Yuki’s High School Life as a Pureblood Vampire


It starts out as an evening of packing

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Chapter 1

Author's Note: I do not own the anime Vampire Knight, but i was inspire to write my own take of it

Yuki Kuran was packing her things into suitcases in her room while her older brother, Kaname Kuran was doing the same thing in his room. They were invited to join other vampires to go to school at Cross Academy. They would be having to share the school with other kids who are going to be known as the Day Class. They would be the only pureblood vampires at the academy and Kaname was relieved because he was always concern about Yuki whenever it came to other pureblood vampires being near his princess. Yuki finished with her packing and got out her jacket from her closet to put on before heading toward the stairs where her brother was waiting for her with his jacket. Yuki asked, ”Are you sure about this, Kaname?” Kaname replied, ”I am sure about this Sweet Yuki, you don’t have to worry about a thing.” Yuki smiled as she held her brothers hand and they descend the stairs together while the servants were getting their suitcases from outside of their rooms. Kaname asked, ”Could you please not leave the Moon Dormitory without at least two bodyguards with you and letting me know that you are leaving, so that I don’t worry?” Yuki replied, ”Of course I can do that Kaname though where would I go?” Kaname replied, ”Well there is a town nearby that is within walking distance and they have some shops where they sell cute dresses.” Yuki nodded her head as she got in the car before her brother and buckle her seatbelt without Kaname reminding her to do so. Kaname nodded his approval when he saw that Yuki had her seatbelt on already and was ready to go. Kaname nodded his head toward the driver to single that they were ready to go to the academy. Yuuki looked out the window until she started to doze off and Kaname situated her to where she was laying comfortable on the seat across from him with a light blanket on top of her to keep her warm during the drive. Yuki smiled in her sleep as she extended her hand out toward Kaname to hold while she was sleeping peacefully. Kaname smiled when he saw what Yuki was doing and he complied by taking hold of her hand . He then moved Yuki to where she laying next to him and had her head in his lap. Yuki simply snuggled closer to Kaname and sigh peacefully as she continue to sleep until she had woken up when they were almost to Cross Academy. Kaname said,” Don’t be nervous Yuki, I will be right here with you throughout the whole inter time.” Yuki said,” I know Kaname,” and followed her brother out of the car as they were joined by the other vampires. All the other vampires were Aristocrats and they bowed the moment that Yuki and Kaname Kuran got out of the car. Aido said,” Welcome Lord Kaname and Lady Yuki, we have been waiting for you to arrive.” Yuki hid behind Kaname afraid of the aristocrat that had just welcome them. Kaname simply said,” Let’s go to the dormitory to drop our stuff off and to change into the school uniform before meeting the headmaster.” Kaname managed to get Yuki from behind him and had her grab her suitcases while he grabbed his suitcases from the car’s trunk. Yuki gasped as she sees something strange and Kaname asked,” What’s wrong Yuki?” Yuki replied,” I thought I saw something strange Kaname.” Kaname just simply said,” Let’s get to the dorm, Yuki.” Yuki said,” Yes Kaname,” and the two purebloods continue on their way to the Moon Dormitory where the Aristocrats were all ready waiting for them in order to enter. Being purebloods, Yuki and Kaname got their own rooms and bathroom while the aristocrats had to share the other dorm rooms two per room with boys and girls in separate rooms. Yuki changed into her new school uniform and then went Kaname’s room where he was going to tell her who her bodyguards were going to be for whenever she goes off campus. Kaname said,” I thought long and hard about this and I decided that Aido and Ruka are going to be your bodyguards for the time being for when you go off campus.” Yuki asked,” Kaname, could you brush my hair?” Kaname smiled and said,” Of course I can Yuki,” and took the brush out Yuuki’s hand in order to brush her hair. Yuki started to hum while Kaname was brushing her hair very carefully as to not pull too hard on the knots that were in her hair from sleeping in the car. Kaname finished and said,” All done Yuki, your hair is now knot free.” Yuki smiled and said,” Thank you Kana,” and then went out of the room with Kaname right behind her to meet up with the headmaster and to tour the school. Yuki stayed right beside Kaname the whole inter time that they were touring the school and what classrooms that they were going to be using for their classes. Yuki and Kaname met with the headmaster at his house where they met his adopted son, Zero Kiryu, who was going to patrol the school grounds while they were in class and he was the only one who knows the vampire secret because he is a vampire hunter and also a turned vampire. Yuki introduced herself to Zero,but she didn’t get a response back from him and she decided that she was going to make him smile before the exams. Yuki started to yawn and knew right away that dawn was not too far off. Kaname saw Yuki yawn and he finished up with talking to the headmaster before heading back to the dorm for the day in order to sleep and saw to that the other vampires had settled in nicely in their rooms. Yuki went straight to her room and changed into a nightgown before falling asleep in her bed underneath the blanket. Kaname made sure that the curtains were drawn in all of the rooms and made sure that Yuki was fast asleep before going to his room and going to sleep for the day. Meanwhile Zero Kiryu was getting ready for the school day and he was grumbling on how he has to protect the Night Class from the Day Class. He knew that tonight that Headmaster Cross was going to introduced the Night Class to the Day Class before sending them off to the Sun Dorm for their curfew. As far as Zero knows he is the only perfect who will be patrolling the school grounds at night and making sure that there is no trouble or curfew breaking from the Day Class. Meanwhile back at the Moon Dormitory, the Aristocrats had position themselves to where they could come to the bidding of their Pureblood Lord and Lady Kuran if they needed anything and also to protect them if need came to it, especially Lady Yuki as she is the Pureblood Princess and she needs protection from the other purebloods who want to use her in order to control the Kuran bloodline. Aido and Ruka were called into Lord Kaname’s room and were told that they were to be Lady Yuki’s bodyguards until he had deemed it safe for her to be able to go out alone. They were to only leave with her when she went to the nearby town to go shopping and they were not to let her out of their sight no matter how hard she begged them to let her go off on her own.

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