I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 11

"Tonks? Tonks? Are you okay?" I heard Remus ask next to me.

"I don't think so…" I muttered. "What happened?"

"Well, you were flying down the pitch toward the goal post and all of a sudden Marcus comes and rams into you. And of course you fell of you broom," Remus explained. "I saw all of it."

"Ugh… that kid is going to be the death of me," I muttered. Quite honestly, I was relying completely upon Remus to guide me. I couldn't see a thing. Tears blurred my vision and I was woozy from seeing my wrist and being sick.

"James and Sirius were too scared to look at you, eh?" Remus asked, chuckling. "What girls…"

"Hah, true," I said, and tripped on a rock.

"Woah, watch out, not too fast," Remus said, readjusting his grip on my waist.

"Am I going to be okay?" I asked, a sudden thought coming to mind. "I mean, you're at the Hospital Wing a lot… Is Madam Pomfrey good?"

"Yeah, she's excellent," Remus said. "Now be quiet, I don't want you wearing yourself down."

"How can I wear myself down by talking?" I asked, laughing.

"You can, trust me," Remus explained, and I did trust him.

We walked silently back into the castle and up to the Hospital Wing. Madam Pomfrey told us she had been informed by Madam Hooch about my injury and was ready for us when we arrived. I laid down in a bed and Madam Pomfrey got to work. Unfortunately, it was very painful to repair broken bones. It felt like my already throbbing wrist was on fire.

Remus sat silently next to me, holding my other hand and soothing me. He was trying his best to keep my attention away from what Madam Pomfrey was doing. He would caress my hand and speak to me softly. His large amber eyes looked calmly into my face. He definitely helped me get through it.

Finally, she was done, my bones back together. She told me I would have to stay overnight at the Hospital Wing to be monitored though. Remus told me he was going to get the other boys and would be right back.

It was extremely boring laying in that hospital bed, with no one to talk to. I stared blankly up at the ceiling, wondering what was going on down at the make-shift pitch and whether or not Marcus was going to be punished. I was hoping he would.

All of a sudden, I heard:

"Tonks! You're alive!"

I looked to my right and James and Sirius bounding up the wing towards my bed. They ran over and plopped down into seats on either side of me. I looked behind them and saw Remus walking silently behind them.

"Boys! Shush! This is a hospital!" I heard Madam Pomfrey say.

"Sorry ma'am," Sirius said back, turning on his Sirius charm.

"So how are you Tonks?" James asked, turning the attention back on me.

"I'm fine… I guess.." I said, not looking at James, but at Remus who was completely silent.

"I'm glad! I watched the whole thing! A pretty nasty run-in, huh? Marcus got detentions for the rest of the year!" James said, obviously joyful. I finally tore my attention from Remus and back to James and Sirius.

"Yeah… you should've seen his face!" Sirius added in.

"I'm sure it was amazing," I muttered. I was exhausted.

"Guys… I think she's tired," Remus chimed in.

"Yeah… I am. Exhausted," I said, telling the truth.

"Oh… Sorry Tonks," James said, looking down into his lap.

"We should get going then," Remus said. Then leaning down to hug me said: "We'll see you tomorrow. Feel better."

"Thanks boys," I said and watched then as they walked out of the wing. I almost immediately fell asleep. And I had a crazy dream.

In my dream, I looked much older, maybe 15 or 16. I was with the boys on the edge of the Black Lake, under a huge tree. It was a beautiful autumn day, the air crisp and calm.

I was laying down next to some boy, but I couldn't tell who. I turned my head and looked up into his face. It was Remus. He had one arm draped over my hips and was just laying there casually.

"Common Moony, you are her boyfriend! And we've never seen you guys kiss! Just do it!" I heard Sirius say. I was actually taken aback by Sirius. He was extremely handsome.

"But common, this is something private!" I heard Remus exclaim. I turned around again and saw that he was extremely gorgeous, too. His scarred face and amber eyes were framed perfectly by his light brown hair. He had a smile wiped across his face, even if he was trying to conceal it.

"I don't care! I song girls all the time in public!" Sirius said, sitting up from his lounging position.

"Just do it!" James exclaimed.

"Common," I heard myself saying. "Let's show 'me."

"Okay…" Remus said and leaned down to kiss me. It was amazing, even if it was a dream. His arms were wrapped around my back, slowly rubbing it, up and down. He was an amazing kisser. I felt my arms wrapped around his neck and my lips slowly kissing his back. They were so soft.

I rolled on top of him, my arms still wrapped around his neck. He sat up, and made me straddle him, my legs wrapped around his lower back.

"Okay! You've shown us!" I heard James yell.

We finally pulled apart and stared into each other's eyes. I didn't dare look away.

"Nicely done Moony," I heard Sirius say, clapping. "And you too Tonks."

"It was actually very good," James said, clapping along.

"Yeah… You should save the rest of that for later though," Sirius said, chuckling.

"Don't worry, we will," Remus said, chuckling and planting another kiss on my lips.

Then I woke up.


AHHHH! Foreshadowing! Hope you enjoyed it! KEEEEEP REVIEWING! (:


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