Did That Just Happen?

A/N: not much to say before I start the chapter, but that I couldn't help but have Zane throw up on Bella, I mean he's drunk, and Bella was too confused, besides I didn't want to end the chapter with either one feeling guilty about what could've happened.

Previously On Paralyzed

I was about to try and say something, but no words came, I wasn't sure what I could do. Before I could do anything or say anything Zane was closing in and just as he was, what I figured, about to kiss me he gagged and hurled all over my lap.

He mumbled a 'sorry' and I was just left speechless. I mean, what do you say to someone you once had developing feelings for and wanted to get to know better, but found out that he was not only gay, but had a partner and a child, and here he is drunk as a skunk and he just puked in your lap.

It was needless to say that the mood was thoroughly ruined.

Bella POV:

I still could smell the stench of what Zane threw up into my lap last night. I guess you could say that this was a cosmic sign that he and I were supposed be nothing more than friends, and I was all for it, I don't think I could think about kissing him without remember how awful the smell was.

The ride home was very interesting to say the least, Trevor was none the wiser that Zane, while intoxicated, had tried to kiss me, and I wasn't about to tell Rosalie or Alice, because word would get back to Edward one way or another. That was the last thing I wanted, because lord knows that Edward would somehow think that it was Zane trying to make a move on me, and it was, but not in the way Edward would think.

Zane was asleep in the passenger seat while Rosalie and Alice were talking about god knows what, because I was the least bit interested. Trevor tried to make small conversation with us while he drove back to our house.

"That was the best club I've ever been to; they have the best music, and all those free drinks, man Bella you should join us more often when we go out." Rosalie giggled as she stared out the window at the passing cars on the street. Trevor added that we all should go out again sometime soon, and that he heard about a cool new club that was opening down the street. It was supposed to be some kind of speakeasy theme club, where it had a secret entrance like the ones back during prohibition era.

"Oh yeah, I've heard about that club, isn't it called, The Real McCoy? I also heard that if you get invited that you gotta dress up in vintage clothing, to keep with the speakeasy theme, maybe we should go sometime. Do any of you know anyone who's been?" Alice squealed as she jumped up and down in her seat, which caused the car to shake a bit, which resulted in Zane and the others to groan from the effects of all the alcohol they drank starting to take their toll on them.

To say that I wasn't surprised would be correct, when we got to our house Zane stumbled out of the passenger-side door and went to the back to get my wheelchair, while Trevor helped Rosalie and Alice out of the other door and giggled about nonsense as they made their way to the front door. Once Zane got to my side of the car and helped me into my chair, I could see that he was fully aware of what went on, mainly because he was barely making eye contact with me, and if I didn't know better I'd say that he was blushing a bit, but that may have been the after effects of throwing up before getting in the car to go home.

"Zane, aren't you going to say anything? I mean, we know that nothing happened, but you've got to look me in the eye sometime." I pleaded with him as he pushed me towards the house. Zane mumbled something that I wasn't quite sure what, but I'm guessing it was a lame attempt at an apology. I just sighed and decided to let it go for now.

We got inside and Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were all yelling at the television watching a football game from a few weeks ago. It was quite funny to see Edward get all flustered over something, even if it was a dumb football game that happened weeks before. The boys were so into the game that they didn't even see us come in, so I thanked Trevor and Zane for bringing us home and seeing us inside, and added to say hello to little Brendan. Once they left I sighed and wheeled myself to my room. I wasn't much on conversation at the moment. I had thinks of my own to work out, things that included trying to keep my feelings in check with the possibility that there was a possibility that I would be able to one day walk again, and have no need for a wheelchair.

Plus I had to re-convince myself that Zane and I wasn't going to happen, and that he would just be a rebound guy if I even tried to pursue it. I loved Edward, and even if he wanted to take things slow, so slow to the point of breaking up, I wouldn't try and self-sabotage myself over him.

Screw self-pity and all that crap. Bella, you go in there and be so social that you even surprise yourself.

I know that that was a lame pep talk, but it seemed to be the thing that gave me the 'ummf' to put the book down and go back out there.

I scooted myself to the side of the bed and got myself back in the chair and went out to the living room and wheeled myself in the living room. I got in and saw that the only open seat was next to Edward on the edge of the couch, which I'm sure that Alice had planned perfectly knowing how she acts.

You can do this Bella, just go around to the other side of the couch and sit next to Edward, it's not a big deal, and don't be such a baby.

I argued with myself a few more times until I just groaned and went through with it. I wheeled myself over to the other side of the couch and started to get onto the couch. Jasper and Edward offered to help, but I shrugged it off and playfully told them that I was a big girl and could do things for myself. When I finally got myself onto the couch I was trying to detangle my leg from the chair and when it finally came un tangled I fell back into Edward, which took him off guard and knocked the popcorn out of his hands and into the air somehow, and popcorn came raining down on both of us. Everyone started laughing and I tried not to, but I couldn't help it, I started laughing as well.

"Oh you think its funny do you Bella, well how do you like this?" Edward playfully asked as he picked up a small handful of popcorn and threw them at me, I scoffed and threw back a small handful back. This must've caused everyone to join in because before I knew it everyone was throwing their own popcorn back and forth at everyone.

We all were laughing and carrying on, forgetting all about the football game, and then Edward decided to start tickling me. This lead to an all-out tickle war between the two of us, it felt as if it lasted for hours, but then it stopped all together, all of us were silent. I wasn't sure why. I asked what everyone was looking at, and turns out it was me.

"Y-you moved your legs, you moved your legs when Edward was tickling your belly. Didn't you feel it? Didn't you feel your legs move around? Bella, you moved your legs!" Alice shrieked with happiness. I was stunned to silence. I remember the doctors saying that there was a small chance that I would be able to regain feeling and motion in my lower extremities, but I lost hope months ago. Now, well now this changed everything, I had a reason to start having hope, no more being cautious, no more being a Debby downer, it looked like I would one day be able to be walking on my own, and that day would be soon.

"Bella, do you feel this?" Edward asked as he looked me in the eye, both with concern, and a hint of affection towards me. He gently rubbed the bottom of my left foot. I felt it and I even giggled a bit. I felt my leg jerk a bit, not a lot though, and we all sat in stunned silence. This was the biggest improvement I've made, even better than when I actually put weight on my feet when I got up from the floor after missing my wheelchair trying to get out of bed.

"Yeah, yeah I feel that. Edward, what does that mean?" I asked with urgency. I was alarmed that this could be what I've been waiting for, the sign, the sign that I would soon be on the path to being able to walk. I wanted to be happy, hell, I wanted to celebrate and throw a party, but I couldn't. It was still too soon to tell. I would have to wait until the test results came in and that wouldn't be until my next physical therapy session which was next week. It would be agony waiting, but I had to keep the faith and that I would walk, I couldn't lose hope, not now.

A/N: so what did you think? Let me know, and I apologize for taking so long to update, had a case of procrastination along with writer's block for a few days, but I managed to get back to work and finished the chapter. It isn't as long as I wanted, but I still think it's pretty good, and the next chapter will Bella receiving the test results. That's all I'll say, please let me know what you thought and review! :)

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