I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 53

I think you end up doing the stuff you were supposed to do at the time you were supposed to do it. -Robert Downey Jr.


*Tonks's POV*

The morning of the trip to Hogsmede dawns unseasonably chilly and dark. The grey clouds hang low in the sky, ready to open up and drench us all in a second.

"This weather sucks," I complain as we pull on hoodies and scarves in the dorm.

"I know," Lily agrees. "Way to spoil our day."

Lydia snorts and continues with her make up. I throw my bag over my shoulder and take a look in the mirror.

"Maybe I shouldn't be wearing these pants," I muse, glancing down at my jean shorts.

"Yeah, I considered throwing a pair of jeans on, too," Lily says.

"Nah," I say, walking away from the mirror. "I'll be fine."

Five minutes later, we've finally gotten ready and are heading down the stairs into the common room.

"Hey chickadee," Sirius calls from the window.

"Sirius?" I question. The boys were all supposed to be out playing a mock Quidditch game today with a few other boys from Gryffindor. Well, with the exception of Remus; he's upstairs sleeping in their dorm. "What happened to the game today?"

"Ah, it got canceled," he explains. "The weather."

"Oh…" I say, heart falling slightly. I had been secretly excited when the trip was announced to be today. I knew the boys would be busy and wouldn't be following me and my friends around. "Well what are you going to do?"

"It's rescheduled for tomorrow," he explains. "Hey, you're going to Hogsmede today, aren't you?"

"Yeah," I say.

"Why don't we come with you?" he asks, eyes lighting up. "Me, James, and Peter!"

"Sirius…" I say, struggling to find the right words; I didn't want to be mean and tell him he couldn't come with us. "It's kind of… a girl's day."


"Yanno…" I mumble. "We're gonna be trying on dresses, and talking about boys, and make up, and girl's things."

Okay, maybe that was a bit of a lie. We weren't going to be overly girly today, we never are. But the point is, we need a day to ourselves.

"Oh…." he says, expression falling, downtrodden. "Well I guess I'll just-"

"You know what?" I say, trying to patch things up. "Why don't you just come with us? We'll try to keep the girly-ness to a minimum."



"Thanks Tonksie!" he says, smiling brightly. "Let me go get James and Peter! Meet you guys in the entrance hall!"

"See you…"

As soon as he's gone, Lily and Lydia turn to me and give me the 'what-did-you-do-that-for' stare.

"Guys," I say, sighing. "He looked so sad when I said he couldn't come."

"Tonks, you know James and I don't get along," Lily says, making her way to the portrait hole. Me and Lydia follow.

"Can you be nice for a day, Lils?" I ask.

"If he is," she says, expression turning cold.

"Tell you what," I say. "I bet we can ward them off."

"What?" Lydia asks.

"Well, if we talk overly-girly about make up, and boys, and clothes, they'll get annoyed and go to the Three Broomsticks or something," I explain.

"That might be crazy enough to work," Lily says with a smile.

Not that I didn't want to spend time with the boys, it's just that I do need a girl's day every once in a while. I practically devote my entire existence to them. And now that they're trying to invade that aspect of my life, I have to do something about it. I feel slightly bad, but I think I have the right to one day with my girl friends.

Standing in the entrance hall waiting for the boys, Lily still fumes with anger. Her arms crossed, eyes narrowed, biting her lip; she looks hostile.

"Lils, calm down," I mutter. "It's like asking me to spend a day with Severus, I know I couldn't do it. But I would do it for you."

She throws me a sideways glance then starts to speak. But unfortunately, she's cut off.

"Hey ladies," James says, striding towards us with his usual swagger. "How did we get invited to grace you with our presences today?"

Lily snorts behind me.

"Oh…. Just, uh," I start, struggling again to find the right words. "Just to do something."

"Well thank you," he says. "Lydia right? Bennett's girl?"

"Yeah," Lydia says, blushing.

"Nice to meet you."

"Yes, introductions and all that," Sirius says, pushing past me to the oak front doors. "Let's go!"

So, following Sirius, we leave the light and warmth of the entrance hall to the outside world. The weather is almost like fall. A chilly breeze nips at our faces, a cold sun breaking between the clouds every once in a while. I now regret my choice of pants.

"It feels like it could be October, doesn't it?" Lily muses as we make our way to the front gates of the school.

"Exactly," James butts in. Lily rolls her eyes and speeds up ahead of us.

"Why does she hate me?" James mutters.

"I honestly don't know," I admit. "I've been trying to figure that out for years now."

"Thanks," he says, shrugging his shoulders. "I guess."

When we finally make it to Hogsmede, the first-choice dress shop is as crowded as it was last year, so we make our way to the one where we purchased our dresses before.

"I honestly like this one better," Lydia admits as we step in and feel a rush of warm air hit our faces. We hang up our coats and hoodies and then start to look around. In the first few minutes, James and Sirius actually make an effort to help us look. They pull dresses and make comments, but after that, they are no help whatsoever.

"Hey, James, d'you think I'd look good in this?" Sirius calls across the boutique holding up a silver ball gown.

"Hideous," James mutters, laughing. Lily rolls her eyes.

"We're going to try on our first rounds," she mutters, walking to the dressing rooms with Lydia. As soon as they're out of earshot, I turn on the boys.

"Stop it!" I whisper.

"What?!" James whispers back defensively. "We aren't doing anything!"

"Yes, you are!" I say in an undertone. "Stop goofing off, this is important to them!"

"Why aren't you getting a dress Tonksie?" Sirius asks.

"My mother already sent me one," I explain, stalking off to the dressing rooms as well.

"Why did she do that?"

"Because I'm awesome, that's why."

Lily and Lydia's first picks aren't my favorite; the three boys say they look nice.

"That's what all men say," Lily mutters, stalking back into her dressing room and pulling the curtain. I give Lydia the 'what's-her-problem' look and Lydia just shrugs.

We go through dozens of more dresses. I don't really like any of them, and again, the boys just say they like them all when asked their opinion. One time, Sirius even said:

"I don't particularly give a shit."

So, we went back to the racks, searching for the perfect one. Hours go by, and the boys are getting more and more restless.

"How do women do this all the time?" Sirius questions while the girls are changing. He's found himself a comfortable spot to lay on the floor, and James is slumped down all the way in his seat, zoning out.

"We do what we need to do, and right now, we need to find the right dresses," I explain, rolling my eyes.

"Ta-da!" Lily says, ripping back the curtain. James sits up immediately, eyes wide.

Lily is sporting a dark blue silk dress that hugs her body to her hips, then flares out straight to the bottom. The straps have jewels on them, and wrap around her neck. There is no back to the dress, just a blank empty space to right above her waist. There's one thick strap right over her shoulders, sparkling in the light. She looks amazing.

"Lily!" I exclaim, standing up. "This is the one!"

"I know!" she exclaims as well. "I absolutely love it!"

"You look… fantastic," James mutters, practically drooling. Lily blushes.

"Thanks Potter."


Lydia then pulls back her curtains and steps out in a orange cocktail dress; it doesn't impress me.

"Wow, Lily you look amazing!" she exclaims.

Lily then goes to change back into her street clothes and Lydia goes to change into yet another dress.

"Sirius," James whispers quite loudly. "What I just pulled back the curtain right now?"

"You need to learn how to whisper," I mutter, shaking my head. "You pig."

"I just joking, Tonksie," he says with a nervous laugh.

"I'm sure you were."

Lily comes out with the dress and goes to pay for it. Thankfully, Lydia's next dress is the one: a green ball gown with beads all over the bodice. She goes to pay as well.

"Well that was torture," Sirius says, standing up.

"It's what us women like to do," I say, chuckling.

"Tonks, you don't strike me as a girl who likes to do stuff like this," James says.

"Well, I'm really not," I say. "I'm glad my mum spared me having to do this. I came for Lily and Lydia."

We meet them at the front of the store and brace ourselves to step back out into the terrible weather.

"It's five o'clock already!" Sirius exclaims, checking his watch.

"I need a drink," James complains.

"Off to the Three Broomsticks then?" Peter suggests.

"Might as well!" I say, and we head off for the tavern.


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