More Than A One Night Stand

Love You Long Time

It feels like I've been in this damned hospital bed for months instead of a few days. But it hasn't been all bad though, Edward has been by my side this entire time. He's even pushed the few clients he has over to Emmett until I'm discharged from the hospital. I told him that he didn't have to do that, that it was his job and Emmett probably didn't like that extra load, but I was reassured that it was originally Emmett's idea.

I was flipping through the channels, trying to find something decent to watch, when Garrett came strolling in with his hands in his pockets. Something was up – that was his tell – he always put his hands in his pockets when he was afraid to tell me something he was afraid would make me angry with him.

A part of me was afraid to ask him what he was trying to pretend that he didn't know, and the other half – the half that knew it had to of been something big – told me that it must be serious for him to come to the hospital during his office hours.

"Spill it Garrett, there's something you want to tell me." I said straight and direct to the point. No bullshitting, no tiptoeing around the topic. I was through with doing just that.

"Why do you automatically assume that there's something I need to tell you? I mean, can't I come and visit you and see how you're doing?" OK, even I knew that he was full of shit. I gave him one of my trademark looks that let him know that I wasn't buying it. "Do I even need to dignify that lame excuse with a response? Speak now before I call for the nurse to kick your ass out, and don't think I won't." I was a bit surprised at how blunt I had become. I sounded like my sister just then, and it was almost fun to do – no wonder she's always so vocal about things.

Garrett let out a sigh and raked his fingers through his fingers. Oh boy, this must be a doozy of a reason; he was buying time so he could think of how he would tell me.

I was about to berate him when a man who looked like he could model for GQ Magazine walked in. He had sandy-colored hair, and I was fairly certain that he was concealing a nice six-pack under his suit jacket and dress shirt. I was about to ask who he was until I saw the badge clipped to his belt loop.

"Hello Mrs. Jacobsen, I just came by to check on you and see how you're feeling. I hope better of course." Oh. My. God. His smile could rival Edward's; he must regularly whiten his teeth or something because they sparkle in this fluorescent lighting. "I just wanted to touch base with you and Garrett about the case. It's still fairly early, but I talked with the fire department and I feel comfortable saying that this was no accident – it was arson. I'll spare you the details for now. I'm sure Garrett's filled you in about all the details of the case."

No he hasn't; yet another nail to be added to this idiot's coffin. "Oh, and before I forget, Garrett, we looked into the threatening phone calls you said you've received over the last couple of months. It seems that you're hunch was correct. I talked to a friend of mine in the gangs and drug unit, and he said that there was talk about a possible hit out on you and even your family. But things seemed to have gone quiet since the fire; no one's talking."

I was going to murder that man!

He has not said one "effin'" word about any threatening phone calls! He had plenty of times to bring it up, but he didn't. If he used the lame-ass excuse that he didn't want me to worry he was going to be in for a world of hurt. The detective, whose last name turned out to be Conners, must've noticed my mood shift and quickly excused himself and headed back to his work.

I yelled at Garrett to stop right where he was just as he tried to sneak out behind detective Conners. I will admit that I took pleasure in seeing his face; knowing that he was in deep shit.

Good! It serves him right for keeping something this huge from me!

"So, just when were you going to tell me about the phone calls, or were you planning to sweep it to yourself like you did the affair?! Garrett, I could've died; or worse the kids could've been home and all three – well now four – of us would've been caught in the fire! You seriously need to start thinking this shit through!" I was livid; this was his thing lately, he would keep things from me that I really needed to know. It didn't matter that he wanted to protect me and the kids; I had a right to know.

"You don't think I feel like shit already; I don't need you yelling at me for how stupid I was! I had good intentions about keeping the damned phone calls from you." Garrett sighed. He plopped down on a couch that looked comfy, but I knew better; those damned things are like sitting on a block of wood. "I know that I don't have the best track record when it comes to being all that honest, but please trust me when I say that what I did, I did to try and keep you and the kids safe."

I took some time and thought about what he confessed to me. Edward wasn't having any of it I saw him roll his eyes and lose interest in the conversation. Personally, I couldn't blame him; I didn't want to listen to what he had to say, but I found sick pleasure in Garrett trying to beg for forgiveness.

"You're so full of shit Garrett; you had no plans of telling Bella ever about the phone calls. I bet you were ignoring them in hopes that they would just go away and that they were just empty threats!" My eyes bugged out. I hadn't expected Edward to come out and say what was on his mind. I tried to stop Edward from continuing, but once the man got started it was like watching a dog fight.

First Garrett spouted hateful words about Edward's job, and then Edward started in on how Garrett worked too much. This went on for about a good ten minutes, but I quickly put an end to it when Edward through in the fact that Garrett cared more about his job more than he cared about his children.

"I'll have you know that I'm a very go – "

"That's it! I want you both to go now!" I hated raising my voice, especially since my throat was already sore. But these two fight worse than Alex and Charlotte do it seems like. Garrett quickly left, but Edward was slower to leave. A small part of me hated to see him leave.

I was about to go back to surfing the channels on the television when I heard my phone vibrate on the wooden end table next to my bed. I checked, and it was a text from Alice telling me that she had picked up the kids and was going to drop them off with Rosalie for the day. I didn't bother reading the rest and I went back to surfing the channels.

There was a soft knock at my door that jolted me awake – huh, I didn't realize that I had dozed off. I sat up in bed and called to whoever it was to come inside. I have to admit, I was a bit on edge after I found out about the threatening phone calls. The door slowly creaked open and I wasn't sure who it could be. Edward knew that I didn't really want to talk to him right now, and I'm fairly certain that Garrett went back to work.

My blood ran cold when I saw a stranger standing in the doorway. I had no clue who the man was, my first thought was that maybe this person had the wrong room and was looking for a relative of some kind. Though I was completely terrified – I wasn't quite sure why – I calmly asked who he was looking for and that he must have the wrong room.

But the man never spoke a word, he continued to walk towards me; his face remained calm and he never let any hint of emotion cross his face. Now, by this time I was really starting to panic, I reached for the nurse's call button but it was snatched from my grasp before my fingers could even touch the remote. Right now it felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest; next thing I knew the unknown man raised his right hand and had a gun pointed at me. At this very moment I couldn't find my voice to scream out and alert anyone to what was going on right now. I started sobbing as he aimed the gun right for my face.

The man holding the gun pulled back the hammer. I squeezed my eyes tight and prepared for the shot that would most likely kill me.


"Bella! Bella, you need to open your eyes, it was just a dream. You're dreaming, so open your pretty brown eyes love." I hesitated to open my eyes – afraid that I wasn't dreaming and that that man with the gun was still standing at the foot of my bed. I peeked through my eyelashes and saw that Edward was sitting by the side of my bed.

It was a dream. There's no man standing at my bed holding a gun in my face. Now I just need to tell my racing heartbeat that it was just a dream and I'll be fine.

I could feel myself start to slowly relax. I kept repeating in my mind that what I experienced was nothing more than just a dream, but it was one thing to try and tell myself, yet another to make myself believe what I was saying.

Once the nurses were sure that I was alright they quickly left to let me have some privacy; then I remembered that I had asked Edward and Garrett to leave. Why was Edward here?

"I came back to apologize for the argument earlier Bella, and when I heard you crying and screaming from the hallway I barged in to make sure that you were ok. That must've been some dream for you to call out like you did." I could only nod my head. I still could see the man holding the gun right in my face, and I could still hear the click of the hammer being pulled back on that damned gun ring through my ears. I told Edward that I was fine and gave a vague account of the dream I had, but made sure to leave out the part where I thought that it could've been a premonition of some sort.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and thankfully I had no more nightmares of someone trying to kill me. Alice and Rosalie stopped by shortly after I forced Edward to leave so that he wouldn't be late; he had just started taking on clients again yesterday – though it took quite a bit of persuading on my part though, and even then it was like pulling teeth to get him to leave.

Today Alice and Rosalie wanted to give me a mini makeover; any excuse to play Bella Barbie dress up Alice was up for it.

"Well, you certainly don't look pregnant. Are you sure these doctors know what they're doing?" Alice said as she looked me over head to toe. "I suppose that's supposed to be a compliment? Yes, I'm sure that I'm pregnant, I took three tests before that damned fire – all three had that stupid positive sign." Rosalie smirked and made a comment that she liked how I was acting this time around. I rolled my eyes when she went down memory lane about my other pregnancies. Charlotte, well with her I could barely keep anything down the first two trimesters, then when the final one came I craved nothing but fast food from Taco Bell. I still remember how Laurent was offended when I would bring home food from that place.

Speaking of him, Laurent had called me a week after the New Year to tell us that he was resigning from his position; it had something to do with him being offered an executive chef position at a well-respected French restaurant down in New Orleans. He hated leaving so abruptly, but it was a position too good to pass up he said. I was happy for him. Though I had grown to think of him as family, I knew that his heart would always be in a restaurant kitchen.

"While we're on the topic of unexpected pregnancies Emmett – "

"No! Don't you dare finish that sentence Rosalie Hale!" Alice shrieked. I swear I thought the nurses would rush in here to make sure I was ok, that's how loud she was. "What? All I was going to say was that Emmett and I are taking extra measures to make sure that there are no little Emmett's running around. Relax Alice, or you'll get frown lines." That last part always got my sister. She was so fixated on looking her best, that if you were to tell her that she had a hair out of place it was like the world was coming to an end. Alice quickly checked her reflection in the mirror and when she was satisfied with her appearance she marched over and smacked Rosalie on the shoulder.

"Hey, not my fault you refuse to listen to what people have to say before you butt in, but if I were pregnant you two would be the first to know…right after I tell Emmett." That was a fair point, I hadn't wanted Edward to find out that I was pregnant the way he did, but hey, shit happens and you've just gotta roll with the flow of things I suppose.

Fifteen minutes later Alice had finished primping my hair, and helping me put on some makeup I climbed back into bed and pulled the covers up to my waist. I desperately wanted Charlotte and Alex with me, but they were spending the afternoon with their dad. I still had to figure out how to explain to the two of them that they were going to have another brother or sister soon. I'm sure they would be happy about the news, but I don't know if they would understand that the baby wouldn't go with them when they would leave to spend their time with Garrett.

While Alice and Rosalie visited the doctor who was on call came in to check on me and make sure that I was still improving at a steady pace. He even brought in an ultrasound technician to check on the baby. I've been through this two times already, so you would think that seeing my baby growing inside of me wouldn't amaze me as much, but it still does; and I love that feeling.

I could see the outline of where the hands and arms were, though it was a bit hard to see every feature at nine and a half weeks. I also knew that it would be a few weeks before we could find out the gender of the baby; part of me wanted it to be a surprise, and the other wanted to know so that I could decorate – correction, Alice would decorate – the nursery.

Today had been somewhat uneventful; aside from my dream that felt so real I still was afraid to close my eyes. The sun was starting to go down; Alice and Rosalie have been gone for at least two hours. I was fighting sleep, I knew that I needed to sleep, but I couldn't get that feeling of dread I had while the gun was pointed at me.

Just then my phone buzzed in a staccato rhythm on the wooden end table. Edward had sent me a message that he loved me and that he would come to see me tomorrow morning, and that I'd better get some sleep.

Did I mention how much I love this man?

That must've been the incentive I needed, because soon my eye lids felt heavy and began to droop. The possibility of having a repeat of that nightmare didn't cross my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

So what are your thoughts? What did you think of Bella's crazy dream? Did you think it was real too? The next chapter will have Garrett, Kate, and Bella (with the support of Edward) all sit down and hash everything out once and for all. No more secrets and no more lying. I will say that there is a certain surprise that Kate had been trying to hide.

What do you think it is?

Well, you'll have to wait until next week to find out for sure ;)

- Megan

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