I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 57

"Love is like Pi: natural, irrational, and very important." - Lisa Hoffman


*Tonks's POV*

As soon as I wake the next morning, my first thoughts bring me right back to those precious moments at the ball. His one good arm around my waist, my head glued to his chest, taking in the warmth radiating off his body. He whispered "I love you" just before the last song ended, and in that moment, I felt as if the world stopped turning, and only Remus and I existed. There was no such thing as lycanthropy. There was no such thing as jealously, hatred, or pain. Just love.

I feel a shiver run down my spine and I close my eyes, savoring the moment for as long as I could. I then sit up and pull back my bed curtains to let golden morning sunlight flood my bed. I smile; it's a beautiful day.

My bare feet slide out of bed and onto the cold stone floor. I pad silently to the window to examine the morning. Huge, fluffy white clouds take up half the sky, while the other half is an iridescent blue. The Black Lake could be mistaken for a lake full of diamonds.

"What time is it?" someone grumbles behind me. I turn around to see Lily peeking out of her curtains, hair frumpled. I grin.

"I don't know," I admit. "Maybe 9?"

Lily rubs her eyes then glances over at the alarm clock on her bedside table.

"It's noon," she says, eyes widening a little. "Did we really sleep in this late?"

"Must've," I muse, turning back to the window. "How was the ball last night? Did you and Dean get a long?"

"Of course we did," Lily says, getting up and joining me at the window. "He's a… really great guy."

I look over to see her blushing and smiling widely.

"You really like him, eh?"

"So much," she gushes, giggling.

"Sorry I didn't spent more time with you guys," I say, feeling a bit disappointed with myself.

"Don't worry about it, Tonks," she assures me. "You and Remus looked like you were having too much fun."

"We did," I say, blushing almost as much as Lily.

"You two are really cute together," she muses, leaning her head against the wall. "The way he looks at you… it's just incredible."

"What do you mean?"

"Just… I can't even describe it!" she says, looking over at me. "It's like you two are one person. And you guys just look like you're so in love. I think everyone wishes they had something like that."

I smile to myself, blushing. I believe everything she said.

"Thanks, Lils," I say, smiling over at her.

"You're welcome, Tonks," she says, smiling back. "Now, come one. Let's enjoy our last day."


*Remus's POV*

I am sitting on the edge of my bed, my head leaned up against one of the posts, drinking a coffee, listening to James and Sirius discuss last nights events. I'll admit it, I partied too hard.

"How did you and May get along?" Sirius asks.

"Fine," James says, grinning a bit. As he goes off into a story about his time last night, my mind wanders.

I was so not ready to get up this morning. It felt like I gone through another full moon to be honest. I was just that exhausted. I think I might've threatened James and Sirius that:

"If you try to wake me up one more time, I'll shove a stick up your butt."

Or so, that's they told me. I was too out of it to remember.

But I had eventually gotten up, and as an apology for waking me, James had snuck down to the kitchen to retrieve me a coffee, and I forgave them.

"Do you think she was lying, Moony? You're the smart one," James asks me.

"I'm sorry," I mumble, taking another sip of coffee. "I wasn't paying attention."

"We forgot your brain doesn't work when you wake up early," Sirius says, chuckling.

"No, it does not," I agree, downing the rest of the sweet, caffeinated liquid.

"So, how did your date with Scarlet go?" James asks Sirius. I glance over at him to see his expression change from nonchalant, to a mischievous smirk.

"Well, let's just say we hit it off," he says, leaning back on one elbow on the floor. I turn to face the post, closing my eyes against it. I don't particularly want to hear this story.

"What happened?" James asks.

"Well, we danced for about two songs," he says, reminiscing. "Then we… uh… left."

"I saw you two leaving!" James says. "Where did you go?"

"A broom cupboard."

"No you didn't!" James exclaims.

"Yeah, we did!" Sirius assures.

"And what happened in there?" James asks.

"Well…" Sirius starts, searching for the right words. He pauses. "We didn't go all the way, if you know what I mean."

"Thank God, Sirius Black is still a virgin," I say sarcastically from my spot on the bed. "Because if not, it would've turned into a huge deal. Everyone would know."

"You little git, you," Sirius says, throwing a Bertie Bott's bean at me.

"Leave me alone, I'm just a poor werewolf," I whine.

"Go back to bed, lover boy," James says. I make a face. "Oh don't make faces, we saw you with Tonks last night, don't think we didn't."

I groan as a response.

"I must admit, it was quite cute," Sirius says, chuckling.

"I know!" James agrees. "Did you see them during the last dance?"

"Well, I was a bit preoccupied then," Sirius says, alluding to his activities with Scarlet.

"Oh," James says. "Right."

"But I can imagine it!" Sirius goes on. "Come here, I'll be Tonks, you'll be Remus."

I sit up to watch this occur. James stands, meeting Sirius right in front of my bed.

"Now, I'll bet Tonks was like this," he says, wrapping his arms around James's neck, laying his head on his shoulder. Sirius is almost taller than James so this is quite funny.

"And Remus was like this," James adds, placing his hands around Sirius's waist, almost exactly how Tonks and I had been, but we weren't as creepy.

"And then she was all I love you, Remus!" Sirius says in a falsetto voice, head still glued to James's shoulder.

"I love you too, Tonks!" James responds, obviously trying to sound like me. I start to crack up.

"Then they make out, the end," Sirius says, pulling away from James. "Sorry mate, but I can't admit I'm secure enough with my sexuality to make out with you."

"Oh believe me, I'm not either."



I sometimes question why they're my friends, then I remember I can't live without them.


*Tonks's POV*

His head lays in my lap, eyes closed. A breeze blows through the trees and ruffles his hair in his sleep. I hide a smile.

The boys and I had decided to spend this beautiful day down by the lake, under our tree. After all, tomorrow, we would be boarding the Hogwarts Express to go home. Sirius hangs from one of the low branches, throwing clumps of leaves down at Peter, who keeps insisting that he stops. James is sitting writing poetry for Lily. He announced that he was going to write her a hundred poems this summer, so he might as well start now.

As for me and Remus, we had distanced ourselves away from this madness. The ball had definitely taken a toll on him, so as soon as he got the chance, he fell right asleep. I reach down and loosen his red and gold tie for him, and unbutton a few buttons on his shirt, just so he's more comfortable. He smiles slightly in his sleep.

"Hey, chickadee, come here!" Sirius calls.

"I'm a little busy!" I call back, rolling my eyes.

"Put the boy's head down and come here!" he demands. So, ever so gently, I lay Remus's head down in the grass and walk over to where Sirius sits in the tree.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"No need to sound so rude, chickadee," he says, smirking.

"Sorry," I mutter, shaking my head at myself. "I mean, what would you like?"

"Better," he says. "Can you climb this tree?"

"Pssh," I shrug. "Of course I can."

"Then show me, miss graceful," he says, jumping down.

"Wait, that's what you called me over for?" I ask incredulously.

"Yeah!" he says, walking over to stand by James.

"You've got to be kidding me," I mutter.

"Nah, I'm not," Sirius says. "Go."

"Fine," I give in. I jump up and wrap my arms around the lowest branch and begin my climb. Now, knowing me, you would expect this to be quite difficult. But, quite the contrary. I had grown up climbing trees, always tagging behind Sasha and Aaron. Practically, the only outdoor activity I was good at was climbing trees. I shot right up that tree and left James and Sirius with their jaws hanging wide open.

"How do you do that, chickadee?!" Sirius calls up.

"I've always been able to!" I answer. Finally, I reach the top. Bright, white sunlight hits me straight in the face and warms my body. I feel like I'm on top of the world, floating in a cloud of green leaves. I look down to see James and Sirius shading their eyes to get a look at me, and I chuckle.

I suddenly feel as if this is as perfect as life is going to get. My stomach boils with happiness, and throw my arms up like wings, like I'm flying. I let my body absorb the sunlight, a huge smile on my face.

Yes, this is what a perfect life is, no doubt about it.


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