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Hello all!

"I still don't see why you don't just go with bubblegum pink for the theme of the nursery. I mean you are having a baby girl after all."

"Alice, there's pink, and then there's pink. We want to make it a girl's room, and NOT have it look like someone threw pepto bismol up all over the walls."

God, how I loved my sisters; they were polar opposites one minute then the next thing you know they're collaborating on what bedding and cribs to buy, because god forbid we use Charlotte or Alex's old cribs. I swear, they think I'm made of money with all the new accessories they want me to buy. I know that I need to buy a lot of new baby furniture, but I think the baby will do just fine with Charlotte's baby clothes and toys.

Now, you would think with how many times I told Alice and Rosalie my plans, they would listen to me. No, they don't they act as if I've gone mute!

I'm almost five months pregnant now, so there's no denying that I'm pregnant. Alex constantly is talking to my belly and telling her all about what went on while he was at preschool, and Charlotte seems to have come around to the idea of a new baby. She's still keeping her feelings about the divorce and her father to herself.

I had had enough of the bickering twosome fighting over what color to paint the nursery – something I had secretly already decided to let the professionals handle. I'm going with a light blush color for the walls. I also remembered that I had stored most of Alex and Charlotte's baby clothes out in the garage and some were up in the attic, but Edward would kill me if I tripped or something climbing up into that dusty place.

"Mommy, can I help you find clothes too?" I jumped a bit and almost lost my balance, but quickly caught myself on the island in the kitchen. I was surprised to see Charlotte right behind me. I swear it's like she had supersonic hearing or something. After I was finally able to get my breathing back under control I agreed that she could come help me look through clothes.

I should mention that today was Friday, and I should be upset that Garrett wasn't able to pick the kids up tonight, but I also knew that he was working closely with the police detective in charge of the case. As it would turn out, Garrett was able to get a job down at the Cook County Courthouse in the criminal division. Though, he wouldn't be able to work the case personally (conflict of interest of course) he would finally be doing what he wanted to do all along; and that was help people and send bad guys away to jail.

As I was looking through boxes I came across some of Charlotte's and Alex's baby clothes and I couldn't help but get emotional looking at these again. I still couldn't believe that my little girl was now nine and Alex was turning five tomorrow. I had the cake already ordered and the invitations were all sent out too.

"Was I really this little mommy?" I was snapped away from going over my 'birthday party to-do list' when Charlotte waved a tiny light pink onesie in my face. I nodded and told her that she was definitely that tiny, and like all babies she grew up and got bigger and bigger. I was glad when I saw her smile. I asked her if her friend Mallory was going to come over tomorrow too. When she told me that Mallory was coming I knew to add five more people to the guest list. Yes, Angela, Mallory's mom, would be coming as well, along with her husband that was finally back from his tour that been repeatedly extended – he was supposed to be home by this last Christmas.

"Mommy, does daddy still love me? I know you and him live in different houses, but he has Arron now. Do you think he loves Arron more?"

How in god's name do you answer this question without breaking down into tears yourself?

"Charlotte, your daddy and I love you and Alex so much, and no one or anything will ever change that. Your daddy and I are still friends, but we've each found someone else. Do you understand what I'm saying sweetie?" Charlotte took a few seconds to soak in what all I had told her, and finally she nodded her head. I went on to explain that, yes, daddy was supposed to pick her and Alex up from school today, but that he was starting his new job this week, and he couldn't pick them up today; but that he would pick them up after Alex's party and then they would spend Saturday night and all of Sunday with him.

"Ok mommy, what's my sister's name going to be?"

Now anyone else listening to this conversation would think that she has accepted this and moved on, but I knew better; she was still trying to convince herself that what I was telling her – about her dad and I still loving her, but in different house – was the truth.

"How do you feel about the name Ainsley Charity Cullen?"

Edward and I had finally settled on a name after looking through half a dozen baby name books. We both loved the name Ainsley, it was unique and not all that common. Then we resorted to the internet and used a website where you plugged in your baby's name you want and the last name then it gives you a middle name that you could use.

"It's pretty! If Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie need to go shopping, can I go with them, please momma?" I was going to say no, but then she went and pouted her lower lip and gave me the lethal puppy dog eyes. I broke within a few seconds and agreed that she could go with them, but that she had to stay with Alice and Rosalie and not run off to go look at toys.

Charlotte squealed happily as she ran into the house and up the stairs asking Alice and Rosalie if they were going to go shopping.

I had found a few outfits that would look perfect on the baby, and decided to go make sure that the cake was still being delivered, and whether or not Alex had successfully found the birthday presents I hid in the hall closet on the top shelf.

Even from the bottom of the stairs I could heard Rosalie and Alice arguing still over what color they should paint the walls. I let out a long sigh and trudged up back up to the nursery.

"…I'm telling you Alice, bubblegum pink is too cliché, we should go with a more subdued color like blush!"

"And, I'm saying that bright bubblegum pink is perfect, it's vibrant, it's cheerful, it's –"

"Pepto Bismol, we've been over this Alice!"

"Ok, enough you two! The first five minutes this was entertaining, but it's been two hours with you both arguing over what color to paint this room. So it doesn't matter what you two think because I've already called professionals in to paint this room! Now, are you two going shopping for baby furniture or not; if you are could you please take Charlotte and Alex with you?"

Ok, I added that last part, only because I was planning on calling Edward and having him come over and spend some alone time with him, even if it would only be for an hour or two at the most.

There was a knock at the door, I checked the hall clock and saw that it was almost five in the afternoon. I wasn't sure who was at the door, and after that terrifying dream I had I was afraid to open the door. Alice and Rosalie were whispering about what stores they should go to, so it was left up to me to go down and answer the door.

The knocking increased in volume and frequency. My hand was almost touching the handle, and then I quickly pulled back.

"Wh-who is it" I tried my hardest to hide the shakiness of my voice.

"I've got a package for a Miss Bella Swan!" The man shouted through the door. This helped calm my nerves and I peeked out the window and saw that it was a UPS man holding a decent size box. When I signed for the package I glanced at the address and immediately relaxed. It was from Laurent, I bet it was some of Alex's favorite cookies – sugar cookies with lime green-colored frosting.

I needed to get a grip, no one was out to get me, and the gang was technically after Garrett, not me or the kids.


"Alex, I've already told you half a dozen times, you can't have any of your cookies until your guests get here." I told Alex yet again. I had to hold the box above my head so Alex couldn't try and pry it from my grip.

"But mommy, I want a cookie. They're GREEN!" I swear the kid just wouldn't give up.

Alex wanted a ninja turtle cake for his party, and I had told Laurent in an email I had sent him, so he sent a five year old a box of sugar cookies. I'm fairly certain that he was laughing his head off right now.

I'm not sure but I managed to tell Alex five different ways that he couldn't have the cookies right now, and he wasn't giving up. But that all changed when the doorbell rang signaling that his friends from school had arrived.

"I wanna get it!" Alex shrieked as he raced to the front door with Edward trailing close behind him to be sure. Edward was about to turn the door knob when, "No, I wanna open the door Edward!" Edward held his hands up in surrender and let him open the door.

"Daddy!" This tore me from my attempt at stuffing the piñata with candy. I looked up and saw that Garrett had arrived, and he had brought Kate and Arron with him.

And today was going so well…

Alex was ecstatic to have Arron here and they both raced out to the backyard to play on the swing set. I didn't bother greeting him and continued stuffing the four piñatas with the candy.

I may have forgiven Garrett for what he did, but that didn't mean I was going to be all sunshine and gumdrops to Kate.

"So Edward…how's work been treating you?"

For the love of god, Garrett sucked at trying to make small talk.

"It's been good, with summer coming in a few months we've had more people sign up lately. How's the new job, any news on where they're at with the case?" Leave it to Edward to steer the conversation to something that was less awkward to listen to.

"No, not a lot of new progress, but in a week or two a preliminary hearing was scheduled for the men involved in setting the fire, and then after that they'll have pre-trial motions, and if they decide to plead not guilty to their crimes a trial will be scheduled."

So this thing will drag on far longer than I wanted it too.

"Well, if they're smart they'll plead guilty and maybe we won't have to go to court over this." Edward spoke as he wrapped a comforting arm around me.

Hopefully if we were lucky the gang members realize this too and we won't have to go to court.

The rest of the party went on without a hitch, Alex loved his cake that Garrett's dad made him, and he loved all the gifts he got as well.

Charlie and Sue decided to leave after Alex opened his presents, Sue hadn't been feeling very well lately, and she could barely keep her eyes open it seemed while she was here. Charlie told me that Sue seemed more and more tired, and he was trying to convince her to go see the doctor. Renee and Phil, they were apparently considering applying to become foster parents. I found that strangely good, if that makes sense, that my mother was finally starting to settle down and wanted to become a mother again.

The piñatas had already been cracked open, kids were either eating candy and playing with the new toys, or they were playing on the swing set.

"Mommy, guess what!" Alex said as he climbed up on the bench next to me to get to my eye level. He was so happy; I wasn't sure what he was going to tell me. I mean it could be anything with this kid. "Arron said his mommy is gonna have a baby boy! I's gonna be a big brover right?" Alex said while grinning ear to ear. I wasn't surprised that yet again Arron spilled the news to Alex, but a wasn't upset with Kate – I actually pitied her – she would have to live with knowing that though she was with Garrett, the baby she was currently carrying wasn't his.

"Yes, you're going to be a big brother Alex." I said as I made a gesture to my stomach. This seemed to confuse my son even more. "Buh, you said Arron my brover, don't dat mean his brover gon' be my brover too?"

Oh dear lord how am I going to explain this to him? This was a tangled mess.

"Buddy, yes, Arron is your brother, but the baby inside Kate's tummy has a different daddy. He's going to be Arron's brother but not yours. Do you understand now bud?" Alex took a few minutes to contemplate this information, and finally shrugged it off and ran off to play – oh the mind of a five year old – it reminded me of a pachinko machine at times.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for Alex to think that he would be having a brother and a sister. Bella, I'm sorry for the confusion." God, I wanted to hate her, but right now, at this very moment, I didn't. She didn't mean for Alex to go and think that he was getting another brother. Plus, it's not like she purposefully told Arron knowing he would go and tell Alex.

Although I wanted to see her squirm for a few more minutes I assured her that I wasn't mad at her, and accidentally, but probably subconsciously, said that she couldn't help that her boys have different dads.

Yes….I said those exact words…oh talk about feeling arrogant and mortified all at the same time.

Quickly after those words left my mouth Kate got up and rushed inside with Garrett trailing after her, but not before he gave me a dirty look.

Hey, I have the right to still be pissed at Kate for what she did, and if he expected me to apologize he'll have to wait a long time for that to come.

"Wow, remind me never to get on your bad side." Edward said as he chuckled in my ear. I couldn't help but join in the laughter. I told him about how I hadn't realized I said it before it was too late. "That just makes it all the more hilarious love. Don't worry about Garrett and Kate, you're entitled to a few snarky comments with all considering. I'm just surprised that you didn't start sooner."

The entire party was a success if I do say so myself, and especially since I finally said what I was thinking about Kate out loud, granted, it wasn't planned.

The painters were coming in a few days to pain the nursery, and what I didn't tell Alice or Rosalie, even Edward, was that I had asked them to paint a mural over where the crib would go. I had this idea in my head and when I explained to the painters about it they told me that they could do that, and that it would be fairly easy.

Later that night Edward and I were washing dishes and I felt the baby kick rather hard, so hard that it took me by surprise. The baby usually gives soft warning kicks before kicking the way she just did. Edward asked if I was ok, and if the baby was ok as well. I assured him repeatedly that both Ainsley and I were ok, and that the baby was kicking. Immediately, Edward's hand went to my stomach and I moved his hand over to where she was kicking and I couldn't help but smile at how captivated he was with feeling his daughter kick for the first time.

Ainsley kicked plenty, but whenever Edward was around and he would go to put his hand on my belly to feel she would instantly go still and no more kicks could be felt.

"I still can't believe that a tiny little baby, our daughter, is in there right now. Is it too pretentious of me to say that she is going to be the most beautiful baby on the face of the earth?"

"If she has her daddy's good looks she will definitely be a heartbreaker." I say in a playful tone. Edward, however, didn't appreciate this one bite and informed me that Ainsley wasn't allowed to date any boys until she was thirty. I couldn't suppress my laughter and told him that sixteen was a nice middle ground. I could tell that Edward wanted to stick with his guns, but caved to my way of thinking; something I was growing to love more and more.

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