Anything For You

Eve n if it was just a fools wish that everything was going to be alright, in that moment, all of us fell for the delusion and hoped it would last. After all, we all wanted a happy ending, and in those few minutes during the car ride home, all of us were content and comfortable, relishing in the pure joy that we brought each other. Right then, our family was the way it should be. Complete and perfect.

Bella POV

I squirmed in my seat as the questionnaire entered the room and took a glance at me. "You look… average," she sneered and I slouched a little bit further into the now comfortable seating of my wheelchair. "So tell me, Bella," she spat out my name like it was something that was contaminated, "how did you, the average Joe manage to capture heart throb Edward Cullen's heart?"

"I will seriously kill that-" Alice hissed and I elbowed her in the side to shut her up. "Okay, okay, fine. I won't. It'll ruin our reputations more than it is already, right?" she asked and I nodded and sighed, waiting for the interview to begin.

"To get started, how did you guys meet?" the girl asked and I smiled weakly at the frosty tone of her voice.

"We met the first day that I was here in Pittsburgh. Emmett left me alone at the house so that I could get settled and everyone else left for groceries, I think. Edward didn't get the memo about me coming so he thought that I was a stalker and freaked out," I let out a small laugh, this time genuine. "I guess I would have had the same reaction if I saw someone sitting in my best friend's living room, making herself at home."

The girl rolled her eyes at me. "And one of your most obvious flaws is your paralysis. How did that happen?" she asked and I pursed my lips as Alice growled softly.

"I seriously don't like her," she muttered under her breath.

"Well, I was hit by a cab in New York, where I used to live before my brother found me and took me here," I said curtly, hoping that the girl would notice my tone and drop the subject. Talking about my disability was making me uncomfortable.

"Oh? Could you tell us a little more of that subject? The world is dying to hear what you've got to say about your, uh, problem," the woman sneered once more and this time, Alice snapped.

"Listen, she doesn't need your attitude, okay? Just move along to your stupid and petty questions that you have to ask. If you don't, then well, I think that you might be out of work in, let's say, about twelve hours?" my best friend threatened as her opponent visibly shrunk in her seat.

"Uh, well then, Bella, would you like to continue?" she asked and I sighed in relief. "If you want, we could just post this little snippet onto the magazine and the rest of the article would be about Edward and the interview with him. Does that sound good?"

I nodded furiously and Alice quickly wheeled me out of the room and into the hallway where my Adonis sat, head in his hands, his beautiful face arched into a scowl. I smiled at the sight of him. "Edward!" I cried, waving to him as he looked up and practically ran towards us. "Well, I guess someone missed me too," I joked as he picked me up from the chair and kissed me sweetly.

"You have no idea. It's been hell, trying to convince your brother that he didn't throw you to the sharks. It was his idea for the interviews, and yet he's acting like he had nothing to do with it and it was all my fault for driving you here. I swear Em is such a kid sometimes," he said, shaking his head as I kissed him once more.

"Aw, poor, poor Edward," I teased, rolling my eyes. "You thought that was bad? You should go meet the women interviewing us. She's an absolute darling," I spat and my love tensed and worry clouded his wonderful green eyes.

"What happened? Did she say something? What did she do? I can make a call if that'll help get her fired. Love, are you alright?" he asked in a time span of about a millisecond and Ali snorted.

"Relax little brother. She's fine. That bitch won't degrade Bella in the article. If she does, well let's say I told her that her job and basically her social life would be ruined. Now all you'll have to do is deal with a psychotic interrogator who is basically obsessed with you."

"Geez, thanks Alice. That makes me feel so reassured," Edward snapped back. "I was just concerned. Let's see how well you'll do if Jasper was insulted by the press."

"Touché mister. Touché," Al mumbled and I giggled at their playful sibling banter. "Now give me back the girl and go through those doors of hell. We'll see you an hour," she trilled, forcefully taking me out of Edward's arms. I clung to him as hard as I could, but dang, that girl was strong! My efforts to stay in the comforts of his strong arms were futile and I was torn away. I pouted as I was placed back in my chair.

"Don't worry Love. I'll be right out," he said, kissing me softly and with enough sweetness to melt me right there. I smiled and nodded, giving him one more peck before sending him off.

"Well, now that lover boy is gone. We have a little visit to take care of as well," Alice said while wheeling me out to the car.

Edward POV


"Tell me, why are we doing this interview again?" my love grumbled as Emmett and I pushed her into the building where our exclusive interview was supposed to take place.

"Because, if we don't do this before Tanya, then her story will get more validity from the public than ours. Most likely, she would give some shitty sob story about how Edward cheated on her and degrade us all. She's good at dramatic monologues and if she conveys that feeling of desolation and a desperate endeavor to keep her 'love,' the press and public will drink that crap up and if we do an interview after that, it'll just seem like we're the ones telling the lies just trying to cover up all our imaginary mess. Now if we do the interviews first, then Tanya's story, if she chooses to give one, will seem like the one that's full of lies. Which, they are."

I nodded in agreement with Em and Bella sighed. "I guess you're right. But still, I don't like the fact that the whole freaking world will have like an open invitation to peer into our lives. It's just unfair I guess that everyone's prattling on about privacy while they never give you guys any."

I chuckled and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Love, we gave them the public invitation when we decided to become professional football stars. I guess it comes with being a celebrity."

"I know," she said softly. "I still don't like it."

End of Flashback

I groaned and ran my hand through my already disheveled hair, wondering why I even relented into giving this interview. Was my reputation really worth this scrutiny from the world? This feeling of being caged and observed from the others who analyzed even the smallest flaw and created one big hyperbole? I pondered the question and sighed. Why was I even thinking like this, I thought. Before I met Bella, I had taken this burden of having to be the perfect human as part of the criteria of doing something that I loved, but now, I was starting to question it. Was it really necessary to have all my beloved read the filthy trash talk or the glitter glazed lies about me?

The thoughts never got the chance to be pondered further as the woman who was to deliver my personal hell waltzed through the door with a grin of a cat that just caught a mouse. I gulped. It felt like she was out to hunt and I was the prey. My reputation and the reputation of my whole family were in the hands of this one woman. "Edward!" she cried as if I had known her my whole life.

"Uh, hello," I murmured as I took a seat in one of the two chairs provided for me. The lady sat down across from me, the creepy grin still plastered on her face.

"My, my, darling. You look better in person than in pictures, if that's even possible," she cooed and I slightly flinched.

"Thank you?" I said, the answer coming out more as a question.

The girl giggled horrendously and I cringed at the sound that was so different from Bella's melodic laughter. Despite myself, a silly grin was soon etched upon my face as I thought of my love. "No problem darling. Now, to get started, why did you dump your long time lover, Tanya Denali, for an average looking girl in a wheelchair?"

The good mood from thinking about my beautiful Bella dissipated and I gave the lady a cold, murderous glare. "Bella is not average. She is a beautiful, kind, wonderful, loving, caring, forgiving, compassionate, joking, and the girl I love. Everyone else is too busy pointing fingers at her being paralyzed to see how precious she really is. I'm kind of thankful though," I added, chuckling. The lady frowned.

"Why may I ask is that? If you truly do love her as you claim, shouldn't you be angry that people are pointing fingers at her disability?"

"I should, shouldn't I? But I can't help but feel that maybe it's the fact that no one takes the time to look slightly more in depth that allowed me this opportunity to love her. I think that if she wasn't wrongly judged for something that she couldn't control, she probably wouldn't have chosen me. No one is perfect, even Bella, but that's human nature, isn't it? That no one is perfect? I guess that's what true love is."

"When you look at a person, flaws and all and still think that they are the missing piece that you've been looking for. I know I love Bella and that she loves me. It's not easy to love an arrogant, selfish, controlling, and protective guy like me, but she still does because Bella can look at me, faults and all, and still believe that I'm perfect. Or at least perfect for her, and I can look at Bella with her paralysis and love her. Because we're meant for each other," I said softly.

I saw the girl wipe a tear from the corner of her eye and I laughed out loud. "Wow, maybe my sister is rubbing off on me. What I said just then seemed like such an Alice thing to say, but it's true."

The girl nodded. "I completely understand what you are saying. You really do love her. Now, you mentioned that Bella's paralysis was her greatest flaw. What is your opinion on that?"

I smirked. "Like I said before, Bella isn't perfect, but she's pretty damn close. The paralysis isn't a big obstacle in my loving her. I don't care if she can't walk. Does it really matter that much, especially when I have the excuse to carry her in my arms anywhere I go? Besides, we know that it is only temporary."

"Temporary? Do you know when she would regain her ability to walk?"

"The date isn't clear yet, but it doesn't matter to me whether it takes a week, a month, a year, or decades to heal. All that matters is that she's Bella and that I love her for who she is." The girl gave me one more flirty look, though it wasn't as determined as before. She declared the interview over and professionally shook my hand as I made my way out of the room. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. Hopefully, what I had said wouldn't bite me in the butt later on.

Bella POV

I nervously fidgeted with my hands, constantly wringing them as I sat in the pristine office of Dr. Mason. "For god sakes Bells, will you stop fretting? It's making me anxious," Ali sighed, shutting her magazine as I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Hey, you're not the one who's sitting her, waiting for the final judgment from the doctor that will decide whether I walk again or not," I said, biting my lips.

"Point taken," she murmured before picking up another Vogue magazine. She let out a gasp that startled me so much that I automatically twirled around in my wheelchair to look at her.

"What? What's wrong? What happened?" I asked rapidly, worrying that she was hurt or someone I loved was hurt, or if Edward was hurt.

"Bella, it's horrible!" she wailed and I felt the panic rising in me. "The dress on the cover of the magazine! its hideous! How could Vogue do this? It's like a crime against the fashion industry!" she moaned as I shot her a deadly glare.

"That was what this was about? A stupid dress?" I said, rolling my eyes and placing a hand over my franticly beating heart. "Alice, you scared me to death!"

"Bella, you should be terrified! If Vogue starts printing crap like this for their cover, then people won't read it, and if it loses popularity, then the dress that was up for next months issue won't get any attention!" she exclaimed and I snorted.

"Since when do you care about other designers' dresses?"

"It's not another designer's dress! It's mine! The midnight blue one that I designed for you!" she said and I gaped at the realization. Alice's dress was going to be on the cover of Vogue. Then every other fashion magazine out there.

"Oh my god!" I squealed in a manner very unlike me. "Crap Al that's wonderful! That will be such a boost to your business and stores and your reputation! Oh, with this, you could go global!"

She giggled and nodded. "I know. Pixie Brand has been established in here in the US as a leading designer brand, but in other countries, it wasn't known much, just that it had some cute things. With this, this could be my big break!" she said, her voice and face filled with the anticipation of achieving her dreams as a world famous designer.

While the two of us were too busy squealing in delight for Alice's breakthrough, a person coughed behind us and we turned around to face a nurse who was smiling at us. "Some good news I expect?" she asked in a playful tone and I blushed, naturally, and Alice nodded feverishly.

"Well, I think that I have some good news for you too. The doctor will be seeing you now. I know that you were tired of waiting." Alice smiled brilliantly at the nurse and wheeled me into the pristine white room. "You know, something about all this white makes this room a little… frightening," she whispered to me and I nibbled on my bottom lip.

"You're really not helping Al! That's just making me even more nervous." Just as I said this, the doctor walked in, holding a clipboard and smiling at us. Geez, what was with this place and smiling so much? Maybe it was the fact that the patients weren't smiling so the staff had to in order to brighten up the place.

"Bella Swan, I presume?" he asked in a professional tone. I nodded. "Well Bella, your exam results turned out fabulously. The only reason the accident paralyzed your legs was the fact that you were in a very unhealthy state mentally and physically. Seeing you now, it's evident that you've grown stronger and your body is responding well to that fact. Because of that, the nerves that were disconnected when the car hit you are gradually reconnecting."

"Does that mean I could walk again?" I asked in a soft voice, my hands trembling from the news. No more wheelchairs. No more dependence…

He nodded but pursed his lips. "Not all of the nerves will attach easily and some might not attach at all. It depends on what you can do with the ones that are actually there that could allow you to walk." He let out a big sigh. "The problem is, you need to move the muscles in order to coax the other nerves to reconnect with each other and that process is… painful. You could do surgery but at the rate your nerves are healing, the chances of it being successful are almost negligible."

Alice let out a distinct cry of pain for me. "Do you mean… the exercises?" she asked. He nodded.

"You've heard about them?"

She nodded grimly. "Not many of the patients get through it all… they just give up in the end because it's just too… painful."

"The hospital is obligated to tell you about what you'll undergo if you want to walk again. Your friend mentioned exercises, and that is correct. There's a series of at home secessions where you move your legs up and down in the beginning to try and connect your muscles. After that process, you do walking motions while lying down. After that, you'll have to start practicing walking again. Most people have trouble going through the first step, but then again, none of them had that much motivation to walk that much. All of them had given up hope and when they were told that hey had an opportunity, they let it go. The only thing that really determines whether you will make it or not is how much you want this."

I closed my eyes, imagining myself in the future and wondering what I'll see. I unconsciously smiled as I thought about me in white and Edward in black, my friends crying, Emmett handing me over… the best part was that I wasn't in a wheelchair. I was walking along the aisle to the one man that I loved the most. My decision became clear in the moment when my mind subconsciously decided for me what I wanted in life. Before, I would have chosen my father or education, but now, I want something even more. I wanted to be worthy of Edward's love.

Even though I'd never admit it to him, whenever he told me he loved me, I felt my heart aching for him because I knew that he deserved so much more than pathetic little Bella, especially when I saw all the other couples walking and smiling instead of one pushing the other along in a chair because she couldn't move. It hurt me that he was stuck with me instead. It was irrational in his point of view, but not in mine. I wanted to become better for him. I wanted to be able to walk. For him. In the second, the pain that the doctor mentioned became negligible. No matter what it took, I would walk again. I would walk for Edward.

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