More Than A One Night Stand


"That's it Bella, now just do five more repetitions and we can call it a day." It was cool how he was really into his job, but he was a bit too dedicated in my opinion. I did my final five repetitions and sighed with relief when I was finished; I was thankful I was using a machine that happened to have a chair with a back to it. This was my fifth workout session and I expected to feel a bit more energetic or at least happy to be doing this, but I couldn't feel that anything was different. Edward said he could tell a big difference in my stamina – the innuendo about my stamina was not lost on me.

During my last session, Edward told me that if I was truly serious about getting into better shape that I would need to eat healthier; something I thought I was already doing, but ok. Edward made the decision to cut my workout short today because he wanted to take me shopping. Now, to any regular person you would think that he meant he was going to show me what all I should and shouldn't eat then I would go through the checkout and go home.

No, this man took me aisle by aisle and showed me the Nutritional Facts on each container of food practically and then about five aisles into the store he started quizzing me on them and I was actually starting to grow a bit tired of his method of teaching.

Not even joking, it took us over two and a half hours to go through the store.


We spent all that time just walking around the store and he was telling me the difference between different kinds of fats in foods. Don't even get me started on the fact that I am no longer allowed to have my daily caffeine fix from Starbucks! I did my best to try and negotiate to having my iced mocha coffee at least three times a week, but still Edward didn't budge. If I was serious about working out I needed to be committed fully – I swear it's all or nothing with this man.

I was tempted to make small talk on the short ride back to the apartment, but nothing actually stuck. I casually flipped through different radio stations, but quickly gave up. The next thing out of my mouth was a bit forward – at least for me it was. "So how did you even decide to start a personal training business? I mean did you just wake up one morning and was like, "I think I'll become a personal trainer." Seriously, what made you decide to become a personal trainer? Couldn't hack it in med school?" I should've stopped at the teasing about being a personal trainer; the mere mention of medical school drastically changed Edward's happy demeanor. I could see his eyes darken and his grip tighten on the steering wheel. I immediately apologized and told him that I was only teasing him, and that he didn't have to answer if he didn't want to. It was my lame attempt at an apology and to give him an out.

Edward remained silent and didn't speak the rest of the ride back to the apartment building. It wasn't until I was gathering my things and about to grab the door handle that he finally spoke.

"My father…he's a doctor. He wanted me to go to medical school too, and I planned on going to make him happy. I was about halfway through medical school when I realized that I didn't want to become a doctor. I just wanted to please my father .I dropped out after my second year and decided to do things my own way for once. I went to school and got my degree. I'm now a licensed nutritionist as well as a certified personal trainer..."Wow, and here I thought that Edward was just a personal trainer because he liked working out and staying in shape. My expression must've said something else because Edward started walking away from me and towards the elevators. "Never mind…you wouldn't understand…"

I'm not even all that sure how I understood what Edward was trying to tell me, but I understood why he thought he had to drop out of medical school. His dad really wanted Edward to follow in his footsteps and he chose not to. He was still helping people like a doctor would, but he wasn't working long hours at a germ-riddled hospital. I also didn't need to be a genius to know Edward obviously had a rocky relationship with his parents.

"I get it."

Edward stopped mid-stride and turned around to face me. I could see that those three words helped him realize that he wasn't alone and that I could be a shoulder to lean on if he wanted it.

"You don't have to humor me Bella, you don't know me, and you don't even have all of the facts to even begin to try and understand why I am the way I am." I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him. He thought that he was damaged and not worth getting to know. It was just a front and I wasn't having any of it. I even made sure to tell him exactly that too.

"What, no "I'm not good for you Bella, I got too much baggage"? I mean seriously Edward, we've all got baggage. I'm married to someone that I don't think I've loved for a long time now, and I have two children. But you don't see me throwing myself a pity party and running away." I knew I was being a little harsh on him, but I wanted him to know that I wasn't going to walk away just because Edward wanted me to for my benefit.

"Wow, I really like this one Eddie; she's got a lot of spunk. She'll definitely give you a run for your money." I turned my head to see Emmett start doing some chin-ups. I couldn't hide my smile I was glad that somebody was on my side. I could tell that Edward was less than impressed, but he didn't broach the subject further. I wondered what he was thinking about that could make him do a complete 180˚ on the subject.

Emmett and I made small talk and he was the exact opposite of Edward, he would answer my questions without hesitation and he would be completely honest with me. I could definitely see Emmett and me becoming fast friends. There was one thing though that caught me a bit off guard, and that was that Emmett and Edward were bothers – adoptive brothers that is. From what Emmett said, his mother and Edward's mother had been best friends since childhood, and when he was eight his mother passed away from leukemia. Esme, Edward's mother, gladly accepted Emmett into their home and legally adopted him. Something ate at me though; not once did Emmett ever mention his father. It was possible that he either didn't know his father or maybe he skipped out when Emmett's mother got sick.

"So, are you and Rosalie sisters?" I couldn't hold back my laughter. Emmett obviously was not about to hold anything back and just make small talk – he was blunt and to the point. I told him the abbreviated version of how Rosalie and I are related. This definitely made Emmett happy and he began asking me what all of her likes were and what kind of food she liked to eat. I was fairly certain that he was pumping me for information so that he could ask her out. It didn't bother me though; Rosalie needed to get back out there. Ever since Royce broke off their engagement so that he could be with Dennis – yes Royce, her boyfriend of almost four years at the time, came out of the closet. It wouldn't have been such a big deal; if he hadn't decided to come out at the rehearsal dinner. So yeah, Rosalie's not been too eager to get back out into the dating world. It's been two years since the whole thing with Royce, but she's made sure to always stay single and not get into any type of relationship.

Emmett would definitely have his work cut out with Rosalie; she was a handful and could be a real diva when she wanted to be.

"Well, I am definitely not that big of a douchebag – shut up Edward!" Emmett said with a pointed finger at Edward who had taken a seat nearby doing some warm down stretches. "but I mean that I've got one thing going for me and that's that I'm not in the closet – I mean I don't have to be in the closet…ok well, you get what I'm trying to say." I did, but I decided to give him a hard time about his misuse of words. When Emmett was plenty flustered I quickly reassured him that I knew that he was as straight as they come. "I'm definitely going to like you being around now. You gonna try and loosen up Mr. Hard-ass over there?" He said jerking his chin over at his brother. I shrugged my shoulders and told him I could only do so much. Emmett agreed and said that he saw something in me that Edward needed in his life. What that was exactly he wouldn't tell me – even after I threatened to tell Rosalie that he was planning to ask her out. I gave in and decided to let it be a mystery.

I checked the time on my phone and I still had time before I had to pick Alex up from daycare and decided to stop by and see how Garrett was at work. I called ahead and let his secretary know I was going to stop by, and her breathing sounded a bit labored. I hoped she wasn't catching something that could be contagious. I think I remember Garrett telling me her name was Katerina, or Katrina, something to that effect. According to Garrett she had a five year old son and the father was nonexistent, so her paycheck went all in to make sure that she could provide for her child.

The lobby was less packed than I remembered – it's been a few years since I've actually stepped foot in the main lobby. Whoever owns the building did a very nice job in renovating it; it had a modern vibe to it, the walls were white with black accents along the top and bottom of the walls. The paintings they had decorating the lobby weren't exactly my cup of tea, but they still served their purpose; to make the lobby look more refined and business-like. The receptionists' desk looked a lot more refined as well – they had a dark wood desk with a desktop that looked to resemble marble. I told the blonde sitting behind the desk who I was, and her eyes widened a bit, but pointed to her left and told me that his office was second door on the right side of the hallway. When I got there I saw Katrina, the secretary, come out of Garrett's office. I hoped she was feeling alright, her cheeks looked a bit flushed. The two of us exchanged hellos and Katrina told me that I could go ahead in. When I walked in I saw Garrett in his chair facing away from me at his computer – nothing I'm not already used to. I cleared my throat a bit, this seemed to stir him from whatever it was he was doing.

"Hi babe, um what brings you here? I thought your workout session thing didn't finish up until four?" Garrett said checking his watch. I shrugged and informed him that he and I decided to cut it short for today and that he took me shopping and showed me what all was healthy for me to eat and how to find out for myself. I wanted to smack the back of his head hard when I realized that as I was explaining what went on in my day today he was back to doing what it was that he was doing for a case. I knew that he had had his hands full with wrapping things up with the drug dealer case he had represented, but it would be nice if he even pretended to be listening to me.

Thank goodness he used the brains god gave him and quickly looked up a few minutes after I stopped talking. I saw the remorse in his eyes. He realized that he had gone back to working and wasn't listening to what I was telling him. Both he and I needed to work on this. I started again, and when I got to the eating healthier part Garrett put his two cents in about it; he seemed to think we eat healthy already. "That's what we hired Laurent for, Bells." Garrett told me. Yes, Laurent was a big help and that he made sure to use only the freshest ingredients in our meals. Well that was all well and good, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be the one to tell Laurent that he would not be allowed to use butter to grease the pans he cooked in. Laurent was very particular in his cooking methods – no one was to tell him how to cook his food. I was grateful that Garrett offered to talk to Laurent for me and try to politely tell him that he was no longer allowed to use so much butter in his recipes. I also hoped that Laurent would not get offended and threaten to leave.

"Well since you're here, why don't you and I go out to eat for dinner? We can give Laurent the night off as well as Victoria and James. We can take the kids with us; it can be the four of us – our little family." I liked this idea and gladly agreed. Garrett and I walked out of his office, but were stopped by his secretary. Her expression worried me a bit, would she be telling me that something came up and Garrett would have to cancel our dinner plans before we even made them? "Garrett that was Dion Carter, the drug dealer you represented last month, on the phone. He's very angry. He told me that he blames you for the fact that now he'll be in jail for the next five to ten years. Should we be worried?" I could see the apparent fear on Kate's face and I couldn't help but start to feel a bit worried myself. Would this crazy man try to go after my husband or my kids in retaliation? Garrett calmed both us down and told us there would be nothing to worry about and that this Dion character is just overreacting – today was the hearing not the actual trial. He wasn't sure if he could win the case, but he would definitely try his best. This Dion Carter dude didn't sound all that bright if he expected to have his charges dropped if he had been caught red handed trying to sell the drugs he claims he didn't even have on him.

Once everything was cleared up and I was assured that we wouldn't have to sleep with one eye open we picked the kids up and went to a very nice, very quaint restaurant. We were seated and served quickly. When it finally came time to go home and get the kids ready for bed the Valet that had been at the podium all but ran to Garrett and whispered something that obviously angered him. When the Valet left to go get the car I calmly asked him what was wrong and what Garrett told me I wasn't expecting at all. All four of the tires on Garrett's car were flat, windows were shattered, and numerous dents on the car, but the last thing Garrett told me confused me a bit. He told me that whoever vandalized the car had also spray painted a graffiti-style cobra on the hood of the car.

"A cobra is the symbol for the King Cobras – a very dangerous, very well known gang." I had almost wished Garrett didn't explain it to me. I didn't want to ask the next question, and thankfully I didn't have to, he confirmed that the drug dealer he had represented was part of one of Chicago's most dangerous gangs.

I covered my mouth when I set my sights on Garrett's car, it was a very nice car –had been a nice car. He called the police and filed a report, and he told me to take the kids home in a cab and that he would be home after he talked with the police.

The entire cab ride home I nearly snapped at Alex to please be quiet and to stop asking why 'daddy's car was smashed', but I didn't have to because Charlotte yelled at him to shut up for me. Though I was thankful for my little helper I had to politely scold her for telling her brother to shut up.

It wasn't until well near11:30pm that I was able to get the two of them to bed. Garrett texted me that he would be home soon and that I could go ahead and get ready for bed. I could tell that what happened to his car really shook Garrett up. He made a lot of money, and cherished all of his belongings he bought with it. His car was the one he was able to buy when he got the bonus for agreeing to work for Katz Criminal Law Firm. The car had a lot of sentimental value to him – I included.

When I got into bed and had just turned out the light I heard Garrett coming in the front door. I wanted to wait up and talk to him about what happened with the police, and ask if we should be worried about another attack, but sleep was coming hard and fast. I felt my eyelids grow heavy and I could vaguely make out what he was telling me as he slipped into bed next to me. Sleep came shortly after he told me that we didn't have anything else to worry about.

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