Two Broken Hearts

Chapter 6

A/N: So I am able to have this next chapter up way sooner than I thought (My dad thinks I am studying right now) anyways I would like to give a huge thanks to SmoothButNotRich1901 who is my new beta and she did an amazing job on this Chapter. Finally to all of my Canadian Readers if I do not update before July first happy Canada Day. And to my U.S. readers happy July 4th. xoxo Adrienne

Chapter 6

"Get up, Bella!" Alice chirped, jumping on my bed.

I groaned and finally relented, despite my obvious fatigue. But, I really didn't want Alice to kill me. Alice had made special plans for us today. Joy. Well, Alice is a joy to hang around most of the time, however when she has secret plans, there is no way to know what's in store. Most of the time, she drags us out shopping with the guys, and I've learned to handle it fairly well on most occasions. But the unknown is moderately terrifying.

"Bella lets go!" Alice called from her room.

"Go where?" I grumbled.

"Uh-uh. Not telling you yet! You still have to get ready. Meet me in the parking lot when you're done and I'll tell you more then." She told me before heading towards the door.

"I'll be down in ten minutes," I replied as she exited with a bright smile on her face and a quick nod.

Morning people.

I trudged over to my room, my muscles cramped and sore from sleeping on the floor for eight hours. Note to self: Spare your back the pain, and never do that again.

I looked over at my bed and saw that there was some clothes on lying on the comforter. Alice. I picked up the bundle of clothes and was shocked to find a deep blue sweat suit in my hands. Happy, but still surprised, with her choice, I donned the outfit, ran a brush through my hair and made my way to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Giving myself a quick look in the mirror, I nodded once at my reflection and quickly headed out to the parking lot to find Rose and Alice waiting for me.

"Finally," Rose yelled exasperatedly from across the lot. "What took you so long?" She continued when I reached them.

"Alice woke me up late," I answered in hopes she would transfer her death glare from me to Alice.

"Hey, don't look at me like that." Alice raised her palms towards us in surrender. "Just wait and see what I have planned for us." She finished with a devilish grin.

"Right. So what is it this time Ali?" Rose asked.

"We are going to the spa, and getting tattoo's." Alice squealed.

"What?" I asked incredulously. "There is no way in hell."

"Stop being such a wimp, Bella. No one will see it anyway, so don't worry." Alice rolled her eyes.

"I can't." I told them.

"C'mon Bella. Live a little." Rose laughed.

I can not live a little! I wanted to scream at them. My parents would kill me for even thinking about marking up my body.

"Bella they will never see it." Alice added, seeming to read my thoughts.

"No way. Not happening." I said with finality.

"Yes it is happening. So suck it up and get in the car now." Alice put on a fearsome glare as she pointed to the car. She and Rose got into the front seats leaving me with the back.

"Why do you even want them anyway?" I asked in a slightly whiny voice.

"They look cute! Plus, guys like them." Alice replied.

"Yeah and I am sure Edward will love whatever you get." Rose added, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

"Will you guys just leave me alone?" I mumbled, my face burning bright red.

"Never." They smirked at me, causing me to blush more. Great. They're never going to let me live my crush on Edward down.

We all got in the car and drove off to the spa for our "special day." Joy to the world. I did not want to do this. I can not get a tattoo. What will my parents think? What will Edward think? I felt my palms starting to sweat with anxiety.

Ten minutes later, Alice and Rose forced me out of the car and into the spa, making our way to the reception desk.

"Reservations under Cullen." Alice told her, a firm grip still around my wrist.

"Right this way, please." The woman smiled, and gestured for us to follow her.

As we walked, I admired the lobby of the spa. The pristine marble floors, glassy and new. White columns that shot up from the floor and connected with the high ceiling. A gorgeous fountain spouting off water in the middle of the lobby and soft piano music tinkling from the speakers.

We entered a small room where we were instructed to change into our robes before heading to our individual rooms where the facials were to be done.

After a few minutes of laying in the bed, another woman who introduced herself as Bree came in and instructed me to put on a head band. She then started with washing my face with the pre-cleanser followed by a cleanser. Once that was done, she did the extractions, which hurt like hell, and gave me a mask. While she waited for the mask to dry, she gave me a hand massage, working out the tension that had built up. I nearly moaned at the amazing feeling. She washed off my face, put the toner on and finally dabbed the moisturizer onto my skin. She let me stay in the bed for about ten more minutes before I went to meet up with Alice and Rose for pedicures.

"Bella, how did yours feel?" Alice inquired once I put my feet in the pedicure spa tub.

"Amazing. Except for the extractions. God, those hurt." I told her, wincing at the memory.

"I know how you feel." Rose said with empathy as she walked in rubbing her red face.

"Is my face that red?" I asked, suddenly self-conscious.

"No don't worry about it. My skin is just really sensitive." Rose replied, waving off my comment.

After that, we didn't really talk. We just relaxed as they gave us foot massages and they cleaned up our feet.

They asked for our colours, and I decided on a teal blue, Alice went with a light pink, and Rose decided on bloody red. I didn't want to move when they finished but I had to so I could go and get my manicure.

I decided that I would go with the same colour that I used on my toes for my hands. Alice and Rose did the same.

After our manicures, we went for our massages to end off our spa morning. The masseuse easily worked out all of the knots in my back, her fingers deftly moving over my skin. This time, I couldn't help but groan out in relief. I was in heaven.

The massage ended far too soon and I walked back to where we left our clothing. Just before I entered the room, I heard Rose and Alice talked to one another quietly.

"Did you hear what she said last night, Ali?"

"No, what did she say?" Alice asked quickly.

"She said 'I love you Edward.'" Rose replied with an excited undertone.

"Oh my God!" Alice squealed before Rose shushed her.

Shit! I was talking in my sleep again. Oh God, did Edward hear that? Please, I hope not. I decided that now was the best time to make my entrance to get ready for the rest of the day.

"Hey guys." I said as I walked into the room.

"Bella." They both replied in unison, quickly composing their faces.

"So can we go get lunch after this?" I inquired.

"Sure, whatever you want, Bella." Alice smiled and added. "We have an hour before we need to be at the tattoo place next door."

"Still not happening, Ali." She started doing her little pout and I knew that I would cave.

"Oh, God. Ali fine. I will make you a deal. I will get a small tattoo if you do not shop for a week."

"Alice not shopping for a week? Are you trying to kill her Bella?" Rose let out a fake horror filled gasp.

"Nope. I am just trying to save myself for one week." I replied.

"Fine. But it has to be on your back and you have to let me pick what you get." Alice huffed.

"Wait so you are taking my deal?" Shit. she didn't fall for it.

"Yep. Now lunch." She propelled Rose and I out the door.

We ate at a little bistro where Rose and Ali discussed what they wanted to get. They both decided to get theirs on their back like I was and Rose had decided on a black and white rose with a petal hanging off. Ali was trying to decide on a swirly design or on a flower of some kind.

While they talked I went over their conversation from before. I said that I love Edward. I guess I love him like a brother. But that is it. I do not like him as anything else. We are friends good friends but still just friends. Oh God I hope I only like him as a friend.

"Bella you ready?" The evil pixie was looking over at me.

"I guess what am I getting?" I asked cautiously, hope it isn't anything horrible.

"Oh, just a little something to do with a very fancy heart." Alice replied with a smirk.

Okay. I guess that wasn't too bad. She could have thought of something worse, like "I love Edward" in cursive print. I just nodded at her.

We walk over to the tattoo place and we all sit down in chairs at the front of the shop. Alice handed me the form that I had to fill out, asking a bunch of general questions.

"Who is going with me?" An huge man with tattoos covering his body asked.

"Alice." Rose and I answered immediately.

I ended up going with a girl who has tattoos on her face. I sure as hell could never do that.

"Your friend gave me the idea, so here it is." She handed me a little heart with an outline of a bird coming from the top it looked very pretty and it was fairly small.

"You like it?" She asked me.

"Yes, it looks amazing." I said to her.

"All right so lets get started take off your shirt and lay down on your stomach and when I start whatever you do, do not move. I will hurt you even more if you do."

"Okay." I answer her. "Oh and I want it more mid back than lower back." I said to her.

"Sure I will place it and if you do not like it we can move it."

She placed it on me and I looked in the mirror. She put it in the perfect spot so I wouldn't have to worry about my parents seeing it if my shirt rode up.

"I love it." I told her genuinely.

"Good," She smiled. "Now, come over here," She lead me to her workstation so I could lay down like she showed me.

"This will hurt a little so be prepared." She warned. She started with a test line and it wasn't too bad on the pain. Shit. I cannot believe that I am doing this. I wasn't the type of girl that did this kind of stuff. I was always the good-the feeling of the needle pulled me from my thoughts. Shit, that hurt. I almost cried out when she ran the needle over that area.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah that one spot was really tender." I replied.

She continued on with the tattoo, and I soon got used the the feeling of the needle, and before I knew it she was done.

"You ready to see it?" She asked me.

"Yeah." I answered.

She brought me over to the mirror and handed me another one so I could see it. It looked amazing. I loved it the way that the bird flows with the heart looks perfect.

"I love it." I said, turning around to smile and hug her.

"I'm glad." She returned the smile before continuing "Now why don't we go and see how your two friends are doing."

We found that Rose was done and we were still waiting for Alice.

"How did yours turn out?" I asked her.

"It is just what I wanted." She answered with a smile. "Yours?"

"Mine looks amazing." I told her.

We both looked up to see Alice walking to us with a huge smile on her face, replying that hers had turned out incredibly as well. We thanked the artists and went on our way. Once, we got back to our room after dropping Rose off at her dorm, I collapsed on my bed, exhausted from my long day, then quickly fell asleep.

hope you enjoyed it. So now all I need you to do is review. I will update after exams. Adrienne

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