More Than A One Night Stand

One More Night

It was finally Saturday, and that meant moving day for Rosalie. Alice and I were going to help her move her things from the hotel she was staying at to her new apartment. I still occasionally thought about following Alice's advice and hiring a private detective to follow Garrett, and see if he really was busy with work. There was a tiny party of me that is seconds away from dialing that number, but then I am reminded that I honestly have no right to judge him when I am still having sexual fantasies about my auburn-haired Adonis. I also find myself thinking about what I would do if I could get my hands on him, or better yet, what I would want him to do to me.

Charlotte and Alex insisted on coming along for the adventure. This morning Garrett left for work, why he had to work on a Saturday I have no clue, but I'm sure that it was all part of his plan to make Partner at the firm. Normally, if Garrett had work on the weekends and I had plans, Victoria would stay home with the kids. I wasn't sure why I even bothered wondering if Garrett was telling me the truth not anymore. But the reason I decided to bring Charlotte and Alex along was because Victoria and James had a secret date tonight that they both thought I didn't know about. I didn't need to be a genius to know that they have been seeing each other since around the time I had Alex.

We arrived at the apartment building and I swear that it looked like a tower of mirrors – it looked like if you threw something all of the building would be gone. Now, I knew that that that was done for privacy reasons as well as to keep most of the sunlight out. Rosalie's apartment was on the twenty-second floor – there were forty-two floors! Obviously – and thankfully – they had elevators and we rode in silence all the way up to the room. When we got to her room and walked in I now understood why the asking price was so high. This room looked like it belonged as a background in Forbe's Magazine or something. It had a very sleek, very eco modern look to it, and I knew that after Alice and Rosalie got finished doing what they do best that this house would be beautiful.

"Mommy, when can we go home? It's boring watching Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie 'discussing' which curtains would look better in the living room." My Charlotte complained. I had to agree with her though, watching Alice and Rosalie arguing over whether or not the burgundy or maroon colored curtains would look better in the living room. Plus it didn't help that it was nearing 5:00 and we had been here since before eleven this morning. But I looked around and saw that we had made serious progress to this apartment. While the kid and I were out eating a lunch Rosalie's new friends had moved the heavy furniture into her apartment and arranged it the way she wanted – Rosalie can be very particular.

I honestly didn't see the difference between the two different shades of curtains either, but apparently maroon said one thing and burgundy spoke a different language – or something to that effect; I lost interest a few minutes into the debate. I was seconds from gathering my kids and making a clean getaway, but was frozen in place when I saw who the two men Rosalie had hired to help move her furniture were.

It was him.

I'd recognize those piercing emerald eyes anywhere. I still didn't' know his name, but I didn't need to know his name to see the recollection in his eyes mirrored mine as he was carrying in a heavy box labeled 'bedroom' from the hallway – the irony of that labelled-box was not lost on me – it was as if the universe were trying to push the two of together.

"Uh…eh hmm… Where would you like this to go Rosalie?" The Adonis said gesturing to the brown box in his perfectly sculpted arms; apparently my being here flustered him a bit, not that he would readily admit to that. I also needed to make sure I didn't run and jump into Adonis' arms and take him right now in front of everyone. Thankfully I found the strength to remain rooted where I stood. It seemed that my memory wasn't the only one going into overdrive – Adonis turned and saw me and I could see he was failing miserably to pretend as if he didn't already recognize me and want to jump my bones.

Rosalie motioned to her bedroom where the box could go and that I could show him where everything in the box was supposed to go. Though I so wanted to punch Rosalie, I refrained and led him to the bedroom – to say that this was déjà vu was an understatement. Once in the bedroom, Edward plopped the box down on the bed. I leaned over to look inside and checked out the contents of the box and saw that it was just her bedding and pillow cases.

"Who would've thought that your ass would've looked just as good, if not better, with clothes on?" I was grateful that my back was turned at that very moment, because he would definitely have found humor in how my cheeks reddened at his comment. I took in a cleansing breath and I had intended to correct him and scold him for making a comment. But when I did turn around and saw how close he and I were standing, my fight quickly vanished – what replaced it was that of pure lust. Everything around us both melted away, all that mattered was that he and I were here. I still didn't know his name, but at this very moment it didn't matter.

I was about to open my mouth to speak, but was silenced by his index finger buttoning my lips. My gaze moved upwards and our eyes connected. I couldn't even remember now what it was that I wanted to say; he had this strange effect over my brain to function normally. My breathing hitched a bit when I felt his coarse thumb stroke my bottom lip – he still made sure not to break eye contact with me.

As if my prayers had been answered his lips were slowly moving towards mine. I closed my eyes and prepared for the fireworks that were bound to happen. When our lips lightly grazed one another's we were interrupted by a familiar voice yelling for my Adonis, whose given name was apparently Edward? It was a very 'old' name, but it still fit him nicely. He had this old soul vibe to him – as if he had lived many lifetimes. Emmett, the buddy I had previously met, yelled for Edward to come help with a larger box that I had surmised to be Rosalie's flat screen television; she wanted that to be the last thing to be moved into the apartment, why?, well I wasn't all that sure myself.

I couldn't hide the giggle that escaped from me when I heard Edward softly curse his roommate for his bad timing. I urged him to go help him and that I would be ok. I could tell that Edward didn't want to go, that he wanted to finish what we had almost started.

"Would you do me the honor of going out for a drink with me after we finish up here? And who knows, maybe you and I can have a repeat of that wonderful night I can't seem to get out of my head." Edward said with a crooked smile I swore he did for my benefit. Though I was attracted to his gorgeous man, for a few seconds I almost felt guilty for lusting after him instead of my husband. But then I reminded myself that I was just meeting him for a drink; that was not cheating. Edward left the room before I could either accept or reject his offer and I was left standing there. It took me a couple minutes to get my breathing under control and make sure my over-observant sister didn't know just how well I knew Rosalie's new neighbor.

Thankfully Rosalie and Alice finished decorating the apartment and the only requirement left of the boys were to hook up her TV, and move in her couch from the hallway. When they left, I had thought that maybe Edward had forgotten all about his proposition to take me out for drinks tonight; I realized that Edward had palmed a small, folded piece of paper to me.

I wasn't sure if I should even look at it and just throw it in the trash, but my curiosity got the best of me.

Want to meet me for a drink?

Bridge Bar at 8.


Could I meet Edward for drinks? I mean it was just a drink or two at a bar; it wasn't like he was asking me to come over for sex.

Was he?

God how I hated how this man could make me question myself so much; Garrett was never like this with me. He was the perfect gentleman, I mean yes we met and married rather quickly, but I knew that I loved him from the very beginning. Now though, now I wasn't so sure anymore.

After a couple more hours of moving and rearranging the furniture in the apartment Rosalie was satisfied with how her new home looked and suggested we go out for an early dinner. I checked the time on my phone and saw that I still had three hours before I would need to decide if I would go and meet Edward for drinks. When we got to a restaurant – I didn't even bother looking at which one – Alice knew something was off with me and quietly asked me what was wrong. When she finally was able to get it out of me she smiled ear to ear.

"This is wonderful news Bella! I mean you met this guy once and you're still hung up on him? Normally I would smack some sense into you, but I won't because we're in a public place right now with countless witnesses – plus you know that I look hideous in orange." Before I could answer our waiter came and asked for our drink order and if we were ready to order or needed a few more minutes to decide. Both Alex and Charlotte knew immediately what they wanted; which meant that me, Alice, and Rosalie had to scramble to pick something that sounded halfway decent to us on the menu.

We all made small talk and when our drinks came I casually asked Rosalie if it would be alright if Charlotte and Alex spent the night with her in her new apartment. I swear my children have supersonic hearing at times, because they immediately started begging me to let them spend the night with Rosalie. I glanced at her for approval and thankfully she agreed. Just then I realized that I didn't have any change of clothes for them to change into. Rosalie shrugged it off and said it would give her an excuse to take her niece and nephew shopping with her. I didn't really like the idea of Rosalie buying my children clothes, but I decided that just this one time was ok.

When dinner was finished we walked back to Rosalie's apartment building and I kissed my children goodnight and that I would see them tomorrow bright and early for church. Neither Charlotte nor Alex was happy about this, but they didn't argue with me. Alice and I walked back to our cars and before I got in and drove off Alice asked me the question I had been hoping she didn't, "So, do you plan on meeting up with this Adonis of yours?" I was stunned. How did she even know that I had finally decided to go get that drink with Edward? "Don't look at me like that, I know you Bells, and I know that though you're married to Garrett and don't want to ruin your marriage, you deserve to be happy. So what if it isn't Garrett that makes you happy. I won't tell and neither will Rosalie."

Oh my god, did everyone I know think it was perfectly fine to cheat on your spouse? I mean, yes, I did have sex with Edward, but that was after a lot of tequila shots and one very strong Long Island Iced Tea. But that didn't count as cheating…did it?

God, this Adonis was screwing with what I knew, and what I thought I knew, was right.


I was going to be late, let's just hope that Edward didn't think I was standing him up. Just as I had my key in the ignition Alice tapped on my window and pointed across the street. There on a black banner in white letters was the sign for the Bridge bar. I took a few collecting breaths and got out of the car and after I 'promised' to call Alice later with all the 'juicy details' I was off.

Finally I was able to find a parking spot and I hurriedly walked to the bar and when I got inside I looked around and as his note told me he was here and waiting for me by the bar. I quietly told the hostess that I was meeting someone by the bar and she gladly let me pass and I continued on my journey. I couldn't help but chew on my bottom lip as I inched closer and closer. It was one thing when I walked up to him as a complete stranger, but now, now, I knew his name and that would definitely complicate things for me.

"If you continue chewing your lip like that I may just have to see how it tastes for myself." I was jerked out of my thoughts by his comment and felt myself blush three shades of pink. Now that he said that I found myself wanting him to do just that – and plenty of other things if I could think of any. Seeing me blush Edward smirked again and I asked me what I would like to drink. I told him that I would be driving home so for now just a glass of ice water would be enough for me. "Pity, and here I thought you couldn't wait to jump me back at your friend Rosalie's apartment." His grinned widened as I'm sure he saw my eyes bug out of my head. "H-how did you – I mean what makes you so sure that that's what I had in mind?" I did my best to sound coy, but I couldn't hide the waver in my voice.

"Oh, I'm a man of many talents Isabella and you're welcome to try and figure them out any time you like." Thankfully he turned his head to get the bartender's attention and didn't see my cheeks redden further. I started fanning myself while his back was turned and willed myself to calm down and not get ahead of myself.

Do not let this man fluster you Bella.

"I asked for an ice water." I said matter-of-factly when the bartender placed my drink order in front of me. I wasn't a fan of alcoholic drinks. The most alcoholic drink I've ever had was a strawberry daiquiri, and that was at this past Fourth of July celebration. "And I want to expand your palette. So have an open mind and take a sip. Think of this date as a tasting and finding out which liquors you prefer."

Now, how could I tell this auburn-haired Adonis no? I let out a breath and brought the small glass to my mouth and took a quick sniff, and I couldn't tell for sure but it smelled almost like something roasted or charred, which one I wasn't very sure. I wanted to demand that he get me an ice water and no more games, but I decided to break my cardinal rule and took a sip of the caramel-colored drink. Something told me that I should've taken a smaller sip because it dried out the back of my throat and I coughed and gagged a bit before finally getting air back into my lungs.

And what did Adonis do? He laughed. He was fucking laughing at me. I gave him my best death glare and this only caused him to laugh harder. "You do know that you're supposed to sip the whiskey not gulp it down like it's going out of stock."

Again with that damned crooked grin of his. I wanted to yell at him and punch him hard in the shoulder, but I didn't. I just calmly told him again that I wasn't much a fan of alcohol, and asked the bartender for a glass of water. Thankfully the bartender nodded and brought it over, and also put down a small glass of drink that looked to be the color of honey. "That is your next glass to try, I won't tell you what it is until after you take a drink; I don't want to cloud your judgment." I could tell that he was being sincere and after taking a few sips of my water I found the courage to take a small sip of the drink. It wasn't bad, but it made me feel like I had took a bite out of a corkboard, but decided to push through; by the third sip it was actually somewhat good. I wouldn't be buying any of this stuff anytime soon, but I will agree that I liked it. "Well by your face, I can tell that you enjoyed it and that is your classic scotch on the rocks." Edward said with a genuine smile. He ordered another drink for me to try, and if I didn't know better I'd say that he was trying to get me drunk.

"Oh, and here I thought I was being discrete – looks like you found me out Isabella." Crap. I thought I had said that in my head, but apparently it came out of my mouth.

"It's Bella, and enough of the liquor, I showed up didn't I there's no reason for you to get me all liquored up." I say and I even surprise myself when I add a playful wink for good measure. Ok, so it was safe to say that I was a lightweight when it came to alcohol, though I will admit that I was feeling more aware than that night after all those tequila shots. I took another sip of my water and decided to ask the bartender to give me the strongest drink they made. I wasn't quite sure myself why I wanted to try hard liquor, but I wasn't about to question it – neither was Edward apparently.

The bartender put a drink down in front of me and I asked what the name of it was I couldn't hide the smile on my face.

Smoking Gun.

It was a very catchy name. I swirled the glass a bit then without smelling first I took a generous sip of the drink and was happily surprised that it didn't burn going down my throat. In fact, it didn't even taste alcoholic at all it tasted really good actually. Before I knew it, it was gone and I asked the bartender for refill. I vaguely remember hearing Edward telling that I better take it easy since I don't make a habit out of drinking. I shrugged him off and gladly welcomed my second glass of the amazing drink. Just as I was about to ask for another I was starting to feel the warming effects of all the alcohol. Edward pushed my glass of water over to me and told me that I needed to drink about three more glasses of this so that I wouldn't have a killer hangover. But I think I was already affected by the alcohol because I think I told Edward how I couldn't stop thinking about him since that night and that I did want to jump him when we were in Rosalie's bedroom.

I was a bit confused when I saw Edward looking around the bar a bit embarrassed, but it didn't matter to me. I sipped my water some more and before I knew it Edward put down money to cover the tab and took me by the hand and we walked back to my car – at least that's what I thought we were doing. We had just passed the bar when Edward pulled me into the shadows of an alley and pushed me up against the wall. My head was still swimming a bit from the alcohol, but I couldn't hide the fact that this was turning me on. He inched closer to the point that our lips were lightly grazing against one another's that I was practically begging for more.

"I know that I shouldn't be doing this, you're clearly drunk, but I can't help myself. Isabella – Bella, I need one more night with you. Hell, I need more than one night. You do things to me I didn't think were ever humanly possible." All I could do was just stare up at him and I could feel my breathing becoming more and more shallow. I'm not sure what came over me, but I couldn't help myself; I grabbed Edward by the side of his head and pulled him in and kissed him with so much passion and fire I thought I would combust into a pile of ash right here in this alley. I nearly burst into tears when Edward pulled away from me. Had I done something wrong?

Just then Edward's lips came crashing down on mine. I would've squealed with delight, but I was too busy making out with the most wonderful man I've ever met. When his mouth started to trail towards the crook of my neck I was finally able to catch my breath. I found myself gasping as I felt his hands trail down from either side of my face to rest on my breasts. I couldn't hold back the moans of ecstasy as his hands roughly massaged my breasts through my shirt. Right now I was regretting wearing a bra because I wanted to so desperately feel his fingers rake across my nipples and ever so lightly tweak them.

"Tell me how much you want it." Edward whispered hoarsely in my ear then gently bit my ear lobe.

I gasped and found my body starting to shake from all of this pleasure. As if reading my mind one of Edward's hands left its place caressing my breasts and slowly moved south towards the hem of my jeans. I knew I should've listened to Victoria and wore a skirt today – and not just because it was rather hot for an evening in September. I was still finding the words that would explain how much I wanted him – so much time that I hadn't realized he had my jeans unbuttoned and was snaking his hard callused hands down into my pants and he started rubbing and massaging my pussy though my underwear.

"I want to hear your voice begging for it." Edward said with a hoarseness that told me he wanted this just as much as I was right now. I finally had control over my thoughts and extremities and reached out towards Edward and raked my fingers over his sculpted chest. I looked up at him and I saw that he was staring very intently at me; like he was watching to make sure that I was enjoying myself.

"I…I want you…I want you right now." I couldn't believe I was saying this right now, but it was completely true I wanted him right now. I wanted him so bad that I was willing to let him take me right here in this dark alley up against the brick wall that was currently holding me up. I swear this man could read minds because then he abruptly turned me around so that my face was shoved against the brick wall. I felt my jeans being lowered down my hips and then a callused hand found its way inside my panties and on my bare skin. I was about to ask Edward to stop teasing me when I felt fingers plunge deep inside of me and I couldn't hold back the loud moan that escaped my lips as Edward began to push his fingers in and out of my pussy.

The hand that had been previously massaging and kneading my breasts moved up and took hold of my neck. I've never felt pleasure like this before; I loved what was happening to me and I found myself begging Edward not to stop.

"Yeah, you like what I'm doing to you don't you?" Edward said in a hoarse whisper. I couldn't answer him; all I could focus on right now was the building climax that was forming inside of me. I was gasping and panting for air as he continued his assault on my now wet pussy. I was nearing my orgasm at a steady pace when I felt his thumb had found my little nub. I heard him chuckle with devilish delight and proceeded to rub it at an alarming rate.

My gasping and panting became fevered and just when I thought I was going to explode Edward covered my mouth with his as my climax reached its peak. I was moaning and groaning so much I swore I blacked out a few seconds at a time as I came down from my high. I silently thanked the stars he hadn't let me go until I got my bearings because I would've fallen into a big heap on the dirty ground. I pulled up my pants and rearranged my shirt as I stood there still panting a bit. I wanted to tell him how amazing that was but seriously, how do you express you enjoyed what he did to you without sounding stupid or tacky? I mean I'm not about to say "That was amazing, I loved how your fingers made me feel." , because that would be just gross and uncomfortable. Thankfully though Edward didn't need me to say anything; he took me in his arms and gave me the most passion-filled kiss I think I've ever gotten.

After this brief encounter with Edward I felt my head was a bit clearer, maybe not enough by legal standards, but I felt that I was ok enough to drive back home. I needed to go home; I didn't trust myself to stay with Edward any longer than necessary. If I stayed I would more than likely go back with him to his apartment and give him that 'one more night' he wanted with me. I said a quick goodbye to Edward and gingerly walked to my car. My legs would definitely feel like jelly for a few more hours, but I liked the pleasant reminder of just how amazing Edward is.

I was about halfway home when I saw I had a text message. When I got to a stoplight I pulled my phone out and saw that it was a text from Garrett.

Sorry about fight last weekend.Coming home earlier than planned.Want to go out for lunch tomorrow?


There it was; the reason I had to keep my feelings for Edward in check. My husband. Garrett and I were going through a rough patch. We've been married for about eight years, and I've known Edward a total of three days, so how is it that I want to spend more time with Edward than I am with my own husband?

I had a feeling though that tonight wasn't just going to be one more night with Edward.

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