I Love You


having five brothers do not help her with seven idols with different personality at all. Can she actually survive this? Yonaga Hikari is just an ordinary girl until she is forced to be involved with the life of an idol. Having a crush on one of the two brothers are not helping at all. Not to mention, the other five know about her feelings. Teasing her has become their routine. Can Hikari survive or will she actually confess?

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

She screamed along with the rest of the fans as the famous idol groups appeared on stage. Her three brothers shook their heads at her behaviour. She was so happy, singing along with the others.

“Hikari sure loves these guys…” one of her brothers, the second eldest, muttered.

“I don’t know what’s so good about them,” the youngest of the brother mumbled.

“You don’t want to know. They make her happy,” the third eldest remarked.

All of them watched their sister. She waved her hands from side to side. After the concert has ended, there was an autograph session with the idols. All of them were seated in one row. Their fans were eager to meet them. The three brothers waited for her on the side. They didn’t want to get mixed up with the fans. It was soon Hikari’s turn. She blushed at the sight of seeing them so close to her. One of them froze when he saw her.

“What’s the matter Iori?” the orange haired asked him.

“Uh, it’s nothing…” Iori replied.

Hikari gawked when she was face to face with someone she is familiar with. The orange haired blinked at her. He wondered why Iori was all quiet.

“First concert?” he asked Hikari.

“Y-Yes,” Hikari replied, staring at Iori.

“Hmmm…interested in him?” the orange haired asked.

“Nii-san!” Iori protested.

The older brother laughed at his behaviour. Hikari chuckled, but stopped when Iori turned to look at her. Tamaki leaned back to see what was happening. The girl held her book tighter, blushing madly.

“Mitsuki-san, don’t tease your brother,” the manager warned.

“See you at school,” Iori whispered.

Hikari nodded and bowed to all of them. She made her way out of the crowds. Some started to glare at her because she made Mitsuki laugh so hard. When she reached her three brothers, they shot glares at the people, making them intimidated.

“Let’s get going home,” the youngest brother said, pulling his sister to follow him.

They didn’t know that the idols were watching them. The orange haired suddenly hummed happily, confusing his younger brother. The manager shook her head at his behaviour.

She rushed in the hallway, ignoring the teachers calling after her. Yonaga Hikari was late to class again. The third bell had just rang when she was taking out her shoes from her locker. She slid the door open and was glad to see that homeroom had not started yet. She stared at the floor when all eyes were on her. She made her way to her desk. She passed the table of Iori Izumi who was dissolved in his book. He glanced up at her. She gave a small nod to him. Once she was seated, she took out her notebook to do some light reading.

“Hikari-chan,” a voice came.

“Yes?” she blurted, turning to the owner.

One of the boys stared at her with his hand scratching the back of his head. She turned her gaze away from him, staring outside through the windows instead. He chuckled nervously.

“Can I borrow the Math homework from yesterday? I’m not done yet and it’s due today so...” he said.

“Ummm...” before she could reply, a guy came up to them.

“I think you should do it yourself or you will never improve,” Iori said sharply.

The boy sweat dropped, apologized to the girl and walked away. Hikari stared at Iori. Her blue eyes sparkled, amazed at how brave he was to stand up for her. She thanked him for his help. He went back to his seat when the teacher came in. After homeroom, Hikari was assigned to collect the English essay which was due that day.

“Hikari, we haven’t finished it yet. Can you collect before school ends?” a girl from her class said.

“But...the teacher said before the first class starts...” she mumbled.

“Aww come on! Can’t you help a friend out?” the girl shouted in protest.

Hikari looked away and said, “The others had already sent out theirs...”

“Fine! I’ll send it myself and I’ll tell the teacher that you didn’t want to collect mine!” the girl huffed.

She pushed Hikari and so did her two best friends. The papers in the girl’s hands scattered on the floor. She sighed, picking up the papers. She dragged herself to the staffroom to hand the papers to her teacher. As she stepped into the classroom a blackboard eraser fell onto her head. Her hair was white in an instant. The whole class started to laugh. Maria brushed off the dusts, ignoring everyone. She went back to her seat. A girl beside her lent a handkerchief to wipe off the dust. She gave out a small smile before taking it.

“Everybody sit down!” the Chemistry teacher shouted sternly.

The students scattered away and sat down at their respective places. The teacher glared at each of them. She slammed her book onto the table.

“Okay, we will have a group work due next month. Each group have to have three members. The topic would be random but have to be chemical-related,” the middle aged teacher explained.

Tamaki and Iori turned to each other. They made their way to Hikari who was busy jotting down some notes. She blinked confusedly at them.

“Let’s form a group,” Iori said.

“Why me?” Hikari asked.

“You’re the only human in this class who’s not flirting or adoring us,” Tamaki explained.

She gulped and nodded. They submitted their names to the teacher. The woman was in doubt whether to let the girl be in the same group as the boys or not. Hikari forced a nervous smile to convince the teacher. Sighing, she approved.

“You have one week to think of a project; no clichés,” she reminded them.

Hikari, Iori and Tamaki nodded. They went back to their seats. The boys pulled this chairs to her table to start discussing. Hikari played with the hem of her shirt, staring down at her lap. She was shy and embarrassed.

“Are you uneasy?” Iori asked out of concern.

“Sort of. I’m not good with boys…” she explained.

“You have 5 brothers,” Tamaki stated a matter-of-fact.

“How did you know that?” Hikari asked, surprised.

“You have their photo inside your phone and your purse,” the silver haired said.

Hikari was stoned. “They must have put it in without my consent again…” she softly growled.

Iori chuckled at her protest. They started to discuss on a topic while Tamaki took a nap. Hikari didn’t notice at all the jealous stares directed to her. She was having too much fun talking with Iori.

“Hikari, please collect each group’s project title and send it to me by next Monday,” the teacher said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Hikari replied and nodded.

Hikari groaned at how tired she was. School had ended for the day and a lot of assignments were given. Her eyes suddenly caught sight of the two idols talking. She faintly blushed, marvelling at their heights. Iori glanced up at her, smiled and waved goodbye before leaving with Tamaki. She started walking to the front gate. Her brother was already waiting for her. She sighed as most of the girls squealed when he greeted them. Yonaga Hinata is known for his fairly noticeable triceps. His dark blue eyes landed on his sister who was blushing madly for his brother’s attitude.

“You don’t have to come and pick me up every day...Nii-san...” she muttered, puffing her cheeks.

Hinata laughed and said, “Nonsense! I’m your brother. Of course, I have to do this.”

Hikari heaved a tired sigh. She made her way to his motorbike. As she was putting on her helmet, or rather, Hinata was putting it on for her, Tamaki and Iori passed by. She saw them giggling at her and her big brother. She puffed her cheeks again out of embarrassment. They were on thier way home when a flyer landed on the girl’s helmet. She picked it up and read it. Her eyes widened with curiosity.

“Welcome back you two,” Hiroto, the eldest of the brothers, greeted them.

“Onii-chan!” Maria squealed.

“Hey, Aniki! What are you doing here?” Hinata asked him.

“Well...” Hiroto muttered, gesturing towards his toddler.

The young Yonaga toddled up to his aunt. He cooed happily, extending his hands towards her. Hikari happily took him into her arms. He sucked his thumb, chuckling happily. The young aunt gazed at her nephew.

“Noah is so cute,” she muttered, walking away from the two brothers.

“So why’d you come here?” Hinata asked his brother.

“I’m running an errand for someone,” Hiroto explained.

The younger brother made an annoyed face. “Huh?” he blurted.

The young man smiled at his youngest sister. Hikari blinked confusedly at them. Hinata didn’t like where this was going. He knew his oldest brother was up to something. Maria was invited to dinner with Hiroto. Hinata decided to come with them. After everyone was ready, the oldest brother drove them to a restaurant.

“We’re meeting an important person tonight,” he explained.

“Okay, so what is this about?” Hikari demanded.

“Hey, Hiro-kun! Sorry to keep you waiting,” a voice was heard.

All three of them turned to the owner. She was a tall blonde with sparkling eyes. She has a confident aura coming out of her. Hikari recognized the woman in an instant. She beamed at the girl. Two more figures made an appearance. Iori and another man were seen. They both stared at the two brothers and Hikari. They sat down and order their food.

“Tsumugi Takahashi is my name and these two are Yamato and Iori,” the woman explained.

The two tall men nodded. Iori glanced up at Hikari who was staring down at the table. Hinata pouted and frowned. He kept his angry stares on the two taller men. The blonde woman suddenly started to laugh. All eyes were on her.

“I want to offer a job to you, Hikari,” she said.

“Huh? Me?” the girl was surprised.

Tsumugi nodded, glancing up at Hiroto. “Yes, because your brother here said that you are the only capable of helping me out.”

“What job?” Hinata butted in.

“As my assistant and their secretary,” the blonde replied calmly.

“We’ve put up flyers but all who have applied only want to check us out,” Yamato explained.

“Why me?” Hikari asked.

“Because I know your brother and I know Iori and Tamaki know you,” Tsumugi explained.

Their food was served so they ended their discussion. Tsumugi winked at Maria who panicked, looking away immediately. Iori gave out a small smile. Hikari chewed on her food slowly.

“So, will you accept our offer?” Tsumugi asked.

Hikari glanced up at Hinata who huffed angrily. She knew why. Hiroto chuckled to his brother’s reaction. He smiled at Tsumugi.

“She’ll think about it,” he said.

“Like you can read her mind,” Hinata mumbled.

They excused themselves. The three siblings got to Hiroto’s car. Hinata was still in a bad mood. Hikari kept her eyes away from him. She played with the hem of her blouse, biting her lower lip. Hikari could guess her thoughts very well. He knew that the others would not approve as well.

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