I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 59

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."-Kahlil Gibran, 'The Vision'


*Tonks's POV*

September 1st arrives out of nowhere. One day, it's summer, and you don't have a care in the world, just doing whatever you please; the next, your parents are dragging you off to Diagon Alley to pick up school supplies; and the next, you wake up and realize that you have to go to school today.

As I pack my trunk, it pains me to think about being in 5th year already. I'll be taking O.W.L.s this year, and that won't be any fun, no doubt. Growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be. I yearn for the days before my first year, when there was no talk about war, or hard tests that determine your future, or anything like that. Then again, I wouldn't be with Remus if it was that time, would I?

When everything is packed away as neatly as it's going to get, which isn't very neat, mind you, I slam my trunk and drag it down the stairs thump thump thump.

"Please, pick up your trunk!" I hear Sasha yell from the kitchen where he's making himself and Alice breakfast. "For God's sakes, you'll wake up all of England!"

"Shut it, Sash," I mutter as I enter, leaving my trunk by the back door; I retreat to my room again and get ready.

Like I had told Remus, my hair is a wavy bleach blonde that falls to my shoulders today. I quite like it, but it is nothing compared to the madness that was my hair from last September 1st. I throw on a t-shirt and a pair of light washed jeans, something you could call my signature look. My make-up flies on, then I rush from the room.

"There you are, sis," Aaron says as I enter the kitchen, pulling on my black converses. "Dad's in the car already, you know how he is."

"I'm usually never late," I lament as I grab a piece of toast, and burst out the back door.

"I know, this is so unlike you," Aaron says, smirking. "Trying to look pretty today for your one-year anniversary?"


"My what?"

"Your one-year anniversary with Remus?" he says as we reach the car.

"That's today isn't it?" I mutter to myself as I pull open the door; I freeze with my hand on the handle.

"Tonks, get in!" my father yells from the driver seat. I quickly slide in, still astonished at myself. How could I have forgotten? Wasn't it usually the male's job to forget? Well, I had broken that cliché.

The ride to King's Cross is slow and quiet. I just sit there, twiddling my wand between my fingers, watching cars go by and thinking about how I am going to fix this anniversary mess. Again, this is so unlike me, it's unreal! I guess I was just so caught up in the euphoria of actually being in love, that the thought of an anniversary didn't even occur to me.

We wheel our trunks into the station, then get onto Platform 9 ¾. The scarlet steam engine shines brightly in the morning sun, beckoning me to jump on and never look back; when this thought occurs to me, I forget all the negative things about school, and actually become excited. After all, you're only a fifth year once. My father jolts be back into reality by telling me to get my ass over to the luggage compartment before the train leaves without me.

"Have a good year, Nymphadora," my mother says, hugging me tightly. We share a small moment as she looks at me with adoration. Something to the left catches her attention and she bursts into tears at the sight of Aaron. "Oh! My little boy all grown up!"

My father, Sasha, and Alice then say goodbye to me as well, and Aaron and I board the Hogwarts Express. The figures on the platform become smaller and smaller as the train pulls out of the station. Soon, they're just little ants waving us goodbye before they disappear completely.

"God, I thought she was never going to let me go!" Aaron mutters, straightening his jacket as the train makes the bend.

"Did she do that to Sasha?" I ask as we start down the train.

"Oh most definitely."


*Remus's POV*

This year, I had no problem waking up to go to King's Cross. I was beyond ready; I hadn't seen my beautiful girlfriend in two months, I couldn't wait to get to school! I had her present tucked neatly away in an inside pocket of my coat, ready to give to her whenever it was time.

Breakfast was quiet and awkward. Kevin wouldn't be there to send us off this year, which I had no problem with, but this made Elizabeth a million times more anxious than she usually is. If I so much as looked at her, she would let out a small whimper; I would just roll my eyes.

For the first time, I notice something new about Oliver; he is actually wearing a golden ring on his left hand. This makes me smile to think about he and Alisa. I went to visit her for a second time about two weeks ago. I got to spend more time with her, and hear about their past. They told me the story of when Alisa found out Oliver was a wizard; it was quite funny.

Just before we leave, I slip into Oliver's room where he is locking up his trunk.

"You're wearing your ring today," I point out. "I didn't even know you had rings."

"We do," he says, looking down at it fondly. "We just choose not to wear them. Alisa has to go to school, too, you know. Our whole relationship is on the down-low."

"I knew that," I say, sitting on his bed. "But why wear the ring today?"

"I'm hoping the wizarding community will be a bit more forgiving about young love," he says, sitting next to me. "It just… sucks. I know no one would take us seriously. If we come out into the open about it, people are just going to look at us and think we're just dumb kids. But think about this, what if, in a few years, you want to marry Tonks?"

This makes me squirm.

"People would most definitely not take you seriously. How would that make you feel?" he finishes.

"Terrible," I admit.

"So I guess you could say this ring is meant as a bit of… a rebellion. People need to take us seriously, so I'm trying to show them we're serious."

With that, he stands up and drags his trunk from the room. I sit there in silence, processing what he just said. That would suck, not being able to marry someone just because the world thinks you're incapable of love, just because you're young. That's the main point Oliver is trying to make. And I support every inch of it.

We all pile into the family car, and I check my coat pocket to make sure the present is still in there and once again, it is. I already know how paranoid I'm going to be all day, trying to make sure I don't loose it.

The drive to King's Cross consists of Oliver and my parents arguing. Oliver had just mentioned in passing something about a wizard and a Muggle getting married, and you would have thought he said he was going to snap his wand in half and become one. My father went on a 20 minute rant about mixing bloods, and the whole time, Oliver's face shone bright red, and he played with his engagement ring nervously.

Getting to King's Cross is such a relief. I have to get my own trolley because my father insists that he help Olivia, but as I do so, I leave my family behind and walk with pride to the Platform by myself. I cross the barrier by myself, put my luggage away by myself, and find a seat by myself. I watch them congregate on the platform, saying goodbye and good luck to Olivia. I feel a pang of sadness when it comes to Olivia, but I couldn't have spent one more minute with them. Besides, I needed to know what it felt like to be independent.


*Tonks's POV*

"There you are!" I exclaim, passing the compartment he occupies. He looks over wildly at me, his amber eyes lighting up and his face splitting into a smile. Then, he jumps up and grabs me, pulling me into the compartment and spinning me around, holding on to me as tight as he can. When he sets me down, he lays his forehead on mine, and we just stand there for that moment in time, eyes closed, enjoying each other.

"I missed you," he murmurs suddenly.

"I missed you, too," I say, smiling. All of a sudden, I feel his lips caress mine, and I feel as if I'm on cloud nine.

"Happy one-year anniversary," he says when we part. I open my eyes and see him looking down at me adoringly.

"Happy anniversary to you, too," I say, chuckling out of pure bliss. "It's crazy, isn't it? We've been together for a year now."

"I would say that's an accomplishment," he says, pulling me to sit down. I curl up in his lap, my head rested in the crook of his shoulder. We sit in silence for a few minutes.

"I have a present for you," he says, adjusting himself so he can get something out of his pocket.

"Oh, Remus," I say, flustered. "I knew you would do something like that."

"Well, you're going to take it, because I have it right here," he says, showing me a small, velvet gray box. "And yes, you have to take it."

"What is it?"

"Open it and see," he says, chuckling. So I do.

Inside, there lays a small, silver, circular pendant. The whole thing is covered in little diamonds, with one big diamond off to the side. Connected to this pendant is a thin silver chain. I pick it up and rub it in between my fingers in awe; I have never seen anything so beautiful.

"Do you see what it looks like?" he asks, watching me closely, smiling.

I take a harder look at this gorgeous piece of jewelry and notice that it resembles a full moon. My jaw drops and I feel tears well up in my eyes.

"I… love it," I say, rubbing my thumb over the surface of the silvery moon; strangely, it makes me feel like I am more connected to Remus than ever before.

"Now," he says, undoing it and putting it around my neck. "You'll always have a piece of me with you."

"It's amazing," I say, freely crying now.

"Why are you crying, sweetheart?" he asks, wiping away a tear. "You look beautiful."

"It just means so much," I say, trying to pull myself together. "And I didn't get you anything."

"I don't care about that," he says, leaning his forehead against mine again. "All I care about is you."

"I love you," I say, kissing him lightly again. "So much."

"I love you, too, darling," he says, beaming.


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