I Love You

Chapter 3

Iori, Tamaki and Hikari were the first to send in their assignment. They were relieved that the teacher accepted it without questioning them too much. Iori was tasked to collect the assignment from the other groups. The girls, of course, happily turn in theirs the instant he asked. The boys were a bit reluctant and complaint how he got Hikari on his group and she is smart.

“Iorin has it hard…” Tamaki remarked.

“I guess…but at least the girls turned in theirs without second thoughts,” Hikari replied.

A couple of girls came over to them. They glared at Hikari before turning to Tamaki.

“Tamaki-kun, do you already have a date for the Autumn Festival? There’s gonna be a party for us seniors,” one of the two girls asked.

“Hmm…do I have to bring one?” Tamaki muttered.

“Yes, of course! If you don’t mind…” her words were interrupted.

Tamaki turned to Hikari, “If that is the case, then I choose Hikari.”

“Eh?!” Hikari and the girls exclaimed at the same time.

Hikari gulped and felt uneasy. A boy came up to them. He placed a hand on Hikari’s shoulder,

“Hikari is going with me, right?” he turned to Hikari.

Hikari chuckled and shook her head. “I haven’t decide anything yet…and have you win over my brothers’ approval?” she joked.

The boy felt like he was stabbed by a thousand needles. He walked away after that. The girls still waited for Tamaki’s reply. He said he would think about it. They squealed and went back to their seats.

“We still need to think of what our class is selling and they’re worried about their dates…” the brown haired girl sighed.

Tamaki shrugged.

Hikari was walking back from the cafeteria when a girl pushed her to the side. She fell onto the grass beside her. Misaki Hoseki made an appearance. Hikari sat on the grass, looking away from Misaki and her two companions.

“It’s convenient of you to have the boys wrapped around your fingers,” Misaki snarled.

Hikari didn’t fight back. She just sat there and listened.

“Should we teach her a lesson, girls?” Misaki asked her companions.

Both of them nodded. Misaki smirked when Hikari trembled in fear. She grabbed the food from the girl’s hands. Hikari wanted to fight back but the death glare scared her.

“Just stay away from them, last warning,” she said and walked away.

Hikari sighed. She stood up and brushed off the grass on her uniform. She went back to the cafeteria to buy what she had bought just now. Iori caught sight of her with the sad look. He was concerned but he decided not to ask anything. They were going to the studio together anyway.

“Good work, everyone!” Tsumugi clapped her hands.

The seven idols fell to their knees, tired from the dance practice. Hikari ran around with towels and water bottles for all of them. Tsumugi nodded approvingly at the girl’s hard work. When it came to Mitsuki, Hikari faintly blushed as she looked at his sweaty face.

“Thanks!” he chirped, taking the bottle from her.

“Hmm…” she nodded and ran back to where the manager was standing.

Yamato noticed her change of pace when Mitsuki is around her. He thought of a new way to tease him. He whispered something to Sogo who was coincidently beside him.

“Alright, everyone! I am positive all of you are ready for the Meet and Greet this Saturday! The fans are excited as well!” Tsumugi announced.

“The tickets are selling fast,” Hikari added.

“At least you don’t need to buy them anymore,” Riku remarked.

Hikari nodded excitedly. “I’m happy to be working with all of you!” she exclaimed.

All of the members blushed when they saw her smile. There was something about her that makes you feel like you have to protect her.

“No wonder Iori has a crush on her,” Mitsuki whispered.

“Nii-san! I never said that!” Iori protested.

All of the men laughed, confusing the young girls who were watching them. Hikari excused herself to check on the costumes. All eyes were on Iori as he stood up and followed her. Hikari got to the office. She unboxed some of the boxes of new costumes.

“Need help?” Iori asked.

“!? You startled me…” Hikari sighed.

“Sorry,” Iori muttered.

“It’ll be great if you could help me,” she smiled.

Iori nodded. He sat beside her and started to go through the costumes. She kept her gaze away from him, hoping that he never noticed her red cheeks.

“Hey,” Iori suddenly called.

“Y-Yes?” she stammered.

“Uh…I saw you feeling down today. Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine. It’s just that I fell and my food went into the drain. I had to buy it again,” she lied.

“Oh, I see. If that is the case, I’m glad it wasn’t something serious,” he was relieved.

Hikari nodded. “Good luck at the concert…” she mumbled.

The fateful day arrived and Hikari was already running around backstage, making sure that everything is running smoothly. Tsumugi was busy preparing the tents for the Meet and Greet session. Hikari was to meet up with the members before the concert starts.

“So everyone understands the schedule?” she asked them after explaining.

“Yeah, we had it memorized,” Riku replied with a ‘thumbs up’.

Hikari nodded, looking at each of them. Their first song was RESTART POiNTER. They looked so calm and cool. She felt at ease. Yamato suddenly put on a teasing smirk.

“Mitsu, you hat seems a bit off,” he muttered.

“Huh?! I put it on perfectly just now…”Mitsuki mumbled.

The brown haired girl approached him. “Let me help you get it right.”

She started to touch the hat while biting her lower lip. Mitsuki was face-to-face with her body and it made him awkward. He looked away. The members watched the scene. Something dawned on them at the same time. Iori was surprised it actually happened for his brother.

“T-There…that should be fine,” Hikari stuttered.

“T-Thank you,” Mitsuki mumbled, glancing up at the others.

Yamato gave out a smug. Mitsuki suddenly felt angry. Tsumugi called them as it was time.

“Come cheer for us,” Sogo said to her.

“I will, in a minute… Good luck!” she replied.

All of them waved to her. She sighed, taking a seat to let her excitement died down a bit. After a few minutes, she was about to exit the tent when Mitsuki and Iori entered. She was surprised to see them. They smiled at her and nodded.

“It’s time for some of us to change our costumes. Currently, they are having a session with Yamato as the leader,” Iori explained.

“I see. Next song is Fly Away. Good luck!” Hikari said before running out of the tent.

“I’m gonna change and get some fresh air,” Mitsuki said to his brother.

Iori nodded.

Hikari was at one of the booths around the area. She bought herself a drink and walked around. When she caught sight of Misaki and her troops, she turned around to run away, but bumped into someone. The orange parka looked familiar. She looked up to see it was Mitsuki in his next costume already. She backed away, hiding her blush with her glass of drink.

“What’s up?” he asked.

Shaking her head rapidly, she replied, “It’s nothing…”

“Are you sure?” the orange haired asked, curious.

Hikari nodded once. She looked away from him but her red cheeks could easily be seen. Mitsuki observed her and decided something.

“Let’s go buy some takoyaki together. I heard that stand over there sells good ones!” he said.

He grabbed her hand, forcing her to follow him. She fumed up out of embarrassment, but somehow, he calmed her down and she had already forgotten about her bullies. Mitsuki handed her a packet of takoyaki. She reached for it. He already started to munch on one.

“This is a nice break…” he spoke up.

“Yeah, but the Pythagoras Trio are up next,” Hikari reminded him.

“You and Manager are so alike,” Mitsuki complained.

Hikari giggled. She escorted him to the stage where Nagi and Yamato were already waiting. Mitsuki apologized to them.

“You choose a wrong time to be out on a date,” Yamato teased.

“I was not…” Mitsuki protested.

“Good luck you three!” Hikari said, pushing them onto the stairs.

Iori came up to her. “It’s my turn at the tent. Will you accompany me?” he asked.

“What if someone recognizes me?” she asked, losing her confidence.

“Wear this cap and spectacles. Nobody will recognize you easily,” Iori said, putting a cap on her head.

Hikari faintly blushed. She nodded to him. She followed him to the tent where most of ID7 fans were waiting. They squealed when they saw Iori. The young man waved his hand and smiled. The girls would be taking turns to ask him question for 15 minutes. Hikari kept track of the time. It was soon Misaki’s turn. Hikari hid behind one of the staffs when she saw her.

“Hmmm…she looks familiar. Have the same vibe as that girl,” Misaki said.

“What girl?” Iori asked, curious.

“Nobody,” Misaki turned back to Iori with a seductive smile, “So my question is, do you have a date for the Autumn Festival?”

Iori smiled and nodded. “I do and you will find out who soon enough.”

The whole audience gasped. They assumed that Iori has a girlfriend. Iori laughed it off and left his fans gawking and wondering who the girl was. Hikari took one glance at Misaki who was utterly shocked. She followed Iori when he called for her.

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