Coffee And A Baby?

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All my friends were cheering and saying that they were glad I could finally come home, at least almost all of them were. Edward was still sulking in the corner and silent. At this point I had nothing to say to him. I was just happy to finally go home.

Bella POV:

"I'm really glad you still came for coffee with me Bella, and I want to apologize for how I acted that day in the hospital. I know it was childish, and it doesn't excuse what I said or did." Zane said as he sipped his iced skinny mocha coffee. I ordered a caramel Frappuccino. I offered to pay, but Zane insisted that he do it; it was his way of apologizing, plus he was raised to be a gentleman and letting a woman pay for her own drinks was just rude.

"It's not a big deal Zane. I'm glad you invited me out, I needed and excuse for leaving the house, plus it gave me an excuse to see you." I know it was a bit forward of me to say, but it was true. I mean I felt a real connection with Zane. I realized it when he was one of the paramedics that came to the scene of the hit and run accident that had me pinned in the car. I mean, I know I don't know him all that well, but what I was sure of was that there was something about him I liked.

Zane went on about how he dreamed of that one day he would have saved up enough money to apply for medical school and becoming a pediatrician. I thought that that was very cool, and I asked if he liked kids, and he teased that he was in it to meet the single mom's. We both laughed and he quickly added that that, of course, was a lie and that he liked kids and planned to one day start a family of his own.

Just then his eyes diverted away from me and his smile got even wider, to over my shoulder and I turned in my chair to see what caught his attention and saw another man walk in walking with a young little boy toddling along next to him. He had a slight resemblance to Zane, but as far as I knew Zane was single and on a 'coffee date' with me; at least I thought so, until now anyways. But I couldn't jump to conclusions, I didn't have all the facts, and besides I liked Zane and I didn't want to complicate things before my relationship even had a chance to develop. The little boy was very cute and even had the same color hair as Zane, a dull blonde color. He didn't have the same eyes as Zane did however; he had darker brown eyes while Zane's were a bright vibrant blue.

"Bella, I want you to meet my son, Brendan." Zane said cautiously, trying to gauge my reaction. It was a shock, I mean he didn't look much older than I was and this little guy had to be two or three years old at the most. I waved to the little guy and he just cooed and giggled at me, and then blushed and hid his face in Zane's jacket. I giggled and just smiled at him. He was definitely a cutie pie.

"Also, this is my boyfriend, Trevor, Trevor, this is Bella." I was blind-sided. Zane was gay?!

Where had that come from? How in god's name could I have been so blind to notice this before? I have nothing against same sex couples, it's just I never would've pegged Zane as batting for the other team, the pink team. Now it explained why little Brendan was the spitting image of Zane, they had to of had a surrogate. It wasn't an issue with me; I was just still in shock that all this time that I had, in fact, assumed he was straight and that I was feeling a connection with him.

Well it was some kind of connection I guess.

I thought and just smiled at them both. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say, "Yeah, hi Trevor, I thought Zane was straight and I was considering asking him out. "Yeah, that would've gone 'perfectly', WRONG; not to mention he had a little boy to care about too.

"Very nice to meet you Bella, Zane here hasn't stopped talking about you since the day of the accident; I hope that you are feeling better." Trevor said as he patted my hand as a sign of sympathy and I just smiled again. I added that I was feeling better and that I was happy to be out of the hospital. I was about to apologize for Edward's actions that day, but Brendan started fussing and banging the table, neither Zane or Trevor knew what exactly he wanted. They tried giving him his sippy cup, his toy keys, and even a few crackers, but nothing worked. I quickly wheeled myself over to the little boy and picked him up and set him in my lap and started humming a soft song to him. It seemed to calm him down, but he was still a bit fussy. I had babysat a few times during high school, given that it was mostly kids in elementary or middle school, but I did, in fact, babysit a few babies/toddlers. I checked his mouth and saw that he had a few teeth coming in; that was your culprit, he was still teething.

"Looks like he's still teething, I'd say you guys are gonna have to buy a few teething rings and even one that you can chill in the freezer to help his little gums." I said as I gently rubbed his cheeks to try and soothe him. I must've been doing a good job, because almost immediately he calmed and was cooing while fighting to stay awake.

"Wow, I can't believe we missed that, plus, I think he really likes you Bella, he doesn't take well to strangers right away." Trevor said as he watched little Brendan slowly drift off to sleep as I soothed his aching gums. I brushed off the compliment, and just said that I was happy to help. I added that I had babysat a few babies and toddlers that I had a working knowledge of why they cried and fussed.

Both their eyes seemed to light up at this, and I couldn't help but realize that I might have put my foot in my mouth. I say this, because they asked if I was up to babysitting Brendan this coming Friday night, and that they would drop him off at my place and would pay me. I declined the money and said I would gladly watch him to give them some much needed alone time together.

"Oh thank you Bella! You have no idea how much we need a night to ourselves, we love little Brendan but we haven't had a night to ourselves since he was born." Zane said as he sighed wearily. I took this and looked closer at him and Trevor. They had light circles under their eyes and even a bit bloodshot, signs of a busy EMT coupled with raising a fussy teething little toddler.

One thing was for sure, I would need to make sure I had Rosalie with me this Friday; I knew I would never hear the end of it, if I babysat a baby and she was out of the house. Rosalie loved babies and one day hoped to have one of her own. Emmett on the other hand, he was in no hurry to become a father. I knew he would be a great father, but I think he was afraid he would turn out to be one of those celebrity parents who only had a child for good press and then go downhill, which of course was completely false.

"You're welcome, both of you. Just give me a call the day before and let me know the time and I will gladly watch Brendan for you guys." I smiled. Brendan cooed at that exact moment. I guess he liked the idea as well.

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