The News We've Been Waiting For

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Previously On Paralyzed

I feel myself smile and I'm too speechless to say anything, but I hear Rick continue to explain what is going to happen over the next couple of days. I would go back to get more tests done so we could be 100% sure that my file was truly switched with someone else's and that I was really getting feeling and movement back in my legs.This news created a spark of promise, but I was still at the point where I couldn't afford to get my hopes up. I don't think my heart could take any more disappointment.

Bella POV:


I was never good at waiting, especially when my future hangs in the balance. Will I walk again, or will I stay trapped in this chair? It was torture not knowing what the result will be. I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to know. I had grown used to being in this chair. Yes, there were drawbacks to being in the chair, but I was actually growing accustomed to my life as a paraplegic.

"God, when will they have the results in? This whole waiting thing is getting old fast!" Alice groaned as she plopped down on the couch next to Jasper. We all grumbled in agreement.

I tried to sound positive and said "they'll call us when they have them in, or they might wait until my next session to tell me."

"They better not dammit; they have major ass kissing to do after they screwed up their results. If they had it right in the first place, then Bells here would've been starting more intense therapy already." Emmett growled as he angrily clenched the pillow in his lap. I tried to calm him down, but he wouldn't have any of it. He was convinced that we should find another doctor, and to make sure that he, or she, was competent. I thought about reasoning with Emmett, but then I remembered that when he gets in his moods there is no reasoning with him. Thankfully, Rosalie was able to convince him to calm down and to put his cell phone away.

Time seemed to pass slower and slower the more we willed the phone to ring, which took its toll on all our nerves. Thankfully our minds could focus on something else when the doorbell rang. Waiting outside the door was Zane and Trevor, who had come over with Brendan to keep us all company. They were both excited and nervous to hear the news. Trevor agreed with Emmett, they both were angry and couldn't believe that they let something like this happen, and not just for my sake, but for the person they misplaced my results with. I hadn't taken the time to think about that really. I wondered how they would be taking the news.

I let out a sigh and smiled when Brendan shipped over to me and climbed up into my lap. He was so adorable and clueless to my condition, which was one of the benefits of being a child; the pure innocence. I'm sure inside his little head he probably wondered why I never walked around like the others. He didn't seem to care because all he seemed to want to do was go for a 'ride', which meant me wheeling myself around the house with him in my lap. We all got a laugh out of this, especially when Brendan started squealing "wee!" as he and I sped around the house. When we finally got back to the living room I could tell that he wasn't happy we stopped.

I stole a glance over in Edward's direction and I was surprised to see a smile on his face. He wasn't smiling at the boy, but at me. The smile caused me to blush a bit and quickly turn my glance somewhere else.

"Brendan, why don't you give Bella a rest, come sit with daddy and Trevor for a while." Zane said with a playful smile, trying to not let little guy wear me out. But Brendan wouldn't have any of it. He just scooted further back against my chest and pouted his lower lip. I played along and hugged him tighter against me. I teased Zane that he was just too cute to let go and that I wanted to keep him all to myself. Brendan giggled and even poked his tongue out at his father.

"Well," Trevor said, kneeling down to our level. "If you're going to stay with Bella, Daddy and I will just go home now." This managed to get his attention and squealed as he leaped from my lap and ran to them and clung tight to Trevor and said, "Don't leave me Trevvy! Don't leave me Daddy!" We all got a kick out of it and laughed.

Just as things were starting to get back to somewhat normal the phone rang. We all froze where we were, afraid to answer it, afraid to find out the truth. After the third ring Alice volunteered to pick up the phone, without looking at the caller ID, and we all watched her every move. Everyone was silent; we all waited impatiently, well almost everyone. As we all waited Brendan insisted on continually asking who was on the phone but Zane hushed him. Brendan wouldn't have any of it, and not fully comprehending the magnitude of the situation squirmed down from Zane's lap and started playing with his toys.

"Uh huh… this is her friend…. No not yet….yes, ok I will tell her. Thank you for calling." Alice said then hung up the phone without a word. We all stared a hole through her waiting to find out who was on the phone. No one asked, verbally, who was on the phone, it was just implied. After a few seconds Alice explained, "That was Rick from the physical therapy facility. He wanted to know if we had heard any news on the results or not, and to tell me that he hoped the best for me."

We all let out a collected breath. To say that we were let down was an understatement. We all got our hopes up, and it was only Rick. Granted, I was touched that he was pulling for me, but I was hoping that it was the hospital with the news, preferably good. I know that I wouldn't get better overnight, that it would take months and months of intense physical therapy to get me walking again.

Rosalie offered to make some coffee and took all of our orders. I opted for just a glass of orange juice, which happened to catch Brendan's attention almost immediately, because he stood up straight and pleaded for "O-o juice". We all smiled and Emmett ruffled his hair, which Brendan didn't like all that much because he proceeded to pout and smooth his hair back to the way it was before.

"God, I wish they would just get it over with. I swear they get a sick pleasure out of making their patients wait for life-changing news." Emmett mumbled as he ran his fingers through his hair.

We were all starting to get a bit restless over this waiting, and we all jumped a bit at the sudden shrill of the phone ringing. Once again we froze, would it be the hospital, or would it be someone else. I suppose there was only one way to find out. Everyone was too afraid to get the phone, so I let out a sigh and picked up the phone.


"Yes, hello, this is Dr. Jennings calling for Ms. Isabella Swan, is she available? We have the test results in." I froze. This was it, the moment of truth. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"That's me, I'm Bella." My mouth felt dry, must have been my anxiety flaring up. I let out a breath to calm myself. I glanced around the room, and everyone's eyes were on me. I quickly looked elsewhere and continued to listen.

"Hello Ms. Swan, I want to start by apologizing for the unfortunate mix up. That was the first and last time that that will happen I can assure you." Well that was a good thing I guess. "I've called you to tell you about your test results. It looks like there was, in fact a mix up of your previous test result Ms. Swan. There has been great improvement in your prognosis. I would like to have you increase the frequency of your physical therapy. Also, I will tell your therapist of the therapy we would like to have him start with you." Wow, this was all happening so fast. I was getting better, so much better that they wanted to increase my physical therapy.

"Wow, um, that's good to hear. Thank you and good afternoon to you." I said then hung up the phone. I was in a complete haze. It took me a few minutes to come out of it. Just then I was bombarded with questions.

"Who was that on the phone?"

"Was that the doctor?"

"What did he say?"

"Did they apologize for the mix up?"

I swallowed a few times to calm myself enough to where I could form a complete sentence. I told them the entire conversation and that I would begin my new physical therapy regimen at my new session. This caused an immediate uproar of celebration and relief. Alice instantly brought up the idea to throw a party and to invite all their friends to celebrate. I didn't want a party, but I knew that I would have no say, especially when it came to Alice. Everyone got up and headed for the kitchen, everyone but Edward, and of course Brendan, who would've cared less what, was going on around him.

"This is wonderful news Bella, you should be happy." Edward said with a look of relief mixed with a hint of something else? I blushed and just shrugged my shoulders. I tried to blow it off as him just being a very good friend; a very good friend that I just so happened to still be madly in love with, but couldn't have.

"Who said I wasn't happy about it." I said more harshly than I had intended to. I could tell that my words cut into him a bit, but he managed to keep it pretty well hidden from me, almost.

"Well, anyway I'm very happy for you Bella, things are looking up for you. Do you want me to get you another drink?" I sighed and agreed that I could go for another drink, but that I could get it myself. This earned me a smirk from Edward as he followed me into the kitchen

I still couldn't wrap my head around it; I was on the road to walking again. It was going to be a rough road, but I think I can handle it. Nothing could stop me.

A/N: Again sorry for the long wait, hope you all enjoy, and I promise to make sure that the next chapter will be longer! :) Thank you for waiting and all your loving thoughts!

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