Trouble Brewing?

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Previously on Paralyzed:

"Uh, Emmett, don't you think you should slow down now? I mean, the photographers and reporters are gone now…"

My statement was ignored. I leaned over to check the speedometer and saw that he was going about twenty miles over the speed limit.

I kept trying to explain to him that he needed to slow down. Emmett finally turned to me and shouted, "Bella, what do you want from me? I tried to have a normal day with you and it was ruined, what more could you want?"

"I want you to slow the hell dow-" My face froze with fear. I tried to warn him by pointing in front to what was fastly approaching us, but it was too late. A car had run the red light and was speeding right for our truck. "Emmett, look out!" I yelled and that's when there was a loud screeching sound and then a CRASH!

Bella POV:

Wha…What happened? What's that annoying sound reverberating from around me?Last thing I remembered was telling Emmett to watch out for a vehicle that hadn't stopped at the light, then there was a crash. As everything started to form together I realized that that loud noise was in fact the horn of our truck. I slowly moved my head, thankfully I was able to still move it, and through my blurry vision I saw Emmett's head laying on the air bag that was over the horn.

That isn't the noise…what could it be?

I slowly turned my head back to the front and saw a car that appeared to be totaled. The hood of the car was crunched back to the front windshield. I couldn't help but let out a long moan, not because of my pain, that I knew of, but because of the fact that thanks to Emmett's and my celebrity status we were now involved in a wreck.

"Emmett...Emmett, are you ok? Emmett wake up." I said as I reached my arm out to him. Reaching out felt foreign to me, but I had to make sure he was ok, I mean he's the only family I have left, I couldn't lose him too, not now. Thankfully I heard him groan and grunt as I kept pestering him to wake up.

"What…what happened? Oh my god, Bella, are you alright?" Emmett said as he shot his head up to quickly, that I nearly got a headache along with him. I had to force myself to focus to prevent my vision from becoming fuzzy. I wasn't fighting consciousness, but my head in general felt odd, almost lightweight.

"You were speeding, and so was another vehicle…but they didn't stop, so I suppose you can figure out the rest of what happened."

"Bella, are you alright, can you move your legs." Emmett said and then immediately slapped his forehead. He, of course, answered his own question. Of course I couldn't move my legs, but not because of the accident.

"I'm fine Emmett, if you're not too injured go check on the other people in the car? I don't see anyone moving." I said grimly. I couldn't bear the thought of someone dying, I mean I know it would've been his own fault, but still, no one deserves to die in a crash. Emmett nodded and carefully got out of the car. I cringed as I heard the loud growling noise that was the driver-side door opening. It was adding to the headache I knew I was already getting. I watched as he made his way over. He was very lucky that he wasn't more injured than a gash in his head and a few bumps and bruises. But why was I feeling a hint of jealousy because of that?

Because you're stuck in a wheelchair and he's still walking, even after a car crash.

I shook the awful thought from my mind and kept my vision focused on my brother. "Uh, Bells…no one's in the car..." Emmett yelled over to me in a confused tone as he searched the inside of the vehicle. I could feel my eyes widen, there had to be someone in the car, I mean cars don't just drive themselves, well at least not in real life. I was about to answer him when I heard faint sirens, that appeared to be getting closer and closer. I dreaded the thought of being the 'breaking news' on the news. I just didn't want that. I made an effort to keep out of the public eye as much as possible. Emmett quickly came over to my side of the truck. "Sounds like police and paramedics are on their way here. Are you sure you're ok Bella?" I strained to keep my vision from blurring again. I looked around and saw I had a deep gash on my arm, a broken windshield, a throbbing headache, and a heavy sensation on my legs. I slowly moved my head down and saw my legs were pinned under the dashboard.

"Yeah, Emmett, I'm fine, but don't try and get me out…" I gestured for him to look down into the car and I could hear all of the breath leave his body when he saw that I was pinned in the car. I he took a few steps back. I could see he was trying his best to keep a straight face and not have a full-blown panic attack. That was the first time I actually saw Emmett almost losing his cool, collected façade. Just then I started feeling very weak, and very tired. "Emmett…I feel sleepy..." I said as I started slurring my words. I was losing my battle to stay awake. "No, Bella, you have to stay awake ok. You can't go to sleep, because…uh…because if you do the paparazzi will get pictures of you and we both know that that's not what you want to happen." I immediately opened my eyes and looked around without moving my head. I had to hand it to Emmett he sure knew how to scare a person.

Just as I was about to try and close my eyes again I heard the sirens and they were close by. Paramedics were the first to come to the car. I couldn't help but blush at how attractive one of them was. He looked about my age, and had a dull blonde hair color, with piercing blue eyes that looked as cool as ice, but his smile was warm and I could see he was genuinely concerned, and not just because it was his job, something in his face told me that he was worried.

Of course he is, it's his job, and I'm already paralyzed, he probably already saw the wheelchair in the back.

I mentally smacked myself. I couldn't be feeling this way, NO, I shouldn't be feeling this way, especially with someone I just saw for the first time, and the fact that he may not even feel the same way for me.

"Miss Swan, are you ok? Can you move your legs?" The hunky man said as he opened the door to assess the damage.

"She's a damn paraplegic for crying out loud!" Emmett yelled at the guy. I couldn't help but cringe away at the tone of his voice.

"Emmett, calm down…he's just doing his job. Please excuse him he's stressed about everything."

"Oh it's quite alright Miss Swan, I can understand his anxiety due to the situation at hand." I couldn't help but grin big as he assessed my situation and checked me out.

"It doesn't look like you have any broken bones, but you have a few gashes and a possible concussion."

That would explain the headaches, blurred vision, and the random need to want to close my eyes and go to sleep. I fought hard to stay awake. I had to stay awake, I wasn't completely sure why, but something told me that the 'right' thing to do is to stay awake and not go to sleep…at least right away. I sighed and decided to try and focus on the matter at hand.

Oh boy. We were bombarded with questions and camera flashes when Emmett got me and him out of that movie theater and started speeding off….then the crash…that someone just left the scene…

"Miss Swan, my name is Zane, and I'm going to get a couple firemen over hear so they can use a device that will help you be able to get out of the car." Zane said as he slowly started to back away from me. I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to freak out like they do on TV "Now I'm going to have you tell me what your name is and your favorite things. I want to help you stay awake ok."

I felt my thoughts fight to stay clear as I started saying out loud my full name and all my different likes and dislikes. I knew I sounded stupid yelling out that my full name was Isabella Marie Swan, and so on and so forth, but oddly enough it helped me stay awake; plus before I knew it Zane was back and he had two fireman with him.

"Ok, now Bella, these two men are going to use a machine that will help unpin you from the truck. Now it's going to be a bit loud, but I'm not going to leave, I'm staying right here ok." Zane said as he took my hand and held it. I couldn't help but feel a spark of electricity when he touched me. I had only felt that spark once before, and that was with Edward.

Now even though I had a concussion, I had to wonder if I was attracted to-

My thoughts were cut off when there was a loud sawing noise; the one thing I think Zane had forgot to mention to me. I somewhat cringed away and I heard Zane yelling that they were almost done and that I would be free soon. I didn't feel like yelling so I just nodded my head to show that I had in fact heard him. I looked over Zane's shoulder and saw Emmett nervously pacing a few yards away and chewing on his nails. Something that he only did when he was nervous, and he had a lot to be nervous about I guess. And before I knew it, Zane told me that on the count of three he was going to pick me up and carry me over to the awaiting ambulance. I silently protested this. I hated it when people made a fuss over me, but I knew I would just lose the fight so I just nodded and when he got to three I had to quickly wrap my arms around his neck to make sure that I wouldn't fall backwards.

A little overdramatic aren't we?

I silently told Zane (in my head of course) as he made a scene of getting me out of the vehicle and started walking to the ambulance. Thankfully two other paramedics came over quickly with a gurney to relieve Zane. I hated it when people carried me. I mean, I may be a freaking paraplegic, but I was still able to get around, granted that it was only in a wheelchair, but still I wasn't completely helpless.

"Ok, now we're going to take you to a local hospital, the doctors are going to want to run some tests, and just a heads up, they may want to keep you overnight ok." Zane said in a soothing voice. I just nodded and waved him off. I didn't needed to be babied. I knew the drill I knew what concussions were and how they operated.

As they lifted me into the ambulance Emmett sprinted over and demanded that he ride along with me. I couldn't help but feel glad that I wouldn't be going alone. I could tell that he was feeling guilty for this whole incident, I mean that's just the kind of caring, overbearing, older brother that he was. I told him many times that I was fine, and that the worst case scenario would be that I would be held for overnight observation. That didn't seem to comfort him much. After awhile I started to sound like a broken record and decided to leave the rest of the car ride in silence.

After the ambulance stopped I heard muffled yelling coming from outside the ambulance. I stretched my neck to see what was going on and saw a bunch of reporters and people with cameras waiting for us to get out of the vehicle. Just freaking peachy! I could hear the driver and Zane mumble in annoyance as well, so it was good that I wasn't the only one annoyed with the press here. I mean I knew I was Emmett's 'baby' sister and a paraplegic, but did that really call for all this damn attention?

"Ok, I have a plan, I go out and talk with the press, while you two bozos get my sister inside the hospital ok!" Emmett all bout shouted at them. I wanted to scold him for raising his voice, but I knew that he was just tense and didn't want me in the press especially like this since it looked bad me being taken into a hospital by gurney. Zane just nodded and after he got out and walked around to the front of the truck they quickly came over the seats and got me ready.

"Ok, Bella, hang on here we go." Zane said as his partner opened the door and stepped out and they lifted me out of the car and quickly ran into the hospital while Emmett was still talking with the press. I would have to thank he later for sacrificing himself for me. I mean I know he's a famous athlete, and when it came to attention he was a regular ham, but in this situation he would rather not deal with anyone other than me to make sure I was ok.

The minute I was wheeled in I was tested, prodded, and poked for everything. I was even x-rayed to make sure that nothing was broken in the wreck. I eavesdropped on some of the nurses, and apparently they still couldn't find the person that ran into us, and that Emmett's truck was pretty much totaled. Also according to the nurses, the license and registration didn't match the descriptions that was given by witnesses, so it was safe to assume that the car was stolen, and without a name to go with the description, it would take a while for the police to figure out who drove the car.

"Hello Ms. Swan, well it's safe to say that you have no broken bones, and aside from the huge gash in your arm, you have a mild concussion. It's still too early to say if you can go home, so for now please make yourself comfortable and I'll come back with the suture kit to stitch up that gash." The nice doctor said with a soft smile as he left to go get his suture kit I assume.

"Where's Bella? Where's my sister?" I heard faintly coming down the hall. I instantly knew it was Emmett and before I could raise my voice to tell him where I was I saw a nurse just point to my room and Emmett sighed with exasperation and a slight smile and jogged to my room and all but collapsed in the chair next to the hospital bed.

"Well, looks like no limbs are broken, I have to have stitches for the gash in my arm, and I have a mild concussion, but I may get to go home and not be stuck here overnight." I said with a half-hearted chuckle. I tried to make light of the situation. I even told him what I had overheard nurses talking about and that didn't really surprise him. I could also tell that he wasn't too happy that he wouldn't be able to see the person who did this get what they had coming to them.

"Ok, Miss Swan, I'm going to give you a local pain block that way your arm will be a bit numb, but you may feel a slight pinch as I'm stitching you up." The doctor mentioned as he came in the room and stopped abruptly when he saw that Emmett was with me. I could tell, and so could Emmett, that he had recognized him from ESPN or the news in general.

"You're Emmett Swan, you play for the Pittsburg Steelers!" I stifled a laugh, because this man turned from a professional doctor, to a high school kid with a crush within seconds. Emmett just nodded and shook the doctor's hand that had been held out in good manners.

"Yes I am, and I trust you're going to take care of my baby sister right doc?" Emmett said with sarcasm and he tickled my ear and I habitually smacked it away from me with a little laugh.

The doctor nodded and took a seat and pulled over a stand and laid out all the things in the kit and there was a syringe filled with, what I assumed was, the numbing agent and attached to it was a very long needle. I always had a phobia of needles. I mean when I was younger I would have to be held in Charlie's lap and him giving me a bear hug in order for me to get my vaccines, but when I got older and more 'tolerable' of them I managed to sit still even though every fiber of my being wanted to run.

"Ok, you're going to feel a slight pinch then your arm is going to feel like it 'fell asleep' ok."

"I got the picture, doctor, I mean I have two legs that are 'asleep' right now." I said somewhat irritably. I could see that I was starting to annoy him and decided to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the time.

I winced as he pricked me with the needle and watched through squinted eyes as he put a little amount in my arm then pulled out and it only took a minute or two before my hand and over half of my arm felt somewhat tingly, and soon my arm from the elbow down felt as if it weighed a ton. I informed him of this and he nodded and started to use the suture kit to sew up my deep gash, and the whole time I couldn't help but cringe, not from pain, but it just felt odd. I mean as he cleaned my wound it didn't feel 'right' and I felt as if he were pinching my skin every time he put the suture needle through my skin.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he was finished and told me that I wouldn't need to come in and have the sutures removed, something about that they are absorbable and don't leave much of a scar. I was happy for that. He cleaned my arm again and loosely wrapped bandage gauze around my forearm and told me that after tonight I would be able to take the bandage off.

"When will the feeling return in her arm doc?" Emmett asked impatiently. I could tell that he was getting frustrated just sitting around doing nothing, and who could blame him.

"Well, it could be anywhere from a few minutes to two hours. Now as for her concussion we had a specialist look at her MRI and saw no swelling or any damage, so I think it would be ok for her to go home. Just make sure to keep an eye on her, and if she starts to act not like herself bring her back asap." He said to Emmett and he added that the nurse would be in shortly with discharge papers.

I couldn't help but smile. I mean all I wanted was to just go home. I could see that Emmett was happy too and relieved that I wasn't more seriously hurt.

"So, how's Bella doing?" A familiar voice said as he walked in the door. I turned to see that I was the hunky paramedic, Zane. I felt my heart race and my lips were dry.

"She's doing better than expected. Looks like a few scrapes, bruises, and a slight concussion, but she gets to go home just as soon as the nurse brings Bella the discharge papers." Emmett said stiffly. I hated how he was so protective of me. I cleared my throat and announced, "I'm still here, I have my own voice thank you." I said playfully to try and ease the growing tension Emmett was having with Zane.

"Well, it's good news then to hear that you're ok. You had me worried back there. I mean you had slurred speech and everything. Hey I know that we just met and you don't know me very well, but would it be too 'odd' if I gave you my number and we hung out sometime?" Zane asked as he started to fumble around for a scrap piece of paper. I so wanted to giggle right now. I mean the only other guy I had ever felt this way about was Edward, and that's when I started to feel guilty. I mean I know that we got hot and heavy and Edward wanted a 'break' from 'us' but I felt something with Zane, I mean I had to investigate that and see what 'it' was.

"Ok, so here's my number, give me a call some time Bella." Zane said with a genuine smile and waved goodbye to both Emmett and I. I waved back eagerly, but Emmett just held up his hand and let it drop as soon as Zane left.

"I was going to take him up on that offer and explore these foreign feelings I was having for this new man.

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