More Than A One Night Stand

Always the Last to Know (pt2)

When my vision finally returned to normal, I realized that I was on the ground next to my car and that a police officer ran past me to catch whoever it was that had tried to rob me. It took a minute to realize that a second officer was calmly trying to get my attention. He was asking if I was alright, and if I could stand on my own. My thoughts were still a bit jumbled, but I felt that I had enough balance that I could stand up with no assistance. I was about halfway up when my vision started to blur and then the next thing I saw were the back of my eye lids.

I wasn't sure how long I had been out, but as I was starting to wake up I could hear faint voices talking about me like I wasn't even in the room.

"It's ok Mrs. Jacobsen. You're in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Do you know what happened to you?" I was just about to answer when a bright light was shown in my eyes, making me cringe away from the sudden brightness. I knew exactly what happened. I had just gotten through with meeting with the private investigator that would follow Garrett and to see if he was cheating like I thought he was, when I was held up at gunpoint next to my car. I refused to hand over my purse – which I didn't have with me – and then I heard police sirens, and before he left the thug decided to take his frustration out on me.

"I see, well you're on your way to the hospital and going to get checked out. Is there anyone we should call to come pick you up?"

"M-my sister, Alice, she can meet us at the hospital. Which hospital should I tell her we're headed for?" I wanted to know so that I could text my sister where to meet me. The EMT told me that we were headed for Palos Community Hospital. I was surprised that my vision had cleared some; texting seemed to be a bit easier than I had originally expected.

"Now Mrs. Jacobsen, can you describe the young man who tried to steal your purse?" I felt myself jump at the sudden sound of an abrupt – yet soothing – male voice speak from my left. I turned and saw that it was Officer Denali sitting next on the bench next to me.

I gave a vague description of the man who assaulted me, I remember that he had two teardrop tattoos under his right eye, I think that he had a spider web tattoo on his neck, only hair he had had been his goatee; and that was a dark brown color. The officer asked if I knew how tall he was, and I told him that he was no taller than I was, and I was about 5'5 – 5'6 on a good day.

When I was wheeled in on a gurney into the emergency room I was surprised that there wasn't more patients in here, I mean according to the news gang violence was a regular thing these days. A nurse came and took my vitals, and when she finished she told me that the doctor on call would be with me shortly; which was code for they'd get to me when they got to me. I had just decided to take a short nap when I heard the familiar voice of my younger sister shouting at the top of her lungs calling for me. I let out a huff and sat up to let Alice where I was; though I would much rather pretend that I didn't exist at this very moment.

"Oh my god, what happened to your face? Does this hospital even have a plastic surgeon, because, otherwise you'll have a scar on that pretty face of yours!" Good old' Alice, always the optimist.

"Well, then it's a good thing that at the previous hospital I worked at I was an attending in plastic surgery. Now, who do we have here?" Said a man, who looked too gorgeous to be a doctor; was I on an episode of Grey's Anatomy or something? I mean this guy could give McDreamy a run for his money. He had the same hair, but instead of dark brown, this doctor had bright blond hair that was slicked back, bright blue eyes, and a calming smile that quickly put me at ease.

There was one thing though that I couldn't quite put my finger on; he looked so familiar, but I just couldn't place it.

"Doctor Cullen, here's the lab results you wanted for the patient in bed three." A nurse said after giving him the file with the results.

Wait, did that nurse just address McDreamy as 'Dr. Cullen'; as in Edward's dad? Edward had told me that his dad had been a doctor…

Dr. Cullen quickly excused himself and apologized. I was left with my thoughts as I started my comparison of the two. They both had the same bone structure, though Dr. Cullen had blonde hair, it was still wavy like Edward's – his mother must have the dark-auburn hair. Alice was being quiet for once and scrolling through her Facebook; I made sure to warn her NOT to put that I was at the hospital as her status, which earned me an eye roll from her.

After about fifteen minutes Dr. Cullen came back over and was carrying a metal chart that had my personal information on it. "I do apologize for earlier, we are a bit understaffed here, and I see here that you have a facial laceration on, what appears to be, your left cheek. I dare say what happened?" Dr. Cullen said as he took a step or two closer to examine my cut a bit better. "It doesn't appear to be too deep. It says here that you fainted at the scene? Are you feeling lightheaded at all; any headaches?" I shook my head no and told him that I felt fine, and that the only thing that really hurt was my pride more than anything. "Well, since it appears that the cut isn't too deep I'm going to have a nurse rinse and clean it out, then I will be back to personally suture that pretty face of yours." The doctor said with a wink and a smile. I blushed a bit – yet another sign that this was definitely Edward's father.

I chewed on my lip while the nurse tried to carefully – as best she could – rinse out the cut, and apply a cleansing solution that would wipe away any bacteria from the cut. The doctor appeared shortly after the nurse finished, just like he promised and immediately started to get to work. He did a good job of keeping me distracted from what he was doing. I saw Officer Denali –Eleazar talking with a woman in maroon-colored scrubs and if I didn't know better I'd say that that was his wife.

I say this because after the short argument they were having he grabbed her by her shoulders and kissed her with so much passion. "Well, it looks like my job is done; now Mrs. Jacobsen, I applied a thin layer of liquid sutures, and this bandage can come off in a few hours. You will have a definite bruise for a few weeks, but I feel comfortable with you going home with your sister. I hope that I don't see you again in here." Again with that damned smirk of his, I was definitely certain now that Doctor Cullen was Edward's father. I didn't know why Edward said that he and his dad don't get along – he was so gentle and kind towards me…

"Well, that was fun, are you done now? Do you have to talk to any other police officers?" I shook my head no and that they got all the information and pictures they needed from me. I was definitely ready to go home. Alice told me she would drop me off at my house, and have either Garrett or Jasper come and take the car home. I told her that that wasn't necessary, I could drive it home myself, but she wasn't having it – she wanted me to go home and rest. I wanted to put up a fight, but decided not to and reluctantly agreed to her plan. I mentioned that instead of bothering Garrett or Jasper to just have a tow truck bring it to the house.

When I got home, the kids ran towards me, but stopped short; both of their eyes were wide with shock. There must be an obvious bruise forming on my left cheek. Alex asked me if I got in a fight, and I just explained that I had been someplace and fell. My four year old son didn't question my response and took off to his room to play. Charlotte stuck around for a little while longer and went outside to play on the play set.

"Ok Bella, tell me the truth, what happened?" Victoria spoke. I both loved and hated how she could see right through me and know when I wasn't being completely truthful. "Don't tell me Garrett gave that to you!" Victoria asked with shock. I vehemently disagreed and told her the abbreviated version of my day – making sure to leave out my meeting with J. Jenks. Laurent heard this and immediately went to the freezer to get me a gel ice pack.

I tried to tell him that I was fine and that it looked a lot worse than it felt; though I was lying a bit on that part he still saw fit to have me sit down at the kitchen island and put the gel ice pack on my cheek for a few minutes. I knew he meant well, but so far it didn't seem that swollen. But Laurent and Victoria both told me that I would be thanking him in the morning when I woke up and my cheek looked like I went ten rounds with a MMA fighter.

I hated to agree with them, especially knowing that I bruise fairly easy, so I just sat there in silence and listened to Laurent sing in French while he was cooking dinner.

I know that not a lot happened in this chapter, but the next chapter will help get the ball rolling. Without giving too much away Bella will find out that Garrett has been cheating, and she may or may not catch them in the act! (you all will have to stay tuned to find out!)

Thank you all again for your amazingly kind words, and also for all of those who add this story to your favorites and alerts! You all help me keep going and I thank you all for that. There have been times in previous stories where i don't get a lot of feedback, and that hinders me from updating more regularly.

See you all next week!

- Megan

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