More Than A One Night Stand

Christmastime Is Here

"Wait, so you mean to tell me there's a possibility that the cute little boy Alex was playing with could be Garrett's love child from the affair – the affair I knew he was having?!" Alice said. I looked around the shopping mall we were in to make sure that my sister's outburst hadn't drawn any attention to either of us. I love my sister, but the only volume setting she has is loud and louder.

"Yes, that is a possibility, now would you keep your voice down? I don't want the entire mall knowing my business. Now what should I do? Should I confront Garrett about this, or should I keep it to myself? Don't give me that look Alice," My sister was giving me a hard glare and I knew her feelings on the situation, but she had a way of telling me what she thought without ever opening her mouth. "I know you think I should just tell him I know and get it over with. But what would that do to the kids? I don't want to have Alex and Charlotte associate Christmas with the day their parents got divorced." I knew it was a bit of a cop out, but it was the truth.

This silenced my sister and we continued our shopping.

It was nearing the time where people would put a pause on their shopping and go to the food court for lunch, and this meant that the stores were less busy for those who put off eating. I had finished shopping for Garrett, and was about to head into the lion's den – otherwise known as the Disney Store. This was every parent's nightmare when it came to shopping. I swear it didn't have to be their birthday or Christmas, both of my children would pull and tug at me to take them into that god-forsaken place, and like a good mother would, I agreed to go in there but told them we weren't going to buy anything.

Yeah, that never, ever, happens. I usually end up buying at least two or three toys for Alex and Charlotte each.

I got a couple toys for Alex and a few dress-up clothes for Charlotte. Thankfully I made a clean get away from that store and met up with Alice in a store I had not expected her to ever shop, at least for a Christmas gift.

She had gone into a store that sold adult toys, and was currently perusing the different toys that they had available. I'm fairly certain my cheeks had flushed fifty shades of red just standing in the store.

"Alice, what are you doing in here? We are supposed to be Christmas shopping!" I whispered. I wanted to get out of here before I saw anyone that I recognized. I didn't want people thinking the wrong thing about me.

"What are you ladies doing in a store like this?"

Dammit! Why did it have to be him? Of course I would have just that kind of luck today.

I turned to see that my ears hadn't deceived me and that Edward was standing mere feet from me and Alice. I swear this was how some jokes would start out. I swallowed hard and tried my best to not let him see how flustered he's was making me.

"I personally think that you should go with this particular toy, but then these things are never as good as the real thing." I about died when he gave me that damned crooked smirk of his. I knew what he was implying and he was making it difficult to avoid all romantic contact with him.

I surprised myself when I realized I had grabbed a 'make your own dildo kit' and gave it to Edward. He had a look of confusion until the next sentence tumbled out of my mouth, "think of it as a Christmas present to me." I winked at him and Edward caught on and did the same before going to the checkout. Once he was gone I about collapsed on the floor when I finally let out the breath I hadn't known I had been holding.

"What the hell was that Bella? I mean I was about to leave the two of you alone and let him take you right there in the store." I smacked my sister's shoulder hard and quickly left the store with Alice trailing behind me cackling like a hyena.

I'm not sure what had gotten into me, but every time I was around Edward I couldn't help but flirt and tease him.

Thankfully we didn't have another encounter with Edward, and we finished the bulk of our shopping. We went to the food court and ate a quick lunch. While I was sipping my Diet Coke I was going over all the lists we had brought along I noticed Alice had gotten up to get a refill on her drink. I shrugged and went back to double checking my purchases.

"I wanted to say "thank you" for the early Christmas gift you gave me, and I wanted to return the favor." I'm pretty sure that my eyes bulged when I heard Edward's sudden voice from across the table. I put my papers down and the look on his expression was filled with mischief. He slid a small brown box across the table towards me. I couldn't hide the smile on my face and picked it up. I decided to tease him and shook the box to try and guess what was inside, but when the box started to vibrate I knew exactly what it was. "Think of it as a Christmas present from me. I'm suspending our sessions until after the new year, and I think that little guy and his buddy in there will keep you company 'til I get back from Florida." I couldn't help it; I asked what was in Florida that he was spending Christmas there. It turns out that his grandparents lived in a retirement community and wanted Christmas to come to them this year instead of having to fly 2,500 miles to a cold and snowy Chicago. I envied him in having relatives in Florida; it's a lot warmer than Washington or New York.

But then my thoughts went back to the 'gift' I gave him earlier in the adult store, and I had a sneaking suspicion what it could be.

"Is it ok if I open it right now, or should I open it someplace a bit more private?" I was genuinely curious, but tried to sound coy. I wouldn't put it past Edward to buy me a sex toy; especially one that vibrated. "Do you honestly think I would give you one of those 'toys'? Bella, you should know better than anyone how much I personally like to make you climax all by myself, no extra help." I could feel my cheeks redden. I remember the few times I've been with Edward, that he preferred to be the one to make me cum – this was strange to me at first, but now I absolutely love it.

I opened the box and took a peek inside. It was one of those vibrating back massager toys that must've activated when I shook the box. I felt dumb, but I honestly wouldn't put it past this man to give me a sex toy. "Don't look so disconcerted, I think it's kind of kinky that you would think I would give you a dildo for Christmas." Edward took a look at his watch and quickly excused himself. I was sad to see him go, but I also was glad that I would have the chance to think about where I stood with my marriage to Garrett, and where my…whatever it is I have with Edward goes.

Alice came back and we jumped back into talking about different shopping strategies. We still had to shop for Charlie, Sue, Seth, and Leah, and were trying to decide where to even begin; neither one of us knew what to get Seth and Leah; Charlie and Sue were a lot easier, and we agreed to start there. My dad had talked about needing a new set of tools for when he finds the time to work on old P.O.S. (piece of shit) cars, between being the Chief of Police and helping Sue with the diner. Sue, she was a bit tougher, only because she was very soft-spoken and never really mentioned what she likes or what she really wants. I tried getting Alice to draw straws, but I gave up and decided to shop for Sue's gift and Alice would go shopping for Charlie's. Granted, hers was a lot easier, all she needed to do would be go to either a Home Depot or Lowe's and get a full tool set.

I suppose I could just give up and buy Sue a gift card, but I wanted our gift to be a bit more personal. I could either shop at Macy's or JcPenny's, but then I remembered that Sue had a thing for ducks – she collected all different kinds of ducks. An antique store caught my eye as I was going to try Macy's first, and walked in. They had a whole section of different kinds of ducks. There were ceramic ducks, wooden duck signs you could put in your yard for decoration, but there was one thing that caught my eye and that was a duck-themed set of China dinner plates. It was a complete set with tea cups and everything. The center of the plates had cute little designs with ducks interwoven, and the outer rim of the plate had a checkered board design in light orange and yellow colors. I went and paid for them and was surprised to find out that they were priced about half of what I expected China plates to be, but didn't question it and went to go find Alice.

Hey Bells Home Depot across town.Wanna meet Rosie up for lunch?- LittlePixie

I chuckled a bit at Alice's new signature she had for her text messages. I swear that she changed them daily.

I sent Alice a quick text back asking her if Chili's was ok, and when she said it was I headed for the parking lot. I stopped short when I saw a Spy Surveillance store lodged between a Claire's and Hot Topic. My curiosity got the best of me and I started looking around at the different spy gear they were selling, and a few gadgets caught my eye; especially some kind of listening device. The information said that it was for all intents and purposes a device that recorded conversations and I could access the audio file wirelessly. It boggled my mind that something so small could be a listening/recording device. I almost bought it, but decided to instead go for some novelty spy glasses. The information card in front of these glasses said that there was a pin-hole camera embedded in them; I wondered if Alice would notice? I mean the camera wasn't even obvious; they looked like a regular old pair of sunglasses.

I got to the restaurant and spotted my sisters sitting at the bar nursing margaritas; I swear those two would find any excuse to have a drink in the middle of the day. I sat down with them and ordered a glass of water. "Don't be so prissy Bella, we're just letting loose after all that stressful shopping. Besides, we're only having the one drink so get your panties out of that wad you seem to have them in and let loose and have a drink with us." Alice said as she raised her margarita glass. I vehemently shook my head no and calmly reminded her of what happened the last time I listened to her and had a drink with her, Rosalie, and my friends.

"Seriously Bells, you're going to continue to hold that one over our heads? I mean come on, the fact that it actually paid off to let your hair down and let loose says a lot about how good Alice is with her so-called visions." Rosalie said. She took another sip of her drink and tried to hide the smirk that was threatening to play over her face.

"I will have you both know that my 'visions' are more like intuition; and Bells, you have give me credit, I told you to go talk to tall dark and brooding and now you've had amazing sex twice and he even gave you a sex toy as a Christmas present. I wish that Jasper would do that for me." I couldn't hold back the cringe I felt come over my body. I quickly told Alice that it wasn't a sex toy, and that it was a back massager to help me relieve some of my stress.

Neither Alice nor Rosalie thought this to be true and told me that I was lying and that I needed to just come out and admit that Edward bought me a sex toy so that I would be less lonely while he was gone. I gave up trying to tell them otherwise and just let them continue on thinking what they wanted.

Over the next couple of hours we made small talk about what presents we got the family, making sure not to spill what we got the other. It wasn't until Rosalie's second strawberry margarita that we found out that Emmett had scrounged up the courage to ask her out on a date. They weren't going to make it an official thing seeing as how they've only been on a handful of dates. But I could tell that Rosalie seemed to really like him, and I could also tell that she was being very cautious with Emmett; she didn't want to have what happened with Royce to happen all over again – but anyone who met Emmett would know that he was as straight as they come.

We talked more about other things in our lives and as it would turn out, Rosalie got a temp job as a receptionist for an auto repair shop. Alice and I both made a bet between us that Rosalie wouldn't last one day as a receptionist and that she would end up covered in grease working on the broken cars. I gave Rose the benefit of the doubt and said that she would last at least one day before giving in to the temptation of working on the cars that would come into the shop.

I stopped by the store on my way home and bought a few groceries so that I could make some home cooked dinners, because that way we wouldn't rely too much on fast food. I knew how to cook; I learned at a young age. My dad was always busy with the police station and mom, well, she would cook, but the woman would burn water – if that tells you anything. I was about fifteen when I started cooking the meals for the family, and Alice was always my 'sous chef', but would end up being the supervisor and just watch as I cooked. I laughed a bit when Garrett mentioned that we didn't need Laurent any more if I could cook this good. I knew he was being sweet, but I liked having Laurent around – and not just because he cooked all the meals. The man was like the grandfather I never got to meet. My grandparents on my dad's side passed away when Alice and I were toddlers, and the grandparents on my mom's side, well my grandfather passed away when I was seven and my grandmother is still alive and living in Forks, but in a retirement home with advanced dementia.

Later that night after washing the dishes and putting the kids to sleep, I got into bed. Garrett was already asleep and snoring away, I couldn't fall asleep as easy tonight. My thoughts were running wild thinking about Edward, and how he and his father didn't get along. I hoped that he would have a decent Christmas with all things considered.

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