The Green Smurf Incident

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Previously on Paralyzed

"Yeah, yeah I feel that. Edward, what does that mean?" I asked with urgency. I was alarmed that this could be what I've been waiting for, the sign, the sign that I would soon be on the path to being able to walk. I wanted to be happy, hell, I wanted to celebrate and throw a party, but I couldn't. It was still too soon to tell. I would have to wait until the test results came in and that wouldn't be until my next physical therapy session which was next week. It would be agony waiting, but I had to keep the faith and that I would walk, I couldn't lose hope, not now.

Bella POV:


Walking is something that we take for granted every day.

We walk to the store, we walk to the park, and we even walk in and out of each room of our homes. When you've spent as much time as I have in this wheelchair, you start to realize how much you miss out on when you're stuck in a chair. You don't always get to ride on the rollercoasters, you don't go to concerts much, and you don't even go out much period. Yes, there are friends who would offer to pick you up and put you in the rollercoaster seat; they even offer to put you in a chair to watch TV so you can be more comfortable. But what they don't always understand is that there are times where we just get so fed up with the whole thing, fed up with having to ask someone to help you to just go from your wheelchair to a different chair, and watch someone else just get up and walk to the chair of their choice.

I guess I was just a bit cynical of me to think, but after hearing back from my doctor about my results didn't leave me very happy.

I may have regained some feeling in my lower extremities, but there looked to be no change in my prognosis. Walking would have to wait until there was more improvement in my lower back. I guess I should be thankful that I was able to still do most things for myself, which was something at least.

My friends seemed to be taking the news just as good as I did, my brother, Emmett nearly punched a hole clean through the wall of the doctor's office. Alice and Rosalie were devastated and asked if they had in fact made a mistake, and that there had to have been improvement. They went on to explain how I was able to put weight on my legs during my therapy and there were the times where I jerked my feet when Edward started tickling me.

The doctor was very disappointed, but assured us all that I would still continue my therapy, and if there seemed to be more improvement that they would do another round of tests to see if the first one happened to be just a fluke.

I wanted to believe that, I so did, but if being paralyzed has taught me anything it's that never get your hopes up, it's easier to get them dashed quicker and that can lead to depression.

After I had calmed Emmett down I saw that Edward looked equally upset with the news, but being his typical guarded self he managed to keep his feelings to himself. I tried to rally the troops and say that it wasn't the end of the world, that I would get better, and added a bunch of uplifting junk, that I didn't even believe, but hopefully I wasn't as transparent as I felt trying to convince them that everything would ok.

Alice thankfully brought up the idea of going out to eat for lunch. I had lost my appetite for eating, but Emmett didn't need much convincing. Emmett was always the kind of person who would eat their feelings in food, but then he would just work it off during football practice, so it ended up being muscle.

We stopped at a restaurant called, The Carlton. It seemed decent enough, even may be a bit on the fancy eating type of restaurant, but Alice heard of it during one of her shopping trips with Rosalie. I decided to give it a try and we were actually seated pretty quickly without reservations, I suppose it was due to it being a rather slow day. Once we were seated a waiter came to our table and asked us which kind of wine we would like for the table.

Now, I wasn't much of an alcohol drinker, especially after the Zane fiasco, but thankfully the decision wasn't up to me. Alice was deemed the person to choose seeing as this was her choice to eat lunch at. Jasper whispered to her to make sure it wasn't the most expensive one they had, but of course he said it playfully; I'm sure that he also meant it as a warning as well. Alice always did have an expensive taste. I opted to drink water, and so did Edward, and it was him who was deemed the designated driver. I hoped that all six of us could fit into Edward's Volvo. I knew that they weren't going to go and get themselves plastered, and when Rosalie chastised him about it, Edward just shrugged it off and said, 'better safe than sorry'.

Once the drinks were brought back we were asked if we were ready to order. Everyone went around the table, and when it got to me I decided to order a cup of the cream of spinach soup, and the chicken trenne. I didn't like mushrooms, but decided to not say anything, because it would be my luck, with how this day has went, that they would put the mushrooms in the pasta anyway.

Lunch had been going great, and the boys were talking about 'the good ol days' of being a rookie and all the hazing that went on during that season. We all laughed when Emmett blushed a bright shade of red at the story of how when he was in the shower one of the veterans grabbed all his clothes, even his street clothes, and just left a Steelers' cheerleader uniform on the bench where his clothes had been, and what made that story even better was that the guy who left the uniform even left a matching pair of spanks for him to wear. But I have to hand it to my brother, when he saw that that was all he had to wear in the locker room he put it on and strutted his stuff out of the locker room and into the awaiting hoard of laughing football players snapping pictures on their phones and cameras.

"I even think I still have a picture of that day, wait, here it is!" Edward said as he cackled and passed around his phone to show off cheerleader Emmett.

"Yeah, well you wish you looked as hot as I did in those spanks Eddy, why don't you tell them about the time when Cleaver added green dye to your soap/shampoo bottle…" Emmett trailed off as he smirked and started to laugh. Edward was not pleased and harshly whispered that the three of them vowed to keep that a secret. Emmett went on to say that they also vowed about the cheerleader incident, but that that was out of the bag now.

We all were laughing hysterically at the mental images of Edward's hair and skin dyed Irish green. Jasper whispered, rather loudly, that he must've been a jealous smurf or something, which caused us all to laugh again at the practical jokes that were played on them. Oddly enough Jasper never had a joke pulled on him, that he could remember, he added that if something did happen, that he must've bottled it up and made himself forget about it.

It was nice to have just a fun day with my friends and family. After all the drama earlier I needed a stress reliever and this was it. I sighed and leaned back in my chair and patted my belly as I let my lunch digest.

Tomorrow I had my therapy session, and I would make myself improve, I had been improving, so what if the test results didn't show any improvement, I felt I had improved, and that's what I would keep telling myself. I promised to myself that I would not let my own negative thoughts bring me down, and that I would walk, one day, maybe not now, but soon I would walk on my own two feet again.

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