I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 14

The morning of the beginning of my 2nd year, I woke up bright and early. I wanted to make sure that everything was in place and accounted for. After all of my double-checking was done, I hauled my trunk down the stairs and into the car. I then shoved some breakfast down my throat and hurried back upstairs to get dressed.

I chose some dark brown hair at shoulder length for today's journey. I pulled on my t-shirt and jeans then stumbled down the steps and into the living room where my mother was instructing Aaron on how to behave on the train.

"Mum! I know how to act on a bloody train!" he exclaimed.

"Don't talk to your mother that way!" my father warned.

"Sorry…" Aaron muttered.

"Hmpf," my mother sighed. "If you knew how to act on a train like a young man, then why did you misbehave last year?"

"That kid had it coming for him!" Aaron exclaimed, exasperated.

"No he didn't!" my mother said, pointing her finger down his nose. "If you misbehave again his year, Professor McGonagall won't be the only one you'll hear from."

"Fine…" Aaron said, accepting defeat.

"Now, let's get a move on, all of you," my mother said, motioning everyone to stand up and move out.

We all squeezed in the car and drove off to King's Cross.

"Dora?" my father suddenly asked, looking back at me in the rearview mirror.

"Yes Dad?" I answered.

"I remembered where I had heard the name Lupin before, just this morning," he said, looking back at the road.

"So… where have you heard it before?" I asked.

"Well… quite a few years back, there was a whole series of articles in the Prophet about the Lupin family. It had something to do with Fenrir Greyback. I can't remember all the details, but I do know that there was some tension between Simon Lupin, who is, I assume, Remus's father, and Greyback," my father explained.

"What happened?" I asked, shocked.

"I don't remember… Something bad I assume."

"Did someone die?" Aaron butted-in.

"I don't think so… But I wouldn't be surprised if one of his children is dead. Or maybe a werewolf themselves. I don't know honestly. Maybe ask Remus about it today?" my father said.

"Yeah… maybe," I said, looking out the window. I didn't know much about werewolves, except that they turned into vicious wolves on the full moon. I had also heard about Fenrir Greyback and how terrible he was. I always flinched when I heard that name.

We finally pulled into the paring lot at King's Cross. My father unloaded our trunks onto carts and we wheeled them into the station. It was a busy day for King's Cross and most of the patrons were most likely Hogwarts students and their families.

We crossed the barrier onto Platform 9 ¾. The platform was overflowing with students and families. We had to push a few people down to get to the luggage car and back. It was time to say goodbye yet again.

"Goodbye Nymphadora," my mother said, hugging me tightly. "Watch your brother okay? Make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble."

"I will," I said, chuckling.

"Hey!" Aaron said, jaw dropped.

"I was only joking!" I said, a smile across my face. I turned back to my mum. "I'll miss you, Mum."

"I will too," she said, smiling down at me. "Don't forget to write this year, you didn't do a very good job at it last year."

"Sorry…" I said, chuckling.

"See you Dora," my father said, hugging me as well.

"See ya Dad," I said, hugging him back. I stepped back and then boarded the train with Sasha and Aaron. We waved and waved and waved until we were out of sight, then went our separate ways to go find our friends.

I walked down the train in the direction of the compartment we had planned on meeting at. I pushed through many people in order to get there. It was quite frustrating. Finally I saw a black curly haired-head bobbing ahead.

"Sirius!" I called, and he turned around.

"Hey! Tonksie!" he called back, and pushed through the crowd back to me. I noticed James was with him.

"How are you guys?" I asked, as we filed into the compartment behind me.

"Great! How about you? How was your summer?" James asked.

"Boring as hell…" I said, honestly. "What about yours?"

"Meh… Fine," James said. "Sirius didn't want to go home to his mother so he stayed with me."

"Yeah… I'm pretty sure she eats children," Sirius said, laughing.

"Yeah that's a pretty good possibility. She's a scary thing, she is," James said, laughing as well.

At that moment, Peter entered the compartment. He looked the same as he did last year. He seemed to have not grown at all. The funny thing was, James and Sirius had grown. They were at least a few inches taller and looked more mature. But they definitely were not more mature in their personalities.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyy! COWS! Lookie over here!" Sirius screamed out the open compartment window. We were passing a farm that had a huge number of cows. James and Sirius seemed to think that the cows would actually pay attention to them.

"Hey that one looked!" James exclaimed.

"What is all this noise about?" I heard someone say as the compartment door opened. I turned around. It was Remus.

He seemed to have matured a little bit over the summer, too. He was a few inches taller, broader shoulders, and had longer hair; yet the color was the same. The light brown hair now fell almost directly into his face. His eyes were the same though. The beautiful amber orbs still could mesmerize me.

"Remus!" I said, getting up and hugging him. "How are you?"

"Fine how about yourself?" he said, chuckling. "I've missed you."

"You as well…" I muttered.

"Okay Tonks, lets share Remus now," I heard Sirius say. I pulled away and turned around to see Sirius with his fists on his hips and giving me the "evil eye."

"My turn!" James said, running at Remus and nearly knocking him down as he hugged him, obviously mocking me.

"Oh my! Remus I've missed you so much!" he said, in a falsetto voice that was supposed to be my own. I didn't mind this torment though. I knew it was just James and Sirius's way of being funny.

Sirius ran and hugged him next. He mocked me as well, but I just laughed. I knew it wasn't intended to be harmful. Although, if you looked at Remus, he was blushing madly.

After they were done being idiots, we all sat down and talked. Summer wasn't very eventful for anyone really, so I didn't feel left out. Remus didn't talk much, he just listened.

We played a few games, ate some food, and talked the day away until we had to change into our uniforms again. Unfortunately I had to leave to change. When I was fully dressed, I made sure that there wasn't any important discussions going on, and then went back into the compartment.

When we finally arrived at Hogwarts, we didn't get to ride the boats this year. I was honestly sad about this. We filled up a carriage and rode our way back up to the castle. I was finally home again.

James and Sirius… heehee (:

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