More Than A One Night Stand

Mean Girls

"So tell me again about how you think that because you finally had an actual orgasm that you want to blame me for the fact that it wasn't Garrett that gave it to you?" I cringed a bit at how blunt my sister could be. I looked around at the other tables in the coffee shop to make sure no one could hear how crude Alice was being right now. Rosalie gladly agreed to take Alex to a nearby park in Midlothian while Alice and I went out to get a coffee at Dotty's Cafe and start party planning. Plus I had a good hunch that told me Rosalie knew I was pissed off at the both of them for getting me black-out drunk last night.

I was also thankful that Rosalie had moved back to Chicago. Living in Midlothian was a heck of a lot different than it is in downtown Chicago. Alice and Jasper own a two bedroom apartment close to downtown Chicago, and Garrett and I lived about an hour outside of downtown, in the little 'village' of Midlothian.

"Alice, for God's sake, do you have to be so blunt about my sex life? I mean, Garrett's and my sex life is just fine thank you very much," I said as I sipped my iced coffee drink. I diverted my eyes from making contact with hers, because I knew that she could tell I was actually very unhappy, and had been for some time. I love Garrett, I really do, but when it comes to the bedroom, he and I hardly ever have sex, and when we do it's over before it even starts. Last night with the Adonis was the most amazing, the most spine-tingling and wonderful sex I've ever had. The Adonis touched me in places that Garrett never had. I suppose that's also why I feel so guilty right now; the person who gave me the best sex I ever had wasn't even my husband – it was a complete stranger.

Alice replied, "Oh, don't be such a prude Bells, you don't have to pretend with me. Both Rose and I know that you're unhappy with Garrett – and besides, you know my feelings concerning that douchebag anyway."

Both Rosalie and Alice have never really liked Garrett. Rosalie never gave a real reason why she didn't; she would just tell me that Garrett gave her an uneasy feeling. Alice was very open about her negative feelings about Garrett, however. Alice told me up front that she didn't like him and that in the end, he would break my heart. I, of course, being the hopeless romantic that I am, chose to ignore both of my sisters' advice and now I think I may be paying the price.

"I am not unhappy with Garrett; it's just he's not around much right now. You know that he's trying real hard to make partner and it is his goal to be one of the youngest ever to be made partner at his firm, " I assured her. I knew I was making an excuse for how distant Garrett's been lately, but it was the truth, and he has been working longer hours to give his boss reason to promote him.

"So what, Jasper works the same hours that Garrett does, but he still manages to fuck me in all the right places," Alice bragged. I rolled my eyes and got up to get another refill of my iced coffee. I swear, sometimes I wondered if I was adopted, because Rosalie and Alice acted more alike than Alice and I did. Rosalie is technically our step sister – Rosalie's father married our mother when Alice was a junior and I was a senior in high school. The first few months getting to know Rosalie was a bit tense. She came off as uptight and snobby, but once we got to know her she was completely different.

After getting my refill, I sat back down and began party planning with my sister. She always had a knack for party planning, so she went to school to become a professional. I remember telling her that when she became famous and started planning big celebrity parties, she still needed to give me the family discount. After our coffee, we decided to go to Party City and get as much party decorations that would be a good match to the Frozen-themed birthday my Charlotte wanted so badly.

Due to the still-raging popularity of the Disney movie, we were able to get a lot of decorations that matched the theme and we even found an Olaf-shaped piñata. I let Alice be in charge of getting the candy while I needed to stop by the hotel Rosalie was staying in at the moment to pick up Alex then get back home to make sure Charlotte got off the bus all right. I ignored a snarky comment from my sister that I was becoming one of those moms who she and I swore neither one of us would become – mom who plans her life around her kids and never takes time for herself.

"Mommy, Auntie Rosie says I big 'nuff to go to preschool! Momma, what's preschool?" My son asked with confused look on his face. I squirmed a bit in my seat as I looked back at my son in the rear-view mirror. It's not that I didn't want my son to go to preschool, it was just that him going to preschool meant that he was growing up too fast for me. Soon, I would be home alone with nothing to do. I suppose I could go back to school and finish my degree. I was in the process of going to college for an English Literature degree when I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte.

I was a freshman in college when I first bumped into Garrett – quite literally – and the rest is history. We hit it off right away and the day I bumped into him I learned so much about him. I learned that he was a senior in college, and although he didn't come from a family with a lot of money, he had dreams of becoming a lawyer. He made sure to tell me that he wouldn't be one of those 'shark' lawyers that only cared about the size of the check they would get from each client. He wanted to help people and he wanted to give a voice to those who couldn't speak for themselves. That same year, during Thanksgiving break, I went with Garrett to spend the break with him and to meet his family. I met his mother, father, grandparents, and even his great grandfather. I learned a lot about his history and that his ancestors came over from Russia a long time ago. Henry, better known as Hank, Garrett's father, owns a very successful bakery on the south side of Chicago and even a few local celebrities order their cakes there. Celia, Garrett's mother, is a very sweet woman, but she still acts superior to people outside her immediate family. She is especially this way towards Victoria, Alice, and Rosalie. I wasn't aware of how rude she was towards Alice and Rosalie when I was out of the room until I saw first-hand when I unexpectedly walked in on her berating them about the clothes they happened to be wearing that day. Now I make a conscious effort to keep Celia in check when she is around my sisters and Victoria.

"Mommy, I wanna go preschool!" Alex shouts as he grins ear to ear and swings his feet around while in his car seat. Oh boy. I would have to talk to Garrett about this, because even though I would be sad that Alex would be gone for a few hours, I was more than ok with him going to make new friends. However, Garrett had made it clear that he didn't see the point of sending Charlotte to preschool since they learn the same things in kindergarten. I knew would butt heads about this, and I would have to come up with a way to would make Garrett think that Alex going to preschool was his idea.

"I dunno buddy, I'll think about it and ask Daddy about it when he gets back from his trip, ok?" This seemed to pacify the situation for now, but knowing Alex, the slightest mention of preschool later will cause him to continually ask about preschool to the point that Garrett would not be swayed to let him go to preschool at all.

Alex and I got back home with about ten minutes to spare before the school bus would be coming down the street. Victoria met us at the door when I pulled into the driveway. Alex bounced out of his car seat, raced to give her a big hug, and went on to explain what he did while he spent time at the park with Rosalie. I opened the garage door and took all the party supplies inside and hid them in the farthest corner of the room. I was so thankful that Alice offered to keep the Olaf piñata at her place, because that huge snowman would be hard to keep hidden from my inquisitive children.

I walked inside and saw Laurent sitting down at the breakfast nook and decided to take a seat down next to him. He was like the grandfather I never knew. He was a few years older than my own dad, but he still reminded me of a wise old grandfather. Laurent is a classically-trained French chef, with parents who still live in France. He originally lived in New Orleans and worked as a line chef for most of his career. He made it all the up to Executive chef, but after years of working in a hot kitchen, he decided to work as a private chef.

"So tell me chéri, why do you look so sad? Now, don't try and lie to me because you and I both know that you are a terrible liar," Laurent said. I couldn't help but smile at Laurent's attempt to make me smile. I also hated how he knew that something was bothering me especially when I tried very hard to keep my problems hidden. He also thankfully knew not to push me for information when I didn't want to talk about it. Lord knows that I would end up telling him all about how I slept with another man, who wasn't Garrett, and that I actually enjoyed it so much my legs still felt weak at the very thought of having the Adonis fuck me again.

"You know I love it when you see right through my attempts to put up a wall, but really Laurent, I'm ok. There's nothing wrong that can't be fixed when Garrett gets home tomorrow," I say with a polite smile and get up and go relax in the living room. It's then that I hear the familiar squealing brakes of the school bus. Alex runs to the big picture window to watch Charlotte get off the bus as I look on from behind him. Charlotte yells angrily toward someone behind her, runs into the house and up to her room, only stopping to throw her backpack down at to the foot of the curved staircase. Alex looked at me with a confused expression.

What made a very happy and excited Charlotte come home in tears?

I hurried upstairs to Charlotte's room and I could hear her soft sobs coming from under her sheets. This seemed serious since my baby girl doesn't cry easily. She didn't even cry when she fractured her arm after falling off of her bike when she was only six years old. When I sat down on the edge of her tie-dyed bedspread, I heard her sobs start to diminish. "Charlotte, what's wrong sweetie?" I gently pulled back the covers to reveal my daughter's tear-stained face. She was so my daughter – her eyes were bloodshot, with their lids bright red and puffy. Now, I know no one looks their greatest when they cry, but Charlotte was beautiful, even with the inherited red puffy eyes. I took my thumb and gently brushed away the tears from her cheeks. "Lizzie Malloy said that I couldn't have my party be Frozen 'cause she already had her party be Frozen. Mommy, no one's going come to my party 'cause Lizzie is mean!" she cried. This caused Charlotte to go into another fit of sobs. I let out a calming sigh and continued to soothe and calm Charlotte.

Lizzie Malloy.

Ugh, she was the daughter of Jessica Malloy, head of the PTA at Kolmar Elementary and she's room mother. Regarding her personality Elizabeth, or Lizzie, is definitely her mother's daughter.

I tried my hardest to convince Charlotte that we should keep the Frozen-themed party and that it will be so much better than Lizzie's party. This seemed warm her up to the idea. I hate that I had to basically tell my daughter to compete to show that she's better, but when it concerns Lizzie Malloy, I don't want Charlotte act like a doormat and let Lizzie walk all over her.

"Mommy, is Aunt Alice still making the Elsa dress we saw at Disney store?" Charlotte asked. I helped her tame the curls in her light brown hair that were mussed from when she was laying under the covers.

"Yes, Aunt Alice is still making your Elsa dress, and I have a feeling it'll be even better than the one in the Disney store." I still can't believe Alice promised to make her a dress. She's busy with going to school and building up her repertoire so that an event planning company will hire her, but she is still able to make the dress from scratch – and from what I've seen so far, it looks like it could be an exact copy of one from the movie.

"Good, that'll show Lizzie Malloy that my party's gonna be so much better than hers was!" Charlotte said with a devilish grin. Now there was he daughter I raised. I laughed and told her that if she had any homework, she'd better get it done. I had just gotten to the door when she stopped me and asked me something that nearly broke my heart. "Mommy, when is Daddy getting home? He's gonna make it back for my party isn't he?" My heart broke a little more when she pouted, her bright blue eyes sadly boring into me. I hated that Garrett had to work so much as of late. He tells me it's because he wants to make partner, but this week he's been out of town overseeing the setup of one of the law firm's new satellite companies. I try my best to explain to the kids that while Daddy's away that he still loves us and that he's just working extra hard to make sure we still get to have all the things we love to play with – especially with a four year old who asks every night while Garrett is gone, "When is Daddy getting home?"

I tell Charlotte that Daddy is going to be back in time for her party and that he will have a special birthday present for her that will make Lizzie so jealous.

"Good, are Grampa Hank and Gramma Celia gonna still make my Frozen birthday cake?" I made the mistake of talking about Charlotte's birthday cake with Alice while she was in the. I swear that child has supersonic hearing sometimes. I was telling Alice about how Hank and Celia offered to make Charlotte's birthday cake, and added that I wasn't sure why they even ask anymore – they've made the kids' birthday cakes since they were born. I reassure her that they are making her cake and that it's going to be so pretty she won't want to eat it. She proceeds to tell me that that could never happen.

Ahh…what I wouldn't give to be her age again.

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