I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 3

I soon came to realize I really enjoyed the boys company. They were the funniest people I had ever met, and really had some charm to them. I fit in really well with them and I felt that they really liked me too.

Remus, as I had predicted, was very shy. He only spoke once or twice and when he did, he didn't look up. He wouldn't look at me either. I wondered why he was blushing so much. James and Sirius seem to notice this too, but didn't say anything.

Since there was one girl and three guys, when it came time to change into our uniforms, I left and got dressed in the bathroom while the boys dressed in the compartment. I really liked my uniform. I felt so grownup.

When I got back to the compartment with my hands full of my street clothes, I almost opened the door. Then I heard my name.

"So what do you guys think of that Tonks girl?" I heard Sirius ask.

"She's really funny. I like her a lot," James said, shrugging.

I pressed my ear closer to door.

"I like her A LOT," Sirius said. "She's hot."

"Sirius, you just met her," James said, laughing.

"Yeah! But she's also funny and a rebel and I like that. She's also hot," Sirius replied.

"Well I don't think you're the only one who was attracted to her," James said. There was silence for a moment. "What do you think of Tonks, Remus?"

"Umm… Well. She's nice," he said. I could imagine him blushing.

"That's not all you think," James said.

"Okay, she's really pretty. I said it," Remus said quietly.

"Awwe is that why you were blushing?" Sirius asked.

"You thought she was pretty too!" Remus said, defensively.

"Objection. I said she was hot," Sirius said, blatantly.

"Whatever. You like her too," Remus said.

"You like her?" James asked.

"What is this, twenty questions? Yes I like her," he added the last part quietly.

"We should set them up," James said.

"No, I want to try her out first," Sirius said.

"Guys, this is ridiculous," Remus said, agitated.

"No, this is women talk, Remus. Something I love," Sirius said, chuckling.

"Your eleven bloody years old!" Remus said, exasperated.

"Woah, language, buddy," James said.

"Whatever," Remus said. I heard a thump. I imagined him throwing himself down on a seat.

"Okay I was joking, Remus," James said. "And you two are NOT going to fight over this girl."

"Fine. Whoever she likes better gets her," Sirius said.

"Just let her decide," Remus said.

"Good. Truce?" Sirius asked.

"Truce," Remus said.

"Anyways," James said, trying to diffuse the tension in the compartment. "Where did you get those scars, Remus?"

There was suddenly a very awkward, cold silence.

"Umm… Fell down a hill a few weeks ago. Uh… Got all cut up," he said, quietly.

"Sucks to be you, mate," Sirius said.

"I'm okay with it though," Remus said quickly.

"Well, that's good," James said. "Sorry if I was intruding your privacy."

"You weren't," Remus said.


I decided to stop eavesdropping and walked back into the compartment. I had heard enough.

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