Good News? Or Is It Coincidence?

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Previously On Paralyzed:

One thing was for sure, I would need to make sure I had Rosalie with me this Friday; I knew I would never hear the end of it, if I babysat a baby and she was out of the house. Rosalie loved babies and one day hoped to have one of her own. Emmett on the other hand, he was in no hurry to become a father. I knew he would be a great father, but I think he was afraid he would turn out to be one of those celebrity parents who only had a child for good press and then go downhill, which of course was completely false.

Bella POV:

Well the weekend finally arrived and right on time Zane and Trevor showed up on the doorstep. I was home alone, well except for Rosalie and Alice. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett were out doing football-related and would be out late.

Little Brendan was still cute as ever. Zane asked again if I was truly alright watching Brendan as they went out. I assured him that it was ok, and teased that they'd better not make a habit out of it. I laughed when I saw each of their faces; they looked nervous and worried that I was actually serious. I held out my arms for Trevor to hand me Brendan, who was sound asleep already. That wasn't very good, because if he were to wake up soon, he'd be a big ball of energy.

"You have my cell number, right Bella?" Zane asked as he plopped down the diaper bag at the door. I couldn't help but notice that he had an expression of nerves and a hint of separation anxiety. I guess he's never left his son with someone other than Trevor. I reassured him that we would be fine and that he and Trevor go out and have fun.

Trevor smiled and hugged me and quickly ushered Zane out before he could try and back out of the arrangement. Once I was sure that they were in the car and saw them drive back down the driveway I wheeled myself over to the living room and gently laid Brendan down on the couch and turned myself around and got his bag. When I wheeled myself around back to the couch, Brendan was no longer on the couch asleep.

Now he couldn't have gotten too far…I mean he's two…

Just then I heard a distant scream of surprise and peeked down the hall and saw the door to Rosalie's room was open and then Rosalie coming down the hallway carrying a wide awake Brendan.

"I almost forgot we were expecting such cute company. I didn't even have a chance to do my makeup." Rosalie said with a wink, which produced a giggle from Brendan.

"Down." He said as he pointed down to the floor and was kicking his feet impatiently. I was impressed at how well he was pronouncing his words. Rosalie sighed and carefully place Brendan on the floor and quickly took off back down the hallway, and looked like he made it into Alice's room this time. Unlike Rosalie Alice didn't squeal, but I heard her welcome the little guy in and asked if he wanted to try on clothes with her. I couldn't help but crack up laughing when I heard Brendan squeal and come running back down the hallway and running to the couch. It was safe to say that Brendan was not a fan of dress up.

"Brendan, well what game do you wanna play?" Rosalie asked as she squatted down to get on his eye level. He quickly shrugged his shoulders and kept running around. I was used to chasing little kids around the house, but this little guy was a bit more rambunctious than the others. I couldn't decide what exactly to play with him. It seemed that all he wanted to play was just tag, better known as running around and squealing like a chicken with its head cut off. I sighed and suggested to Rosalie to let him run around until he calmed down and just make sure he doesn't hurt himself or break anything.

"I just can't get over how active he is for a two year old. I mean, my little nephew is active, but nothing like Brendan is." Rose sighed as she just took a seat and waited for him to tire out.

Finally, after a good ten minutes Brendan crashed on the floor and toddle over to Rosalie and I then asked "I go ride?" which I figured out that he was meaning he wanted to sit on my lap as I went around the living room in my wheelchair. I did this a few times and then he quickly lost interest and asked Alice to 'pway' with him. I rummaged through his bag and saw a few toys that Zane and Trevor had packed for him. I pulled out a toy tool box. It was really cute it had a cute little hammer and a cute little saw, oh good lord I was starting to sound like those cliché moms they show on TV.

"Do you want to play with this Brendan?" I asked as I held up the toy tool box. He cooed loudly and quickly toddled over to me and snatched it from my hand and quickly started to play with it. I couldn't help but smile at this. He was completely opposite from how he was when he first woke up from his nap. He was content and occupied with his toy I decided to go catch up on my reading, since Rose offered to watch him I gladly agreed, seeing how she loves kids and secretly hoped that one day she would become a mother herself, watching Brendan was good practice for her.

I got back to my room and crawled from my chair to my bed and grabbed my book and flipped through the pages to get back to where I left off. I was reading a new book; it was called 'Switched'. It was a bit out of my usual reading genre, but the story was amazing! I would have to check out the second and third book too. Amanda Hocking was one of my new favorite authors. It was just getting good when I heard a crash from the living room. I peered from my bed to the hallway and didn't see Alice go to investigate, and didn't hear Rosalie calling for help. I sighed and quickly scooted over to the end of my bed and reached out for my chair with my right arm and turn myself around to plop down in my chair, my normal routine for getting into my chair, and for a second time I misjudged my distance and almost fell down onto the floor, thankfully I caught myself and pulled myself in.

I was about to go find out what happened, when I looked up at the door I saw Rosalie standing there, mouth hanging open while holding Brendan who was looking around everywhere.

"What? Did I land in something?" I asked nervously as I checked my legs and socks; nothing was on me.

"Y-you…you pulled yourself up Bella." Rosalie said in disbelief. Her eyes were huge, it was weird, it's like she never saw me get into my chair by myself.

"Uh, Rosalie…I do that every time…" I said carefully. I wasn't quite sure what to say or do at this point. I wondered what she saw that I obviously had missed.

"You didn't feel that? Bella, you pulled yourself up, but you also used your feet to push yourself up into your chair." Rosalie said on the verge of tears. That couldn't possibly have happened. I mean, I'm paralyzed, the doctors said that there was a slim chance I could walk again, but even with the physical therapy I've been doing there was no change. Could it really be possible that I could one day be able to regain feeling in my legs and one day walk? I was in shock; I wasn't sure what to think.

"No, I didn't even notice, I'm used to pulling myself up into my chair and didn't feel myself use my feet."

"Well Bella, you gotta call the physical therapist tomorrow and let them know! I mean, this could be the beginning of great things Bells." Rosalie said with a smile and tears now flowing down her cheeks. I felt myself start to cry, I was always such a sap when it came to crying. I agreed that I would call the physical therapist tomorrow, but ordered Rosalie to keep this a secret from everyone until I got news whether or not this was just a fluke or whether it was in fact the best news I've gotten in a very long time.

I just hope that I would get the good news that I thought I would get.

*~*~*~*~The Next Day~*~*~*~*

Brendan was great the rest of the night, and it turns out that Trevor and Zane had a good night too. They thanked me, Rosalie and Alice for babysitting on such short notice, and that their normal babysitter would be able to watch him from now on. They even offered to take us out for drinks as a way of saying thanks. I almost said no, but agreed and asked if tonight would be ok. Zane was all for it, and promised to call his babysitter and make sure that everything was ok. But he was sure that everything would be just fine.

Now was waiting for my therapy session to begin, but before that I was put through a bunch of different tests to see if what happened was just a freak incident, or I was really able to regain some movement back in my legs.

Finally it was my turn and I started off by stretching out my leg muscles. My therapist, Rick, said that it was his opinion that it was a sign from god that I was slowly getting back feeling in my legs. He decided to gently swipe his fingers over the balls of my feet and asked if I felt anything.

I told him that I felt 'something' but like if your leg or hand falls asleep and for that few short seconds you feel them, but can't move them much. That's how I was. He nodded and after he helped me stretched out I was told that I would have to start walking the parallel bars. It wasn't very painful, but it was just uncomfortable and frustrating when your legs won't do what you want them to do.

Rick helped me up and helped me grab onto the bars, and since I wasn't very confident in myself, plus I warned him that I'm a bit of a klutz, he put a harness on my hips and attached them to the side of the bars to give me extra stability. I sighed and took a first step, it was wobbly, and nearly fell forward when my foot buckled under, but Rick caught me and encouraged me to keep going. I wanted to scream at him for him to just let me give up and let me go back to my comfortable safe chair. But that wasn't going to happen anytime soon so I bared my teeth and pushed through it and walked to the end of the parallel bars. It was a lot of work, but Rick said that I was doing good work, and to continue whatever it was that I was doing.

"All I'm doing is my normal stretches you tell me to do. Now, can I please have my nice cushy chair back please?" I hated to beg, but I was through with the parallel bars and attempting to walk. I just wanted to get back in my chair and put this whole 'progress' thing behind me. So what if I was finally able to use my feet to push myself back up into my wheelchair, for all I know it was a complete fluke and life will continue to go on and I will still be forever stuck in this damned chair.

When I finally, and slowly I might add, made it back to my chair I sighed with relief. I'm at the point where I don't even see the point. I mean, so what, I was able to put weight on my legs, that doesn't mean jack squat, to me at least. In my opinion, I was going to spend the rest of my miserable life in my chair, and that wasn't going to change whatsoever.

Soon my physical therapy session was over and I was heading to go to the shuttle that was there for anyone without a way of getting back home when I saw Zane come over and had Trevor with him. I couldn't help but smile and wave back in return. Zane asked if my therapy went good and asked what my tests said. I sighed and said that I hadn't found out for sure yet, but that I wasn't holding my breath for any change.

"Well, that's not a very positive way of thinking dear, how about we go pick up your friends and we all go out for a drink, I'm buying." Trevor offered with a smile. I could sense that he was being serious, and I giggled when I saw Zane's reaction to Trevor's offer.

"You better accept that one Bells, it's not every day that Trevvy here ever offers to buy a round of drinks for us." Zane said with a big grin, which earned him a playful push from Trevor. I envied them, I mean they loved and cared for each other, and weren't afraid of showing it, especially in public. Why couldn't Edward be that way? I sighed and shook those thoughts from my mind and accepted the offer. Zane grinned ear to ear and to the liberty of pushing me back to their car and asked if I wanted help getting in the back seat. I said no, but added that he may want to stick close just in case. Once inside, we headed back to the house. Trevor made small talk while I was calling Rosalie and Alice to see if they were home, and if they were to see if they wanted to go out for drinks.

They were home and thankfully they agreed to go out with us for drinks, especially considering the drinks would be free. I added that we were almost to the house and that they should get ready. Zane smiled back at me and said that tonight was a night for celebration and that there was no room for negativity. I rolled my eyes while trying to fight back a smile. It was frustratingly annoying how he was able to make me smile, even when I was hell bent on keeping my feelings inside.

When we finally got in front of the house Rosalie and Alice quickly hopped in the car and squished in the backseat next to me. Alice asked where we were headed and added that she wore her quote 'dancing heels' and that there better be a space for dancing. This, of course, caused us all to crack up laughing, except for Alice, sadly she was being serious and didn't appreciate our laughter, which caused us all to laugh, and she joined in this time as well. Trevor dropped us off at the door of the club and saw there was a decent line forming outside. This was cause for concern when Zane realized that there were only a certain amount of people allowed in at a time, something about the club only allowing so many at a time due to fire hazard rules. Alice and Rosalie hopped out and before either one could try and get my chair from the trunk Zane was there and quickly came over and helped me into my chair.

I know that it was pretty lame, I mean, I'm in a wheelchair, what bouncer would let me in. At least that's what's running through my head as we go get in line. I see a few people glance at me as Zane wheels me to the end of the line. Once we get there, we all start making small talk and after a few minutes Trevor shows up and wraps his arm around Zane's waist and smiling. Zane fills him in on what's going on and what we were talking about in his absence.

"Ok, looks like we can let a few more people inside!" The burly bouncer shouted over the music pouring out of the club. He was scanning ID's and making sure that they matched their owners and that they were in fact real, when it came to us he held up his hand.

"Sorry, but we're near capacity in there, either you wait out here, or can go to the café down the street." I sighed and wanted to argue with him. It was typical, I mean, we are taught at a young age that everyone is the same, that we don't treat people different no matter how they act or what they look like. What the bouncer dude was trying to say was that I wasn't allowed in. How do I know this? Well, one factor was that he wouldn't even look me in the eye; he was staring at the others. Now he was over six feet tall, and I'm barely five-five but I'm still visible last time I checked.

I think Zane caught on to my same conclusion because he started shouting how this club was discriminating and that he should call the cops and report it. I hid my laughter behind my hand as I saw the bouncer flounder for an explanation. Before long, the manager, I think, came out and asked what all the commotion was, and before, Jon, according to his nametag, could get a word in Zane tore into the manager how rude his bouncer was and that he was tempted to make a complaint and take their business elsewhere. Well, that's all it took and he told us to wait a few minutes and they would ask a few customers to make an early exit. I assumed it would be customers that had had a few too many. I felt my face flush with crimson at this development, I mean I was all for equal rights and everything, but to the point of asking customers to go ahead and leave was a bit too much, at least for me. Rosalie and Alice commended Zane for standing up for me, and Trevor gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered that he was proud of him.

I remained silent; I wasn't sure what I could say. I mean, I guess a 'thank you' would be in order, but at the same time it was a little embarrassing for me having someone speaking up for me and taking action. I've always been a pacifist when it came to confrontations and preferred to just walk away and avoid conflict; I guess Zane was the opposite. Then I got to thinking, in some ways Zane reminded me of Ed-…him, and in other ways they were polar opposites. I wasn't sure why I was comparing them, plus why I was even thinking about…Edward.

Why am I having trouble saying his name?

Oh yeah, he wanted to take things slow, so slow that we ended up taking a 'break'. Ever since that conversation I've been so confused on where we stood and what 'we' even were.

Finally, the manager came back out and stood next to Jon and waved us in and said that the first round for us would be on the house, no matter what we wanted. We all thanked him, but we secretly knew that he was trying to butter us all up so we wouldn't go complain or even call the police. I chuckled to myself, I wasn't one-hundred percent sure, but I was pretty sure that Zane really had no intent on calling the police.

We ordered a round of shots, of tequila, to start us off, and as quickly as we ordered them they appeared in front of us and we were all in a laughing mood and Alice giggled and said that on the count of three that we should all take the shot at the same time. On count three we all took the shot and I winced at the sudden burning in my throat and we all gasped in unison at the sudden surge of alcohol, which made us all laugh. Rosalie asked for an apple martini, Alice got a strawberry Margarita, Zane got a three-finger whiskey, and Trevor had a glass of scotch 'on the rocks'. I wasn't sure what that even meant, until the waitress brought a glass of scotch with three ice cubes in it, that's when it clicked.

The night went on, and the drinks kept on coming, while I just had water the rest of the night; not that it even mattered; they seemed to forget that even though I refused to drink anymore that I wasn't able to be their designated driver. Rosalie, Alice and Trevor were near being wasted and they decided to go out and start dancing on the floor. Alice said something about this being her favorite song. I just laughed as they ran off to the dance floor and started dancing to the music. The more I listened to it I realized what the song was, it was the popular song 'Gangnam Style' by Psy, but this version had more of an electronic style to it.

"So, what's the deal…with you and that Edward dude?" Zane asked. He slurred his words, but was still able to speak, he sounded more tired than drunk though. I wasn't quite sure how to answer it, mainly because I didn't even know what the 'deal' was between us anymore. I made something up saying that we are friends and that we tried to be more, but that Edward got nervous and broke it off.

"He doesn't like me does he?" Zane asked with one eye open and one eye closed. I wasn't sure, I told him that I wasn't Edward and that I wasn't sure, but that I didn't think he hated him. Zane nodded and leaned over on my shoulder and took in a deep breath and smiled.

"You smell like…lilacs…and freesia…" Zane said with a grin on his face. I thanked him while trying not to laugh while I tried and gently pushed him up off my shoulder, and when I did he swung his head back and it wavered back and forth, but he stabled himself. He looked me right in the eye. I couldn't break eye contact, I wasn't sure what he was going to do, and he looked like he was leaning in to kiss me. I was about to try and say something, but no words came, I wasn't sure what I could do. Before I could do anything or say anything Zane was closing in and just as he was, what I figured, about to kiss me he gagged and hurled all over my lap.

I mumbled a 'sorry' and I was just left speechless. I mean, what do you say to someone you once had developing feelings for and wanted to get to know better, but found out that he was not only gay, but had a partner and a child, and here he is drunk as a skunk and he just puked in your lap.

It was needless to say that the mood was thoroughly ruined.

A/N: So what do you think? I was considering having Bella and Zane kiss while Zane was drunk, but then this popped in my head and thought that it was much funnier, and besides Zane is the kind of guy that doesn't cheat or even think about cheating.

Not that Bella is that kind of girl, but come on, I'm sure there's been girls/guys that you've liked but they were taken and you dreamed about them secretly wanting you, well in a way let's just say that this situation helps Bella see that Zane is only a friend, but a close one at that, and that this is a Bella x Edward Story people ;)

So stay tuned and let me know your thoughts on this chapter :)

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