The runes still speak


The runes can tell us a lot of the future, of ourselves and our deepest inner secrets...Here is some of the Tolkien characters, linked with runes i think fit their personalities.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Bull stag and horse

And the runes still speak…

I am very fascinated by the Viking age, and some years ago I learned how to use runes as a way of fortune telling. There are twenty four runes used and so I thought of writing a little drabble for each rune, all connected to the work of Tolkien. I will describe the rune I use and its meaning and how it is connected to the text.

Chapter one: Bull, stag and horse

The first rune I have chosen is Ur, it means aurochs and stands for physical strength, courage and the raw wild power of freedom. It does also mean emotional and spiritual strength, masculine sexuality and good health. The runes can also be shown upside down, that means that they represent a challenge or resistance, and Ur when upside down means that there is an important change coming, and it may be a difficult one. I chose Thorin for this one, he fits this rune perfectly I think.


The steel was hot, burning against his skin but he kept hammering, sparks were flying around him and yet he continued working, almost in a frenzy. He didn’t want to think, only to stay in this state of mind where the work was all that there existed. He didn’t want to remember.

The attack had been so sudden, so terrible. Nobody had anticipated the dreadful situation, the fear and the shock. They had been so sure of themselves, so strong, so proud. And now that pride fell like wheat for the scythe and their kingdom with it. They were not invincible after all, their strength and might just a word. The dragon ruined everything within a few fateful moments, and so many did perish that day.

He had survived, and he kept surviving. The anger and the longing burning within his heart gave him strength to go on, to keep his hope alive. One day they would return, they would reclaim what was theirs and rebuild that grand kingdom that had been their stronghold. He kept pounding, his hammer hitting glowing metal again and again, never slowing down and the glow reflected in his eyes and made them shine with an almost ominous light. Yes, one day they would return, one day they would see the power and the glory of Erebor restored and his people would be strong yet again, and carry themselves with pride. Too long had they been beggars and wanderers, too long they had suffered from their loss.

It would end soon, it would end with him.


The second rune is the rune called Eolh or Algiz, it means moose or hand and it is a protective rune. It stands for emotional control, possibilities and challenges. It is a mirror for the spiritual warrior, always battling himself and his weaknesses. If in question chose the right attitude and the right behavior for it is thy only defense. Stay within the pain you are feeling and use it, do not deny it for it will make you weak and it is not the truth that you need. . If this rune is shown upside down it will mean that you ought to keep an eye on your health and do not lay extra burdens upon yourself for it is unwise. Beware of those around you for some may be using you. Show moderation in everything and stay humble..

For this rune I naturally chose…the elk! I think Thranduil’s state of mind after the battle of the five armies could be described with this rune.


It was over, the mayhem and the chaos was over, now was the time for laments and grief and this wild furious almost intoxicating sensation of being alive. It burned in everyone’s veins, showed in their eyes and yet it was veiled by sorrow and pain. So many had perished, too many! He walked through the piles of corpses, orcs, men, dwarves and elves alike and his heart felt like it had been replaced by a void. A terrible dark abyss where the ellon he had once been had succumbed to darkness. He had left, the words kept spinning in his mind over and over again, he has left me behind. What is left now? Why am I alive?

He staggered forth, his son had survived and was yet lost to him, it was almost more than he could bare. And it was his own fault, his own blindness had caused this, his own need to possess, to own. Gandalf was right, he had chosen the wrong path and had prioritized the wrong things. And now the prize was his to pay. He stared at the dead elves, his soul felt sick watching this, immortal blood spilled for naught. It was his responsibility, maybe she had been right after all, that he had no love within, that his heart was dead.

His face was as cool as ever, showing little emotion. He had shed tears when he bid his son goodbye but nobody had been allowed to see that, and he refused to allow himself the relief of crying, He didn’t deserve it, not any more. If he was to be a cold empty husk then be it, it was better than suffering He approached the gate, stopped dead in his tracks. His elk lay there where it had fallen, pierced by many arrows and he felt that something within him constricted, got taught. He walked forwards slowly, almost reluctantly. Knelt down next to the fallen stag and reached out. The body was still warm, the fur soft and silky and he saw what his madness had brought upon them all. The death of the innocent, of the trusting and faithful.

He gasped for air, remembered the kind strength of that animal and how it used to greet him. It had carried him into battle, courageously, trusting him to keep it safe. It had fought with him, protected him. It had been his friend more than a servant, and he had betrayed that trust. He pressed his face against that unmoving flank and finally the noble king allowed his walls to crumble, and his grief to be shown. He cried there, clinging to the dead beast until he had no tears left and his strength was all but spent.


The third rune I have chosen is Ehwaz, it means horse and represents the sacred. A horse is strong fast and the Vikings considered them to be the animals preferred by the gods. The rune represents material as well as spiritual advancement, and also controlled change. It could represent a journey, partnerships and things like trust, loyalty and fidelity. The horse and rider represents the two parts of a whole. For this rune I chose …Shadowfax, who else than the lord of horses may personalize this powerful rune.


The herd was grazing peacefully just outside of the city of Edoras, the golden hall of Meduseld could be seen from afar and the place was buzzing with activity as always. The great herd of horses was the treasure of the rohirrim, their lives and their culture revolved around their precious steeds and in their kings eyes none was as precious as the pride of the mearas. The great silvery stallion was grazing along with the mares, his ears pricked forward and his senses focused upon his surroundings. He had sensed something approaching these last days, a friendly presence that felt familiar. He knew that his true master was approaching, the one he was born to serve. He arched his proud neck and whinnied, signaling to the world that he was there, that he was strong and that he was ready.

Two figures came walking out of the front gate, one of the kings horse grooms and an elderly man with a long grey beard and hair, a pointy grey hat and a huge grey robe. He carried a stick and walked with ease in spite of his age. The two of them approached the herd, the horses raised their heads and watched the two with calm indifference. They were used to humans and didn’t fear them, for here a horse was treated with respect, like a beloved family member. The groom stopped and wiped some sweat of his face, he sent the old man a swift grin. “ Here they are, the king gave you permission to choose whatever steed you like so go ahead. I haven’t got all day ye know”

The elderly man smiled and walked forth, stared at the huge assembly of excellent animals, all so healthy their coats were shining. There were mares and geldings and foals and all of excellent breeding, there were no better horses to be found on this side of the sundering sea except from the elven bred ones. He smiled and tilted his head, his fingers slid through his beard and his eyes narrowed. Then he perched his lips and whistled and the shrill sound was immediately answered by a loud whinny and a silky silvery stallion ran forth. He looked as if his hooves never even touched the ground, as if he was flying. The stallion stopped in front of the old man, rubbed the soft muzzle against his chest and snorted softly. “ It appears that this has chosen me. “

The groom looked shocked. “ My lord, that…that is Shadowfax, he is the best we have, the kings favorite. Surely you wouldn’t think of…”

The old man grasped onto the long mane and suddenly he was sitting on the stallions back. He grinned at the groom, “The king said I could choose any horse and I have, I have chosen him as much as he has chosen me. Now I must go, I bid thee farewell and give my thanks to your king, I will make sure that this excellent animal is returned to him when I no longer has a need for his speed and courage.”

The groom just stood there, gaping like a fish on dry land as the wizard took off on the best horse of the kingdom. He wondered how in the name of Eorl he was going to survive telling the king that the wizard had taken the kings favorite horse.

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