled her eyes.

"Move then." Tanya said

"Whatever." Rose said as she slammed the door in Tanya's face.

"Open this door now!" Tanya yelled at us as we locked the door. "I will get a teacher!" Tanya shouted.

"Are we ever going to give her back her stuff?" Emmett asked.

"Nope." Alice said popping the "p".

"I think that we should do something to them before the teacher gets here." I suggested.

"Like what?" Alice asked.

"Maybe hide them in the ceiling." I thought.

"Why would we do that?" Emmett asked.

"So they don't find them! Man you can be stupid." Rose said. " But don't worry I still love you baby."

"Come on we need to move." I said.

They all followed me to my room and the guys took out a few pieces of the ceiling and we threw all of the clothes at them.

"Damn she has a lot of shitty clothes." Rose laughed passing up some more stuff to Emmett.

"What do you expect." Alice said to her.

"maybe some designer stuff. She does have some money to buy quality right?" Rose said. I then tuned them out as they had their fight over designers which one was better and all.

"Not your thing?" Edward guessed nodding to them.

"They are my good friends but you're right. Fashion is so not me." I said.

"Good for you but you had better get used to that." Edward said as I handed him the last piece of clothing.

"Done." I smiled and as if on cue there was a knock on the door we all piled out and I opened the door to see our floor teacher, Mrs. Gates standing there.

"Hello Bella I herd that you may have pulled a little prank on Tanya here." Mrs Gates said.

"Well I have personally never been in her room but you are welcome to come in and look around." I told her.

She then walked past me and looked around the room and said hello to everyone else. "Bella is this your room?"

"Yes." I answered.

"So this other one would be Alice's room then, right?" Mrs Gates said. As she walked in to her room and looked around.

"Yeah." I answered.

"Well, Tanya I am sorry but there is nothing here." Mrs Gates said to her.

"Good night Girls and Boys, you must leave soon." She said, giving them all a stern look.

They both left and we all looked at each other. "Wow." I said.

"Now time for X-box." Emmett said. "Bella I am playing you first!"

"Fine." I gave in with a smile on my face. I am really good at video games. I know nerdy but guess what? They are so much fun.

"What are we playing?" I asked.

"Boxing." Emmett said. "Always boxing."

"Okay but hurry it is like 3 am and I want to sleep soon." I said.

I kicked Emmett's ass and that is saying it nicely, but really, he is shitty at the game unless he is playing Edward. Edward is even worse than Emmett if its even possible!

"Time to sleep." I said.

"Yeah lets get the sleeping bags." Edward said.

"What?" I asked.

"We are all going to sleep on the floor because it is way to late to leave here without being caught." Jasper said.

"And why do I have to sleep on the floor with you guys?" I asked.

"Because you don't want your guests to be alone on the ground." Rose said.

They had the sleeping bags there so we all went and got one and rolled them out on the floor. I was next to Edward behind the couch and I fell asleep instantly because I was in deep need of sleep.

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