More Than A One Night Stand

Love Shack

"I still can't believe that you actually still want to wear this. I mean Bella this costume is so sexy I'm surprised Rosalie isn't wearing it instead of you." Alice said with a bright smile, as she took in my costume from all angles of her bedroom. She had all but demanded that Rosalie and I come over and change into our costumes at her apartment seeing as how the party was at her townhouse anyway.

"Way to be supportive Alice. I like it and I don't know – I just want to do something different for a change, and if that means dressing like a whore then so be it." I was liking this new side of myself I was starting to discover. I was finding myself not being the pushover I had been known to be and speaking up for myself more. Normally I would just let Alice do and say whatever she wanted; it was just easier that way.

My costume was actually really sexy and I loved how it showed off my curves in all the right places. The top made it look like I was wearing a white corset with black trim and laced up with red ribbons, and it made me look even curvier with the black vest. My skirt was black with a striped black and white trim. But the shoes I wished I hadn't let Alice talk me into wearing were already hurting my feet. They were cute black knee-high boots with about 3-inch heels with a good length of red fabric to cover my knees up. It was like a modern-sexy twist on a pirate outfit. To make it look like I had a 'hat' there was a black and red thick ribbon that clipped into my hair. I had actually liked how Alice styled my hair; it was pulled up into a 'messy' pony tail with pieces of hair hanging down strategically.

I was in the process of putting an extra layer of blush and lipstick when I heard my phone vibrate on the vanity. It was from Garrett telling me that he would be going to the party, but that I could go ahead without him – something about how his bosses needed something from him that was due two weeks ago.

Oh well, I won't let him ruin my good mood.

Charlotte and Alex were with Garrett's parents for the night, another reason I was grateful that Garrett and I moved back to Chicago – the place he called home.

"Ugh, Bella, can you tear your attention from your own reflection and come zip me up? I'm not even sure why this dress needed a zipper it's practically skin-tight." I turned to see my sister struggling to try and zip the dress herself with no success. I couldn't hold back the laughter when I saw what her costume was.

She was in a bright red dress with the Skittles logo on it, and on the back of her dress in italic print around her ass read "Taste the rainbow" – something that was added to the dress. Alice didn't find humor in my laughter and demanded I just come over and zip her up. Rosalie looked stunning as always – she decided to go as an auto mechanic. She was wearing navy blue coveralls that even had the embroidered name tag that read, "Hi, my name is…". She had it zipped down to her navel; thankfully she was wearing a 'greasy' white T-shirt under it and even put black 'grease' on her cheeks to make her look as if she had just crawled out from under a vehicle.

Finally came the finishing touches; our masks.

Mine was a mask that covered my eyes and that came down around my nose, Alice's was white and just covered her eyes, and Rosalie decided instead of wearing a mask she would just add extra black face paint to her face to conceal her identity.

When the party finally started it was surprising there was still any room to move around, let alone breathe. It was still strange that Alice knew so many people, but at the same time I really wasn't that surprised. There were a lot of vampires – some traditional some looked like they stepped right out of that book by Stephanie Meyer – and there were a lot of nurses varying from innocent to some looking like they just got done filming a porno.

Journey's Don't Stop Believing started playing and everyone was singing along and bouncing up and down to the music. It was amazing to watch, that's right I didn't do much dancing and even when I did it wasn't pretty. I swear it looks like I'm having an epileptic seizure or something that's how horrible I am.

The night continued on and I was doing my best to play good host with my sister, but by the time 11:00 rolled around the party went from laughing and dancing to an all-out make out party it seemed – and if it was possible even more people showed up. I swear it was like a flashback to high school. When Charlie and Renee would be gone for some kind of mini vacation away from work and painting, Alice would immediately invite the entire school over – it was a wonder that none of our neighbors ever called the police. I started looking for Alice and was going to tell her that I had to go and that I was checking out early when I saw her in the corner of the family room making out with her husband, Jasper. I sighed and decided it best not to interrupt them, so I went on my way upstairs to get my things to go home.

"Hello gorgeous, I wouldn't mind walking your plank, if you know what I mean." I man who sounded as if he was way past his limit of how many beers he had tonight, I turned to see him and saw that he had been real original and was dressed as a mummy – more like he had been dressed as one. He did a half-assed job of wrapping himself in toilet paper because I could see the boxer shorts he was wearing and I knew he didn't mind showing off. I continued on my way not bothering to answer him, when I heard him mutter, "fucking cock tease…" I whirled around and whacked him hard in the jaw making him stumble back a few paces against the wall. I said something to the effect of to go fuck himself and continued on my way. Just as I was almost to the bedroom I was pulled by the arm hard into the bathroom then slammed up against the door. I wasn't given a chance to scream at my attacker, who was dressed as a Greek god, before his lips were crashing firmly into mine.

It took me a moment for it to register just who this assailant was – it was my Adonis. I'd recognize his cologne anywhere. I wasn't sure how he'd known it was me under this mask but it didn't matter; nothing mattered at this very moment.

"Seeing you punch that drunken bastard was so hot Bella…" Edward hoarsely whispered against the nape of my neck. I loved how he made me feel, I loved that he made me feel so naughty, but at the same time desired. I couldn't even make myself form competent sentences I just grunted in agreement. I gasped when if felt his hard callused hands run down my body and stop at my hips and practically rip my skirt up so that he could get better access to my panties. Edward wasn't playing around, he was obviously turned on and I wasn't about to stop him by opening my mouth.

He kept eye contact as I felt his hands forcibly pull my panties down so that they pooled around my feet. Instinctively I moved my hand to try and cover myself, but Edward would have none of that – he grabbed my hands and jerked them up and held them above my head.

"I want to be the only thing that makes you cum tonight Bella,"

OK seriously, what the hell was I supposed to say to that? I mean that got me so wet that all I would have to do is just jump on him and he would be inside of me within minutes. He obviously knew what I was thinking because while he made sure my hands stayed above my head with one hand and the other immediately went down to my pussy and he started rubbing his thumb gingerly over my clit, I swear I would cum just from that. After what seemed like an eternity Edward shoved two of his fingers inside of me while still rubbing my clit with his thumb.

By this time I was panting as Edward was building me up for a very intense orgasm. Just when I thought I would finally climax he stopped and pulled his fingers out and grabbed my cheeks and held me still while he gently ran his tongue over my lips before diving in and dancing with my own tongue. My brain was completely scrambled; I wasn't even sure what was happening until I felt something bigger than fingers slowly push into me. I was gasping by this time as I felt myself stretching more than I had in a very long time. With Garrett I would need to use my fingers to rub my clit to help me have an orgasm, but with Edward I think I was about to have one and he had just started sliding in and out of me. Out of habit I was about to rub gently on my clit to help intensify the orgasm, but Edward slapped my hand away. He was serious about him being the only thing that would make me cum tonight. This was both very hot and very frustrating.

Edward hugged closer to my body and the feeling was so amazing that all I could do was just moan as he was thrusting in and out of me.

"Tell me how much you love having me inside of you right now Bella. I want to hear how much you love it." Edward whispered in my ear as he increased his rhythm. I managed to sputter out something that sounded like, "I love how you fuck my tight pussy!"

I all but cried when Edward pulled out of me, but was immediately eager for what he had planned when he pulled me over to the bathroom sink bent me over it. I waited impatiently for him to push back into me, but first he seemed to want to tease my pussy and rubbed my pussy, moved his hand from my pussy to teasing around my asshole, then back to my pussy and clit. Then without warning he slammed hard into me that I couldn't hold back the grunt that came from my mouth. This went on for what felt like hours, I loved how amazing he felt inside of me and braced my arms on the sink so that I wouldn't fall.

My climax was coming and I managed to tell Edward this, and this seemed to spur him on and he was pounding into me so hard that our bodies were making that smacking sound. When my climax finally hit I swear the room left me and I was surrounded by bright lights and everything seemed more muffled and blurred. When I finally was back to myself I was gasping for air and felt a warm sticky substance caked on my backside, but I didn't much mind that. I was still riding the high of my climax. I gathered up a bit of toilet paper and run it under warm water, but Edward had beaten me to it. I loved how he took great care to make sure that he didn't hurt me as he wiped the evidence from my body. We were left in silence, but it was pleasant – we were reveling in the aftermath. Soon though we would have to get back to the party and we would have to go our separate ways again.

Just then I felt a vibration in my bra and saw that it was my phone and that it was a text from Garrett.

Been here 4 while.Where U ?Alice sure knos hw 2 thro a party

- Garrett

That snapped me out of my stupor and I quickly got my skirt readjusted and left the bathroom in search of Garrett, leaving Edward back in the bathroom. I wasn't sure why I needed, or wanted, to get to Garrett in the first place. But then I remembered why; I didn't want him finding out that I had just had sex with the most amazing man on the planet I was sure that he couldn't truly be human.

"Hey babe, wow what a killer costume, makes mine look lame compared to yours." Garrett said when I finally got to him. He was dressed as cupid. I was almost certain that Alice chose this costume for him for the irony alone.

"Love Shack" had just come on and I knew that Garrett loved this song so I pulled him onto the dance floor. Both of us looked like deranged monkeys but I couldn't help but laugh and keep dancing. Just as it got to the second chorus I saw Edward. He was standing on the stairs and his attention was directed right at me. I knew what he was thinking, and I would be thinking the same thing if I had just got done having sex with me and then coming to see me dancing with someone else.

Cock tease.

I pleaded with my eyes for Edward to forgive me, but he wasn't having any of it. He turned around and walked out of the room. I felt a part of me slowly start to ache at the thought that I had upset him.

But how could I feel this way when I was currently dancing with the man I promised the rest of my life to in front of my friends and family? It was strange to me, but I still couldn't shake the feeling of betrayal. I should be happy that my husband finally wanted to pay attention to me, but I wasn't – I wanted to run after Edward and explain everything to him. As time went on I realized that it would be for the best. Garrett and I were starting to get back to our old selves and maybe now he would keep up his side of the agreement to work less hours and not so many weekends so that he could spend time with Charlotte and Alex.

But something told me that this was too good to be true and that sooner or later things would crumble and I would be left alone.

What are your thoughts? Does Edward have a right to be angry? Should Bella feel guilty for how she left things?

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