I Love You

Chapter 2

Hikari packed her things as the bell rang. School has ended for the day. She let out a dreadful sigh. Iori and Tamaki waited for her by the door. She blinked confusedly at them. Tamaki rolled his eyes towards Iori.

“Manager asked us to show you to the studio,” Iori explained.

“I don’t think my big brother would let me…” Hikari muttered.

“We’ll talk to him,” the black haired insisted.

Hikari gulped. They followed her out of school. She saw Hinata who was patiently waiting for her. He made a disapproved when he saw the two guys. Tamaki didn’t have the care for the world and Iori was calmly smiling. Hikari was the only one who was very nervous about this. Hinata grabbed his sister’s wrist and pulled her to his side.

“What do you want?” he demanded.

“Umm…Tsumugi-san asked me to be at the studio today,” she mumbled.

Hinata glanced up at his sister before glaring at the two boys. “She refused the offer,” he barked.

“Nii-san, I never said that!” Hikari muttered a protest.

The brother glared at his sister. She looked away, biting her lower lip. Tamaki sighed, walking away. Iori watched as the guy made a turn towards the path leading to the train station. He turned back to the two siblings.

“Just for today, please. The manager would like to speak to her personally,” he negotiated.

“No!” Hinata barked.

“Hinata,” a voice was heard.

Hiroto made an appearance. The younger brother made an angry face. The eldest gently pushed Hikari towards Iori with a smile. The two blinked confusedly at him.

“Take care of my sister. I’ll deal with this guy,” Hiroto said.

“Thank you,” Iori said.

He nodded to Hikari who nodded as well. They made their way to the train station. They took the train. Iori let Hikari sit down as he stood in front of her. She blushed, looking down at her lap.

“Glad that went well,” Iori spoke.

“Y-Yeah. I’m very sorry about his behaviour…” she apologized.

Shaking his head, he said, “Don’t be. He’s just trying to protect his sister.”

They reached their station. Hikari followed Iori to the studio. When they got there, all of the idols were present. Hikari’s face turned red in an instant, clutching her school bag tightly. Nagi and Yamato went to her side, serenading her. She turned to Iori with a helpless look. A smack landed on the two men’s head. They turned to the culprit: Mitsuki with a spatula in his hand.

“You two, stop teasing Iori’s girlfriend,” he said sternly.

“Nii-san! We’re not in that kind of relationship,” Iori corrected him.

Mitsuki blinked. “Really? She looks really comfortable around you…’ he chirped.

Hikari chuckled to herself. Iori heaved a tired sigh. Tsumugi made an appearance, looking as eccentric as always. Hikari gave a small smile to the manager.

“I’ve told the Director about you and he would love to meet you, but he’s not available today. So, let me show you around first,” Tsumugi said.

“O…kay…” the girl stuttered.

Iori and Tamaki nodded to her when she turned to look at them. Tsumugi showed her where her table is, the pantry, the training room and audio room. She also showed Hikari a bedroom for her in case she needed to take a rest or short nap.

“Your role is simply to make sure their costumes are in good condition and that they managed their schedule properly. I will manage the other stuffs for now. I may need your help at some point, though,” the woman explained.

Hikari nodded. “I won’t let you down,” she muttered.

Tsumugi smiled, patting her head. “They take turns making lunch and dinner, so you don’t really have to worry about that,” she explained.

“Okay…” Hikari nodded again.

She put her bag at the table and started to walk around. Iori was in the kitchen, already in his usual jersey, helping his brother with the cooking. He saw her and raised a hand as greeting. Hikari nodded once before walking away. She caught sight of Yamato reading the newspaper on a sofa at the studio. Her existence was not detected. She went to the training room. Tamaki and Sogo were practising their dance moves. Nagi and Riku were singing at another side of the room.

“Ah, Hikari!” Riku called, walking up to her.

“Hi…” Hikari said nervously.

“Is it okay if I call you that?” Riku asked.

Blinking, the girl said, “Yes, it’s okay. I am younger than you, so it should be fine.”

“You go to the same school as Tamaki and Iori, right?” Sogo asked.

Before she could answer, Mitsuki barged in. “Lunch is ready!”

The four of them rushed to their dining table, leaving Hikari all flustered and confused. Mitsuki noticed her confusion. He went up to her with a smile.

“Come and join us,” he invited her.

She bit her lower lip and looked away, nodding to accept the invitation. Her face went red in an instant as Mitsuki turned around. She ate lunch with them. It was an experience she could never forget as a fellow fan of Idolish7.

Hikari was sent home by Tsumugi that day. As she entered her house, Hinata was waiting for her in the living room. She ignored him, running upstairs to her room. Hatano, the fourth brother, stopped Hinata from chasing after their sister. Hiroshi, the third brother, entered the house and could feel the tension between his two younger brothers.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“I never approve of this!” Hinata shouted, exiting the house.

“It’s her choice, Hinata,” Hatano replied.

Hinata waved his right hand, not wanting to acknowledge what he said. Hiroshi turned to Hatano.

“Is it about Hika-chan?” he asked.

Nodding, Hatano said, “Yeah. She just got back from seeing Tsumugi. She’s going to take a while after seeing her crush.”

The older brother nodded. He went upstairs to his room. Meanwhile, Hikari was inside her room. She buried her face into her pillow to hide the burning cheeks. She still could not get over the excitement of seeing their studio. It was a dream-come-true as a fan. Her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up before checking the caller’s name.

“Hi…” Tamaki’s voice was heard.

“Hi!” she practically screamed. “Umm…sorry. I-Is something wrong?”

“Iorin wanted to know if you want to come over to do our assignment tomorrow,” Tamaki muttered.

“O-Oh, I see. Umm…I can go around after lunch. Are you guys free by then?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure. It’s due next week, so we’ll clear our schedule,” Iori’s voice was heard.

“O-Okay…” she stuttered.

She hung up after he said goodbye. Hikari heaved a sigh and then, smiled to herself. A knock on the door was heard.

“Hikari, dinner time,” her mother’s voice called.

“I’ll be down in a minute, Kaa-san,” Hikari replied.

She changed into her casual clothes. She rushed downstairs to the dining room. Her brothers were all there, with her parents. She smiled as she took her seat. Hinata was still angry at her, but she ignored him for the time being. Hatano turned to look at his happy sister.

“How was your first day with all of them?” he asked.

“Umm…really exciting and memorable. They take turns to cook and train at their own pace,” Hikari said, smiling, “It was fulfilling.”

“I reckon you’re keeping the job?” the father asked.

“Is that bad?” she asked, worried.

Shaking his head, her father said, “Not at all. As long as you still focus on your studies, I don’t mind.”

Hikari nodded to his words. Hinata huffed angrily, getting his sister’s attention. She shook her head at his behaviour. Hiroshi sighed at his youngest brother.

“I’m happy that you’re earning money at such a young age,” Hiroshi said to Hikari.

“Yeah!” she exclaimed happily.

Iori and Tamaki waited for Hikari to arrive at their studio. They were worried that he brother had held her from seeing them. Tamaki was the first to see her figure, running towards them. She stopped in front of them to catch a breath.

She looked at them and said, “I’m sorry I’m late. I helped Kaa-san with the dishes just now.”

“It’s…okay…” Iori stumbled to find his words.

Hikari blinked at him. “Is anything wrong?”

“It’s the first time we saw you in a dress,” Tamaki said with a straight face, looking at Iori, “He’s mesmerized.”

Hikari faintly blushed. Tamaki gestured her to follow him, leaving Iori standing outside alone. The other members had their own schedule for that day. Even Tsumugi was nowhere to be found. Hikari looked around to make sure that there was no one else that was going to make her freeze out of amazement.

“We can do our assignment here,” Tamaki said, showing a small lounge with three sofas and a coffee table.

Hikari took a seat, watching as Tamaki made his way to the pantry to get his favourite pudding out. Iori came upstairs with a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Hikari asked, concerned.

“It’s nothing. We have a change of a schedule for tonight. We need to rehearse for our next meet and greet event,” Iori explained.

“Sure sounds important. We should finish our assignment before that,” she replied, taking out her notes and a binder.

Iori smiled. He took a sit beside Hikari and started to look over her notes. Tamaki came back with five puddings all for himself. Iori scolded him for not being considerate. Hikari laughed at them as she tried to jot down what to put in their assignment.

Hikari heaved a sigh. “We’re finally done.”

“Yeah…and it’s almost dinner time,” Iori muttered.

“Who’s turn to cook?” she asked, curious.

“Me,” the black haired replied, getting up.

“I’ll help!” Hikari volunteered. “It’s the least I could do as your new secretary.”

Iori wanted to say something but her phone rang. She answered and it was her brother. Hinata was already outside waiting for her. She apologized to Iori and Tamaki who apologized back for taking too long to finish the assignment. She went out to see a very pissed off Hinata on his motorbike. She looked away from him as he handed her helmet.

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