In Flagranti


When Thranduil's mistress return home she finds her master in a terrible mood, and the reason is an emissary from Imladris, how are they to get rid of this absolute pest of an ellon?

Action / Drama
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The replacement

Chapter one: The replacement

The room was rather dark, the few candles did little to illuminate the huge space and the few embers left glowing in the hearth looked like dying fire flies. It was warm though and very cozy and the luxury would have told anyone who entered that this indeed was the kings own bedroom. In the middle was a huge bed with a canopy and it was beautiful, grand and old and made to withstand the ravages of time. But whether or not it could withstand the punishment it now received was an entirely different matter. The bedframe was making squeaking sounds, the headboard banged against the wall behind it and the solid ropes that held the thick matrass sounded like a bunch of rats that were being tortured.

The room was not silent at all, and neither were the two on top of the bed. Candriel was very loud indeed and she sounded a bit shocked, he wasn’t that eager nor that rough usually. The king was more energetic than ever before and he grunted and groaned as he kept fucking her as if he was a hammer and she an anvil. She was rather convinced that the matrass would break soon, or her back! She was almost bent double with her knees over his shoulders and he had a death grip on her hips as he increased the speed and power even more. She knew him by now, she had been his mistress for more than a year and she knew that something was bothering him.

Whenever he faced some sort of problem he couldn’t solve easily he would become frustrated and then he would need some serious bed gymnastics to calm down and clear his head, so this time it had to be something very serious indeed. She felt dizzy and shocked and by Eru’s mercy, he had to finish fast or she would get sore. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it, she appreciated a wild ride just as much as the next elleth but there is a limit to everybody’s endurance and hers was drawing near. She gasped and writhed and touched her own breasts and that did it, the sight of it pushed him over the edge and he came hard, howling and shuddering. Candriel let out a small sigh of relief, of all the ellyn she had been with the king was the largest by far and also the most enduring one. He could keep going for hours if he wanted to.

He collapsed onto her heaving for air and she got her legs back down with a silent thanks to the valar, he forgot his own strength when he was that caught by his own passion. She would feel stiff come the morrow but she knew how to take care of that. He laid heavily on top of her and she felt how he calmed down, the sweat started to dry and he was breathing more normally again. She let her fingers glide through the thick curtain of silvery blond silky hair and caressed his back with her free hand. “ So, what is the problem this time?”

He had ordered her to come to his private room earlier that evening and the moment she entered he had been all over her, as if he wanted to devour her completely. She had seen the almost desperate glimpse in his pale blue eyes, and she hadn’t had time to ask him then. He sighed and pushed himself up onto his elbows, stared down at her with an expression of controlled irritation. “ It is that …spawn of Morgoth!”

Candriel frowned, she didn’t understand. She had been visiting her mother for the last month or so and had returned home the day before. She hadn’t had time to catch up with the things that were happening within the palace. “ I beg your pardon? Spawn of Morgoth?!”

He rolled off her, sat up next to her and sighed deeply. He stared at the faint light from the hearth with a rather piercing gaze. “ A week after you left I received a message from Lord Elrond of Imladris. It was very polite but also desperate, I could read that between the lines. I was a fool and I agreed.”

Candriel sat up too, her hips ached and she tried to get away from the wet spot on the sheet, it was rather sticky. “Agreed to what my lord?”

Thranduil pulled a silk sheet up around him, reached out towards the small table next to the bed and retrieved a decanter of rich dorwinion wine, he opened it with his teeth and took a huge swig out of it, Candriel didn’t believe her own eyes. He usually never drank wine like that, he would pour it into a fine glass, admire its color, sniff at it and then drink just small sips to savor the taste. Tossing it back like that was out of the question so she realized that yes, he really had needed to blow off some steam, and still were.

“Elrond’s chief counsellor Erestor got wounded in a small skirmish against some pesky orcs, got a poisoned javelin to his guts. Elrond has sent him to the havens to recover, in case he gets worse Elrond wants him to sail west, to avoid dying.”

Candriel didn’t say anything, she knew better than to interrupt the king whence he was speaking. “ I have no great love for Erestor, I think he is a pompous ass and he will never change but I would much rather have him here than his replacement.”

Candriel cocked her head. “ Replacement?”

Thranduil nodded. “ Yes, some years ago I made a deal with Elrond that his chief counsellor should come to my realm and meet my counsellors, together they would form a strategy we can use if the dark lord should return. And a week ago a replacement counsellor arrived, to my great despair. Erestor had apparently recommended him, and I bet that poison has been eating at his brains for he has made the greatest mistake in his career the way I see it.”

He took another hearty swig from the decanter, swallowed the heady wine as if it was grape juice. “ Erestor’s replacement makes Erestor seem like a wonderful person indeed, gee, I think I would have hugged that darn noldo if he was to appear here now.”

Candriel frowned. “ Is he that bad? Couldn’t Elrond have sent someone else?”

Thranduil shook his head. “ Nope, the letter I received told me, very explicitly mind you, that there were no other available scholars for the job, Erestor insisted on him being chosen, and Elrond would very much like for him to visit my realm the sooner the better. I think he would have written “Good riddance” at the end if he could.”

Candriel had to giggle. “ So, what is so bad about that ellon?”

Thranduil put down the decanter, he stared at it with sorrow, it was almost empty. “Everything, every bloody fucking thing Candriel. I had to see you today, or else I would go mad and become the doer of the most wicked of deeds, kinslaying!”

She bit her lower lip. That sounded almost too unbelievable to be true. Thranduil had a rather flaring temper but he never turned violent, he just used his very sharp tongue and wicked sense of sarcasm and it usually made even the most stubborn opponents back down. “Really?”

He nodded and swung his legs out over the edge of the bed, not without problems for the wine had started to kick inn by now. “ Yes. His name is Araval and he is a half teler half noldo out of Lindon. He is the most despicable ellon I have ever met, and I have met a few very nasty individuals in my time”

She shivered. “ I do not doubt that my lord”

He continued. “I have always thought that most noldor are haughty and proud and look at others as if they are naught but manure stuck on their boots but this one? Oh Eru, he puts every other noldo I have ever met to shame. He makes even Galadriel seem humble and demure.”

Candriel scoffed. “ Really? How is that possible?”

Thranduil sighed and let his upper torso fall back onto the bed, he stared up into the canopy. “He is impolite, he refuses to listen to anyone but himself, he thinks that my counsellors are stupid, uneducated or worse, uncivilized barbarians and that I am some upstart who came to be a king just because we sindar happen to be a tiny weeny bit more cultured than the silvan who he by the way regards as something barely worthy of becoming servants. I could have….”

Candriel had to snigger. “ You don’t like him, I get it!”

He turned his head around, stared at her. “ It isn’t that, what I feel matters not if it can make our realm safer, but he doesn’t care about the treaty at all. He wants to show everybody just what a marvelous strategist he is but in truth he doesn’t have a clue about strategy or anything else for that matter. He is a dimwit, a bloody fool. He disregards every piece of information he is given and tries to overrule all the suggestions we make. I know why Elrond sent him on such a short notice, he hoped that Araval would get lost in the woods and never return.”

Candriel started to rub the king’s shoulders and he sighed with relief, he was tense, she could feel it. “And there I am, bound to behave like a king, polite and everything when I really want to pull out a sword and bloody decapitate the idiot. He managed to piss Anaron off, imagine that?”

Candriel gawked. “What? But….”

Thranduil closed his eyes. “ Yes, I know. I have seen him fight orcs and trolls without even uttering a curse, you could accuse him of everything from being a coward to a servant of Morgoth and he wouldn’t even frown, but Araval? Oh Eru, he managed to make Anaron so angry I was afraid it would end with murder”

Candriel blinked, she sat down next to him and rested herself against his shoulder. “ What did he say then, that managed to tick off the most peaceful and balanced ellon known to elves”

Thranduil made a snorting sound. “ Araval told Anaron that he was an ill-bred excuse for an ellon who didn’t know the difference between a sword and a toothpick and that he wouldn’t be able to find his own arse even with the help of my entire guard and a torch!”

Candriel had to laugh, she couldn’t help it. “ Oh sweetness, that is one…hefty insult”

Thranduil nodded. “ Anaron would have ignored it if Araval hadn’t added something else to it. He claimed that Anaron’s mother had to have begotten Anaron with some lowly wood elf for a true sinda couldn’t be all that daft and that was when Anaron snapped.”

Candriel hissed. “ I do not blame him, everybody knows he loved his mother and she is a very respectable elleth who loves her husband dearly.”

Thranduil nodded. “ So he has made a lot of enemies here, not only among the nobles but among the entire population. I cannot imagine that an elf can be this…this block headed but he is. An orc is a brilliant genius in comparison.”

Candriel scoffed. “ Surely you must be jesting?”

He shook his head violently. “ No, I am dead serious. He is someone I would pay to get rid of, I don’t think the spiders would want him out of fear of being poisoned. And orcs? Manwë’s balls, they would run head over heels to avoid him.”

She curled up against him and he relaxed, nuzzled against her neck. “ So he is despicable, and impolite with no social skills whatsoever, anything else?”

Thranduil nodded and he kissed her neck gently. “ Oh, there is plenty more. He drinks like a sponge, eats like a darn hobbit, is very unpleasant when drunk too, and he….he acts in a less than proper way towards other elves.”

She started to think that this ellon had to be a spawn of Morgoth indeed. “ How so?”

Thranduil groaned. “He acts the way some human males do alright? He thinks he is irresistible and acts as though it is his right to grope at everyone and make indecent propositions. I cannot count the number of complaints I have received lately. Eru have mercy, I am soon going to tie that piece of shit up, throw him in a bag and toss him into the enchanted river!”

Candriel heard the growl in the king’s voice and knew that this ellon really had managed to make the king very angry, but that wasn’t all. The ellon was a guest, an emissary from another realm and thus Thranduil couldn’t banish him. It was a dilemma and one Thranduil would need help to solve. Candriel felt a surge of sympathy rush through her, she tilted her head again and let a finger slide across his lower lip, lovingly. “ Isn’t there anything you can do to have him banished or just sent back home?”

Thranduil shook his head, he looked as if he was a bit lost for words. “ I fear not my dear, I have to follow the rules even if he isn’t!”

Candriel saw that his mind was heading somewhere dark and unpleasant again so she hurried to distract him by kissing a path down his toned torso, before long his member did react with eagerness and she proceeded to lick and suck him slowly and teasingly. After just a little time he was squirming and the darn counsellor was forgotten entirely. Candriel knew exactly how to keep him occupied and on the edge until he became a trembling mess unable to form a single coherent thought. She was doing him a favor and she really wanted him to have a good time, he had to have been suffering for weeks since she was away for so long.

The next morning the king woke up alone, Candriel had left before dawn as she usually did not to be discovered by his servants. He groaned and got up, feeling well rested physically but his mind was a different case all together. He didn’t want to get up! He would have preferred to stay in bed, barricading the doors and just avoid Aravan as if he was carrying the plague or something. But Thranduil couldn’t stay in bed, he had to get up. There was no way around it. He took a bath, dressed with great care and made sure he wore dark robes that made him look taller and more intimidating than ever and he put on his most spiky crown too.

He was about to call for a servant to bring him some food when the door opened and his butler Galion entered, the usually jolly ellon was a bit pale and his appearance less than polished. Galion would normally be dressed with impeccable taste, in simple but good robes that showed his high status within the household and there would be no wrinkles or stains to be seen. Now on the other hand he looked like a vagabond. His hair was unkempt, and it looked as if a bird had tried to make it into a nest or something. He had put on a pair of trousers that had huge stains of something on them and his tunic was old, wrinkled and it did smell of sweat. What the hell?!

Thranduil frowned, he was a bit worried that Galion finally had snapped, he had the most stressful job of all of the elves within the palace and it was no wonder that rumors told of a thirst just as large as that of the king. Thranduil chose to ignore the fact that Galion sometimes “forgot” to mention that he had ordered a few barrels of wine more than the king had originally ordered and that those barrels normally “disappeared”- He sort of felt that he owed his old friend some fun from time to time and he had never neglected his duties even when he showed up for work more than a little hung over. “Galion? What is wrong?”

Galion seemed to tremble for a short second, there was a grimace of absolute disgust on his fair face and Thranduil had never seen anyone looking that repulsed before. “ My lord, unless that…son of a rabid orc and a bat shit crazy warg leave soon you will need to find yourself a new butler for I will leave for the havens, this I do swear upon my mother’s head!”

Thranduil almost backed off a step, Galions voice was harsh, filled with rage and he hadn’t sounded that pissed off ever before, not even whilst attending to Thranduils needs during the last alliance. “What? What have he done to you?”

Galion hissed like a very angry cat, he almost spat. “ What he has done to me? Gee, let me see, oh now I remember, he has tried to make me deceive you my liege! He has questioned my loyalty to the royal family, he has tried to trick, threat and seduce me into giving away secrets which only I among all elves here know!”

Thranduil tensed up. “ What?”

Galion nodded sternly, his eyes were blazing. “ That bastard is trying to find something he can use against you my lord, something that may be used as material for blackmail or worse. He wishes to remain here, as your head counsellor. He thinks he can gain power and influence by having a grip on you.”

Thranduil felt how a glowing heat spread through his body. “That is treason, is there more?”

Galion rolled his eyes. “ More? Of bloody sure there is more, what he has tried to do to me is nothing. I do not budge for such an idiot, I know how to deal with nonsense and hollow threats. No, it is the servants that are bothering me, he is all over them all the time, complaining about everything, asking for the impossible and scolding them mercilessly when they cannot get what he wishes for. He has even beaten one of the maidens, she couldn’t bring him fresh lilies.”

Thranduil just gaped, fresh lilies? It wasn’t season for that now, was the ellon insane? “ Oh, and there is more, plenty more. Last night he demanded that I served him personally, and made a private feast just for him. He ate like a bloody dwarf, I spent the rest of the night cleaning up after him. And he drank so much I think he must have a mithril stomach for he wasn’t even visibly drunk afterwards. And that is quite a feat for he drank only dorwinion, the best we have.”

Thranduil growled. “So, he is starting to get a bit too cocky now!”

Galion sighed. “ And if that wasn’t enough he has attempted to bed several of the servants, both ellith and ellyn alike. He almost raped one of the chamber maidens, she escaped only because one of the guards came by and she managed to wring herself free from him and ran.”

Thranduil started to feel a headache setting in, he was confused. That sort of bad behavior was not something any elf normally would do, no matter what. Was this elf really mad? Thranduil made a grimace. “ I want to get rid of him just as much as you do my friend, but I am bound by the laws of hospitality. I wonder if Elrond knew how badly Aravan would behave when he sent him? I sort of feel as though the lord of Imladris wants that elf gone, for good!”

Galion sent the king a stiff grin. “ In that case, I am able to look the other way if the need to repeat certain actions of the first age should emerge. I bet Elrond would find a way to justify a little kinslaying, for the greater good.”

Thranduil just growled. “ I know, I fear that Aravan may have some sort of grip upon Elrond too, something he is using to gain power.”

Galion got a very sly expression upon his face. “ There is this one small bag he brought with him, and he is guarding it like a hawk. I think I may find the opportunity to take a small peak inside of it?”

Thranduil smirked, his eyes were shining. “ Do, please do. I will make sure he stays at the meeting for hours, I am willing to endure it if I know that the ellon can be caught doing something illicit.”

Galion bowed deeply. “ Very well my liege, consider it done”

Thranduil watched his faithful servant leave and managed to get his face back into the normal cool expression. If Aravan did blackmail Elrond into sending him to Thranduil’s palace then he ought to help his fellow ruler shouldn’t he? It would help him gain some much needed goodwill from the noldor. He ate a swift breakfast and then he went to the office where the counsellors would meet, he braced himself for yet another day of fruitless arguments and idiotic suggestions.

The counsellors were there already, but Aravan wasn’t, He had obviously not understood that the king is the last one to enter the room. Good behavior was obviously a foreign word for that bastard. The counsellors sent their king some glances filled with despair, they were not getting anywhere with the treaty and Aravan sort of attacked their every suggestion with counter suggestions that were both idiotic and sometimes simply unbelievable. Aravan did arrive, half an hour too late and he was beaming, grinning from one ear to the next, acting like he owned the place and Thranduil fought the urge to smother the smug ellon with all of his might. He was glad his son was out on patrol and wouldn’t return for yet another month, Legolas would have snapped already, he was too young to have developed the patience of an elder elf.

Thranduil wanted more people present this day, to keep the meeting going so he announced that he wanted to take a look at the maps yet again and he called in some of his captains just to hear what they had to say about the plans and suggestions. Aravan didn’t look as if he liked it a bit and he mumbled something that sounded less than polite but Thranduil pretended not to have heard it at all. Before long five of Thranduil’s best captains were assembled by the table with the maps and a discussion was going. Thranduil stood at the other side of the table from Aravan, next to the scholar Feren had found a place and he was busy pointing at spots where spider’s nests were located when Thranduil did notice that the handsome young captain froze and seemed to stop talking. He stared straight ahead at some imaginary point in the distance and Thranduil could see that the eyes inside of the helmet were huge with shock and disbelief. Aravan stood next to Feren and he was apparently studying a map very intensely but Thranduil was taller than anyone else in the room and he had excellent eyesight as all elves. On the opposite side of the room there was a small mirror upon the upper shelf of a commode and he could see that Aravan had snuck his hand up underneath the skirt of Feren’s armor and by the looks of it that hand was now rubbing between Feren’s thighs and ass cheeks.

Since it was rather hot the guards wore thin linen pants underneath the armor and to Feren it had to feel as if that ellon’s hand was really groping his ass, balls and cock with nothing in between.

Thranduil got a desperate stare from Feren, the guard obviously had no idea of what to do to get out of the terribly embarrassing situation. Thranduil couldn’t call off the meeting, he had to keep Aravan there until Galion could check his luggage. The king was thinking fast and he waved his hand. “ Feren, please come over here, I want you to show the rest of the counsellors where you saw those huge orcs”

Feren nodded and he almost jumped across the table, happy to get away from that too bold hand and its rather intimate actions. He pointed at different spots with a bit too much enthusiasm for it to sound real but Thranduil didn’t care. He had rescued his favorite captain from being molested by Aravan, in public! That ellon had no sense of shame, whatsoever. He just hoped that Galion would hurry up. He had gotten a message from one of the servants saying that Galion would enter the office whence the deed was done, to let Thranduil know that the meeting could be called off. He was longing for that moment, a lot!

Galion was hurrying with his task, luckily the scholar hadn’t brought all that much baggage and he found the bag rather fast. It was stuffed with things but Galion was rather good at finding the important things other were trying to hide. The side pocket of the bag proved to be the jack pot. Inside of it was several pieces of paper, all neatly rolled up and all were drawings. Galion frowned, drawings? What was so bad about….he stared at the first one and felt how his cheeks suddenly turned bright red. It was the most indecent image he had seen ever, and the one who had drawn this had to have seen that scene first hand for the details were amazing and the angle told him that the artist with the amazing skills had to have been hiding rather close to the two on the image. The faces were easily recognized, it was Erestor and the famous captain of Imladris, Glorfindel.

Erestor was sitting astride the captain’s strong thighs, facing away from him while the balrog slayer’s cock was buried almost balls deep in his ass. Glorfindel had one hand on Erestor’s weeping cock and the dark haired ellon had thrown his head back and the face had an expression of intense pleasure. The golden haired one was just as ecstatic, Galion could almost imagine hearing him growl with delight while pounding that slender lithe scholar until he possibly saw every star in the heavens. It was the most graphic, explicit and well made drawing the butler had seen in his life and if this was Aravan’s work then he ought to have pursued a career as an artist, not as a black mailer. It was rather obvious why Erestor had recommended Aravan as his replacement, the poor ellon didn’t have a choice unless he wanted the whole of Arda to know he enjoyed letting Glorfindel fuck his ass. After all, everybody knew that Erestor had a reputation for being both pious and self righteous, and he shunned all sorts of pleasures.

Galion dreaded what he would find in the rest of the bag, it was letters. He tentatively opened one and it was a love letter Elrond had written to his wife while he was away, probably visiting Lindon by the looks of it. Galion didn’t have to read more than a few sentences to know that he could read no more, he had never imagined that the normally so gentle healer had a fetish that involved bondage, riding crops and fur. Galion already knew what he needed to know, Aravan probably had something on everybody in Imladris and now he had his eyes set on Greenwood too. But Galion wasn’t going to let that goddamn leech get anywhere with his plans, not if he could stop it.

He made sure that nobody could see that he had been there, then he ran back to the office, feeling as if he was in a terrible hurry. He grasped a tray of glasses he had prepared and knocked, managed to put on his usual servile expression while he entered the room. He bowed deeply and gave all the assembled nobles a glass of wine each. Thranduil stared at him and made a small discrete signal and Galion tried to look apologetic. “My liege, I am sorry to interrupt this important meeting but we have a minor crisis within the kitchen, we have run out of…potato flour”

Thranduil had a hard time keeping his face neutral, he felt an urge to do a face palm. Potato flour? Why did Galion chose that of all things? Oh, he could have chosen something way more important than that. He had to play along though. “ Oh no, I will look into it immediately. Everybody, we continue tomorrow. This has to be dealt with.”

There were more than just one raised eyebrow, the counsellors were staring at each other looking a bit baffled. Potato flour? What was so bad about running out of that? Thranduil just put on his most haughty expression and followed Galion who hurried out of the door as if he was chased by a dragon with a spear stuck up its arse. Galion ran towards the lower levels where the kitchens were but he stopped near a storage room and the king followed him, they closed the door and Galion turned around, a bit pale. “ Thran, that ellon is the most audacious elf I have ever come across, he has been blackmailing everybody I think. Even Elrond himself!”

Thranduil frowned, his eyebrows almost met in the middle of his face. “ Really? What could the lord of Imladris possibly be doing that is so bad it can be used to press him in any way?”

Galion blushed. “ Uh, well, there were letters, to his wife. He….ah, sort of has a peculiar taste when it comes to the bedroom?”

Thranduil scoffed. “ Oh Eru, well I understand, some of those Noldor are pretty pious, and boring too. To them anything exciting is probably seen as absolutely shameless and sinful and despicable. They would turn against him if they knew, or secretly come to him for advice.”

Galion nodded. “ And Erestor, Eru’s mercy. Aravan is an artist Thran, he had drawn Erestor and Glorfindel and the picture was like seeing them for real, and they were….Oh you get it.”

Thranduil had to snigger.” I get it, Erestor often acts as if he has got something lodged up his rear end, maybe he just is a bit sore. So Aravan is digging to find something he can use against us too?”

Galion nodded vigorously. “ Most certainly my liege.”

Thranduil sighed and bit his lower lip. “ Then we have to make sure that he is removed from our realm before he really manage to do any harm. But how?”

Galion shrugged. “ I have no idea, if he start insisting on him being guarded all the time he will get suspicious. We have to really think about this.”

Thranduil nodded and pulled at one of his braids in frustration. “ Well, we’d better think fast then for I think that darn ellon soon will be the target of my full wrath. I cannot believe that anyone can be that block headed.”

They left the room and Thranduil went to his library to see if he could find anything that could enable him to throw Aravan out of the realm legally. As a representative of another realm the goddamn fool was protected by the law, he was virtually immune should he do anything wrong. It was terribly annoying and the king felt how he really needed to do something for real. He had to vent his anger so he went to the training rooms and sparred against Feren for several hours. When they were done both were drenched in sweat and panting and everybody who had watched had understood that the king was really angry about something but also that he was no less dangerous than in his youth.

Galion felt frustrated too, he wanted to protect the people he cared about and he knew that Thranduil was tied up in a way, he couldn’t do anything about Aravan’s devious plans but he wanted to. He headed towards the huge halls that lay beneath the areas where people lived, there they had storage room and he felt as though he needed to do something to relieve his stress. Galion was a bit obsessed with making lists, he loved having accurate lists of everything they had of supplies and he headed to a room where they stored herbs and vegetables in jars, dried up or fresh. He grasped a piece of parchment and started cataloging every jar on every shelf, it sort of put his mind to ease since it was such a very simple and yet relaxing task.

He had finished two rows of jars when he suddenly heard something, it was a sort of mumbling and he stopped and put down his parchment and pen, staring at the walls. There were other rooms there, in a long row and ventilation shafts ran through the entire area. He frowned and got closer to the nearest vent, the mumbling sound came again and now he could distinguish moans. What the hell? Galion was the butler of the palace, in fact the only person with more influence over the household than him was the king and it was Galion’s responsibility to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Was someone hiding in one of the storage rooms? That was unacceptable, any servant doing something he shouldn’t whilst being nearby food or other stuff that could be ruined could be sacked immediately.

Galion left his list in on a shelf and exited the room, he headed towards the main corridor, sneaking along and using his ears for all that they were worth.

He heard a groaning sound and a whimper and realized that it came from a room used to store bedding. The door was a bit ajar and there was light streaming from the crack. He got closer, feeling a bit nervous. What was this? He peeked in through the opening between the door and the frame and he almost gasped, he pressed his hand against his mouth to stifle it. With wide eyes and shock all over his face he witnessed something he had a hard time believing. Aravan was in there but he wasn’t alone, one of the very young servants was there too, and he was in obvious distress. The face told of shame, fear and agony and the poor youngster was panting and whimpering and not in a good way. It sounded a bit like a puppy someone has whipped. Galion felt his knees going weak, this was atrocious, a crime! The servant had just come of age, he was a bit late when it came to maturity and rather frail and demure. Aravan was standing behind the young elf who was bent forward over a stack of blankets, hands trembling and grasping onto the edge of a shelf with white knuckles. Aravan had a firm grip of the young elf’s hips and his long braid, he was pounding the servant hard and brutally and Galion felt sick. The servant was moaning with pain and he heard the slapping sound of skin against skin, since the servant stood with his legs far apart Galion could see how blood was trickling down the shivering inner thighs.

Aravan was grunting with pleasure and triumph, his face contorted and looking far from fair at the moment. Galion was an experienced ellon, he had been around for just as long as the king and he had seen a lot. He knew that Aravan was the kind of ellon who got off by being the one in power, of having others crawl before him and forcing them to submit completely. Aravan increased his efforts, the speed was amazing and the force too and Galion closed his eyes, he couldn’t watch any more. This was terrible! Aravan let out a hoarse roar and Galion could hear the servant heaving for breath, sobbing in pain. Galion wanted to rush into the room, wanted to kill Aravan there and then but he couldn’t, he didn’t have any weapons and if he did call for the guards to arrest the culprit Aravan would most likely get away with it since he was an envoy from Imladris.

Aravan put his pants back on, he was smirking, smacked the young elf’s ass hard. “ Now, that wasn’t too bad now was it? At least you know what it feels like to get some real cock, you ought to be proud of having lost your virginity to someone so far above you.”

Galion had a hard time breathing, he saw that the servant was barely able to stand and tears were streaming down his face. Aravan was leaning forth, almost caressing the young elf. “ If you mention of this to anyone I will not hesitate to tell that boss of yours that you have stolen from the kitchen.”

The servant just whimpered and Galion frowned, had the servant been stealing? Nothing was missing and he didn’t understand at all. The servant whimpered. “ Please, it was just a couple of oranges for my little sister…”

Aravan sneered. “ Still it is theft now isn’t it, you will lose your job.”

Galion had heard enough, what a complete asshole, he was using the fact that the other elf was young and naïve and a few oranges? The servants could take and eat all they wanted from the fruit as long as there was enough left for the feasts. Galion slipped in behind a door and watched how Aravan walked by, looking very smug and pleased with himself. The normally gentle butler would have strangled the bastard if he could. But this was a job for the king, he was to find the punishment for such actions.

After a few minutes the servant emerged, limping and pale and his eyes were black and enormous within the young face. Galion slipped out from behind the door and the young elf squeaked and he almost fainted. “ Oh Eru, you saw?!”

Galion grasped onto the trembling ellon and held him tight. “ I did but worry not, you will not lose your job mellon, you are safe. I will make sure that Aravan never hurts another elf, I swear!”

The young ellon almost collapsed. “ I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to, I swear. He forced me, it was horrible, oh Eru it hurt”

Galion held him gently, feeling how the anger within him made his seethe. “ I know, ssshh, you are safe now. I will take you to the healers now, they will help you. That bastard has harmed you I fear.”

The servant just sobbed and Galion knew that some elves do fade from such horrible actions, he hoped that this young one would survive without a broken soul. He hurried carrying the wounded ellon to the healing ward and he used some hidden corridors only he knew of. The servant was too distraught to even notice where he was, constantly wailing and sobbing and trembling. He rushed in through the doors and the head of the healers stared in disbelief at the butler who carried a youth in his arms. “ Hurry, close the doors and let nobody enter. This will not leave this room but send someone to notify the king and ask him to get here soon. But let nobody know why.”

The healer came over and Galion put the servant down onto a bed very carefully. “ What in the name of the one has happened to him? An accident in the kitchen?”

Galion snorted. “ No, he has been raped! By that sorry excuse for an elf out of Imladris, I bet he is torn up on the inside, as far as I could see the bastard didn’t use any sort of lube.”

The healer gasped and snapped into action, getting more healers over and they gave the servant something that made him fall asleep. Galion sat down on a chair, feeling truly shaken. What sort of a monster was really that ellon? No elf would hurt another like that? Was Aravan truly mad? Drunk with power perhaps? As the healers were working there was the sound of running feet and the king came rushing into the rooms, he looked confused and Galion jumped up onto his feet to greet him. “ What is going on, you look as though you have seen a ghost?!”

Galion swallowed, he felt a bit faint still. “ I have seen something so terrible I have a hard time believing it. Aravan has raped a young servant, the healers are working on him right now!”

The king went silent, then he went pale and suddenly his eyes were shooting lightning and he seemed to be aglow with rage. “ WHAT?! Are you serious?”

Galion looked down. “ I am sorry, yes, I am. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Thranduil sneered. “Then by Morgoth’s rotten teeth, he will pay, he will pay dearly for this!”

Galion nodded. “Yes my lord, do you want to take him to court?”

Thranduil almost growled. “ No, he will find a way to talk himself out of it, I am bloody sure. And a trial means that the poor victim will have to testify and I do not want to put anyone so traumatized through something like that, it will just renew the memories. No, I will deal with this, the only way possible. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

Galion watched his king’s expression and couldn’t help but shudder, this didn’t look good at all for Aravan, no it did look as though the ellon soon would come face to face with a true force of nature, namely the elven king of Greenwood!

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