More Than A One Night Stand

Always the Last to Know (pt1)

"So tell me why you don't just hire a private detective to follow that lying-cheating S.O.B. – don't you dare tell me that just because you're screwing around with Edward. Because I will tell you right now that that doesn't matter. How many times have I had to listen to you complain about that man? How many times have I had to convince you that that idiot still loves you – even though I personally think you should just kick him to the curb" Alice spoke. I swear I wonder why I ever call her for advice. I love my sister I seriously do, but there were times I wanted to slap her hard against the head.

I had called to ask her opinion on whether or not I should be worried about what happened to Garrett's car last night, and somehow she thought that that was her way to weasel in a dig at him. Granted, the thought of hiring a private detective did cross my mind a time or two over the years, and what with the two questionable phone conversations I've overheard recently, the decision to make the phone call seemed clearer.

"Alice, I called you to ask you your opinion on the whether or not I should be worried about things escalating after last night. And before you even attempt to tell me otherwise, I will hang this phone up my dear sister." I smiled at the fact I actually sounded convincing – Alice usually saw right through my attempts and made it a point to call me out on them too.

"Fine, I will stay on topic, but just to let you know Jasper has a close friend who's a private detective and I'm sure he can get him to do this for a fair price." Of course she had to throw that in there as bait.

Could I really go through with this – hire a private detective to follow Garrett around and snoop into his financial records? I sighed and agreed that I would meet with this man. I could see if I wanted to go through with this and go from there.

"Perfect! His name is J. Jenks – and before you weenie out on me Bells, I set up a tentative meeting at the Starbucks there in Midlothian. I know I'm a little bit pushy – "

"A little bit Alice? That is the understatement of the century. What would you have done if I hadn't even agreed to the idea of hiring a private detective? Please don't tell me that you would've hired him anyway and not tell me." As the words left my mouth I realized that been exactly what my little sister would've done.I sighed in defeat and asked Alice for the day and time I was to meet with this J. Jenks fellow.

"He told me that he will be at the Starbucks today between three and four this afternoon – in the off chance you wanted to get the meeting over with. Honestly I'm not all that sure why he was so willing to meet right away, he is usually a fairly busy man." I had a few theories why this man wanted to quickly get this meeting over with, and one of them involved a certain short-haired pixie constantly butting her nose in where it didn't belong. Plus I had a feeling that Alice would constantly call this man and make sure that the date they scheduled was still ok and give him the information in every phone call. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see how Alice fixated on something she was very passionate about.

I looked at the time on my phone and saw it was quarter past three. If I was going to go through with this I'd better get going. I gathered my keys and sent a quick text to Victoria asking her if she would mind picking Charlotte up from school and picking Alex up early from preschool. When I got her reply that she wouldn't mind, I got in my car and headed to my meeting. There was an empty space in front of the café and when I walked in and ordered my drink. I knew that if Edward ever found out that I was cheating and ordering a coffee he would definitely punish me for it – but would that really be a bad thing?

As I stood there, I decided to do a bit of people watching and look for anyone that even remotely had a private detective vibe; nobody was sticking out or sending me signals that they were the detective.

While waiting to pick up my drink a man – he was medium build, a glistening white smile, and medium length flaxen-colored hair – stood next to me with a smile that was teetering between friendly and judgmental. I'm not sure why, but this man was staring at me as if he knew me. I kept stealing glances at him from the corner of my eyes, and he seemed to be doing the same. They called his name first; I think the lady behind the counter called out Jason Jenks. Now, that couldn't be a coincidence. I chewed on my lower lip trying to gather the courage to strike up a conversation and ask him if he knew Alice and Jasper.

"When you get your drink Isabella, meet me over at the table in the corner over there." The golden-haired man said as he pointed to a table that was in the corner, but still in plain view; privacy but not obvious to alert anyone that we would be trading something illegal or something.

So it's safe to say that this handsome man was the J. Jenks I was to meet. Alice must have called or text him I was coming.

Finally the barista got around to making my coffee, and I took a sip to see if I needed to add and sugar or cream – thankfully that wasn't the case.

"So tell me your side of the situation Isabella, what's happened that you require my services?" Wow, he was direct and to the point. I explained how my and Garrett's marriage had been for the past year or two. I mentioned the two phone calls I overheard, and this seemed to surprise even Jason Jenks. "I see, well I have a few routine questions I have to ask you; so please do not be offended; though you don't look easily offended." Jenks said with a playful smirk. I rolled my eyes and told him that I was ready for his line of questioning.

A lot of the questions I answered "yes" to, were like "Has there been a sudden increase in time away from home?" or, "Have you noticed a decrease in sexual interest towards you?", and my 'favorite' question he asked me, "Does your husband have suspicious phone conversations and strange voice mail messages?" But there was a lot of questions I hadn't even considered, like checking my phone bill for phone calls that lasted a long duration, and whether or not I have noticed strange purchases or payments on our bank statements. If I wasn't paranoid before I met Jason Jenks, I sure as hell was now.

It was nearing four o' clock and Jason asked me if I still wanted to hire him for his services. I asked him what his services involved and whether or not he needed a deposit first. "No, since you are Alice's sister I see this as personal interest to me, you don't have to give me a deposit. My services, well I will tail your husband in my own car, follow him around at a safe distance and take photos when I can, and seeing as how the only thing you have to go on is strange phone conversations I'll have to get creative with finding out more information. I won't go into detail with you about specifics, but I feel that $1200 flat charge will be payment enough. Now, I've got to go, but I will make sure to call you in a day or two to let you know if there is anything for sure going on. Good afternoon Mrs. Jacobsen." As Jason got up to leave he gave me his business card with all of his contact info on it in case there was any questions I would later think of, or if I just wanted to call and check in with him. When J. Jenks left I was left sitting there still trying to wrap my head around the fact I hired – I actually hired – a private detective to look into whether or not Garrett was actually cheating.

I got a refill on my coffee and asked for a travel lid. I had just gotten to the driver side of the car when I felt a hard shove against my back, shoving me hard against the vehicle. I was about to turn around to see who had me pinned between them and my car when I felt a hard object pressed into my back. I could feel my blood run cold and I was frozen with fear; I didn't dare move in the off chance that what this stranger was holding against my back was a gun.

"Ay mami, no sudden movements and you get to go home to your precious expensive house! Give me your purse!" I was frozen, I couldn't move a muscle. I also hadn't brought my purse with me; I had just brought my wallet with me. But the fact that this man had a gun pointed in the center of my back I didn't think he would believe anything I told him – truth or not. "I-I don't have my purse with me…" I stammered out between shaky breaths. This seemed to really piss him off. He grabbed ahold of my shoulder so tight I was fairly certain I would have a nice handprint-shaped bruise on my upper arm.

"Do you take me for a tonto, mami?! Give me your damned purse lady!" The man tried – successfully I might add – scaring me by raising the gun to rest just under my jaw. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding when he released my arm, but my joy was short-lived when he grabbed my chin with his free hand. Once again he demanded me to give him my purse and I stupidly told him that I didn't have one. My breathing stopped all together when I heard the chillingly metallic click of the man pulling back the hammer of the gun. He gave me one more chance to give it to him. I told him that I would give it to him, and slowly reached for my jacket pocket. Off in the distance I heard the sounds of what I believed to be police sirens coming towards us. This did the trick and the thug took off running away from me, but not before he pistol-whipped me so hard that I fell hard onto the ground. The left side of my face, close to my left eye, was starting to throb and my vision struggled to focus. I was thankful I hadn't lost consciousness – at least not yet – and willed myself to stay coherent.

I will see you all tomorrow!

Let me know what you think! I want to know your theories as to what will happen in the next chapter. Who will we meet? (its a somewhat important character) ;)

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