More Than A One Night Stand


I hated lying to Bella, I loved her, but I wasn't in love with her, not anymore. I'm not sure when it exactly happened, but I found myself starting to have feelings for my secretary, Katrina. It started around the time human resources hired her, which was about five years ago. I still remember when I first saw her and found myself insanely attracted to her. In those first couple days while the both of us were trying to figure one another out, and as time passed, I found myself purposefully making up reasons for her to come in to my office so I could have a reason to see her.

But as time went on Katrina must have felt the same attraction I had for her, because once, around the time she first started working for me as a secretary – one thing led to another and she ended up face first against my desk and my dick pounding hard in and out of her.

That first time it happened both of us vowed that it would never happen again, especially Katrina, because she knew that I had a wife and two children at home. She didn't want to be one of those women who broke up a marriage; I respected her even more after that. I also learned about her background. She was from Slovakia and hadn't visited her parents in quite some time, but she talks to them both on Skype as well as through phone calls and letters. Katrina, who preferred I call her Kate, told me about her childhood growing up in Slovakia and that she had come here with the blessing of her parents to make a better life for herself.

It's amazing all the things she's managed to overcome since her journey to the States. She's had to learn English, had a visa for the past couple of years before getting her secretarial job, and she is in the process of becoming a naturalized citizen. Kate and I have grown so close to one another it's so hard when I have to go home and leave her to go on about her life. I also hate lying to Bella, because she will always be my best friend, and I hate that I'm making her unhappy with all my working lately – something that I've been trying to fix. I decided to break my plans with Kate tonight on Halloween and go surprise Bella at her sister's party. I hated the costume Alice had picked out for me, but decided to keep my opinions to myself. The whole 'cupid' costume was stupid, but decided to save face and pretend like it didn't bother me. I knew that Alice and Rosalie didn't like me from the beginning, but I was thrilled when Bella decided to give me a chance – not that we really had a choice after she had gotten pregnant with Charlotte shortly after we met and I was about to go off to law school that fall.

I still couldn't get the image of my beautiful wife coming down the stairs at the Halloween party in that amazing pirate costume. I still found her amazingly beautiful in anything she wore, but I found my thoughts being consumed with thoughts about Kate and what she and I had originally planned to do tonight.

Earlier today I was working, nothing unusual there, but I needed to have Kate go up to talk to Marcus, Aro, Caius, and the other lawyers who were in charge of making sure that Katz Law Office ran smoothly and made a profit. I also needed to see if they wanted me to still represent our latest high-profile client – a rich socialite who obviously had too many drinks and blew a 0.14 in a Breathalyzer test. I knew that I could make a deal with the prosecutor to have it arranged to where she could instead serve time doing community service. But when Kate got back down to my office the expression on her face said it all; I needed to make the phone call I didn't want to make – it didn't matter if her father was paying very good money to have us represent her apparently. I wasn't all that sure why Aro had decided to drop her as a client, but I was smart enough not to ask questions I probably didn't want the answers to. I really hated to do that to her, or to anyone, I hated having to have Kate make phone calls telling people I could no longer or would no longer represent them.

Over the years when Kate has to make phone calls like that, people normally don't take it very well; some of the time people would be angry enough they would start shouting profanities at Kate, and some were loud enough I could hear a few of the callers angry words when I came out of my office to her desk. I was looking over the notes from a previous drug case I had previously represented.

I had represented a man, who has been charged with drug possession with intent to sell. I wouldn't normally represent these types of cases, but the bosses upstairs greatly appreciated the generous amount of money he was willing to shell out so that we represent him – apparently we are the law firm for criminals to use. If my memory served me correctly before the Volturi brothers took over firm we would never even consider representing criminals and career felons. I still remember my dreams back in law school to one day come home and become an assistant district attorney, or at least work in the prosecution office and work my way up to District Attorney. But when I had gotten an offer from Katz it was just too good to refuse, they offered a very generous signing bonus if I were to agree to come work for them. I would be stupid to pass that up with Bella and me expecting our first child in a few months and still needed to buy some of the essential furniture for Charlotte.

"Garrett, do you need break?" I loved hearing Kate's accent and how she was picking up English better in over a year. I told her that I was fine and I asked her how Belinda Swanson took the news about us having to drop her as a client. "She was not happy. She tells me that her father would call my boss and give them ear full." I wasn't surprised in the least, but I also knew Aro, the CEO of the law firm and when he made a decision there was no going back from it.

"I will be fine Kate, how is Arron doing? Does he like his new school?" Arron was Kate's five year old son. There have been a few times that I've actually got to meet Arron; Kate prefers to not to have him with her in the office – because he has afternoon kindergarten. She leaves Arron with her elderly neighbor in her apartment building in the morning and the woman takes Arron to school. When I asked Kate about Arron's father she told me Arron's father preferred not to be involved with her or the child. It killed me that Arron would never get to meet his birth father. "He is liking his school very well. He made a few friends. I still do not have clue how I can repay you for paying for Arron's tuition." At my insistence Kate went to have Arron tested – he seemed to not want to get involved with the other kids or the teacher at his previous school. The tests showed that Arron was extremely gifted for his age and that he just needed to be challenged more. Kate didn't make much on a secretary's salary to afford the type of school the experts recommended and so I decided to offer to pay for the tuition; no questions asked. "There's no need for that Kate – I told you that I care for Arron as if he were my own son and he deserves to get a good education."

Seeing as how now calendar was clear for the afternoon, and Kate didn't need to leave to pick Arron up from daycare for another five hours I decided to share my lunch hour with her and offered to have Kate eat with me in my office. I made sure to lock the door behind me, just in case one thing led to another – which it usually did with us. I loved how Kate made me feel and made me feel so young and alive. Bella did the same for me, but it wasn't the same thing with us, it hadn't been the same for a while now and I knew that Bella felt it too.

We had about finished our lunch when Kate slowly got up from her chair and walked around my desk and towered over me. She took my tie in her hand and began pulling it off of me and unbuttoning my dress shirt. When she got to my pants I thought I would burst at the seams at how long she was taking – she liked to tease me when it came to getting undressed – but I wasn't having any of that today. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled down into my lap. I needed to taste her lips. I carefully licked both her lower and upper lip before sensually taking a nip at her lower lip. This seemed to always get her going. She raked her fingers through my shaggy brown hair and I nestled my face into her chest. I went crazy over the perfume she had chosen to wear today; she knew that I had a thing for floral perfume. As our kissing intensified I slid my hand down her arms, to her breasts long enough to massage and tweak her nipples that were peeking out through her bra and white blouse a bit, then my hands came to rest on her perfectly round ass that was currently covered in an indigo pencil skirt. I loved how she made me feel and love what she did to me. I ripped her shirt off, causing buttons to pop off and fly across the room. This seemed to turn her on because I heard her let out a hoarse moan. I smirked and nestled my face back into her chest and lightly bite on her breasts and massage her ass cheeks at the same time.

I heard her start to mutter in her native tongue, and this just spurred me on; I reached around and unhooked her bra and her D-sized breasts came spilling out and I had to suckle on her luscious pink nipples. I found out a long time ago that her nipples were her kryptonite and that the more I massaged and played with them the louder she would moan and closer to her climax she would be.

Not breaking the kiss, I had Kate sit facing me on the desk and she had pushed her skirt up so that I could have a better view between her legs. I about came in my pants when I saw that she had already taken off her panties before coming into the office for lunch. "You naughty, naughty girl…"I whispered in her ear. I nibbled her ear as I let my hand graze against the bare skin between her legs. I was nipping and sucking her neck, and decided to surprise her by slipping two fingers inside of her – this definitely caught her attention. Her moans continued and that hurried my rhythm. I rubbed her swollen nub a bit before finally sliding into her. I reveled in how amazing she felt right now, and I went at it as if there were no tomorrow. Kate's moans grew louder and louder that I had to latch my mouth to hers to keep her quiet – the last thing we wanted was to draw attention to ourselves. After a few minutes Kate collapsed into an exhausted heap against me and I wrapped her in an embrace and sat with her in my desk chair.

We sat there for a few minutes to catch our breath before we went for round two. I loved how I felt inside of her, and I knew that she felt the same way about me – her moans spoke volumes.


Time had gotten away from me. I untangled myself from Kate and redressed myself; I needed to pick Alex up early from daycare today since he had a check-up at the doctor. Bella couldn't take him because she was taking Charlotte to the eye doctor to see if she for sure needed glasses. I quietly cursed as I finished making myself seem presentable – you would be surprised how observant a four year old can be. I made sure that I had no lipstick on my collar or my face then when Kate was dressed I told her that I would be gone for the rest of the day and to hold all of my calls. Kate agreed, and didn't question my leaving. That's another reason I loved her so much, she understood that I had a family, two kids that needed me. What Kate and I have is earth-shattering, but she doesn't want it go further than the office, she doesn't want to be known as 'the woman who wrecked a marriage'.

What I didn't bother telling her was that my marriage with Bella was slowly falling apart, granted I wasn't doing much to fix it, but I think both Bella and I knew that our marriage was failing, neither one of us wanted to bring it up.

I decided for now I would push it from my mind and focus on Alex, Charlotte, and Bella. Kate would understand – she was amazing that way.

So what do you think? Do you still hate Garrett as much? Do you hate him even more now? How do you feel about Kate and her son? Let me know in your reviews and I will see you all next Wednesday with chapter 9! :)

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