I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 13

I stepped off the train and onto the crowded platform. There were students and parents everywhere. I knew I was going to have a hard time finding my family in this mess.

We went and collected our trunks from the luggage compartment and then set off trying to find our families. We had to stay close together so we wouldn't get separated. Finally, Peter announced that he had found his family and left the group. Me, Remus, James, and Sirius set off again into the crowd.

"How're we supposed to find anybody in this bloody mess," Sirius muttered under his breath after being run over by a group of particularly large girls. They hadn't noticed a thing.

"I have no idea…" James answered, grabbing my forearm so I wouldn't get pulled along with a group of warlocks. "Watch it, Tonks."

"Sorry I tripped and got carried away," I said, blushing. "Oh look! There's my mum!"

We pulled through the crowd and eventually found my family. Sasha and Aaron had found my parents and were watching us trying to get through the crowd with grins slapped across their faces.

"Mum!" I called and ran over and hugged her and my father. "Finally found us, eh?" Sasha said.

"Finally is the word… This place is packed," I commented.

"You'd better believe," Aaron said.

"Tonks, who is this?" my father asked. I had totally forgotten that the boys were still here.

"Oh dad, this is James Potter-" I said indicating James, who shook his hand. "-Sirius Black-" pointing to Sirius, who charmingly waved. "-and Remus Lupin," I concluded. Remus shook hands with my father and smiled.

"Lupin… Lupin… I've heard that name before…" my father muttered, examining Remus, who looked uncomfortable.

"My father works at the ministry," Remus chimed in.

"That's not it…" my father said, furrowing his brow. "Oh well! I'll eventually remember!"

"Anyway… time to go Tonks," my mother said, obviously noticing that Remus was uncomfortable. "Say goodbye."

"See you in two months, Tonks," James said, stepping forward to give me a hug.

"I'll miss you James," I said, hugging him back. "Keep your glasses on straight." He smiled.

"Glad I met you Tonks," Sirius said, giving me a hug as well. I suddenly remembered that conversation I eaves dropped on many months ago.

"I'll miss you Sirius," I said, returning the hug. "I'll miss you making me laugh."

I then turned to Remus. He was looking at me and smiling. The light from the sunny afternoon shone on his light brown hair and made his eyes sparkle. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me. The dream came flooding back into my mind. I tried to push it away.

"I'm… uh. Gonna miss you Tonks," he said into my shoulder.

"You too," I replied. He pulled away and I almost ran back into his arms. But I restrained myself.

"I'll see you guys soon!" I said, acknowledging all of the boys. "I'll write a lot!"

"You too!" they said and walked off to find their families.

Once we were back in the family car, my mother looked back at me and said:

"So… that Remus has got a twinkle in his eye for you huh?"

"What do you mean, mum?" I asked, although I already knew the answer.

"He likes you right?"

"Well… I mean… I don't know!" I said honestly. I had to morph away my blushing.

"Oh well… you'll know soon enough," my mother replied.


Summer was truly an uneventful time. It was almost to the point where it was boring. I spent all day with my family, mostly Sasha and Aaron, outside. We played Quidditch, took walks, and all other kinds of outdoors stuff. I enjoyed it very much.

Every week I would get a letter from Lily and Remus. James and Sirius weren't as diligent because I only got one or two letters from them. But it was okay, I understood. Lily's letters were especially fun to read because she had a very interesting home life, being a Muggle-born. She talked about things like televisions and clothes irons and washing machines. It was very cool to learn about how Muggles lived.

Remus's letters were more about him missing me. He didn't talk much about his family because I knew they didn't get along. He wrote about the things he did with his break, which was mostly read. He told me about going on adventures in the woods with his brother Oliver and discovering some cool stuff. I made me happy that he was getting some enjoyment.

But for the most part, I was pretty much isolated from my friends. They were at their own homes for summer, except Sirius. He was spending the summer at James's house. I would love to do something like that. It would be very nice to be with your friends all summer.

Finally, the day came when my family was scheduled to go to Diagon Alley. Unfortunately, none of my friends could make it that day, so I went with my parents, again. We didn't have to buy that much stuff this year, so we didn't take as long. It was just so good to be around other wizards for a change, to remind me that salvation was near. In two short day's time, I would be boarding the Hogwarts Express.


I know, kind of boring, but another update tonight I think?(:



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