I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 47

"Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it." ― Nicholas Sparks


*Remus's POV*

"What happened to your-" I start, but am cut off by her flinging herself at me and kissing me full on the lips. I immediately wrap an arm around her waist and pull her closer while my fingers get lost in her vibrant purple hair. Her arms tighten around my neck as she deepens the kiss, and I follow suit. Around us, I can hear catcalls and whistles, but I just ignore them. I have her in my arms once and for all, and I'm going to appreciate every second of it.

"Guys, you can stop now," I hear Sirius's voice break into my consciousness.

"Hey, get a room!" James's voice yells, too.

"OI! LOVEBIRDS, STOP!" Sirius yells, grabbing the scruff of my neck and Tonks's arm. "Into the compartment… come now."

"Hey!" Tonks protests, but we're shoved into the compartment, which is already occupied by Peter.

"What was that about?" I exclaim just as James shuts the compartment door.

"You guys were getting some pretty odd looks," Sirius explains, acting as if he's holding in a major fit of giggles.

"Yeah, your audience was enjoying it a little too much," James adds, in the same situation as Sirius.

"Go on, let it out," I say dryly as they burst into laughter. While they fall over themselves, I grab Tonks's shoulder and pull her into my arms again. My hand slips gently around her waist and she smiles up at me.

"Okay…." James says, several moments later. "I think I'm done."

"Me too," Sirius says, wiping a tear from his eye.

"What just happened?" Peter asks, raising an eyebrow. "All I heard were cheers and whistles and then Sirius started yelling."

"Let's just say Remus and Tonks got a little feisty in the corridor," Sirius explains, taking a seat opposite Peter.

"They didn't," Peter says in awe.

"Yeah they did," James confirms.

"Hello, we're right here," I say, gesturing me and Tonks.

"This is going to be all over the school by tomorrow morning," James says, sitting next to Sirius. "It'll go down in Hogwarts history! The day Remus Lupin and Nymphadora-"

"Don't call me that!"

"-Tonks finally kissed!"

"We've already kissed!" I say, taking a seat next to Peter, Tonks propped on my knee.

"Yeah, but not publicly," Sirius explains. "That was a great show, by the way."

"Yeah, we know," she says, still blushing madly. I wonder if I look the same way. "I had to. I hadn't seen him all summer and-"

"No, no, no," Sirius cuts her off. "I don't want to know about it!"

"Why not?" she asks.

"Because witnessing it was enough," he explains. "I don't need to know about the inner emotions that were behind it."

"Alright, alright," Tonks says, putting her hands up in defeat. "Just thought you might've been curious."

"Yeah, I think we're good," he says, stretching out on the seat.

"That was enough excitement for one day!" James says, doing the same. "Enough excitement for a whole year, actually."

"That's just the beginning," I murmur into her ear. She turns to me and meets my gaze. Her face is flushed and her big, beautiful, brown eyes are shining with happiness like I've never seen before. I didn't know that was all it took to make her happy. Now, the expression that she's wearing will be all it takes to make me happy. Her happiness is essential to my own and I want her to look like that every day for the rest of her life. I'll do anything to make that happen.


*Tonks's POV*

Several hours later, in the part of the journey where everyone is either sleeping, groggy, or just silent in general, I lay on the floor of the compartment, wrapped in his warm embrace. Sirius and James have stretched out on the left bench of the compartment and Peter has taken the right bench of the compartment; all three fast asleep. Peter's snores are the only sound in my world, aside from the train chugging along on the tracks, and Remus's slow, even breathing.

"What made you do that?" he suddenly whispers in my ear.

"Do what?" I ask, shifting so I can look up at him.

"Kiss me like that," he explains. "It was so sudden, I didn't know what to do."

"I missed you over the summer," I explain. "I wanted to confront you about what you wrote to me in your letter. But, I couldn't. I was too nervous. So, I didn't exactly confront you. I just snogged you."

"Well, it works for me," he chuckles, amber eyes bright and dancing with happiness.

"Did you mean it?" I ask the childish question without thought.

"Mean what, love?" he asks, brushing a hand down my cheek.

"You said you loved me," I explain. He pauses.

"I did," he says. "I meant it with all my heart."

"You're such a cheese ball," I say, chuckling.

"I mean it!" he says, laughing quietly along with me. "It does sound very cheesy, doesn't it?"

"Yes," I say, plating a kiss on his lips. "Very cheesy."

"Sorry," he says, laughing again. He looks away and the light of the slowly setting sun catches his eye and makes it sparkle gold. "But I do love you."

"You mean it?" I ask, nuzzling into his chest.

"Of course," he says. "And, I don't expect you to say it back. I don't want to rush you into anything. We're only fourteen, after all."

"Yeah, we're young," I say. "So what?"

"You're right," he says. "So what."

After that, we lay in silence for a long while, just taking in each other's presence. I couldn't ask for anything more, so I just follow his example.

"Tonks?" he suddenly asks.

"Yes?" I answer, shifting again to meet his face.

"Why didn't you ever answer my letter?" he asks. "I'm not mad, I'm just curious."

"Well…" I explain. "I honestly couldn't decide on what to answer. That's a hard thing to reply to, Remus."

"Yeah," he says, laying his head down on the floor. "I agree. Sorry."

"Don't say sorry," I say, inching up to meet his eyes again. "If you wouldn't have sent that, this wouldn't have happened." I lay another kiss on his lips.

"You're right," he says, smiling contently.

"Well, it would've happened eventually," I say, laying my head back on his chest.

"That's what everyone said," he says, chuckling. "'When are Remus and Tonks going to get together?'"

"You heard that?" I question.

"Well, from a few people," he explains.

"Like who?"

"James and Sirius," he says. "Peter too."

"Anyone else?"

"Eh, a few other people," he says, trailing a hand up and down my back. "Now, get some rest."

"Why?" I whine.

"We have a big week ahead of us," he explains, planting a kiss in my hair. "We're going to have a ton of people on our cases, asking questions."


"'When did you two become a couple?'"


*Remus's POV*

"When did you two become a couple?" Severus Snape sneers at us as we walk hand and hand down a corridor between classes.

"You didn't hear the news, Snivelly?" Sirius taunts, turning back to face the black-haired Slytherin.

"No," Snape spats back.

"Well, you must've been too busy playing with your potions set," James adds, chuckling with Sirius.

"Leave him alone!" we hear for about the billionth time. Lily Evans pushes herself through the crowd to where James and Sirius are facing a sneering Snape. Tonks and I, the instigators of the problem, have been pushed to the back of the gathering crowd.

"Evans!" Sirius exclaims. "Get out of here!"

"Leave him alone, I said!" she says, voice full of malice. The bell rings, but no one makes to leave.

"I can't see!" she mutters to me. I glance around, then spot a bench to our left.

"This way," I say, leading her over to it.

"Hey, we didn't start this, this time!" James says, taking a step closer to the center of the circle of people. Tonks and I now tower above the crowd, standing smartly on the bench.

"Yeah, it was Snivelly's fault!" Sirius exclaims.

"So what?" Lily says, snorting in indignation. "You could've let it go!"

"He was taunting our friends," James says, trying to patch up this little incident. When Lily is involved, he doesn't like for the problem to escalate like this.

"Still, you could've dropped it," she says, hands on her hips, wand in hand, ready to hex anyone in her way.

"What's going on over here?" we suddenly hear down the corridor. Tonks and I jump off the bench as Professor McGonagall wades through the crowd to the center of the circle.

"Nothing, Minnie," Sirius says, charmingly trying to cover up the incident.

"Mr. Black, I already warned you not to call me that," she says, voice ice cold. "And you, Miss Evans, I would've never expected you to be in the middle of a problem like this in the first week of school. For shame."

Lily drops her head and backs into the crowd next to Snape.

"Detention, you three," McGonagall says. James and Sirius make to argue, but are cut off by: "Don't even try to worm your way out of this. Move along, everyone, to your next class!"

Tonks and I wade over to James and Sirius, who look slightly crestfallen.

"Lily will never speak to me again," James mutters, kicking an abandoned quill on the floor.

"Yes, she will," Tonks says, patting his shoulder affectionately.

"Ugh, I hate Snivelly!" Sirius exclaims, going to retrieve his bag. "He taunts you two, then goes off on us!"

"It's fine, Sirius," I say, trying to calm my best mate as I grab my new girlfriend's hand again.

"Well, it's best if we don't stick around here," Peter says, leading the way to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

"Yeah, come on," James says, following suit.

Tonks and I bring up the rear. Yes, it's been an interesting first week. And surely, many more interesting things await us. But, it's all worth it when I have my favorite girl by my side.



Hmmm… I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you guys the name of the movie yet! But, I'm just an extra, so I'll tell you guys sooner or later! Maybe in the next update!

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