Stuck In the Middle

Bella POV:

It was finally morning. I had been kept overnight after the freak accident that involved myself and my brother Emmett in a hit and run. They still haven't found anything; at least I haven't heard any new news. I was pinned in the car, and besides a few cuts, scrapes, bruises, a big gash along my arm I was fine.

Oh, I almost forgot the reason I was kept overnight. Well, when Emmett tried to slam on the breaks to avoid the crash I hit my head somehow and ended up with a severe concussion. But it wasn't all bad; I had made a new friend in all of this. His name was Zane, and was one of the paramedics who arrived on the scene and kept me relatively calm, considering how much Emmett was worried about me and his newly bought truck.

Just then the nurse came in to check on me and take my blood pressure. I held out my arm to be helpful and smiled at her in return after she flashed a small caring smile.

"So do you know when I'll be able to go home? I'm getting kinda stir crazy in here." I asked while trying to hide my frustration. I know it had only been for one night, but I didn't like hospitals, especially since my father, Charlie, had passed away in one. I know a lot of people don't like them, but I am one of the few who, if here too long, would go crazy and try and escape.

"I'm not quite sure, but I can go ask the doctor if you like once I'm finished checking on you."

I sighed and agreed. I just wanted out and to go home.

"Well, looks like your blood pressure is normal, and so are all of your other vitals as well." The nurse said with a smile. She wrote down something on my chart that was hanging on the foot of my hospital bed. I assume it was to make note that my assigned nurse did in fact check on me and not let me die.

"Well that's good to hear she's alright." I jerked a bit at the sudden voice and turned to see Zane standing there in the doorway. I couldn't help but smile at him. I was glad to see him; he looked good in his street clothes. I really liked him, but I couldn't help but sense that there was something about him that was different. But I couldn't tell what exactly that was; I decided to blow it off and I asked him to come in and sit with me.

I had on ESPN Sports Center; I needed all the help I could understanding all there was about football if I were to be the sister of the famous Emmett Swan of the Steelers.

"I didn't take you as a sports girl." Zane said with a wink and a smirk. I just rolled my eyes and laughed it off. I explained my reasons for having this on, and confessed that I barely had a clue what they were talking about.

I mean, I knew the basics of football, but anything after that was like a foreign language to me.

"Ah, well good luck with that then." Zane said with a bigger grin. I liked talking to him. He was so easy to talk to. When I would ever try to talk to Edward I could barely get anything out, and I blushed like crazy; plus I sounded like a complete idiot at times.

"So, you gave me your number, if I can get out of this hospital, do you want to maybe go get a cup of coffee or something?" I asked as I waited for him to completely blow me off, even though he gave me his number before Emmett rushed him out like a typical protective older brother.

"Uh, sure why not," Zane said with a big smile. "I could go for a Carmel Frappuccino. Do you mind if I bring a friend along? His weakness is Starbucks coffee." I agreed, I was more than happy to let him bring a friend along, that way it would be less awkward of an outing.

He stayed for a few more minutes and we passed the time in silence, but it wasn't the typical awkward silence I was known for, it was pleasant and I just watched the television to try and at least absorb something while I watched.

There was a knock at the door a few minutes later and I couldn't help but squeal with delight when I saw Alice and Rosalie peek their heads in first. I missed them, I mean it's been a whole day I know but it feels like months being trapped in these four walls.

"Hi Bella, I'm so glad you're ok we heard last night after Emmett got home what happened, then they showed the accident on the news." Alice said as she frowned. I was caught off guard when she wrapped me in a big hug, but gladly returned it.

"Yeah, it was scary, but thanks to good 'ol Zane here he helped me stay calm." I said as I gestured to him, and I could see that they immediately started to judge him. They didn't know him, the last they heard or knew was that I was with Edward, but we decided to slow things down, or better known as break up without actually saying so.

"Oh really, well very nice to meet you…Zane…" Alice said with fake enthusiasm as she looked him up and down. I tried to correct the situation, but was interrupted by Rosalie scolding Alice, and telling her to behave herself. I just groaned and covered my face. This wasn't happening, Alice was known to overreact and be a little over dramatic, but this was embarrassing. I felt even worse when I saw Zane start to blush just a little bit.

"Alice, be nice, Zane was one of the paramedics who took me to the hospital, and kept me awake since I had a concussion. The stupid reason I'm here and not back at home, so lay off please." I said a little bit peeved. I tried not to be, but I was just cranky. I liked Zane, and I didn't want Alice to scare him away and never talk to me again.

"Oh well that changes things then, very nice to meet you Zane, I'm Alice and this is Rosalie. So, what's it like being a doctor? I bet its – Oh my god! Are those Armani jeans? Those are so gorgeous!" Alice all but shrieked and made me and Rosalie cover our ears. When it came to fashion and Alice you better keep a pair of ear plugs handy I guess.

"Uh, yeah, I guess they are Armani jeans, I just saw them in a store and bought them. I'm glad you like them." Zane said feeling a bit uncomfortable at how excited Alice suddenly was. Rosalie and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, I see our patient is in a better mood today. Let's have a look at you Miss Swan." The doctor said as he came in the room and laid his medical bag on the bed. He pulled out a pen light and checked my pupil reaction and then checked my vitals as well. "Everything appears to be good, but just to be sure we'll have to do another MRI to know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that you will be able to go home today." He added with a big smile. I couldn't help but smile as well.

"That's wonderful!" Alice and Rosalie managed to say at the exact same time.

"When will I be taken to get my MRI?" I asked as I sat up in the bed. I hoped it was this morning; otherwise it would be less likely I could go home, and end up spending another night in the hospital and going home in the morning.

"I don't know yet, I have to go set it up with the technician, and your nurse will come and tell you soon." The doctor said as he gathered up all his equipment and rushed out of the room before any one of us could ask him any more questions.

As the morning worn on we channel surfed and decided to watch a cheesy soap opera, after I was out-voted, mainly because Zane refused to interfere with three girls fighting over the television. So I decided to read a magazine that Alice had brought me to read.

I flipped through it and read various articles that caught my attention. Soon it was lunch time and I was brought yet another tray of 'delicious' food. It consisted of bland green beans, bland turkey manhattan, and a small bowl of green jello, and chicken noodle soup that was – wait for it – bland. I know that they can't season any food in case a patient is admitted on a 'No Salt' or 'Low Salt' diet. It sucked for the other patients like me.

When they brought in my food, that must've been a cue for Rosalie and Alice to leave to get some 'real' food and waved to Zane as they left. According to Alice, Emmett and the others would be by after practice, which was over around two. Perfect, that meant I would have to be forced to endure spending time with Edward in awkward silence and exchange glances at each other even though we probably knew the other could see us.

"Do you want me to go? I mean, I completely understand if you want me to, I mean you –"

"No, its fine you can stay. I like having someone to talk to who can talk back; I mean these walls get boring after a while." I say as I laugh. Again, I knew it was odd, but talking to him was easy.

"Well, then in that case, I'm going to go down to the cafeteria to get me something to eat, then I'll be back up here to keep you from going insane." Zane said as he stuck out his tongue to tease me. I just laughed and waved him away.

I lifted the lid to my plate, and groaned softly as I saw the food. I knew it wouldn't taste the same, but I was hungry. I felt my stomach growling and urging me to fill it up.

Once I finished eating I pushed the tray away and turned the station from that stupid soap opera.

"Oh please, like Chantal doesn't know she's being cheated on." I muttered as I fumbled with the remote. I finally landed on a movie and decided that this was much better, and had a more believable plot. As I watched television I started to feel sleepy again. I hadn't slept well in this bed; I couldn't see how anyone could sleep well in these things. I decided instead of fighting, to invite the haze that had slowly crept up on me.

"Miss Swan, um, Miss Swan, I've been instructed to take you to get your MRI."

That voice was familiar to me. That was my nurse, she was whispering about something. I suppose she didn't want to scare me, but I couldn't hear what she said. I opened my eyes and allowed them time to adjust to being open and saw my nurse, along with a man who was rather muscular waiting by a wheelchair.

"Miss Swan, I apologize for not giving you fair warning, but it is time for your MRI, this is Hank, and he's going to take you downstairs to get the test done. Are you awake enough yet?" She asked carefully as she touched my arm. I almost wanted to protest, I was finally getting some good sleep, but remembered the sooner I got this done and over with the sooner I could go home. So I nodded my head and mumbled that I was ready.

I sat up and scooted myself to the edge of the bed. Hank offered to help me into the chair, but I told him I could do it on my own.

Lord knows I've had enough practice.

I got both my legs off the bed and was sitting on the edge of the bed facing the wheelchair. I reached out with my right hand and grasped the left arm chair and proceeded to try and use my upper body strength, what little I had, to hold myself up and turn myself around to sit down in the chair. I had gotten halfway and my arm nearly gave out on me, but thankfully Hank stayed close and helped me the rest of the way and I let out a worn-out sigh and saw that Zane had come back up to my room and had sat in a chair that was close to the window of my room.

"Don't worry I'll stay right here and wait for you to come back Bella." Zane said with an earnest smile and waved me off. Once my legs were upon the foot rests he wheeled me out of the room and we headed to get my tests done and over with.

Thankfully the tests didn't take that long and I was helped back into the chair and wheeled back up to my room. Hank and I managed to make small talk. Looks like I learned a little something watching ESPN, because I could actually have a conversation about football with him and know exactly what I was talking about.

But then when we got back to my room I instantly wanted to turn around and be anywhere but there. Jasper looked to refereeing between Zane and, you guessed it, Edward. I only caught part of the conversation, but it had to do with knowing how Zane knew me and whether or not it was any of Edward's business or not. I sighed and I cleared my throat to get everyone's attention.

"Don't make me go get security gentlemen." Hank said sternly as he eyed both Zane and Edward while he wheeled me in and helped me back into my bed. To say that Zane and Edward were angry was an understatement. I could only imagine what else they said to each other. I was almost too afraid to ask what was wrong.

Well, almost.

"Do I even want to know why you both were arguing like little kids?" I asked a bit annoyed. Both of them kept quiet, neither one willing to rat the other out. Thankfully though Emmett gladly volunteered the information to me, it had something to do with the other's relationship to me and who knew me more or not.

Childish? I think so.

I just sighed and asked them both to just drop whatever it was they had against each other.

Thankfully, though Jasper changed the subject to something to do with how practice went for them and asked Zane if he did anything athletic. He said that he jogged at least once a day in the morning and played hockey and was on a team, but nothing serious, it was just for fun and they played other teams and had a mock tournaments.

This caused Edward to snort and roll his eyes. I couldn't help but scowl at him. What did he think? That just because he was a professional football player and got paid a lot of money that he was automatically better than someone who played a sport for fun? Why was he acting like a complete jerk now? I mean, the Edward I met was polite, funny, and nowhere near as rude as he was being right now. I just wanted to go over and smack him and ask him what was up with him.

"Did something I say amuse you?" Zane said with a hint of irritation in his voice. I couldn't blame him. This wasn't normal for Edward, and I almost wanted to apologize for him to Zane.

"Oh no, I was just thinking how you say you play hockey for fun, but I bet the real reason is because no professional teams want you." Edward sneered. I felt my jaw drop from shock. Jasper elbowed him in the gut and told him to cool it. I was almost to the point of hitting the nurse call button and have them make Edward leave. I couldn't deal with all these conflicting emotions. I mean I liked Zane, we had a connection, but my feelings I still had for Edward were being tested by how rude he was acting.

"Well, you're right I didn't get picked up by any professional knees, because if you must know, when I was in high school I managed to tear my ACL in my knee and couldn't play any contact sports ever because my knee would need time to heal. Even after it healed it was never the same, and I knew that I would never be back to where I was so I gave up the dream. Is THAT what you wanted to hear?!"Zane spat, obviously hurt I couldn't say anything, I wanted to so badly, but I couldn't form the words.

"Hey, easy, I think we all got on the wrong foot. Zane, sorry to hear about your knee, that sucks bro. A lot of the pros get ACL injuries a lot. How about we forget this whole thing happened and start all over new." I was surprised that Emmett would say that, I mean he wasn't too fond of him checking up on me after the accident, but I think he knew that what Edward said crossed a line and wanted to make up for it.

"Yeah, I guess so." Zane said without showing any kind of emotion. Edward reluctantly agreed as well after Jasper elbowed him again in the gut.

"Ok, sorry we took so long there was a long line at the Panera down the street – and why does it look like Rose and I missed something while we were gone?" Alice said as she walked in and saw Edward and Zane sulking in opposite corners. Neither one of them said a word, and I wanted to scream at them both for them being so stupid.

"Never mind, I don't want to know. Here you go Bella, we brought you back a sandwich to make up for the lousy lunch I know you had." Alice said with a wink. I gladly took it and smiled as I smelled inside the bag. It was mouth-watering.

I started eating and that's when they started at it again.

"I still don't see why you need to be here, I mean how well do you even know her?!" Edward shouted. Zane thankfully said nothing and just rolled his eyes. Alice scolded him again and to drop it.

Those MRI results can't get here fast enough

I silently pleaded as I ate my sandwich. I had eaten half and just as I was about to devour the other Zane got up and said he had to go and apologized that he wouldn't be able to go out for coffee but said that he could do it soon and asked if I still had his number. I nodded and said that I would text him and see what day was good for him.

I waved to him as he left and I couldn't help but feel like crap. There was something Zane wanted to tell me, but I just wasn't sure exactly what that was.

Another knock on my door shook me from my thoughts and saw that it was my doctor and he had a smile on his face. That could only mean one thing.

"Looks, like your MRI was good, you are well enough to be sent home. Just make sure to take it easy for a few days. I'll have the nurse come in with the discharge papers soon." He said with a smile and as quickly as he appeared he was gone. This called for celebration, I mean I should be happy that I was finally allowed to go home, but all I could think about was the look on Zane's face. It was that of hurt and anger.

All my friends were cheering and saying that they were glad I could finally come home, at least almost all of them were. Edward was still sulking in the corner and silent. At this point I had nothing to say to him. I was just happy to finally go home.

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