Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Guess Who's Getting Greyed Out?

Chapter 11

At first I was afraid, I was petrified…

He wondered if any art pieces existed in the Shepherd’s home. His curiosity got the better of him and he ended up snooping. He knew it was wrong to rifle through that box. I mean nothing bigger than his hand would fit in there. But some instinct of self-preservation was driving him. And he was through ignoring his inner voice – it screamed “Danger”.

The photographs had a tale to tell. They seemed innocuous enough but when you looked at it as a whole, a frightening pattern emerged. In it Kinka/Krista – KK – either had her arms around or was in the arms of the other someone in the photo. From the body language it was clear as day that the individuals pictured were intimately acquainted with each other. Some same sex, others opposite. Jerek Deter, Ben Warren and Margaret Webbery were three he recognized immediately. But there were scores more. So many. And the commonality of each picture, aside from the presence of KK, was that each other person was a Black person. He didn’t think that this was any co-incidence.

He needed to take a page out of the guests’ books – figuratively, of course – in knowing when not to overstay a welcome. They’d all blown the joint already. For him, it was time to make like a ghost and disappear. Well, considering the circumstances, that was a shitty analogy. Perhaps he should’ve gone with, make like an egg and beat it. But that had violent connotations. And those tingling fingers of fear were already working down his spine. So he would simply make like a bee and buzz off.

He’d tried good manners, but his desperation gave it away. The Shepherd foursome had him cornered. In the ensuing beat-down with Alex, he was not only holding his own but triumphing over the fake-ass Jiu-Jitsu Alex claimed he was an expert in. The guy just looked stupid flailing his arms, miss grappling and kick-boxing at nothing in the air. But he didn’t count on the Psychiatrist’s tricks. She simply tapped teaspoon to teacup and his belligerence was no more. He was out. Sinking into The Sunken Place. No one able to hear his screams.

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