How Things Should Be

My whole world flew away and as soon as she reached me, I simply picked her up and locked my lips to hers and pulling her into my arms where she truly belonged. I was home locked in an embrace of pure love in a happy bubble where no one could reach us. Because in that moment when we kissed, nothing else mattered except for the fact that I loved her and she loved me. We were all that mattered.

Bella POV

I could feel myself shaking and if I were standing, I knew that I would have crashed because my knees would have been wobbly. I had admitted it to the whole fucking world that I loved Edward. Okay, fine, the whole fucking bar, but that might as well have been the same thing since there were so many paparazzi around. I scowled at myself internally for using so many crude words, but hey, I was fucking pissed at myself. I rolled my eyes. There I go again. I had to stop picking up Emmett's habits.

"Bella, Edward is looking at you like he's on cloud nine," Alice giggled to me as she pushed my newly acquired wheelchair down from the stage. I blushed and didn't say anything. I didn't know why I had even said those words in the first place. I felt like a fool. I was just setting myself up for heartbreak. "Oh my god Bells, he's coming here! I've never seen my brother so… happy!" she squealed as low as she could

Suddenly, I was being pulled out of my chair and into the strong arms of my love. Before I could look into his beautiful green eyes, his lips crashed onto mine, moving gently but passionately against mine. I felt myself melt into Edward's chest as I kissed back, and the world suddenly disappeared. It seemed like nothing else mattered in the world. For the first time since my father's death, I desperately wanted to be a selfish brat and make time stop. I wanted for this moment to last forever. I was home in Edward's arms.

A shrill shriek filled the room, knocking me out of my fantasy world. I pulled away and rested my forehead on his, staring into his ridiculously captivating orbs. "I mean it Edward. I really love you," I whispered and he smiled my favorite smile, his lips grinning crookedly.

"And I love you with all my heart," he said back, kissing me gently. He cradled me into his arms bridal style, unaware of the biggest bitch in the world standing right behind him, looking like she was ready to kill someone.

"EDWARD ANTHONY FUCKING CULLEN!" Tanya screeched and I winced at her irate expression. This was not good at all. "What the hell? You're supposed to be my boyfriend you douche!" she said and I felt Edward go stiff at her outburst.

"Tanya, this isn't the place," I whispered, not wanting both Edward and Tanya's reputations to go down the drain. I could already see the cameras flashing around us as the press eagerly drunk in the drama unfolding around them.

She turned to glare at me. "Back off bitch!" she snarled and the room gasped audibly. One person even dared to say, "oh no she didn't."

"Tanya, the press is all around us. I don't think that you want to-" I started to explain but was cut off when her hand collided with my face. Shit that girl can slap hard! "Hey!" I said, feeling the anger boiling inside of me. "What was that for? I was just trying to save your butt here!" I shouted and she snickered.

"My ass or your ass? It seems to me that you're only doing this act out of spite. If we get into a fight here, it'll only damage your reputation, wouldn't it? And your darling brother Emmett. Oops," she said, covering her mouth as if it was an accident. "Sorry, I didn't mean to drop the bomb. It just slipped out that you're the Steelers's team captain's long lost sister. Oh dear, here I go again," she cackled as the press gasped.

"Tanya," I paled. "Don't," I managed to whisper as I felt Edward shake from anger under me.

"Don't what? Everybody will know by tomorrow morning that you're the pathetic sister that Emmett left behind in your poor broken family in Brooklyn. But I don't think that I'm the first to leak the news. I've already heard rumors about you. The slut who seduced a man and is now paralyzed because of a gun fight with criminals, the home wreaking bitch who can't even move due to an unfortunate encounter with the wife who lost her husband after you raped him, and my personal favorite, the foolish, pathetic whore who threatened Emmett to let you pose as his sister so that you can get poor Eddie wrapped around your finger so that he will be at your beck and call," I felt the tears of anger stinging in my eyes.

"One of them ought to be true. I mean, look at you! What can you do for a man anyways? You can't sleep with him, you can't properly accompany him anywhere, and all you'll ever be good for is to play the charity card and be the girl that Edward claims to love, but is really being cheated on by a better, more worthy person. Don't worry, you're nothing important. Soon enough, you'll be thrown back into the side lines where you'll watch me take over your position as his rightful lover."

The bar was quiet after Tanya's speech. I broke the silence. "That's not true and you know it. I know it. All those things you say about me are lies," I spat.

"Then why isn't anyone disagreeing? Your closest friends are here, aren't they? And the man who claims to love you. Why aren't they defending you?" she said nonchalantly and I said nothing. It felt like a knife into my heart, every word she was saying. Why weren't they defending me?

"That's low you bitch, even for you," a voice snarled and I felt the rush of relief filled me as I heard Rose advance towards her, glaring the whole time. "You know perfectly the reason why we can't defend her," she said. "You're putting our god damn reputations in line right now, including yours."

"Oh so, your career is more important than who you claim to be your darling little friend?" Tanya retorted.

"That's not true," a soft, melodic voice said, the tone harsh but still beautiful. Edward. "Back off Tanya. I'm sick and tired of you insulting Bella. She has been nothing but civil to you and you have been nothing short of the devil to her. You insulted her, degraded her, stole her fucking wheelchair, and left her alone in the stadium three weeks ago. Why can't you just be nice for once?" he said, holding me tighter in his arms.

"This bitching is getting extremely old. Stop it! All you're doing is attracting attention for yourself but its not the good kind. You're becoming infamous here as the major psychotic bitch who doesn't know anyone but herself. Leave her and us in general alone. Wake up and smell the coffee Denali, you're not wanted here," he snarled. Tanya gaped at him like he a crazy.

"Are you fucking insane Cullen?" she screeched. "Remember who you're talking to here? It's Tanya! Your girlfriend!" she yelled shrilly and all of us cringed. "You can't fucking dump me!"

My heart swelled with pleasure when he kissed my forehead and said, "no Tanya. You're my ex-girlfriend. I don't want you and I never wanted you. I only want Bella now. I'm actually happy when I'm with her and I can be myself and there won't be any judgment in her eyes. No one wants you here. So leave."

She gasped and stood there looking like a statue for a while but then sniffled. "So that's it huh? That's it? You just don't want me any more? Well screw you Edward Anthony Cullen! You'll be crawling back to me soon and then we'll see clearly whose not wanted! Fuck you!" she shrieked and ran out the door, a horrible scowl etched across her face.

I smiled enormously and kissed him. "Thank you," I whispered in his ear and he looked sadly down at me.

"You shouldn't be thanking me," he whispered back. "I hurt you so badly Bells, I-I don't know how you can even manage to look at me anymore. I insulted you so badly in front of everyone you cared about, I made you believe that you weren't important and-" he was about to continue but I placed my lips on his, softly kissing him. He moaned when I gently traced his bottom lip and he granted me access to his mouth.

He pulled away for a breath and he chuckled. "What was that for? You interrupted my much needed apology."

"That's the reason. I don't want an apology. I just want you to make it up to me," I said, kissing him chastely.

"And how do I do that?"

"Just promise to stay with me forever."

"I think that I can do that," he said and I smiled.

"Really? That would be an extremely difficult task for you Mr. Cullen," I teased and he shook his head.

"Nothing you request is difficult."

"Why not?"

"Because just knowing that I love you and you miraculously love me back makes everything seem like a measly task. Bella, I love you more than anything else in this entire world."

"I love you too Edward. Forever and always."

"Forever and always."

Alice POV

I was sure that I was smiling like a maniac after Tanya's hysterical departure. My brother and best friend were whispering too lowly for me to hear, but hey, who needs to eavesdrop when you already know the basics of what they were saying? Especially when I heard what Edward would probably be saying right now from my own love every single day?

"I love you Al, you know that right?" Jazz asked, kissing my forehead.

I nodded and rested my head on his strong shoulders. "I know. And you should know that I love you more than the entire world too Jazzy."

I was brought back from our own private moment when someone cleared their throat. I looked in the direction of the sound and found that I was looking straight into the crowd of reporters. "Shit," I muttered.

The buzz of the press had almost gone away when Tanya left, but now they were recovering from their initial shock and were bursting with questions. "Miss Brandon!" one yelled. "I'm Matthew Hendrick from OK Magazine! Is it true that this mysterious Bella is Emmett Swan's missing sister?" I sighed. God damn it these people were like piranhas!

"No comment please," I said firmly as I swam through the crowd of vultures and towards poor Bella who looked overwhelmed by them. "Bella!" I yelled and both Edward and she turned their heads. "Escape!" I mouthed and they nodded, scrambling for the door.

"Get in here!" Rose yelled as soon as we were out the door, motioning to Emmett's Jeep that we used to get here. Rushing, Edward ran for it with the press right behind him and slammed the door onto the face of a women who said she was from People. "Made it!" Rosalie yelled, her eyes gleaming from the adrenaline.

"That has got to be the sickest thing I've ever seen sister!" Emmett boomed as he zipped out of the parking lot, banging his horn, notifying the people that if they didn't scoot their ass, they would get run over. He fist bumped a frazzled looking Bella who seemed to pound him as an automatic reaction.

"Are you okay, love?" my brother asked and my heart melted at the sight of the two. I could practically see the love resonating from them, just like Em and Rose, or me and Jazzy. She merely nodded and kissed his cheek.

"I'm fine. I just want to go home."

"We will sweetheart, we will," he answered. The two of them promptly fell asleep as well as everyone else in the car. Well, except for Em since he was driving. For the first time in three long weeks, everything just seemed right for the six of us. It seemed like the world was finally giving us a break from the drama and letting us be.

Even if it was just a fools wish that everything was going to be alright, in that moment, all of us fell for the delusion and hoped it would last. After all, we all wanted a happy ending, and in those few minutes during the car ride home, all of us were content and comfortable, relishing in the pure joy that we brought each other. Right then, our family was the way it should be. Complete and perfect.

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