I Love You More than Myself Part One

Chapter 76

Happy One Year Anniversary.


*Remus's POV*

A new kind of relationship. Yeah, that about sums it up. I learned so much not only about her, but about myself as well. Although I like to consider myself a mature person, I think I matured as well; I felt myself grow up and, for lack of a better term, become a man. Yes, things are different now, but they are so much better and more beautiful than before.

Things got better after that one night in early March. Our relationship got stronger, we became closer and more open to one another, and maybe it was a coincidence, but the war seemed to stand still, right in its tracks. The newspaper stopped publishing horrible stories about death and destruction, and more about what the resistance was doing to stop it. The world outside was slowly coming back to life, and sunlight flooded the castle, raising everyone's hopes and spirits.

I feel content with my life; my brother is happy and healthy, my friends stick by my side, and my beautiful girlfriend and I have a wonderful, renewed relationship. Days go by, and I'm so busy exploring the benefits of this wonderful new life, that I can barely keep track of the time. One morning, I'm not awoken by my alarm like I usually am, but by hushed whispers surrounding my bed.

"Shush, James, you'll wake him."

"He's probably already awake because of you."



"Wormtail, stop stomping on my foot."


"Do you have the confetti ready?"

"Of course I have the confetti ready."

"I was just checking."


"I said I was sorry!"

"Would you shut up already?" I moan, opening my eyes groggily; three large, human-like blurs surround my bed. I blink several times, and see James, Sirius, and Peter come into focus.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOONY!" they all exclaim simultaneously. Sirius throws confetti at my face and Peter blows one of those party noise makers. I flinch and close my eyes, not ready to have all this commotion so early in the morning.

"Thank you?" I mutter, tentatively opening my eyes. I reach up and wipe confetti off my face. "It's my birthday?"

"The 10th?" James asks, looking down at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah…" I say, unsure. I get out of bed and walk over to the Hot Chicks with Baby Animals calendar (Sirius insisted) that we have pinned to the wall by the door. Sure enough, it's the 10th of March, 1977. "Wow."

"You forgot your own birthday?" James asks, chuckling. I turn around to see the three of them looking at me curiously.

"Suppose I did," I admit, laughing at my own stupidity. "I guess there's just so much going on-"

"You're too busy f-"

"Don't even say it," I say, covering my eyes and holding out a hand at Sirius to stop him. "I know what you were going to say."

I lower my hand as he chuckles mischievously.

"Not true, by the way," I say, walking back to sit on my bed.

"Well," James says, turning the attention back to me. "We have a whole day of fun planned out for you!"

"This should be interesting," I mutter under my breath, looking up James and Sirius.

"AND," Sirius starts. "It's all a surprise."

"Guys, you didn't have to-"

"Oh, but we did!" James cuts me off. "It's not everyday that you're best mate turns of age!"

"Break out the Firewhiskey!" Sirius exclaims, scuttling off to grab the spare bottle they keep in the bedside cabinet.

"Day drinking," James muses as Sirius fills up his cup. "My favorite."

"I shouldn't," I say, pushing away the filled cup Sirius is handing to me.

"You're of age now!" James argues. "At least you can drink legally."

I sigh, taking the mug from Sirius begrudgingly.

"To Remus John Lupin-" James says, raising his mug; we all follow suit. "-a great friend, boyfriend, and the cutest little werewolf I've ever seen."

I chuckle as I bring the mug to my lips and take a drink. It's cold, yet somehow hot; it burns down my throat, giving my stomach a warm feeling and a pleasant lightheadedness to my brain.

"Remember when we first met you?" James asks, draining his mug in one gulp. He reaches for the bottle placed at the end of my bed. "You were such a scrawny little git."

"Was I?" I ask, chuckling. I take another sip. "I was scared out of my mind."

"We all were," Sirius assures me. "James and I just showed it differently than you."

"Differently, as in being overconfident and obnoxious?" I ask, chuckling. Sirius throws me a dirty look.

"I suppose…." he says slowly, bring the mug to his lips so he didn't have to talk anymore.

"Thanks guys," I say, setting my empty mug down in my lap. "For making these last six years the best of my life."


*Later that night*

The 'day of fun' planned by James and Sirius turned out to be … well, fun, actually. At breakfast, they got their hands on some sparklers and put them in my waffles as they got everyone at our table to sing Happy Birthday to me. They made sure all classes were interesting that day, either by asking the teacher ridiculous questions, or blowing up their cauldrons in potions, or even transfiguring McGonagall's pointed hat into an owl; she didn't even notice, and kept asking why the whole class was laughing.

They end the day by throwing a huge party for me in the Gryffindor common room. They bring full course meals back from The Three Broomsticks and multiple bottles of Firewhiskey; they decorate the whole room in red and gold banners, streamers, and confetti; they even get a cake (from where, I have no idea) that has Happy Birthday Remus! written on it in red icing. I feel a little embarrassed about all the fuss over me, but I'm beyond thankful.

People who've never talked to me before in my life are coming up to me and wishing me a happy birthday. I used to be known as 'that tall bloke who hangs around James and Sirius' or 'Nymphadora Tonks's boyfriend.' Now, people actually know me by my name.

"Happy Birthday, Remus!" some black-haired 7th year exclaims, wrapping her arms around my neck, then scampering off to get more Firewhiskey.

"You're a celebrity now, aren't you?" Tonks chuckles from my side.

"It feels like it," I muse, turning back to her after the shock wore off. I wrap my arm around her shoulders, her head on my chest.

The furniture has been pushed off to the sides of the room to make a huge dance floor, and it's packed; Sirius put a charm on the old radio in the corner to make it louder, and it's playing the best songs. The refreshment table is off to the right, and Tonks and I are stationed on the other side of the room, by the windows. We've taken refuge on a couch after dancing for a few songs, for I was getting tired; the full moon is only a few days off.

"Well, I'm glad to know I'm dating a celebrity," she says playfully, tracing patterns in my sweater absentmindedly with her finger. I lean over and kiss her hair before speaking.

"Well I'm dating a model," I say. She blushes, looking up at me with wide eyes.

"I am not," she says, smirking.

"You are, too," I insist, grabbing a lock of her pink hair and twirling it around my finger. She doesn't respond, but blushes even brighter.

"Guys!" we hear Sirius call through the crowd. He pushes past a group of dancing 5th years to find us on our couch. "Some party, eh?"

I can smell the alcohol on him. "Sirius, you need to stop with the Firewhiskey," I say, pinching my nose.

"I only get drunk at parties, Moony," he assures me quite sloppily, slurring his words.

"Yes," I say, rolling my eyes. "And you get a little too drunk."

"Killjoy," he spats in my direction. I flinch, irritated. "Anyway, 'ave you seen Scarlet?"

"No," Tonks pipes up. "I believe she's in the dorm with May though."

"Good," he says, wiping whiskey off his lips. "I've gotta go see 'er."

"You, uh…" I start, watching his retreating figure. "Have fun with that…"

"He likes his Firewhiskey a little too much," Tonks says, chuckling.

"Just a little," I add, chuckling a long with her. We've both only had about one glass, but I can still feel the effects it has on my mental state.

"Don't even talk to me!" Lily's voice suddenly screeches across the room. Remus and I whip our heads around to see her bolting up the staircase to the girl's dorms, and Dean Jackson standing hopelessly at the foot of those stairs. No one else seemed to have noticed, so we turn back around and pretend not to have seen anything.

"Do you think they're fighting?" I whisper.

"No duh," she whispers back; I give her a look.

"I was just asking," I say, and she grimaces.

"Woah," James says, finding our hidden oasis as well. "Did you just see Evans-"

"Yes," Tonks says, frowning. "I guess we weren't the only ones to notice."

"What happened?" I ask, looking expectantly up at James.

"Hell if I know," he says, taking a seat on the other side of Tonks. "I just watched them have a spat in the corner, then Evans ran off."

The three of us stay silent for a moment until Peter wanders over, taking a seat next to James.

"Welcome, Wormtail," he says, patting him on the back. "We were just discussing the lovely-"

"I'm going to see if she's alright," Tonks suddenly announces, standing up. "I'll be back." She leans down and places a peck on my lips before retreating to the dormitory.

"I hope she comes back alive," James muses, taking another sip from his mug. "Evans looked lethal."

"I'm sure she can handle herself," I say, picking at a loose thread in the couch's flowery upholstery.

We stay silent for a moment, observing the party going on around us.

"Where's Sirius?" Peter suddenly pipes up.

"He went looking for Scarlet up in her dormitory," I explain. "But he's blackout drunk, so I don't think he remembers the curse on the stairs."

"Why is he looking for Scarlet?" James asks.

"Who knows," I admit, sighing.

Suddenly, as if on cue, Scarlet comes flying down the staircase, tears in her eyes, heading for the portrait hole. Her sweatpants and hoodie look messy, her hair thrown up on top of her head; this can't be the Scarlet I remember, who always looked so made up and seductive. Sirius is quickly on her tail, running behind her, Surprisingly, his speech is much improved, as if something made him sober up a bit in a few minutes. He still runs a little awkwardly, tripping over his own feet a few times.

"Scarlet!" he calls, pushing past people in the crowd to follow after her. "Come back here! We need to talk!"

He reaches the portrait hole and climbs through it, the whole room staring after him. No one talks or moves for a few seconds, shocked at what they had just witnessed. Then, someone turns the radio back on, and they start to dance once more.

"What the hell is happening tonight?" James asks incredulously to my right.

"I have no idea," I answer, shrugging.


Happy One Year Anniversary I Love You More Than Myself!

Guys, can you believe it?! It's been whole year! You've stuck with me through every update, plot twist, and character! You've stuck with me through every show, every film, every time I took forever to update! You've been there every time James or Sirius said 'mate' or I used the word 'incredulous.' You've been there every time Remus mentally beat himself up, you've been there every time Tonks changed her hair color. You've been with me on this journey for a whole year, and I can't thank you enough.

So, Remus's party wasn't only for Remus. It was for this corner of fan fiction as well. It was a party celebrating one year of this story! How crazy!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas (although I'm a bit late)! I hope you all had a wonderful day! :D

I am so beyond thankful for all of you reviewers. Here's to another great year, because I'll probably still be writing then!



Ps. This is incredibly random, but I watched the Sherlock Holmes movie yesterday. Am I the only one to think that Watson so reminds me of Remus and Sherlock is like James and Sirius combined? Discuss.

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